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I already wrote about the love affairs (story "Ania"). Since that moment there passed the whole year. And again summer... I will tell a little about myself. My name is Sasha. I am 18 years old. I am a guy who likes to change clothes in the woman. Everything began with when to us there arrived acquaintances from other city. Spent the night at us. Next day they, together with parents, went for a walk on the city, I stayed at home as it was necessary to do homework. Mother asked me to bring order to the apartment. It meant that it was necessary to hide ware in a case, to make a bed, etc. When I stacked sheets on the shelf, noticed that on next some cartridge lies. The curiosity got the best and I looked at her. It was the pornofilm. Next day I decided to rummage all regiments of parents. I had a confidence that I will find some more similar movies. Expectations were confirmed. There passed 4 years. I knew the maintenance of all cartridges which were in the house by heart. Most of all I liked to look as dicks get in the girl, and especially when they are put in a bottom. Soon the father bought me the computer, connected the Internet. When wasn't at home parents, I often watched the pornwebsites and on one of them saw the section "transsexuals". It became interesting to me. Having clicked the link, I saw girls who between legs had dicks. It interested me. Since then I began to study them. I watched their photo, video, I read their stories. They very much made horney me and then I began to change clothes in the woman. My second name Ania. I have a beautiful slim figure, high legs, elastic buttocks, a lovely face. I knew long ago (I will speak now in a feminine gender because it is so more convenient to me) about sex more, than my parents. At any right moment I changed clothes in the woman. I tried on all mother's things. One day I found the vibrator on the mother's shelf. On the same day I lost virginity (anal naturally). It was pleasant to me. On him I trained to do blowjob. But the vibrator is one, and the real penis - it is absolutely another. I long thought where to find the partner who could grant all my desires. That summer parents left for rest. At me the whole week was free! It was possible to go on the house and to sleep in a women's clothing, without being afraid that someone will notice. I dreamed of it. In day of departure of parents I resolved that by all means I will find the man. After they left, I went for a walk on the city. It was the first issue in female shape. I approached night club. Near it there were a lot of people. After a while I was noticed by the man of years 30. Having approached me, he asked: "What do you cost you long? The guy threw or you look for the guy?". Without waiting for the answer, he took me by hand and took aside. — What is your name? — Ania. — I whispered. — And what your real name? I was shocked. — In what sense the present? — with astonishment I asked. — I see that you are a guy. Such as you I see at once. And I know why you came here. Did you, look for the man who to you would insert? Isn't it? — So. — I answered. My heart went to heels. — You are precisely sure that you want it? — he asked. — Precisely. I am sure. We went down the street. He asked since how many years I began to change clothes. I told that since 14 years. On the parking he opened the car and invited me to sit down inside. — Where do we go? — cautiously I asked. — How where?! To you. In ten minutes we were at my place. For our short time of acquaintance I learned that his name is Oleg and that he wanted to try a little exotic sex long ago. I forgot to tell. From clothes on me there were stockings, thongs, a miniskirt, a topic, a brassiere, a wig. Before an exit I did a little make-up. As all house was at my order, I took a mother's handbag. Having appeared in the apartment, we passed to the bedroom at once. There began to undress. My dick strained, began to stick out from panties. I kneelt. I undid to him a fly and I got his advantage. It was the big, thick, appetizing dick. Exactly as vibrator. He sat down on a bed and, having spread legs, told: "Give begin!". I began to suck. His dick was nice to the taste. I tried to swallow him as it is possible more deeply. My lips slid on all length. I tried to suck away as in pornofilms. Judging by his satisfied sighs, it was pleasant to him. In about seven minutes he got up and asked me to lay down on a bed. He language massed my small hole. Then he began to thrust a finger inside. It was madly pleasant! "As it is narrow here! I want to insert to you! Become cancer!" — he ordered. I bent down and, having rested hands against a window sill, exposed buttocks under his "hammer". The mirror stood nearby, and all was visible to me why my semi-horney dick began to strain. I saw as Oleg greased a hole as my ringlet of an anus contracted and unclenched. I as a firm dick rested against my "pussy". Each cell of my sweet buttocks I felt penetration. Thanks to lubricant which provided painless input. His dick entered all length, balls fought about my buttocks. He held me by a waist and fucked, fucked, fucked. My member from a mad rhythm dangled here and there. Oleg took out "fighter" and told that it is necessary to replace a pose. I laid down on a sofa, it put my legs to itself(himself) on shoulders. I inserted. Again I began to increase the pace. Suddenly I felt that his dick touched some point in "vagina", and very pleasant feeling affected all body. I moaned. My lover understood that it was pleasant to me, and put me sideways, and itself laid down nearby. The dick put and began to fuck me directly in this point. From each penetration inside I groaned, and the groan happened itself. I even didn't think that anal sex can give so much pleasure. What pleasure! I felt in myself the volume of the dick which inevitably continued to move in me. With the dick I did nothing, but felt that at such speed, the cum will pour down by itself. A minute later Oleg stopped. "Do you want that I obkonchat you?" — he asked. "Of course. "— I answered. He went to the bathroom. I returned in a minute. I don't know what he did there. All this time I lay on a bed and thought of how just had me. The buttocks contracted pleasantly and unclenched, and asked still. As if having heard my thoughts, Oleg with a new force attacked on me. He ordered to sit down from above. I climbed on him. My balls and the dick touched his body. He seized me by a bottom and moved apart buttocks. His dick entered all length again and rested against that point. Hands he began to raise my bum. Soon I began to do it. Oleg clasped me for the head and attracted to himself. Without reducing speed, we began to kiss passionately. At this time my horney dick rubbed about his beefy press and to me it became so good that I just began to shout. In several seconds I felt that I cum. He stopped. I got down and began to pinch everything that was on his body. After that he took my kerchief lying near a bed and wiped the seed remains. Then I took seat from above again, and we continued. After I terminated, my hole began to contract and be unclenched convulsively. I felt how Oleg's hips strained. He began to press me to himself strongly. Breath became frequent. Strong indications of the coming orgasm. I got down from it. It went to the bathroom again. This time I proceeded behind it. "What are you doing?" — I asked. — I prolong to you pleasure — he answered. At this time he rinsed the dick with water. — Why do you do it? — again I asked, looking as he waters the end with warm water. — It removes the ejaculation moment. — he answered. Having finished the procedure, he approached me and embraced. I stroked on buttocks and I slapped me on it. It brought me with a new force and him too. We began to fuck directly in the bathroom. I laid down on the washing machine standing there. It turned out that I it seems as dog-fashion, and at the same time lie. Ten more minutes of mad sex. My dick rubbed about edge of the washing machine, and in the end I terminated again. He removes condom, I am kneeling to him. Again I take in a mouth, and I do it blowjob. What tasty was him this time. The dick was covered with a white sweet film, nice to the taste liquid was constantly emitted. Working lips and language, I as if thanked it for the pleasure given me. It was pleasant to me from what I do. His hips strained, he will terminate now. I opened a mouth and put out tongue. There was a wish to try taste of others cum again. The powerful stream of warm streams began to fly on me. All person, all mouth and lips were in a cum. He cumed very long. I swallowed what got into a mouth at once. I pinched the rest. The taste of his cum can't be expressed in words. She at the same time both sweet, and bitter. Oleg stood blindly. I last time licked his dick. After that he kissed me. — You know, I since old time have a dream. — he began. — Do you know what? — No, I don't know. — I would like to pee on you, directly in a mouth. I was terrified. "To... as to pee it?!" — it is struck I exclaimed. — Please, execute my dream. — he begged — I to you money of ladies. I understood what he speaks about. On the pornwebsites I saw as it looks. It is called a golden shower. Of course, it isn't absolutely pleasant, but I agreed. — All right. You can pee on me, but only in the bathroom. — such is there was my answer. His eyes lit up. We got into the bathroom. He brought a dick to my lips. "Slightly open a mouth. "— he asked. I opened. The stream scattered on lips and began to fill my mouth with urine promptly. I couldn't swallow of it therefore I spat out it. All person was in urine. Its smack was in a mouth. But I sustained it. We washed. Oleg began to gather home, by that moment there were about twelve hours. That is we made love more than two hours. I threw with a dressing gown, and left to see it. It took out the five-thousandth note from trousers and stretched it to me. "It for a golden shower and for sex. To me was very pleasant. "— he told. "Come still. I can meet you all week here" — I told. He smiled and told that he will come. Having exchanged phones, we kissed. He left. I fell asleep happy. I was fucked very cool in all holes moreover for it money of a distance. It seemed a fantasy. All my dream was fulfilled again. dating mixers near me x date calculator site mapMain Page