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Morning. Glory I woke up from a ray of sunlight which arrested to it directly attention. It turned over on a bed and looked around. Near it was nobody. Stretching, it began to remember events of last night. Involuntarily recured pictures of how he for the first time in life took such great pleasure from sex with the man, the longtime friend to the memory, having made him the mistress. Glory I remembered how that ineptly, but so tremblingly sucked his dick in the bathroom what words he cried out on this bed quite recently. From all these memoirs he was quite strongly made horney again. He was visited by a thought that he wants to Marin again. But before he decided to go to wash, take a shower. He wanted to take a little himself in tension and object of desire should be found because still it wasn't clear where Rodion got to – roofing felts I ran away, in kitchen something does roofing felts. Having washed and having rubbed off by a towel, Vladislav as was naked, left the bathroom and went to kitchen. There he saw Rodion who prepared something for breakfast from the remains of a yesterday's festive meal. Now that was already dressed in plain shorts and an undershirt. No what especially in his appearance gave yesterday's transformation of Rodion into the Marine unless legs and hands were absolutely deprived of any vegetation usually inherent in the man in nearly 40 years. His hair were wet – he was from a shower quite recently too. Having heard steps Vladislava behind the back, Rodion turned to him and uncertainly smiled. And having seen that that slowly approaches him naked, Rodion's look as that didn't try, stopped on Slava's dick then he took him aside, nervously swallowed and said: - Good morning, well slept? - Most best, and at you how are you, Marina? - Listen, Glories, - there began Rodion. - We well took a walk yesterday. Don't think nothing bad. To me it was very good too. But let's forget about all this. Yesterday on all of us some eclipse found, probably. Let's forget and we will remain friends? Rodion since woke up, too remembered a yesterday's night adventure. He remembered how he liked to be a girl, and that inexpressible feeling when the dick seizes you, deeply getting into your bottom. This mad feeling when this strong dick cums in you, and you realize yourself absolutely other being, with other psychology, other desires when the lust growing in you demands an exit together with the heart ready to jump out outside, and you already cum from one understanding that you are now a girl who is fucked. This night opened for Rodion a door to the new world, but this world at the same time frightened very much him. Therefore he also made now an attempt to return back all. Glory, quietly I stood and I listened to the friend, swinging the head. When Rodion ceased to speak, Vladislav took the floor: - All this? All this that you wanted to tell? A marine why you decided that you can decide for all? And what you told tonight you forgot too? Rodion hung and scaredly began to watch to himself the step, periodically darting a glance at a semi-intense dick of Slava. And that continued: - You begged me to fuck you as to a bough. I made it! You told that now I can take you when itself I will want as the wife or the whore!!! To me to solve it now, you will be Rodion again or you will remain for me Marina. And I speak to you now: From THIS MINUTE YOU are my WIFE, WASHING DAMN! I saw how to you it was good yesterday when I fucked you in an ass. You are simply created for this purpose and don't deny! Rodion made the last attempt to overpersuade the yesterday's friend: - Glory, forgive. Slavochka, but it was the mistake and we shouldn't do more than it. Please, let's think still, we won't hurry. But Vladislav was relentless, and didn't leave any chance to Rodion on return: - I am not interested in your opinion. I already decided everything about your future. You will understand soon that for you this better future. And for a start, here to you the first rule of conduct – you can jerk off the to nobody the necessary dick, but I forbid you to cum in my absence. Even if I won't appear at you month or half a year. I allow you to cum only when I fuck you in a bum. The second – always watch yourself. Any vegetation on a face. Same touches hands, legs, a breast, the dick, eggs and, of course, a bum. And the third, you didn't forget to execute the conjugal duty today? Run to the bedroom that in 2 minutes you were ready. In the opinion of Rodion there were tears, he understood that return to former life won't be any more. But along with it in soul there came simplification – for him made the decision to which he was morally already ready, but which to accept wasn't enough for him courage. He slipped by Vladislav standing in the aisle of kitchen and ran to the bedroom. Glory without hurrying I drank half of cups of coffee which was carefully poured in advance by Rodion, and then I returned to a bed. The marine was already at a parade – stockings are put on, lips are tinted also her hand, obviously, at this moment, greased to itself an anus with lubricant. - Rodion, - Slava called. - Yes, I am ready, – he responded. At the same moment, Vladislav's palm with a force fell upon Rodion's cheek. - Remember, you, Marina! My whore wife call MARIN. Once again you will respond on Rodion and I will show you – won't seem a little. When we with you alone you are only Marina! Remembered? - Forgive me! Sorry, I am Marina. Make with me all that you will want!!! Slava didn't need to be persuaded. He waited for this minute since that moment for a long time as woke up. - Give, the darling, caress him the mouth, – Vladislav said. A marine, having realized the new destiny, I slightly opened lips and already habitually his horney dick accepted in a mouth. Sucking a head, Marina felt that she began to be made horney again. Carefully being active lips and language she began, forgive for a pun, to begin to enjoy, swallowing Slava's dick all are deeper and deeper. And though blowjob art Marin only should be mastered fully, but also these, not absolutely skillful, but such passionate movements in 5 minutes brought a dick into vertical position. Vladislav a hand discharged Marina's head of the groin and made the gesture showing that that needs to get up before him on all fours. The marine resignedly changed a pose and with a sinking heart waited when Vladislav enters her. That didn't keep itself waiting, the dick put to the greased anus and pressed, having slowly begun immersion. The marine sighed and though expected this invasion, but all the same reacted to pain. Glory, seeing as hardly there is a process, the dick from a bottom took out and greased with lubricant the dick, and also Marina's opening. Then several times I entered into him a finger that slid more better. And then I began immersion of the dick anew. Now process went much more cheerfully for both. After ten progress it began to enter Marina's back to the full. To a marine at first again it was sore, but then her back got used to internal friction and that began to make upward movement to the man. Each of them at these moments derived the, special pleasure. Vladislav from understanding of the supremacy over Marina's body. Though, of course, he perfectly understood that the fact that any it is not Marina, and adds to this action special savor, and together with him huge excitement which he didn't test in the measured family life for a long time is added. The second – from full identification of with obeyed the man – the woman, and novelty of feelings. So far Slava pumped up to Marin, seeking to enter her as it is possible more deeply, having remembered Marin the words of the owner, grabbed the dick. She resolutely intended to terminate now, under Vladislav, hoping to bring herself to an orgasm at the same time with Slava. Unexpectedly Slava stopped and forced to turn over to Marin on a back. - I want to take you the same as last night, - he said. – I want to see your eyes when I take you and when I cum to you to the back. The marine immediately raised legs, and picked up them under knees. And Slava, without wasting time, again I entered the developed partner's point. His movements became quicker and quicker. He felt, as Marina already began to derive from it pleasure and it only inflamed him stronger and forced to seize Marina again and again. At some point when he felt inevitable approach of the ejaculation, Slava unexpectedly even for himself seized Rodion by his dick and began to jerk off furiously. - Cum, cum in me, - Marina moaned. – Or if you want, terminate to me in a mouth! Both at this moment were so strongly horney that in 10 seconds began to be cumed. He to the back Marin, representing as he impregnates her. And Marina again to itself on a stomach and a face, having slightly splashed also Slava. In response to it Slava collected the sprayed Marina's cum and sent liquid to her to a mouth. In response to it Marina, was again killed in a silent orgasm, and having recovered in a couple of minutes said: - Thank you that you opened for me this happiness. I waited for it so long ago, I want you still, take me again. - Well, precisely not now, - Vladislav answered and slowly the dick from Marina's bum took out and looking at how from an opening his seed begins to follow, told: - But I think that now I will do it with you regularly. Then he laid down on a bed near an object of the passion and began to examine to Marin, deliberating something. Then, apparently, having made for itself some decisions, he went to a bathtub, quickly took a shower, put on and already in the hall looking at the Marine which left there. - It is advisable to put you in order that you became one woman more similar, and that from clothes only stockings, pants and a brassiere. And those not. The decent girl needs the clothes, - Slava told and I went to a door. Rodion didn't assume that he after everything that there was Slava so quickly today will abandon him. Therefore his leaving for Marina became a bolt from the blue. He hoped at least for their joint breakfast, let and late. He was upset, indeed, again as the real woman who is so unexpectedly abandoned by darling. Tears smothered him and he by the shivering voice asked: - Do you already leave? Perhaps you will remain, well though on a few? Please! - There is no time, affairs for are today, - Vladislav answered it. – Wait, maybe, I will be soon. And having winked at Marin, I left the apartment, having left it in the sheer frustration and confusion. And that needed only to wait now, having assimilated to a fate of most of mistresses which it so unexpectedly became. dating me is like owning a cat date calculator keisan site mapMain Page