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Synopsis: Maria comes to special lyceum where her mother studied. Special it is not due to the high success and teachers but because the most diligent and capable schoolgirls receive absolutely special gift. * * * * * * Maria woke up when beams of the sun touched her closed eyes. She would like to be late in a bed, but the dream all the same so just wouldn't return. Slowly she nevertheless got out from under a blanket, carefully not to disturb the Sleeping Beauty lying nearby. Judging by hours on a bedside table was hardly later to eight. It pomotat the head: well why it is impossible to wake up so easily in school days? Well anything. On tiptoe she passed to the bathroom. Having closed a door she went to a shower. At such moments it was especially pleasant to have the separate room in lyceum — same great with anybody not to share the bathroom. Having adjusted water in advance she took off the night dress, and after her removed a sconce. Having smiled to that as her breasts of the 6th size cheerfully began to jump, having hardly released, she removed also panties. On them there was a knob and from where it undertook it became clear, hardly they were removed. Maria smiled again, as always, when her soft dick outside fell out. A dick of which she so was proud. It was the symbol of her special situation in women's lyceum where she studied. The truth she wasn't born with this wonderful thingummy, and it was necessary at first even half a year will be disaccustomed at the first year Ivgorodosky Women's Lyceum. Of course in any other place would look sideways at such girl, but here something meant. The special magic existed in this place, all students and teachers who are in special positions and conditions received in the most magic way a dick if they tried to obtain for themselves certain privileges. Usually it were outstanding achievements in study, sport, teaching. It is absolutely precisely pleased with such gift there were directors and directors of studies managing departments. Takikhlyudeynazyvalidrugiye. Maria was lucky to receive such toy very much early in "career". She was elected the president of student council and made Another directly on the same day. As she was proud of the achievement! After all she became one and only the best of one thousand and bypassed many competitors to become such. In spite of the fact that she knew a secret of this school, she came here not for a dick at all. She in general not especially thought whether she wants to have him, will study here it is quite possible also without him. And she dreamed never to grow herself new body. But now, nearly three years later, she most of all wanted to become one of those which possible to keep "prize" after release. The ordinary girl just becomes there was no wish, life a chlenodevka had many pluses, especially it was pleasant to her that can be told "very still" monthly forever. When water was ready it began to be washed, beginning as always with long light curls that was delivered to her to the middle of a back. When with hair everything was ready she was accepted to the person, washing away a dream from bright blue eyes. Then I was accepted to the hot body, having got gel. Being very high, even 180 cm, the girl, washing took some time, not in small degree thanks to long legs and chubby buttocks. And she always washed a precious and irreplaceable dick in the last turn. When washing it was finished she, as always, I gave myself several minutes will relax under hot water. It helped to come to a tone and to put the stale muscles in order. Though some relax in usually such intense busy day. Water fitted her body, putting the girl in order. * * * * * * Having arrived here a few years ago she was quite ordinary girl. Her figure even special and that wasn't created and growth it was lower, the breast is less (some the 4th only), even the buttocks were not a nutlet. But it to her certainly didn't prevent to submit the application for balloting in presidents. Those someone knew about local magic features as a rule and sought to take similar positions. Hotyanetolkooni. Nomariyabylaiztekh, ktovsyoznat. Her mother studied in the same lyceum. More precisely one of her mothers, has the luck not only to become this woman Another, but also to keep a dick after release which she also closed up the daughter with other lady. And both of them told that both of them will be very glad if their daughter receives the same honor; and if isn't present — promised not to be upset. Anyway Maria grabbed at the first chance to change, and and elections though it was clear that a competition we will be rigid were them. Of the choice had to be only in November and till this time many took off from a roundabout for insufficiently high marks, nonideal behavior, and someone just decided to give up. So closer to the end of applicants there were less than one hundred, and favourites with real chance of a victory even less than ten. And then Maria did everything to increase the chances of a victory. She was engaged with lagging behind, conducted circles and open classrooms, was engaged in volunteering and even struck up personal acquaintances to potential voters. By the election day she was sure that base of possible voices she collected quite good. Her nerves the truth were all the same tense by strings: and suddenly to win won't leave? And she had to stay in such state the whole week until on loudspeakers in corridors announced results. — Attention to all students! Calculation and vote recount on the choice in presidents of student council at last came to the end. And we are glad to name the winner... — and certainly here the govorilnik became silent, having forced Maria's heart to jump out of a breast nearly. It is kind of exciting — to become on the first year of training Another and to make happy parents. In the minute similar to eternity, meanwhile rustled and some rustling pieces of paper went in air. bestweapon I here at last she heard the name! What happiness! So many works were gone not in vain how many competitors bit the dust how many hearts, and with them and voices, managed to be won! Having quickly thrown off all the things in a bag Maria fluttered out from a class and went to management the flying gait. On the way she noticed strange the roofing felts pulling, the roofing felts which are burning down feeling somewhere is deep at itself in panties. Transformation into Another already is possible began? What it was improbable feeling. In management she was waited, actually, by the head mistress, the deputy director, the director of studies, the manager of her department. To think there was just each of these women the fat dick hides between legs moreover at the same time know that you will have the same soon. All structure smiled broadly, not every time of the yearling becomes the president — to what purposeful young ladies went today. The director cleared the throat: — Khm, dear Maria, as far as I know your mother studied at us so you for certain knew that you receive something else, except various privileges and duties. Namely that you now, as well as attendees all here, will become Another. Most likely you already felt burning or a tickling somewhere inside... Mariyatolkokivnula. — At each girl the cycle of transformation passes individually. For someone it is less than a day, for someone and week it isn't enough. Anyway, when everything will end, you will meet the nurse that will examine you and will record process officially. Then the position will also come into force, and also you will be moved to the separate room. When an official and documentary part ended Maria returned to audience. Одногрупницыкинуласьпоздравлятьсвоегоновогопрезидента. Кто-тоосмелилсяспроситьпревратиласьлиужеона. Maria it is angry a pomotala by the head. She wanted to become Another just a moment and to wait even for the whole week if it is no more, there was no wish it is made. When she returned to halls still nothing occurred. Her three neighbors were a little not glad, their girlfriend will leave soon. Maria and most it felt ill at ease of course, all of them perfectly got on, and as their support helped during elections... Anyway this night together was the last, at midnight and there was a surprising transformation. Having a little sat up behind lessons Maria decided to take before going to bed a shower what in the bathroom to the room attached to her with girls. Burning became stronger inside every hour and as she entered a shower — her pussy in general began to go crazy. She lowered a view of the vagina, with triumph anticipating that now something will be. Her vulvar lips met together as the sink is densely closed, and began to stick out. And so far they grew, became covered by something like wrinkles, falling below, becoming heavier. And, though it wasn't visible, she directly felt as her uterine channel is reduced and narrowed, ovaries at the same time managed to fall below, sliding off in a svezhesformovanny ball sack. Feelings were incredibly pleasant: as testicles as the neck of the uterus rasfomirovovatsya were formed. But the main thing of course was how her clitoris — both afar and in breadth began to grow. His hood grew too, фомируя a lace curtain around a head and a trunk. Process went slowly, but in about ten minutes it had already completely efficient penis of 20 cm long and 5 in the diameter. Hardly the tip was extended and got an opening burning at last stopped and it became clear — process ended. Also I learned about it, it seems, all floor, squeal, shout, a delight shouting that was published by completely happy Maria it was difficult to turn a deaf ear. Her lovely pussy was gone, but any victim it was necessary to receive opportunities of such handsome! The next mornings the nurse performed inspection to confirm Maria's status as Another. She was a little shocked with the size when she turned this sosisochka with hands and measured it in soft centimeter, and wrote down indications in the magazine. According to her she considered herself the owner of rather big advantage (the post of the nurse is a place of honor therefore she was Another too), the newcomer bypassed her almost on inch. And it thus that she was the adult woman, and Maria should grow up a little more, and to her friend — too. But at first she should move to the separate room and to receive the person a uniform. A blouse and a skirt — everything was as usual, only at the first the section is deeper, and at the second the hem is shorter. Stockings were where is more transparent usual, reminding kapron tights more. Too concerned a brassiere — the center of cups was to make purposely transparent to such an extent that contours of nipples were well guessed. And probably material was softer there that they well were given forward if suddenly harden. But the most interesting was in panties. For a penis in them there was a special opening where it freely passed and that the tip didn't freeze the special cover similar to the third stocking, only was put on him much less. He well fitted a proboscis of the girl and lasted is rather pliable that the sudden erection didn't spoil him. Also panties had "codpiece" supporting balls and giving them the space which in usual female panties it was unforeseen suffices. It was possible to tell it something like a brassiere for maiden balls, in any case material was same translucent therefore the lower part of linen was well combined with top. The new room was too that it is necessary. By the size as old, but any neighbors, so are 4 times more than space! The bathroom also shouldn't be forgotten — it is important. Well and just feeling of elitism that you live not in simple halls, and in elite, together with the best students and teachers. In so-called "Other rooms". Day of moving became one of the happiest days in her life, though ahead still there was a lot of good; in any case already then Maria felt that all doors in this alma mater are open for her. dating me is like quiz zakat date calculator site mapMain Page