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You, for a collar lift me from a table and you conduct to the room. You force me to the knees in the middle, with Natasha you take seats in chairs. Vadim already completely naked on a sofa, the new acquaintance comes the last, bared also sits down on a sofa. His dick much more than at Vadim, slowly stroke-oars him without coming off looks at me. - Creep the bitch here! I on a lap approach a sofa. It takes me for a collar and tightens to itself(himself), the dick rests against lips, I open a mouth, and he gets into me. - Work the whore, you will be lazy, still I will flog. I suck a head, I take on it language, I clasp with lips a dick and I move on him up down. A hand I caress his balls, I clasp with the second Vadim's dick and slowly I masturbate him. You rise from a chair you approach closer and you sit down on a sofa armrest. I release his body from a mouth, I will see on him language from the basis to a head and I pass to Vadim. Beru in a mouth sucking it I move on him, a hand I caress the first body. You sitting on an armrest, not coming off you look at me, a hand you caress yourself quietly groaning. - Boys, only one request, fuck where you want but cum only in a mouth. - As you will tell, Vadim responds. I continue to caress Vadim, our acquaintance rises from a sofa, approaches me behind, greases a hole, the head rests against an anus, a sharp push, at all length the dick drives in me. From my mouth the groan from bottom pain escapes, he strong takes me for hips and with scope begins to force, driving every time to the basis. From his pushes Vadim's body is included deeply into a mouth. Two of them without stopping tear up me in both holes as the last bitch. But here the dick at me in a mouth begins to be reduced and the stream of a cum fills him. Only I swallowed the first portion as the strong hand forced me to the knees and the dickhead which I just had in an anus rested against lips. I only managed to clasp it with lips, at the same moment it began to cum, there was many cum, I hardly managed to swallow it. After he finished, I to a last straw exhausted him, and too most made with Vadim's dick. - A good nipple, the acquaintance told, sitting down on a sofa near Vadim. I was kneeling to two nude men who just raped me in both holes. You at this time, laid down before me on a floor, having widely placed legs. - Creep to me the bitch. I bend to your perineum, I begin to caress sponges, a clitoris. And right there something firm rests to me against an anus, this is Natasha already managed to dress a strap-on and was attached to my bottom. The sharp movement she enters me, I don't keep on a lap and I fall on a stomach, the strap-on jumps out of me. - Ah you are a bitch, she speaks angrily through clenched teeth. Moves apart hands to me a bottom and again sharply drives in me a dildoe at all length. My mouth is pressed to your perineum, I caress you language, lips, I suck a clitoris, I lick him and again I suck. Behind fast, sharp pushes I am fucked by Natasha tearing apart an anus a huge strap-on. You loudly groan, your groans turn into shout, you cum at the same time. Natasha falls on me, you strongly squeeze the head legs. She the first recovers, gets up from me, is enough for balls and pulls up forcing me to the knees. - Someone to you the bitch allowed to lay down on a stomach??? Slightly to me the orgasm didn't break off, she shouts. You understand that she wants to make and again you squeeze the head between legs, you get hands for a back and you bring up them closer to the head. Natasha takes a lash, raises and with a force beats, then more and more. She especially doesn't aim, the lash gets on a bottom, on hips, each blow burns skin leaving on her all new marks. At last she finishes flogging, throws a lash and sits down on the place. You release hands and the head, you get up and you go to a chair. I remained to stand dog-fashion on the middle of the room with the flogged bum exposed on your review. - Girls, you liked to see as fuck the whore? - Yes, yes, very much makes horney it. - Then, I think it is necessary to continue, Vadim says. He approaches me, for hair forces to the knees, his semi-standing dick rests to me against lips. I open a mouth and it already in me, I suck it, a hand I caress balls, it begins to increase. I take language on a head, along the dick to the basis and back, again I clasp him with lips, I slide on him. He is already ready, Vadim pulls out a dick and lays down on a back. - The whore, now you will work, sit down on me. I grease his dick and slowly I fall by him to the basis, I stop, rise and again I fall up to the end. Slowly I move up down, I feel as he gets into me. Our acquaintance rises from a sofa and approaches us, his body just is at my mouth, without waiting for the order I take him in a mouth, I lick a head, I suck and again I lick on all length. I feel as in an anus Vadim's dick slides, I move on him changing speed, I rise and again I fall by him. He pulls out the body at me from a mouth and lowers me on Vadim. Comes behind and the dick puts to a hole which already fuck, I try to rise, but he strongly presses down me and a sharp push enters. The anus is pierced by severe pain, I scream, from eyes tears begin to flow. It continues to get into me, stops, leaves a little, and then will sharply drive the body. I shout from wild pain, but it only brings him, sharp movements he begins to tear up me in the anus burning with fire. Vadim adapts to its speed, and now two dicks at the same time enter me, causing wild pain. This torture lasts it seems eternally, the hole is stretched to a limit, my shouts merge with their groans. I feel as in me the warm cum, at first one, then the second spreads, they twice fade having deeply got into me. He the first pulls out the dick, behind him there is Vadim and again two dicks at me in the face of, all of them are soiled by a cum, I serially suck round and I lick them, I feel as from an anus the cum on a floor follows, it is noticed also by you. You approach me and for hair you incline to a pool. - Lick everything the bitch, you order. I take language on a pool, you hold me by hair without giving the chance to rise, I pinch everything completely and I swallow. You release me. - It was something, you say, especially when you together tore up this bitch in an ass: - And as she squealed, Natasha is connected. - Yes: yes: it is inexpressible, I even terminated from such show. - I am glad that girls was pleasant to you, let's send her to be washed and I have one more interesting entertainment, he cheerfully told. - And well I went quickly to a shower, you order, undress, wash also run on a verandah. Quickly I go to a shower, the bottom hurts extremely, in a mouth taste of a cum, I undress, I take a shower. I come to a verandah, you sit at a table, you drink wine and you share impressions. I approach closer a table. - On knees! And what else for entertainment? You ask. - And entertainment following, we exhaust this bitch under a table, and she in turn brings each of us to an orgasm to someone will pass, to someone to kuna. Also she does it until doesn't bother us. - Now that's something like it, cool, Natasha cheerfully told. - Yes, I think will be great, you agreed. Well for what you wait? I heard what should be done, quickly under a table. I creep under a table, I begin with you. How many once again to me terminated in a mouth and how many times I licked juice, your with Natasha, I don't even know. All this ended when it was already absolutely dark. You went to the car rocking a little, whether from wine, whether from the received orgasms. Having got into the car you strong kissed me on a mouth. - How does my whore feel? - Everything hurts madly, the cum costs in a throat. - It yes, in a mouth to you was nakonchat much today, but I very much liked to see it as you were torn up by two men. - It was very humiliating, also at your presence. - So same also was the purpose, by the way, and at the end you already, without coercion took in a mouth. - And I had only two options - to be fucked or at first to be flogged, and then all the same fucked. - It yes, laughing you answered. Behind this conversation we already came out to the route and went towards the house. Of what else perversions you were capable, I was already afraid to assume. dating methods in history date today sql site mapMain Page