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"I will punish you pleasure. Your Madam …" In life at everyone submitting is couple of seconds in which he experiences special inflow of pleasure – awe of fibers of soul. It is not the final with cum splashes on the Top leg, not peak of excitement, not encouragement of the Master … It is the moment when Madam opens a door … It was the longest judicial proceedings from all in which I happened to participate earlier: the new facts emerged, protection was broken into splinters, and my firmness reeled. For the first time I didn't know how to get out of the situation, but most of all I strained the fact that it is necessary to remain in hotel for three additional days. But all these problems were trifles, in comparison with problems of my favourite bitch during our business trip. I slightly pushed a door, inserted a plastic key into a cell and turned on the light. The room recovered at once: I earned the conditioner, the darkness softly receded, hiding in a shadow of objects, and his low forced out silence and became especially furious, with the attracting smack. He heard only slow steps which muffled thoughts: tsok-tsok-tsok – the rhythm of heels on a wooden floor dripped on him not nerves of steel. Languid gait, as at a cat, absolutely without initiative as if, it was also not in the room – the next punishment for a toy. The instant of a meeting was so close is already desired, but I could not enter the room – to change the mind and leave, leaving the victim in full breakdown of the hopes. But this smell … the attracting dope of his body. "What do you feel now, an invaluable thing?" – I thought, showing the face to him. My toy was chained to the battery by handcuffs, hands to elbows were tied by a rigid linen rope, steel shackles standing shone. In his unsuccessful attempts to move the chain ponozhy pleasantly knocked on a floor. From a red gag the saliva stream flew down: all his chin was wet, and chubby sweet lips shrank. My thing looked so plaintively that I even felt that I went too far and the victim thinks not of me, and of how with scandal to leave, slamming the door before me. Similar thoughts only kindled in me desire to punish … to humiliate, squeeze out even stronger to a last straw and to enjoy. "I hope, the confused crud, you were so exhausted, more than ever earlier", – I couldn't constrain an ironic smile which always added to my image of bitchiness and danger. Having approached is closer to the assistant, I put a shoe sock on his balls, surely pressing on them a leg. On his breast the chain from a clip was unused and to correct a situation, I clasped her with fingers and began to pull on myself, forcing a favourite toy to be bent from intolerable pain. Oh, yes … from his sufferings I was made horney at once, my panties began to stick in a disgusting way to the pussy, and the breast was poured. I hardly restrained not to untie a thing and not to take seat on his face, soiling cheeks and lips with the juice. Before eyes the scene in which I moved hips appeared, forcing Nikita to work more diligently with language, at the same time leaving on scratch his face from nails. From own imagination to me began to pant, desire swept a wave on a stomach bottom … Oh, the sweet victim was only in a floor a step from me. – Blyadina! I asked to prepare you all case papers? – I pulled clips even stronger, raised his head a free hand and forced to look directly to me in the face. – Because of your tactlessness we will lose the case! A laying, at us what was an arrangement? Pathetic creation, rag … I removed from him a gag, flinging away aside, and right there hit it with a palm on a cheek so strongly that caustic pain passed to my brush. He didn't raise the head, stiffened in a trailing state – his forces were on an outcome. I knew that each muscle of his beautiful hands aches because of that situation in which I left it. Spasms gave in proportion to all body, but he didn't ask about mercy. In total a month ago my assistant became my partner: still I didn't break, in every way trying to keep as the obedient slave. – Sorry, my Madam. I brought you and is ready to accept any punishment. Each his word was filled with languid sighs as if for the last several days to it, at last, allowed to inhale clean air a full breast. Though I perfectly understood that he from the last forces tries to fight against the pride and this fight takes away much more forces, than opposition of severe pain. Nevertheless he was future successor of medium business, was beautiful and difficult, in him blood boiled. About such guys say: "The very picture of health". It was heavy to it to obey entirely to me though he also wanted to feel how I control each his step, each sigh, each nervousness. For him it was a new experience, and the inner voice asked: "Leave, leave her". I with all tenderness gave him a free hand and removed handcuffs, stopping tortures. Lips I began to kiss red traces which promised to descend from his skin not soon. After each kiss my toy shuddered from pain and pleasure, being afraid of the fact that now I will stop touching it and new test will begin. Up a hand I rose lips to a neck and began to bite his skin, leaving bruises from teeth. – Of course, you will accept punishment, the cheap bitch. You still will regret very long that you brought me, – in an ear I with pleasure moaned. From a neck I broke a long pendant on a chain which I carried on a breast since the morning – a catheter for an urethra – the dangerous tool in inexperienced hands. Nobody guessed that I carry on myself attribute which I am going to bring Nikita to pain, fear, a high, humiliating requests – and it very much amused me. Even my victim didn't understand anything until I grasped with hands his dick and dripped lubricants on the tip. His eyes extended, goosebumps ran on all body, and tension in muscles incredibly read off scale. It fell into a stupor, in that state in which you don't know how to avoid inevitable and what actions it is worth taking. It seems, his eyes couldn't come off my pendant in any way, and breath just stopped: only a mad rhythm of heart giving in ears. – The bitch, relax, – I ordered, fingers massing his ball sack. He had to trust in me still when I for the first time forced him to creep on a lap, to go with humiliating inscriptions on a body and to accept bitter pills of jealousy from my unfaithfulness and indifference. The road was closed back, as well as our number – having experienced the mixed feelings once it is already impossible to come off, erasing an eraser the learned experience. – I ask, Madam, it isn't necessary … – he hardly squeezed out, nearly grabbing me hand with a catheter. I passed to a trunk of his solid flesh, feeling a strong pulsation from which there was a wish to feel Nikita in himself, sharing pleasure into two, but it was only a laying, not worthy even my attention. I began to drive fingertips on skin, without reducing the look from his eyes. The thing in my hands trembled, shivered, feeling all sides of fear, pleasure and sincere tortures. I carried out by a catheter tip on a hole, vmoknut in lubricant which spread on a head and began to enter slowly into an urethra, pulling out her through each passable centimeter. My bottom relaxed though on his perspiration on a forehead I understood at once how pain elegantly intertwines with pleasure, sticking thorns into his firmness. I didn't stop, continuing to caress his dick a free hand and to move the device with such care of which I only am capable. – It is pleasant to you, the whore? – accidentally I took an interest. – My Madam … – his groans were the best award. When I felt that balls of my toy are strained, and the dick becomes soft from pain, hardens from my touches, I pulled out a catheter, continuing to move already quicker a hand while the stream of a hot cum didn't zalyapat a relief breast of Nikita. I carried out by a finger tip in the wake of a cum on his body and licked him, leaving sweet-sour taste of the victim on lips. – I will force you to cum each hour for all night until you begin to creep in my legs and to ask about mercy, the lewd whore. I threw on a floor keys from his shackles, and a finger beckoned for myself in a shower … Night … as you are short … (c) Stella Lang dating me kya hota hai dateline reckless site mapMain Page