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This month I had to depart to a business trip to Korea. 10 hours of flight didn't please me though it would be more interesting to see the country anyway, than to become dusty at boring office. Of course, I with pleasure agreed to go there. Fortunately, the plane took off in the evening, and I assumed to oversleep all road. As soon as opened landing, I quickly went to salon, took the window seat, and began to wait for the end of landing. To the people flew surprisingly a little: in total the person 60 in salon, approximately on one – two on each row, and in my row except me in general was nobody. Likely, the season was not so tourist for those places and people with change fly there usually that costs twice cheaper. But fortunately, our company doesn't save on such things and quite comfortable flight was coming me. Soon after take-off offered a dinner which I refused, distributed drinks, and brought to persons interested of a pillow and blanket. It was just that it was necessary for me. I pulled down trousers, was extended on all three chairs and dozed off. Suddenly I woke up because that someone sat down by me, I right there became straight in a chair and tried to hide legs under a blanket. Quite pleasant man isn't more senior 35, with bright eyes and a pleasant smile quietly said: – It seems to me, you dreamed a nightmare. You turned and muttered something. I here that to calm you. I don't know anything about any nightmare, but something in his voice was such calming and defiant trust. And suddenly I felt his hand under the blanket, on my hip. I gathered there was something to tell, but he applied a finger to me to lips, and then nestled the lips in a gentle kiss. I finally lost touch with reality, I couldn't even understand, a dream it or not. In life so doesn't happen! And the man undid trousers meanwhile and got the solid sizes advantage from there. The instinct is an instinct and I felt that panties begin to become impregnated with moisture. He raised me together with the blanket thrown me and carefully seated to himself on knees, removed panties aside and having sent the friend to me to the pussy. I mechanically drew near closer him, and his advantage slipped inside, carrying away with itself the remains of my mind. Having slightly displaced on one side, he began to shake slowly hips, and each his movement was given by bump somewhere inside. Both this plane, and business trip – everything began to seem some far and unreal, I felt only as his strong hands squeeze me and as the hot piston goes inside. Suddenly he quite strongly bit me for a shoulder, and sharply clamped to me a mouth that I didn't scream. It wasn't really sick, but it is unexpected, and all feelings became suddenly even brighter. He began to breathe heavier, accelerated movements, and I felt that I fail in a warm chasm of the coming orgasm. I don't know, what is the time so passed, but as soon as thoughts began to come to an order, I found myself reclining in a chair, panties were brought down, and on a chair under me the small sticky puddle of a cum was formed. I stood up, inspected salon, but didn't see my guest. All peacefully slept, and only stewardesses in a nasal part about something whispered. Soon I uneasily fell asleep and overslept almost before the landing. And when it was already registered in hotel, about night on the plane I reminded me only a trace from a sting on my shoulder. dating my best friend's cousin demonization date in india year site mapMain Page