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I so worry, it is my first flight by plane. But, it seems, not one I is such! Here that nice young man, in my opinion, too looks not really joyfully! And here, at last, all our group assembled will also declare landing to the plane soon. Aboard nervousness everything amplified and (probably it isn't accidental at all) near my place there was a place of that nice guy. Having taken seat more conveniently and having a little relaxed, he decided to get acquainted. The voice at him was even more pleasant, than he! It turned out that Stas is 22 years old, I was born and lives in Donetsk. Graduates from institute of international trade and already works. Only where works – I didn't tell! And here having so a little got to talking, we learned about each other a lot of interesting, and I began to realize that he is pleasant to me more and more. The stewardess approached and asked that we wouldn't like to order something. Stas suggested to drink for acquaintance and after much debate decided to take Vermouth. After a couple of the drunk liqueur glasses I learned that he has own apartment in the center of Donetsk (as he told, doesn't like to brag of it), the car and a classwork, but again didn't tell what. We didn't notice how we quickly arrived, and already prepared for an exit. I asked Stas that he far didn't depart from me what he answered me: "Where I from you will get to!" Greece – it was a dream of all my life. And here, at last, she was carried out! But we planned flight to the island of Crete. We were met at the airport, carried out to the bus and brought to hotel. The huge and beautiful hotel welcomed us reflection of a decline in windows and the pool. On a reception we were distributed on rooms. My room was on the same floor, as Stas. I was lodged in one room with the young woman of years of 30. She looked just fine and, probably, she wasn't married. After we sorted things, Stas was knocked to my room: - Well, sorted things? - Yes, almost. And what? - Just I decided to suggest you to walk across the hotel territory, to go down in bar. - You know, it is the remarkable idea! Now, I will only change clothes. - OK. I wait for you on a reception. Fast, having placed things in places, I changed clothes and already went to an exit as heard: "You look narrowly at this fellow, pretty!" Yes, Olka, so called my neighbor, the cheerful woman. We can even make friends. Stas asked something the girl on the respshena and when I went down to him, he somehow very briskly seized me by a hand and pulled down, in bar. There we took seat for a convenient table, and I told that it would take to drink something on the taste. Stas brought two some exotic cocktails and told that for a start and it will go. Having sat so about an hour, and, having drunk on several cocktails, Stas suggested to walk on the city. On my reproach "We don't know the area at all" it calmed me, and told that here to get lost not probably. As it appeared, the sea to be near hotel. The sun already set and on a clear sky the big moon brightly shone. We went silently and just admired light of the moon and his reflection in the sea. And suddenly this death silence was broken by his whisper: - Do you want to swim in the sea? - Right now? - Well. And what? - You know, and it is the remarkable idea! It is so romantic … - Aha … well, ran competing in speed? The first Stas came running, threw off from himself a t-shirt and shorts and dived. Having run up to the water I left a legenky sundress ashore and dived. Being under water, I felt touch of his hands to my body. We came up together and water drops slowly flew down on our bodies and fell back in the sea, and in the light of the moon they were poured in different flowers. His look very much made horney me. His hand slipped on my cheek, and the second didn't release me from his embraces. When he turned so what light of the moon would light his face, I was bewitched by depth and beauty of his blue eyes. I couldn't take away the look from it and couldn't break silence. It slowly attracted me closer and closer and to itself(himself), and we merged with it in a passionate kiss. I had such feeling that the earth crumbles under the feet, and water gently embraces both of us. The easy breeze blew and at me goosebumps ran. Desire what it wouldn't stop, was so big that now not only it pressed me to itself(himself), but also I embraced him one hand for a neck, and another stroked his wet, tousled hair. He took me on hands and washed ashore. Pebble was cool, but I was warmed by his embraces. So we провалялись on the beach still some time, but as time was already later, nevertheless decided to return back to hotel. The road back seemed to us much quicker, and so there was no wish to leave. - And you were pleasant to me at the airport and here only I didn't know how to approach you. Here all came not only to have a rest, but also to work. It I only as allegedly employee of one of travel companies came just to have a rest. - You won't believe, I too. I dreamed to visit Greece long ago, and my mother has a travel agency, and to her different offers of promo tours often come. Here as that also left that I was sent here. - Never I believed in such coincidence. But nevertheless there is in this world something like that that connects people … …. You are just fine! In the territory of hotel already was nobody, and we fast rose by the floor. - Tomorrow I will come for you, we will go to a breakfast. Having kissed and having wished sweet dreams he went to himself to the room, and I to the. Olka already slept, and I very quietly that not to wake her got to myself into a bed. It was such soft that I remembered this evening and the warm sea at once. I fell asleep very quickly and also quickly there came morning. I woke up from what someone sharudet. Olya already got up and gathered for a breakfast. - And I thought you won't come to spend the night to number, - Olya grinned. - Yes well you. From what it suddenly? - The resort after all, and you not to work here arrived? I'm right? - So it so, but from what to me not to spend the night at itself in number? - That's OK, passed! How did take a walk yesterday? - Just magically! Such feeling that I was included in the fairy tale! - Of course! With it that the guy, than not the fairy tale? I didn't find that to answer and just smiled. - Well you, go on a breakfast? - While not, now in a shower I descend, then Stasik will come and we will go! - And, well everything is clear! Warm affairs! Well, I ran! Rods! I didn't want to sleep any more, but also there was no wish to get out from a soft bed too. Nevertheless, having overcome itself, I got up and went to a shower. I for a second wasn't abandoned by thoughts of yesterday, and was so comfortable at heart that I was even a little brought from these thoughts. After a shower I pulled on myself a sundress, and at doors knocked. It, naturally, was Stas. Having opened a door, at once I received a sweet kiss and an odorous exotic floret. After a breakfast to us suggested to visit the nearby hotels, we in a promo tour, but not on vacation. But Stas had an idea to run away from all at the sea. This idea very much was pleasant to me, and we fast moved to an exit, having on the way gathered with ourselves fruit. This time we hired bicycles and went to drive through the city, and later went to the beach. In the afternoon a water in the sea was absolutely other, but nevertheless pleasant. We bathed long, played a game of tag, dived (water very transparent there). It was generally cheerful. After I decided to sunbathe a little, and Stas told that he will come now and somewhere ran. The sun began to heat more and stronger and I, isn't noticeable for itself, fell asleep. I woke up also from the fact that someone fingered my hair and gently I stroked a back. - On your mysterious eyes it is visible that you conceived something! - Probably …, - without ceasing to smile, Stas said, - but you learn about it a little later. I can't just admire you! Having lain down so still a couple of minutes, we gathered and went back to hotel, time already came to a lunch. Olya sat down by us for a table and with a joyful face I told about the nearby hotels and excursions which to us suggested to visit. And as a result we agreed tomorrow together to go to one of them. After long discussions stopped at a tour in the balloon (in options still there was a visit of the neighboring island, but we decided that we then and there will go). After a lunch Stas told that in this hotel there are a lot of any services, and it would be quite good to find out about it. The first where we went, it was the jacuzzi. We ordered it for two, and to us made a small present. Added some foam from Aram to a bathtub oils from which I began to whirl the head. The strange feeling with easy excitement completely disconnected my head. I just fell to his embraces, he gently caressed me and kissed. My excitement increased, and I couldn't just sit in the gurgling water any more. I tried to remove top of the bathing suit, but at me it didn't turn out. Stas smiled and helped me to make it. Probably, he understood that I am exhausted from desire, and began to stroke my breast gently. His second hand went down to me in panties and caressed my pussy. It was pleasant to me to madness, but suddenly I came round: - I need to tell you something. - And what? - Well, generally, I had no man yet. He at first was surprised a little, but then told: - It to you nearly 18? - Well … - Seldom at such age you will meet the virgin. - And what you want to tell these that I am an unlucky person? Or how one my acquaintance told "The virgin – the patriot"? - No that you. I will tell you in confidence, I always dreamed to myself the wife – the virgin. And that these modern maidens in 18 years already so much visited that I even don't want to represent what they will have children. Хм, I can't believe that such girl had no serious relationship with anybody! - There now as you see! Just for all my 18 years I didn't meet worthy, the one to someone I would entrust myself entirely. - Yes, you won't often meet the girl with such correct outlooks on life. You attract me to yourself more and more. And we merged in a passionate kiss … After this conversation Stas in general for a minute didn't depart from me and carried out all my desires. In the evening we went to club, but stayed there not really long, and returned to hotel after midnight. - You can remain with me in number. - And you unless one live? - No, but my roommate spends the night in other hotel today. - Well, if you insist … Actually I wanted sex for a long time. And only at the thought that my first time will be with Stas, I was already made horney. In the room dim light burned and it did a situation of even more romantic. In the middle of the room there was a table, on it the big bottle of Vermouth and two glasses flaunted. - It was also your surprise? - Partly yes. Having drunk several glasses, I went alcohol to the head, and I decided to descend in a shower. - Don't get bored! I fast! But fast it didn't turn out. A warm water carried even more, and I couldn't stand on the feet any more. Having leaned the elbows on a stenochka, I moved down on a floor, and a water slowly flew down on hair. Probably I too long sat in soul since at a door Stas knocked: - Everything is normal? And that I already started missing! - Yes, - from myself I hardly squeezed out - just to me it is so good … - I will come, OK? Without having waited for my consent, he entered. It stretched in a smile and, having approached me is closer, embraced. Having touched my breast, he smoothly ran a hand down and at once understood that I am already mokrenky. His passionate kiss drugged my brains even stronger, and I was unable to tell something any more. Stas lifted me on hands and incurred back to the room, on a bed. Though we drank enough, and, plus, I still descended in a shower (you get drunk with it even more), but I understood clearly what occurs and couldn't relax completely. - Stas, I am afraid … - What you? Cool it! Everything will be made in the best possible way! I promise! I he thought at once will pass to action, but he nevertheless decided to give me real pleasure. I imagined long ago how all this will be, but actually it was much more best. From his touches it became more pleasant and more pleasant to me. And here he already understood that that moment came and slowly entered. At first it was somehow unpleasant and inconvenient, but in a couple of minutes it became more best and more best. It wasn't sick how many girls spoke. And after a while after merge of our burning fleshes I felt inflow of emotions and passion. I wanted to fly up and cry. Stasik understood that I already come to an end, and began to mass a clitoris and boobies. It brought me even more and at last, a wave of an orgasm poured over my body from the top to finger-tips. Stas very much was surprised how fast at me all this fast, it turned out. And his surprise was followed still by a question that whether I got an orgasm early. I told that yes, but clitoris. And still I admitted that I did it nearly an every day. Generally this night became the most unforgettable night of my life. And, by the way, on arrival back to Ukraine Stas suggested me to meet and told that he won't release for anything me, I am this that girl whom he looked for many years! Here so! I am madly happy that I met such person. dating my best friend's sister read online free date ideas erie pa site mapMain Page