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The call to a door literally pushed out me from a bathtub. Water was stirred up and a foam wave spilled on a tiled floor. "Holy moly!" — I rugnut myself, absolutely I forgot that today the measurer has to come. — One minute! I now — having put out at the slightly opened door I shouted in faint hope that I will be heard. Again I brynknut a call. — Now, now — hurrying and swearing I pulled a dressing gown of the seventeen-year-old daughter on a wet body. As if on purpose it came the first to hand. Slapping bare feet I directed to an entrance door. The lock clanked. Without looking, one hand doing up wet hair and another trying to give a decent look to a dressing gown that was frankly speaking it is a little small for me, I started the young man home. Having passed by me, having shrouded for an instant in a light smell of tart men's cologne, he stopped in the middle of the hall and began smiling to examine me. Suddenly it became a shame as though I was naked, and hands reflex stretched to cover imaginary nakedness. To see he noticed my rush, and having hemmed said: — Hello! What window will you change? — A-and..., window? In kitchen. You pass — with experiences I even understood not at once what he asks about. Having semi-sat down on a kitchen table I silently looked at it. High, about thirty years, the figure hid behind uniform overalls. I already under calmed down and decided to break the reigning silence. — Tea you will be? — Yes I wouldn't refuse — to a floor having looked back he answered me. Having reached on the top shelf for cups I felt as the easy chill shrouded my buttocks. The dressing gown again foully made me blush, having bared my bottom. I don't know whether it passed unnoticed. The tea drinking took place in silence. Having collected circles from a table, I approached a sink to rinse out them and to put in the dryer, and here felt easy contact of hands to my shoulders. I didn't know at all as to me to react. I am married. I am a faithful wife. I am not a WHORE! What to do? To cry? To push away? While thoughts a top turned in the head, he caressed me on a neck sometimes starting fingers in hair on a nape. In me the judiciousness and those tactile feelings fought that went from his hands. Likely I am a weak pliable woman because the reason refused and I reacted only to touches gradually immersing me about a sweet sleepiness. His hands fell below and slightly squeezed my begun bulked-up breast. For an instant I ceased to breathe and when fingers squeezed the hardened nipples, at me the short groan unexpectedly escaped. Between legs began to mokret and it became a little rather small from the poured vulvar lips. Having shaken I slightly placed legs. He, having felt my movement, I slipped a hand even below on a stomach to a pubis. But unexpectedly I stopped and having taken my palm I brought it the hand to my eager expiring pussy. Having concerned her, it was necessary to have a snack a lip not to scream from the reduced uterus, reaction to touch to the body which became hyper sensitive was such. His hand only directed me, and I having entered two fingers itself, intensively rubbed a palm the inflated vulvar lips sometimes touching the hardened clitoris. The hand was wet and was felt as surplus flows on inside of hips. Two fingers it was nothing for my raged flesh. Having bent over a sink forward, I threw a leg on the taburetochka standing nearby. He released my hand and raised floors of my dressing gown having bared the moved apart buttocks and a perineum. I already tried to calm myself four fingers and a part of the entering palm squelching in we wash a bosom. Back I felt his view of me who is completely revealed and unprotected. WHORE! — where that on the edge of consciousness the thought rushed and I left behind a strange afterglow, feeling of freedom and freedom. If I am a WHORE, means to me all is possible! He caressed me behind and his palm approached closer and closer my second hole. We few times experimented with the spouse and it was even difficult to understand the less it was pleasant to me or him, and more to it we didn't come back. But now I wanted that I was taken as the dirty bitch. Having moistened fingers of the second hand expiring from thinking juice, I tried to move apart the anus. And already three fingers in me. At the same time entering from two parties, through a thin partition they met in depth, bringing me even more. And it is similar not only me, the muffled roar behind sounded, his hands clasped me for shoulders and it having turned me drove the body into the corner. His dick who bulked up and made horney nestled on my bottom so I felt the pulse beating in him. But only having taken him in a hand I could estimate him. No, he wasn't more than at my husband, but on the hardness and relief just amazed me. I wanted that he appeared in me quicker, I wanted him all. My partner slowly began to enter him into my buttocks. It is slightly more than three of my slender fingers. But gradually step by step it was deeper and deeper in me. () Here I began to feel it as the fingers which were still tormenting my exhausted pussy. Here the head of his dick begins to rub through a thin partition about a neck of the uterus, it begins to plunge me into such eskstaz that I begin as mad to twirl by the back even more deeply sticking itself. I at the top of the voice sighed groaned and squealed a little, already without controlling myself at all. In ears there was a ring and it seemed that I hear myself from is far. He was higher than me, and now began to stand up entering further. With feeling of concern and slight fear I tried to stand up on tiptoe. But my partner wasn't going to recede, and here at some moment my legs came off a floor and I hung on his dick having nestled on a tiled wall. I was as the butterfly pinned by the naturalist and couldn't even move, only shivered in an agony. All my feelings concentrated around his nature. It seemed that I feel each vein on his dick and as on them blood pulses, I all was there, around it. Here something begins to change, tension increased, something pulsing goes on it and suddenly hits with a hot wave into me. As circles on water, with the increasing force the wave took, flooded each cell of my body entering into ecstasy. Me shook from an orgasm. The body was given. On legs it zastruitsya — I peed the pants. I regained consciousness only from click of the door lock sitting in a pool on a floor. Having leaned a hand on a sink I raised the weakened body, and placing legs, pigeontoing, trudged to the bathroom. dating meaning hindi mai html date not in future site mapMain Page