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— In vain, very good girl — the father disapprovingly frowns, without tearing off eyes from the TV. I hem in the answer: — Well also take away to yourself if so it is pleasant. The father throws a contemptuous clever look into my party. — There were I pomolozhe, so, can, and would take away. Artfully I smile. — A you and so are pleasant to it. Why to you pomolozhe? I laugh. The father comes off the TV. Interest in his eyes is similar to confusion: — She spoke to you about it? — he asks, having completely changed tone. — Yes constantly repeats that you are more best, than I. It is the truth. Natasha admired my father from the first day when I brought her in guests. She yet never saw such gallant attitude towards herself. He both will give a handbag to her, and will imperceptibly clean boots while she in kitchen so me has tea, and will joke so that at the same time the compliment will turn out. A in other time helped her a task in mathematics to solve and then rummaged all textbooks to explain that there to what. Natasha at us the technician, and he finished technical too. Here also met soul in soul. The father sadly is silent. It is clear, that at him at heart. Natasha the girl good, for him. One age of what costs. No she doesn't suit me at all. With her cockroaches it is possible to go crazy. It to think up it: to be afraid that her aliens will take away, to call me at three o'clock night and to ask to arrive, a still to take offense then when I told that aliens didn't want her. And what here it? Well didn't want to take such little spitfire. And it is only one episode with aliens. How many she to me nerves frayed — as the small worn-out saw. — Give, well — I smile as the fool. — She will come to us, will drink red wine as she loves. A then I to it will tie with a scarf eyes, and you is imperceptible it chpoknesh. Tempting offer. The father sits, having frowned. He can be understood, you gallantry, a to you blow in a back here here. — So it is impossible to treat the girl — he says, wildly regretting. It is visible on eyes what wants. No it is impossible! The gallantry doesn't allow. No everything is equally interesting to me that from this will turn out. Procurement at me in blood. — Give then I will tell her that you her chpoknesh, but that you, type, don't know what she knows. If she agrees, your conscience is pure. She knew someone her chpokayet. It is too difficult at once to understand. The father long digests. — Do you think, she will agree? — uncertainly he asks. — I think, yes. She so loves you. It is the truth. Natasha has a father the drunkard, threw family when she was twelve years old. Here she also seized my father. A the native father was remembered by it as a night nightmare. Eternally I belabored mother, with a knife I rushed. And children there a breast got up between parents. Horror. — Ne I know, bad all it — the father is upset that he in general presented such opportunity. He is very honest person. In difference from me, I don't know in someone I such mean and artful. — Well give then I will tell her that there will be my friend. She doesn't mind to be engaged with two. Itself by the way admitted that it is her sexual imagination. The father comes to life, happiness ray on the horizon. No quickly returns to a state pomerknuvshikh hopes. — She everything will become equal not so me to meet. — A why to you to meet it? You will be chpokat it, a she will get used then, and will guess everything. — I also am afraid of it. I digest a task. Very difficult it turns out, but all... — Then let me tell her that chpokayesh her you, but you think that she thinks that chpokayet her my friend. — Yes what difference someone that thinks — the father wearily sighs. — The fact remains the fact. It is impossible to act this way with the girl. — Silly you, she will agree. Well want I our conversation on a dictophone I will write down and I will allow you to listen then? — I want. Somehow at once he agreed. Too resolutely I answered. It is visible, the client is ready. Well that, it was necessary to agree with Natasha. *** My girl pripevochka in the last time began to long often. densely, it is in a feminine way wide in hips and a breast. Wears always black lower linen: thongs, бюстик. Loves the fitting jeans, high boots, jackets fit a big breast. Boobies at her really smart, as also a bottom. Big juicy rolls, elastic, poured by desire to fuck. To Natasha not to take away it — she likes to be engaged in sex. Too I was a little bit confused when she began to take offense that I began to avoid her allegedly. She likes to emphasize sexuality with stockings with openwork elastic bands, likes to stroke me in the subway, to tease. She in general ekstrimalka, specially looks for opportunities to be overtaken unawares. Once we on the rental apartment waited for arrival of the hostess, and Natasha specially began to stick when till the appointed time there were five minutes. The hostess keys had A, and she always opened. And here Natasha who went mad from adrenaline does me blowjob, pulls me on a floor, upholsters with legs. Fuck me, darling, directly in a corridor. Let she will enter and will admire, than we are engaged here. It is her and makes horney, Natasha — any new experiments which are especially connected with public exposure. Therefore swindle with the father so started it. I don't know what it was so wound, but she prepared thoroughly. I bought white lower linen (in koye-to eyelids!), before sex it descended to be washed away and I made up for some reason. And nadukharilas what too never I did earlier. I turned on the quiet music in the hall, spread out a glade on which Natasha will fuck with the father. I prepared everything, well. Even povyazochku plane on eyes I bought. In the appointed day the father hid in the small room. According to the scenario, Natasha thinks that there my friend sits. Someone — it is unknown. The friend will do everything in condom and only to caress and caress hands. Any kisses. Natasha for a raising of fighting mood overturned two full glasses of red wine. We waited until they work. I kisses and caress of a breast checked that it is ready. Natasha is easily made horney, пися at her all time slippery. I took the girl and led to the hall. She dropped in in a toilet and the bathroom, then returned, and we continued preliminary caress. *** From excitement Natasha almost doesn't speak. Sometimes what-to whispers silly. Flattens her not childly. Usually a sponge she begins to have a snack when I already stop fucking her a little body, a here still began nothing, she already plays a with the lower sponge as I with her clitoris when I go down on the lower deck. From wine the person at Natasha became ruddy, a look oil. She likes to fuck under alcohol that-to whorish in her wakes up when she drinks. Here and now, not I undress her, a she me. Pulls together jeans, falls by a bed and sticks to the dick. Also sucks deeply and actively as as if trains himself for what bigger. I get a bandage for eyes, we put on. The elastic densely pulls together velveteen fabric on eyes, without leaving chances for peeping. I leave Natasha in expectation with the hot mouth full of saliva. Na to her the fitting knitted dress, black, to knees, dark stockings. No panties and бюстик white. For the father she wants to look a pure angel. So it seems to me. The pleasant weakening music sounds. I come back with the father. He goes uncertainly, keeps behind, becomes in storonke when we enter the hall. Natasha sits on the former place, having slightly leaned back back. I approach her, I take for a hand and I put to myself on a fly. Let now the father will look how Natasha is active. She does everything in accuracy, as before: undoes a belt, a fly, pulls together pants. Takes yet not fallen down dick in a mouth, sucks gently, now doesn't hurry any more. Understands that look at her. I look at the father and a look I show that it became a row. He is trampled down on the place. I smile as it is always artful. He hesitates. Hesitates of me, her. I don't maintain, I do a step to it and I attract it by a hand. He also manages to understand-to nothing as Natashina the hand already lies at him on a fly. The second she continues to stroke-oar my dick. Releases me for a while, undoes the father. The dick at him doesn't cost, but colourfully hangs with the big low sagged balls. Natasha is glad to try. The sluggish dick growing in a mouth — always caused in her desire. Though here and so though take away desires. She involves father's sausage completely, that sighs unusually loudly. Though wouldn't faint. Natasha masses a hand a father's ball sack, works a mouth. I take away one hand, let will feel that us two. It finally brings my girl. Two horney dicks which are sticking out her in a mouth. I pull together Natasha for hair from a father's dick and quickly I insert her into the mouth. Then so I return her to the father. She obediently follows my teams. I do it several more time. We almost touch by shoulders with the father. Having understood what needs to be done, Natasha herself continues to change a dick in a mouth. Her mouth hot, flows saliva. She sucks passionately, greedy changing a dick. I get condoms. It is the main ritual. We will fuck her in condoms as she wants. She worried and now can relax and get pleasure. She will put on condoms. Natasha the big expert in putting on of elastic bands. She carefully tries to discover to the touch where at condom the external party where internal. Ne hurries to roll on a father's trunk. Finds a head, sticks, slowly skatyvayet. At the basis fingers helps to straighten the remains, having fixed them at a hairy pubis. Now my turn. I a hand mass to Natasha a breast while she puts on me in a rubber suit. Natasha obediently raises hands, allows to take off from herself a dress. She is magnificent in white silk panties with a tiny bow in front, in expensive brassiere which is richly embroidered with the Arab ligature. Her boobs shiver when I mass them. Juicy milkings by nipples get out from under the top edge. I two hands twist nipples, extending boobies upward. I order a parade and the first business, I stack the girl on a back until we are engaged in her. I pull together white panties, I undo a brassiere. Natasha coils on a bed, trying to cover nakedness. Only my dick is in a zone of action of her hands. The father costs in storonke, heatedly beholding young talent. I again a look and gesture show him that he started. It is impossible to stand all time as the idol. He clumsily climbs on a bed, gently a finger touches Natashinoy pussies. The girl shudders and more widely opens legs. She is ready what you wait for? — there is a wish to ask the father. I thrust a dick to Natasha into a mouth. She undertakes to suck, an itself a hand falls to itself and fingers the top part of a pink vagina, revealing her for the father. Probably, this last moment also becomes a starting point for the father. He puts a horney dick a head to pink sponges and with full dismissal drives twenty centimeters in Natashino a bosom. She curves a back, clasps with legs the father. He should be learned, about his it a stomach which rubs about her while the father clumsily battles against the small hole flowing under him. Now we has Natasha in two bayonets. I even take her for the head and I begin to drive hips as she doesn't love. No she doesn't object. On the contrary: usually silent, she groans from pleasure. Lows, squeals a little, izivayetsya under us. To the father it is heavy, I understand it and I put Natasha dog-fashion. Let will enjoy her bum which he no yes and oblapayet a look when it comes in guests. Now she completely at his order. My daddy is glad to try. Probably, it is his favourite pose therefore that how he seized Natasha and hollows her, doesn't give in to comparison. He really hyped up, and not to stop him. Unexpectedly he raises and slaps Natasha in a bum. The ring is carried on the room. I is real ofigivayu. No there is even more ofigivayu when Natasha, having come off my dick, loudly says: — Still! — it is command so as as if not she is fucked here, a she fucks here. The father of times to try: beats still. — Stronger — Natasha growls. He backhand thrashes on a bum. — Yes, here so — Natasha languidly groans. — Still, stronger — she moves to him towards. — Stronger, please — that happened to Natasha — I don't understand. No she, probably, absolutely went crazy. The father beats stronger, the ring is carried on the apartment. He beats without stopping. She groans and shouts, sucks and roars: — Stronger — literally growls. The father beats out from her all bum. His palms burn on white spheres of buttocks. He, probably, decided not to give up and zatrakhat and to kill Natasha to an orgasm. So it also occurs: Natasha curves a back an arch, the father vytrakhivayet her till the rest, she is in agony, covering with groans us. At this moment also the father cums: he groans when he cums. Gently slaps Natasha in a bottom at this moment, she doesn't demand stronger any more. Understands that in her cum. Between them that-to special. I don't hesitate any more: a hand dodrachivayu till the end. Having attracted Natasha for the head, I cum her in a mouth through condom. Probably, everything is equal to her. Inertly works with language. She found to herself the teacher who spanked her on a bottom to a rare wildest orgasm, found to herself the daddy who will fuck her now, accompanying action with easy violence. It is clear, that she needs the man who would care and I cherished her which would show respect on everyone to a step, would carry her on hands, gallant and in love everywhere. A then, having remained with it alone, she would ask him to spank her on a bottom as the little disobedient girl. The father for her the big authority. A someone am I? I for her next lyubovnichek — stale, selfish, rough. I leave them together to embrace, an itself I leave to take a shower. To what all this masquerade? When I return, they will already take off a mask and will be engaged in love. However, I even will also not come back and I won't go to the bathroom. I will just leave to walk till the evening! dating meaning science date kaname voice actor site mapMain Page