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All remained evening she and passed across the house only in panties and an undershirt. In the morning of Sunday, Natasha went down by a breakfast in shorts and a t-shirt. The father-in-law kept silent concerning her appearance, and she throughout the day and went, without giving the father-in-law of a hint or reason to mention her yesterday's evening dress code. In the late afternoon Natalya became thoughtful, she was a little disturbed by tomorrow's visit of friends of chess players, first, to her it was awkward, the case in a ban confused her, secondly, she was afraid, kind of the father-in-law didn't wish to brag of the daughter-in-law again, having put her in some awkward situation again. Having decided that she for decency will just welcome guests, and then for all the time of their visit will leave Maksimkaya to walk, Natasha calmed down a little. Since the morning of Monday the father-in-law was in high spirits. — Уф, eh, here I them today — hopped he on kitchen. Seeing what joy the forthcoming meeting with friends gives the old man, Natasha was convinced once again that her decision not to refuse to the old man this meeting was correct. — Where will you play? — Natalya took an interest — give though I will tidy up there. — We will be in an arbor — the father-in-law answered, rubbing in a hand anticipation — there and тенек and more cool than in the house. — Well, I will go I will sweep there and I will wipe benches — Natalya answered. — Oh and throw, everything we will wipe with bums — the father-in-law waved away. — You tell more better, solved in what you will welcome guests, in al's bathing suit stark naked? — Faugh you, well you, all of you for old! — the woman threw up the hands — here and I will be — she pointed to the standard dress, a t-shirt and shorts there is slightly above knee. — And I think, then to go for a walk with Maxim and not to be stirred also from temptations far away — she spoke. — Really you are afraid not to resist three such gentlemen? — the father-in-law burst out laughing — defiantly sticking out the stomach forward. — No — Natalya burst out laughing to his action — but as you correctly noticed that such beauty senile hearts not to torment with themselves — she in tone defiantly corrected for the father-in-law the magnificent breast under a t-shirt. — Eva as, that is you will leave us... — I will leave you alone with your ladies — chess queens — Natalya burst out laughing. — I remember — the queen is more chief than all: goes backwards-forward and to the right-to the left... — the father-in-law sang a line unfamiliar to Natalya from a song. In the appointed hour chess players came. The father-in-law with Natalya met them. And if owners were dressed home-style, both in t-shirts, shorts and slaps, then guests came in shirts with a short sleeve, trousers and in sandals. Completed their dresses a tie at one and a tie butterfly at another. — Well, you also dressed up — the father-in-law — as on a ball burst out laughing. — In the house after all the lady — one of guests answered, welcoming Natalya and gallantly kissing her a hand. — It to you — he stretched her a small bouquet of local meadow flowers. — Thanks — Natasha was flattered with such attention and in too time and confused by him. — And here a small entertainment to tea — it already the second guest was put by lips to her handle and stretched a box of cakes. — You forgive us for our look — Natalya confusedly spoke, holding a bouquet and a box of cakes — didn't know that color of the local nobility will gather — she tried to hide the confusion behind a joke — you pass, please — she gesture invited guests. Guests passed to an arbor, bearing armpits of a box with chess, the father-in-law went with them, and Natalya went to the house, to carry cakes and to put flowers in water. — Inconveniently it turned out — rushed at her in the head — old men during a heat of wons ponadevat ties, it is necessary to show respect too, I will go, I will change clothes — Natalya solved. In a few minutes Natalya went to the yard in a summer dress, with a skirt is slightly higher than a knee, a small cut on a breast only slightly slightly opening a depression in the ground between the magnificent boobies of Natalya raised by a bra. Standing she replaced slippers with sandals. In addition Natalya slightly tinted lips and slightly perfumed, having decided that other make-up will be after all excessive. — Don't you wish drinks or to have a bite? — she addressed guests. — No, no, thanks — chess players nevertheless refused devouring her with views. — I then will go with the son I will take a walk, we won't disturb you, a pleasant game — and Natasha with Maxim went to a gate. In several hours having much acquired Natasha with the son returned. Chess players continued to play, having again approached them Natasha was interested in food, those zaotnekivatsya again. — Well can at least to tea with cakes? — she took an interest. — Only if you with us are — one of guests spoke. — To tea I can... — Natalya spoke — and here I nevertheless will refrain from cakes. — Really you are afraid to do much harm it to your ideal figure? — one of guests took an interest. Understanding what gets into unnecessary conversation with the subsequent compliments in the address, Natalya waved away — well, I will eat one feature. — Allow you to help with tea — the second guest rose from a bench. — Isn't necessary, I will cope — Natalya — thanks smiled. Having come to the house, she put a teapot and prepared four tea couples whether previously having asked Maxim wants, and he to tea, but the son refused, having grasped so a pirozhenka from the packing opened by Natalya. Having spread out cakes to a big dish Natalya went to the yard already in the doorway having faced one of guests. — I after all couldn't but help you — he spoke, gallantly passing her by himself and delicately slightly holding for lokotki. — Then bear cups — Natalya smiled to his persistence. Having approached with a dish in an arbor Natasha waited still remained two men will move boards making room for a dish. Afterwards already their companion approached, bearing cups and saucers. — More place is necessary — Natalya spoke, putting a dish and understanding that on the remained space four saucers under cups won't go in. — It is necessary to put boards on a floor then — the father-in-law spoke, taking one and carefully lowering on an arbor floor. Having exempted hands from a dish Natasha already moved to take the second board, but in time bethought, having considered that her deep inclination to a floor can cause a new embarrassment. Her breakthrough and the confusion which followed it didn't take cover from the father-in-law, he crafty and somehow studying looked at her. — Натусь, you will remove the second board? — fixedly looking at her, he asked. Natalya withstood his glance, though blushed — I am afraid unintentionally what to drop a figure and where that was I don't know so it is more best you — there was she. As a result the second board was removed by the second guest. Natasha began to help the first guest, taking from him from hands of a saucer and a cup and placing them on a table. — Carefully! — the hand of the father-in-law picked up Natalya behind for a leg under a knee — don't brush away a figure. Natalya didn't notice how dangerously she approached one of the boards standing on a floor so far placed cups. — Oh — she only also told — carefully crossing and not paying attention that the father-in-law hand still holds her for a back part of a hip, slightly disappearing under a dress hem. This gesture of the father-in-law, as well as reaction of Natalya to him didn't take cover from the father-in-law friends who with some surprise watched such warm family relationship. Nakonets and Natalya paid the attention that the father-in-law supports her under a knee. — Alexander Ivanovich, I won't touch — she spoke, putting the last tea couple and trying to depart from the man accurately. — Of course, of course... — the father-in-law agreed, with hardly noticeable reluctance taking away a hand. — Now I will bring a teapot — the confused Natalya went to the house. — Иваныч, it seemed to me or you for an ass polapat her? — Natalya heard a voice of one of men already having departed from an arbor. She shortened a stride endeavoring to hear the answer of the father-in-law, but was already far and didn't catch his answer. Being angry with itself, but more of course on the father-in-law Natasha took already begun to boil teapot. — What will think of her? She stark naked appears accidentally, all consider that she was touched for a bottom though it and it wasn't close. Approaching an arbor she on the faces of the sitting men tried to guess the answer of the father-in-law — he invented in own favor or on the contrary took away the slightest suspicions from their and so not simple and of course absolutely not the correct relationship? Men grandly waited for her and Natalya didn't manage to understand something on their reaction to her emergence. Having ended a tea drinking of the man decided not to continue parties any more and decided to disperse from what Natasha concluded that they waited for her return and therefore didn't disperse even before. Having seen guests to a gate, Natasha went to the house to change clothes. The father-in-law began to clean up an arbor. Having again redressed a t-shirt and shorts Natasha, having gone down I already began to wash the tea-things brought by the father-in-law. And washed away it to ask the father-in-law about an episode in an arbor, but she didn't decide to begin this conversation not absolutely understanding that as a result she wants to ask, more precisely, how she wants to ask that the father-in-law, answered a question which in principle she also shouldn't have heard? — I on the day after tomorrow on fishing since morning agreed with little men — there began the father-in-law — don't want with us? — he crafty looked at her. — We will catch a small fish, and you will sunbathe? — he continued. — Well isn't present, dismiss — Natasha, having finished with ware, I turned back to him. — And in general, Alexander Ivanovich, isn't pleasant to me your desire to brag of me to your friends, throw it! — Natalya expressed the discontent which collected at her. — All right, all right, Natul, be not boiled... — the father-in-law amicably raised hands, and then again as in an arbor I clasped it for a hip, slightly attracting to myself. — Well as to me not to boast such fine and nice daughter! — he spoke — which so pleases me the old man with both the look, and the behavior! — he picked up her and the second hand under a hip putting before himself between divorced towards legs. — That honor of the son to preserve at least — Natalya spoke — to what to dishonor his wife before strangers? — Oh, well, don't begin you about these pozor again! — the father-in-law threw up the hands, letting out Natasha. — Here I took, there is in it no shame! All women shine with rolls on the beach and nothing, and this all a shame! we in identical clothes it is also possible to walk — the father-in-law playfully substituted Natasha the handle. Natasha wanted to take the removed things in other hand. — Leave here — the father-in-law spoke. — But there... — Natasha didn't begin to continue that in a pocket of shorts clean panties which she intended to dress after everything, and having waved a hand on the left things I went with the father-in-law to the yard. Having reached a bath under the handle, on the stairs the father-in-law passed Natalya forward having enjoyed a type of her naked chubby buttocks shaking at rise on a small short flight of stairs. Having entered the second and having covered for itself a door, the father-in-law threw off from himself a t-shirt, having remained naked. Natalya followed his example, having remained only in one bra. — Allow me — the father-in-law asked. Natalya lowered the hands which already stretched was to a fastener on a back. But the father-in-law instead of undoing a brassiere began to get magnificent tits of Natashina from cups. — Always I loved such way — he commented, in passing compressing soft pliable flesh of a female breast in palms. — And you to the touch even more softly than seem — he spoke, squeezing the naked boobies of the woman which are already completely sticking out of bodice cups. Natasha didn't begin to say to the man that she allowed him to take off only from her a brassiere, but not to touch her for a breast. From his touches, strokings and such emotional stiskivaniye her nipples slightly bulked up that allowed the father-in-law not to disregard also them, to be played with them, fingering fingers and rubbing them with a palm. Moreover Natalya felt also easy soaking at herself below and wishing to check one more guess she, having lowered one hand, came across the got-up father-in-law dick. — And you in places firmer than seem — with a smile she answered the father-in-law with a pun, beginning to touch and stroke slowly the old man's dick the fingers. — Won't you be minds to drive him between the spheres? — the father-in-law with feeling squeezed her tits from sides. — Do you want to potrakhat my tits, the daddy? — Natasha remembered their former manner of a talk in similar situations. — What at me appears the dissolute daughter! — the father-in-law happy with this her remark grinned — it appears knows the word "fuck" and even pronounces the word "boobs"! Natasha felt as under her hand the dick of the man gained strength more, probably all this wildly made horney the father-in-law. — Tell once again about boobs — he asked — I very much like to hear as you tell it. Natasha slightly hesitated, but spoke — wait for my tits when are able to embrace your dick the daddy. — Oh you my good — the father-in-law raised her breasts, slightly squeezing from below why they were bulged by nipples forward — my sweet... — he continued, kissing serially one other breast of Natalya and trying to trifle a uvula the bulked-up nipples and auras around them. In parallel with it he undid her brassiere and began to pull down him from her shoulders, continuing to kiss and lick her breasts. — The daddy, let's be engaged already siskotrakhy! — Natalya spoke, trying to stop such caress of the breast becoming painful. The father-in-law released her breast, and Natasha kneeled before him so his dick loomed in close proximity to her face now. Natasha slightly rose, straightening a back and when her breasts reached the level of the dick, clamped him between the magnificent spheres, pressing two hands from sides. She began to move actively hands forcing the boobs to slide along the man's dick. There was enough volume of her boobs completely to clasp the man's dick, only occasionally the bulked-up peeled-off head from above was shown, then again plunging between boobies. The father-in-law embraced her for shoulders and itself began to move slightly a basin, exhausting the dick is even deeper between the woman's boobies. Soon Natasha already just held the tits together, creating a soft obstacle for the dick who is scurrying about to and fro, and only the man moved. At one of the moments Natasha already considered that the father-in-law will terminate now, but isn't present, that having just made several vigorous pushes in a row, jumped out the dick of pleasant captivity of her boobs. — Oh, sisyandra are good! — he spoke, having slightly been out of breath — both by sight, and to the touch — he accompanied the last words with a new potiskivaniye of the Natashiny breast, everything also hospitably raised on her palms and slightly squeezed on each side. Seeing that the man isn't going to return the dick, Natasha got up from knees. — Well, I ковшичек already bear or still you will caress yourself? — the father-in-law took an interest. — Give more better with you at first we will finish — Natalya offered, giving a hand to his dick and intending to dodrochit to the father-in-law a hand. — Well there is no darling... — the father-in-law was slightly removed, intercepting her hand of the — pleasure all have to derive and it is desirable at the same time. — If you don't want itself, then give I you will caress? He kissed her hand, at first a brush, then a wrist, then near a lokotka, rising above and above. When did his lips touch her clavicle he whispered — as to me to caress you, my dear? Natasha answered nothing, only slightly threw back the head, providing to the father-in-law freely to kiss her on a neck. — I can misinterpret your silence... — the man spoke, drawing a damp path language from her shoulder to a neck, and then up to the chin. — You and so I look at a lot of things today is ready, and you allow to touch yourself, and to potrakhat boobs and even itself the handle you reach for my dick. He continued to podtselovyvat her around a neck, to leaving to shoulders, coming back again above and kissing her chin or a neck behind an ear. His hot breath on her skin caused a pleasant shiver in Natalya, touches of moist lips and language forced to become wet her below, Natasha understood that she floated, but not in forces was to gather and didn't want it, she perfectly understood why and for what I went here and really now derived from it pleasure. — Sit down on a shop — the father-in-law slightly directed it, pushing the body. — Move apart nozhenki... — he, having inclined over her I continued to kiss her in плечико — wider the daughter, more widely... — having lowered one hand on her hips he directed her actions. — Your pussy became wet... — the hand of the father-in-law covered Natasha's vagina which is slightly opened between the divorced hips. — My girl began to flow... — the father-in-law fingers began to mass the bulked-up sexual sponges of the woman slightly. And Natasha's hands at last reached the man's dick. One hand, having clasped a trunk I began to jerk off it, the second to stroke the ball sack which overgrew gray-haired hairs. The father-in-law having inclined I got the index finger bent in a hook in Natasha slightly below, a thumb along with it pressing and rubbing her clitoris. Natasha published groan of pleasure. And the father-in-law continued to get a finger kneading her bosom already from within. Through any time of such caress, and potrakhivaniye of her bosom fingers, Natasha wasn't able to jerk off to the man any more and having grasped a bench with both hands leaned back as much as possible to a wall, having shamelessly parted legs and entirely enjoying skillful actions of a hand of the father-in-law in the pussy. And the father-in-law already two fingers plunged meanwhile into the bosom of the young woman expiring juice, without disregarding for a second her clitoris and continuing to play occasionally with him. The second hand he with might and main rumpled Natalya's tits exposed forward, that, having leaned back to a wall, provided excellent access to the magnificent breast. The father-in-law was pressed in boobies by a palm, flattening out pliable flesh, on the contrary delayed them on himself, taking serially one, second breast for the bulked-up nipples. When Natalya began to cum he completely focused on her pisa, having lowered down and the second hand. Natalya groaned, grabbed the hand the father-in-law hand which is scurrying about in her pisa, pressing it is even stronger in herself, just convulsively and convulsively clinging to her. Then, at once having become soft, she published lingering groan sigh of satisfaction. The father-in-law became straight and standing looked at the happy woman who didn't depart from the pleasure which rolled on her yet with the obscured look and a flush on cheeks. But here Natasha sat down more exactly, is speeded still up breathing, lifted up eyes on the father-in-law standing and licking the fingers from her allocations. Without a word, she clapped a palm on a bench near herself, inviting the man to sit down. When that sat down, she, having semi-turned back to him, spoke — it was tremendous! — and, having put one hand to him on a stomach, gently I kissed him on a cheek, at the same time stroking him a palm on a massive stomach and falling a hand is lower and lower. Having clasped a dick with a hand, she slid off a bench having accommodated on a floor between the divorced man's legs. Having a little jerked off a dick and having convinced that he found former hardness, Natasha, having drawn near placed the father-in-law dick between the boobies closer, having clamped him and having squeezed boobies hands, she began to move up-down, jerking off his dick the breast. The father-in-law with pleasure watched actions of the young woman, he having slightly leaned back back tenderly caressed her on a cheek, on hair. Поелозив a breast on the dick several minutes, Natasha understood that so the father-in-law won't terminate and that he probably needs more intensive stimulation. Having released the dick which is sticking out slightly up from pleasant captivity of the boobies, Natasha stared at darkly violet peeled-off head, at the trunk of a penis which is slightly shaking in a step of pulse of the man, solving, it is kind of more best to vzdrochit him. — Take a nap if you want — the father-in-law in own way regarded her pause — I mind I won't be, I only for, I see that you want it and probably you aren't solved... — he stroked her on a cheek again, but without forcing to come nearer facing his dick, namely only caressing her velvety skin and leaving the choice and the decision in this question is exclusive behind her. — Do you hesitate, perhaps? — the father-in-law continued — at Mishka it seems you suck, I saw... Natasha zardetsya also from such assumption, and from the fact that the father-in-law witnessed her oral caress with the husband. And on the other hand, that else the man could think? She sits between his legs, looks at his dick located in some thirty centimeters from her face. Here to any such thought will come. — No, no, I will jerk off more better... — she spoke, the thought wasn't unpleasant or opposite to take in a mouth from the old man to her, she perfectly understood also effectiveness of blowjob in this situation, but it was not just the man, it was the father of her husband and strangely enough this fact caused in her the person constraint and as the father-in-law — constraint correctly said, she could concede to him, but wasn't ready to show an initiative. She began to jerk off diligently to him, trying not to think of his words and the feelings. — If you don't suck, get up, and so you and it isn't visible to me... — the father-in-law spoke. Natasha rose, slightly inclining over the man to continue to masturbate his dick. Her breast drooped down and slightly rocked from progress of her hand. The father-in-law didn't fail to use it, облапив both of her breasts — milkings the daughter grew, all on envy, and to the father on joy! — he spoke, squeezing her tits in the palms. Natasha smiled to his joke. He with desire began to rumple her breasts, in passing kissing her in плечико and falling below. When his lips touched her nipple Natasha slightly shuddered, it was pleasant and in addition it is pleasant still the perversity, her father-in-law, the father of her husband, caressed her as the man the woman as it didn't befit relatives let and not to blood relatives. — Alexander Ivanovich... — with easy aspiration she whispered. — Yes, daughter... — the father-in-law came off a posasyvaniye of her breast, just fingering language the bulked-up nipple again. — What do you do? — a little fondly she asked, meaning by the question not process of a posasyvaniye and licking of her breast, and the fact of this oral caress. — Sosa your boobs, the daughter — the father-in-law just answered, again beginning by a mouth to caress her breast. — But unless it is possible so? — Natasha from pleasure moaned, hardly keeping not to press a hand the father-in-law head into the breast, that soaked up in a mouth her nipple and pink flesh of an aura around him. — Of course... — the father-in-law when he released her breast from a mouth spoke — it only you probably hesitate of me, and here I am ready to caress you all. He straightened it, having slightly supported under a tummy, now her tits looked directly at him, and he serially kissed that one to another nipples. Natasha couldn't jerk off to him any more in such situation therefore just I stood, having provided the breast in the full order of the father-in-law, having put the hands to him on shoulders. The father-in-law, having run hands over her hips, I placed the palms on her naked bottom. Squeezing and squeezing it buttocks, he continued to caress a mouth of her breast. Somewhere on boondocks of consciousness at Natalya the thought flew that it already doesn't resemble joint masturbation at all, but being already going to introduce this idea aloud, she felt as kisses of the father-in-law began to go down below her breast, here he carried out by language around her pupochka, here his lips were kissed its cut лобочек. — Turn to me the daddy... — the request of the father-in-law was followed by the next subkissing of her pubis. Natasha obediently turned, without deciding to start talking to the father-in-law any more, only holding up the buttocks under the father-in-law kisses. The man's hand began to stroke her pubis meanwhile, again kindling desire in Natasha and forcing her bosom to excrete juice. — Cave in forward, the daughter... — language of the father-in-law was passed on her buttock from the hip to a waist. Natasha bent forward having leaned hands on knees and feeling as hands of the father-in-law move apart her rolls and as his face plunges between her buttocks. When language of the father-in-law touched her vagina Natasha involuntarily moved back, in passing shifting from one foot to the other and placing legs is slightly wider. Hands of the father-in-law continued to hold her buttocks moved apart, and his language moved as got, licking her vulvar lips, getting and being stuck inside, caressing a clitoris. The father-in-law already got down from a bench and now standing on a floor on a lap behind it, caressed it language in the most intimate female place. Natasha struggled with the feelings which captured her, on the one hand it was very pleasant, with another it was wrong, so incredibly, but she didn't feel in herself force to refuse this caress, to stop them. And all this fight faded into the background soon, Natasha felt as the orgasm wave drives, she also didn't notice how she itself involuntarily makes upward movement the back slightly moving towards to the father-in-law, being pressed by the rolls in his face. The orgasm which covered her was stronger and brighter than the first, tested by her today and not so long ago, her body shivered, breath was interrupted and alternated groans of pleasure. Not in forces to be straightened, she fell by all fours, still shaking the back and feeling as luxury fills all her being, creeping away on all body with pleasant languor. Having recovered, she, having turned back, I looked at the father-in-law, he, happy with the orgasm got by her, all was also kneeling behind her, obviously admiring and enjoying her view, one hand continuing to podrachivat the dick. Natasha looked at him and saw in him not the father-in-law, not the father of the husband now any more, and just the man who presented her such bright pleasure. She caved in, sticking out the bottom towards to the father-in-law, her widely placed legs opened a beautiful view of the damp peshcherka exuding with juice, she slightly shook the head doing quite unambiguous invitation for the father-in-law. The additional invitation wasn't required to that. They at the same time published a pleasure sigh when his dick got into her bosom. Having slightly enjoyed this first penetration, the father-in-law, having grasped Natasha by sides, I began measured movements to fuck her. Natasha, having put elbows on a floor, I dropped the head on hands and very quietly I groaned every time when the father-in-law dick completely plunged into her. — My daughter, Natashenka... — the father-in-law moved more actively — dear... — he got nervous, having reduced amplitude of the movements. — Good mine... — cuming, he grasped with hands her magnificent buttocks being pressed in them by palms and slightly deviated back, and then was tumbled down on her from above, pressing down her bottom the stomach. Natasha under the weight of his body straightened legs and was extended on a floor. The father-in-law lay on her from above and took breath. His dick began to fall down and after a while slipped out the woman's vagina. Natasha lay slightly pressed down by his body, feeling as from her the father-in-law cum begins to follow. Having recovered the breath, the father-in-law rose from her — I didn't press down you, my daughter? — from his withering dick the couple of drops of a watery cum broke and fell on her bottom — very long ago to me it wasn't already so good, even forgot what it... — he added, getting up and offering a hand to Natasha and helping that to rise. Natasha got up, happy, but also a little confused. — You sorry, that I so quickly — the father-in-law spoke — make a skidochka on pension — he smiled. — Really — Natasha waved away — I wholly received before so I am very happy with everything, the daddy — she playfully gave smacking kiss to him in a cheek. — Well you as not native! — the father-in-law, having embraced her, in reply I kissed her on a mouth. Natasha didn't expect it, and the father-in-law language already got into her mouth, his lips clasped her. The kiss turned out very passionate and long. — Here so it is necessary — the father-in-law spoke, being discharged of her lips, but still holding her in the embraces — remembered? — More than — Natalya answered, involuntarily licking the lips which are just drained in by the father-in-law. — And the brother at Maksimka won't appear? — the man asked meanwhile, pointing to cum traces on a floor in that place where before Natasha lay. — No, won't appear, here it is possible not to be afraid... — Natalya — there the medical troubles answered. — And, clear... — the father-in-law spoke — and that I thought suddenly Mishka just badly tries. The mention of the husband made Natalya blush, she even somehow moved in embraces of the father-in-law. That noticed this her change of mood. — The daughter, remember one more, with me this another, it is possible — the father-in-law caught her eye — we are one family and everything that happens to us, occurs in our family. He attracted her to himself stronger. — I will remember it, the daddy... — slightly she smiled, feeling as hands of the old man squeeze her naked buttocks — though justification was of course so-so. — Here and clear head, daughter! — the father-in-law slightly clapped a palm on her back — and now we will go we will be rinsed and it is time already nighty-night. In washing they passed together. Being already wiped Natalya remembered that from things at her here only a brassiere and a t-shirt. — All right, in a t-shirt I will reach — it solved, pulling it on a naked body. The father-in-law didn't begin to put on at all and having taken a t-shirt naked left a bath. First of all having entered the house Natasha lifted the shorts and panties from a floor, having at the same time pleased the father-in-law with a view of the naked back for what right there I was hit an easy slap on a buttock and an approving pokryakivaniye. — Here so always also I went! — the father-in-law grinned, passing deep into kitchens, his clothes probably lay there. Natasha, having got from shorts clean panties of a plot them also I looked at the father-in-law — will bother quickly, Alexander Ivanovich, you will get used. They say, nudists therefore have problems with a potentiality. — Well you not so much here also are, perhaps I won't get used — the man laughed the matter off — so I think it is worth trying! — he has a look at her with a hitrinka in eyes. Natasha answered nothing to him it, having pretended that she turned to this phrase offer a deaf ear. — And you longer won't stay for a while? — having already become serious he asked. — No, I have a holiday — Natalya not ready at present to give itself the answer answered, and there would be an opportunity, she would prolong the stay here or not? — Eekh, is a pity... — the father-in-law — sighed for the current situation so many plans, it is so much plans... It is what? — Natasha burst out laughing — what such plans managed to plan already? — Well, so so many poses aren't tested and places too... — he smiled in reply — I am not young, time for a recharge isn't necessary to me, I will be able every day to you due consideration to give, here and days will flow away... — at the end of the tirade from it was already shaken from laughter. Natasha laughed together with him — here you as already decided, the daughter should have shown minute weakness as she already in all poses is planned. — And that as! — the father-in-law nodded — such chance can't be missed in any way! — Good night, Alexander Ivanovich! — laughing and being at the same time puzzled with far-reaching plans of the father-in-law for her account, Natasha spoke, beginning to walk upstairs. — Sweet dreams, daughter! — there was an answer of the father-in-law. dating meaning brainly date add site mapMain Page