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Everything began with capital repairs of the house, in one of apartments of which I also lived with the wife at her parents. All slept together on a floor in the communicating room, I and the father-in-law at the edges, and our girls in the middle, in two others in all boiled work. Workers changed doors, windows, floors — generally, everything that became useless. Conditions, of course, still those, everywhere dust, dirt and construction debris. The mother-in-law tried to keep, of course, order, but you understand: repair is repair. All looked forward when all this ends, and we will begin to live habitual life again. Waited for more than two months, there was absolutely nothing. In the mother-in-law's room (the mother-in-law call Nin) it was necessary to pokleit only wall-paper. The wife with the father-in-law at work, and we with the mother-in-law help the whole day workers with the room, my with the wife, there was a bit too many work. In the evening workers left, the father-in-law with the wife came, ate, to and fro, the mother-in-law also says: can wall-paper pokley in my room? The father-in-law in refusal, tomorrow for work, even they swore with the mother-in-law because of it, the wife told too what to get up early. Generally, it wasn't convenient to me to refuse though for the whole day I worked enough in our room, helping workers. The mother-in-law made glue, we closed in her room all windows, window leaves and doors that wall-paper didn't fly away then. I in old jeans and an undershirt, the mother-in-law in a t-shirt and sports pants. In the room was жарковато, everything is closed moreover jump yes понагибайся. If glued wall-paper, probably you know, what is it. Pokleili one wall, from us everything flowed, I took off an undershirt, the mother-in-law and too had a wet t-shirt and a sportivka, and in those places where fitted a body, it is in general full ult. Nipples so stuck out that at me I began to get up gradually. We continued to glue further, but I already wanted to fuck her more, than to work. What to do — the her knows him. She told that she is hurt by a waist, and we decided to trade places, now she stood on a table, and I on a floor smeared wall-paper then gave her upward. She pasted above, then equaled, and I already below completed the rest. When submitted the next leaf, my person constantly concerned her buttocks, a hip, and even the pussy, looking as she stood. All this was involuntarily, and the mother-in-law not strongly paid to it attention, but I already so became overexcited just there is no place and sex wasn't any more very long ago. The head went around, and I solved: and come what may. I submitted her the sheet, she on outstretched arms put it up and here that I just pulled together from her sports pants and began to kiss her buttocks. From surprise she squealed, told: "You that went crazy", but remained to stand in the same pose, holding in hand not pasted yet, a leaf. I continued to kiss it and began to pay it any compliments that she is a beautiful woman that I respect her and I love and again began to kiss her big buttocks, shifting inside panties more and more. The rehouse turned to her and I began to kiss her pussy through pants. () She, it seems, also tried to push away me, and, it seems, and not really, in any case, to shout didn't lift. Having pulled together her pants down, I pressed buttocks more strong hands and in all I began to lick a clitoris and a perineum. Except groans from the mother-in-law there are more any attempts to escape I didn't feel. It began to flow, and the treasured peshcherka already itself fairly slightly opened all delights of this sweet butonchik. I helped her to get down accurately from a table, gently kissed on sponges and having developed facing a table, inclined. I took off the jeans together with pants, I put the standing dick to her pussy for a long time. The head began to plunge into her hole smoothly. She moved on a meeting to my movements. All quicker I began to accelerate. Because of long abstention I began to cum violently in her juicy pussy, jam-packing her the cum which began to flow on her hips. Having a little more stood so, not taking out a dick from a pizda, I embraced it a large breast the hands and began to mass and pinch from time to time her nipples which from excitement became very large as two peas. Nina moaned again and I wanted to continue begun again. Here only the dick wasn't ready to it so far yet. I pressed her shoulders hands, and her head was hung on the level of my dick. The mother-in-law understood that I want from her, and licked my head, wet from a cum, then having slightly opened the mouth, clasped her with sponges and slightly shipped in a mouth. My tell-tale woke up from such touches and began to accept combat readiness. I took the initiative as however and the dick, became deeper to drive him in a lewd mouth of this beautiful woman. It is visible, so deeply she didn't try yet and has a fit of coughing. Having been frightened that we will be heard in the neighboring room by the wife or the father-in-law, I quickly pulled out him, and already slowly entered him on a half, Nina just began to suck him, and I only slightly helped her pressing hands on her nape. I felt a fast volcanic eruption again and very much wanted to terminate directly in a mouth. The mother-in-law understood that I want, and rolled up the head as a sign of refusal. It was necessary to terminate on her face. It was first ours with her sex, and all thanks to repair which I at first so hated. Or perhaps after all, repair it and isn't so bad? dating meetup near me date range site mapMain Page