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Autumn Minsk met me by dank slush. Since I left Sin City there passed two years — enough time to lose touch with the past. I was afraid to call parents, the brother, it seemed to me, they know long ago, than I was engaged in Italy. I was ashamed of them. "Even if they don't know — I thought. — All of them will equally guess if all of them see me". I was afraid even to think that they will tell when it happens. The first days I lived in the cheapest hotel, then moved to the one-room apartment on the outskirts. I had some savings brought from Italy. In my appearance two sides were confused, I became similar to the faceless being deprived of sexual characters. The long hair painted in блонд framed eternally thoughtful face without the slightest signs of vegetation. Chubby female lips were combined with a strong-willed male nose, tenderness of eyes merged with sharpness of eyebrows. — The young man — the worker in shop somehow called to me. — Take a basket, please. Oh, sorry, the girl — she fondly clapped eyelashes, expecting reaction for my part. Her plan failed: I intentionally was silent. I had no desire to satisfy others curiosity. I returned behind a basket, and she in embarrassment watched me leave, guessed, having hanged, probably, for all day. I wore a beige double-breasted coat with a corbel which could descend both for men's, and for women's. Footwear and jeans didn't speak about anything. I often tried to catch on myself inquisitive glances both guys, and girls. This question which was incessantly concerning strangers pulled out me from reflections, returned to reality. I wore a women's underwear, but hesitated to wear in a dress and shoes heels down the street. My voice which I seldom bared publicly shivered the men's notes similar to the female chilled whimpers. Next day after an arrival I ventured to call Ania. — You were mistaken number — cold told me a business male voice. — Do you have this number long ago? — I hurried to ask, but in reply I heard only short beeps. I had not so many catches. In the evening, having calmed down, I dialed Sandra's number. She long didn't pick up the phone, at last I heard alerted: — It is scarlet? I stood on the brink of break, hesitated before a jump. Before me the abyss of two years yawned. — Vitya, it you? — Sandra held breath, wasn't it seems that she becomes angry. — Yes — I nervously swallowed. — Hi, Sandra. — Well hi, loss you are ours! — Sandra instantly included sarcasm. — It was good to you in Italy there? And what returned, missed probably? — she minted questions, enjoying flogging of the prodigal son. — Well and how there in Italy, cheerfully? — Can you give me Ania's phone? — I killed her tirade. — See what I wanted — Sandra was mischievously filled in with a false laughter. — Perhaps to you still flat keys where money lies? I was silent, enduring loss, probably, the last hope. — Tell only Ania's phone, and I won't begin you to call any more — I shortly cut off. Sandra shut up for a second, then, probably, having felt gravity of the intentions proceeding from me decided to replace tactics: — Let's meet more better. It is necessary to talk. For nervousness I began to whirl the head, I was afraid to ask that such important Sandra wants to tell me for what it was required to meet personally. Judging by her voice which suddenly became sad during our conversation, this news didn't foretell anything good. *** The night club and the adjacent street raged youth. I went with the aching heart, in the head bad presentiments rushed. I blamed myself for the fact that I left Ania at a difficult moment, gave up when to love there were only a few steps. Ania didn't give up, even when I disappeared. I continued to believe that operation is the only way to happiness. Where she now? The group of young people, a semicircle standing near an entrance, respectfully parted, passing me. — The girl, you want to sweep on "Bugatti"? — the most drunk of them which on approach estimated my forms a cynical look put out a feeler following. — No — I exhaled, plunging into the twilight of the hooting club. I came downstairs one flight and came to be about clothes. The security guard — the elderly big fellow with a hedgehog on the head — right there began to look after me: I accepted a coat, I gave a zhetonchik. I went, is weakened shaking shoulders. For the first time from the moment of return from Italy I felt communication with the world around. Familiar men's views, greedy, seeing off, estimated me, touched inconsiderately. Men saw in me the girl of model appearance, licked lips on the blonde whose wheaten hair were scattered behind shoulders soft locks. The brilliant corbel ideally repeated bends of my waist. The black open dress shorts with a white turn-down collar was stylish combined with high suede boots. The deep decollete almost completely exposed lack of a breast, the bared hands which are slightly taken away back emphasized femininity of cat's gait. I found the place at a bar counter and ordered Martini. For nervousness blood flowed to the head, it seemed to me, I all burn as the teenager exposed by the naked child on a review. The strange feeling, unknown to me in Italy, caused slight panic. I was afraid to raise eyes not to meet acquaintances by chance. "What if me is learned?" — I thought, covering the person with a hand. Sandra appeared in club in five minutes, stopped near a dance floor, threw a cursory glance on bar. Without having noticed me, with irritation I got into a handbag behind phone. — Where are you? — she asked by phone. — Here — I waved a hand. — Where? — she looked around, looking around. — Near a bar counter. Sandra as blind kitten, moved to me to the touch, scanning the area. — Yes, warmly. Even more warmly — I commented on her actions. She approached absolutely closely. — Very warmly. Hotly. Burns — I smiled as the fool when her protruding eyes met at last mine. — It you? — she mumbled, without switching off phone. — And you didn't change at all — her green emerald eyes which even in the twilight shone cold luster, caused in me the forgotten delight. — Well you give, Vitya — she croaked and I cleared the throat. — What will you drink? — I happily smiled, examining almost native forgotten face of the fitness trainer. — Vodka, perhaps. — I recognize Sandra! — хохотнув in a nose, I said and ordered her vodka. We drank, kept silent. On the small stage in other end of the hall there were musicians, began to adjust tools. — You already all? — Sandra recovered, examining me from legs to the head. She, of course, meant sex change. — Do you want to check? — alcohol caused in me an unusual attack of fun. Sandra for the first time grinned. She was in the black fitting polo-neck with a high throat and the same black fitting trousers which are poured in the dark opaque shine. The black dress of a panther and suede boots on a hairpin perfectly were in harmony with an immemorial short caret of the colored blonde. The stylish asymmetric hairstyle of Sandra reminded me of our first meeting at Ania. — Do you know where now Ania? — having taken courage, I when we stopped laughing asked. — Somewhere in Moscow. It waited for you, Vitya. Long I hoped that you will return. I left Rodion for the sake of you. I performed operation, and then I lost hope and I went to Moscow, without having told anybody. I accidentally learned from her parents. I looked before myself the become sad look, unexpectedly all farce of the events got into soul, I pinched heart. — But somehow it is possible to find her? — quietly I asked. — I don't think that it is the good idea. — Why? — Recently she often spoke about you. I complained that you broke her heart. And then I told that it would be more best not to know her you at all — Sandra stared at me, and the familiar spark of a reproach, greenish, shone in her rebellious sharp look. — Here you where! — unexpectedly the familiar voice was distributed behind the back. I turned back. — Miriam! — escaped at me. — Vitya, that for a masquerade! — burning chocolate in white shorts and a pink open topic, swinging the head, sponge barrels. She looked as perfectly as two years ago. In her black eyes naughty sparks gave swindling intentions. Unexpectedly she bent and kissed me взасос with all tenderness of which the big cat is capable. — And you kiss as before — having come off, she told. — It seems, he mixed everything! — she addressed Sandra. Having vigorously waved a hand, Miriam corrected long, poured on shoulders, hair of color of a black wing. — We will take him with ourselves? — she continued, making advances eyes to the become tipsy Sandra. — Of course — that gloomy smiled in reply. *** Miriam removed the same studio apartment on the top floor of an elite high-rise building. The taxi brought us under the entrance, and three girls tipsy what we could seem from outside, amicably left spacious salon of old Volga, walked upstairs a porch. — You so suddenly left — provorkovat Miriam almost in an ear when we in an embrace approached the elevator. — Rodion is a bastard! I set up you. We with Ania long looked for where you were gone. Why you didn't answer our emails? — I didn't receive anything. She mistrustfully stared at me: — Now everything is clear. I suspected long ago and that he reads my mail. Cattle! — Miriam colourfully stamped a leg, having drawn in sponges. We entered the arrived elevator. — And you received my message? — I thought of meanness of which the person is capable. Miriam's news caused in me temporary insanity. — I apologized if you remember. — Forgiveness? — Miriam got into a handbag, trying to discover phone. — Here, still I store. It is the last email from you: "Dear Miriam! — she began to read aloud, minting words melodious accent. — I leave far and for a long time. To me it was good with you, but I decided to find the normal girl and to make family. Please, don't call me more and don't write. Everything is terminated. I want to tear with the past. Vitya". — I didn't write it — I responded, enduring shock. — "Normal girl". What means "normal"? — Now I know someone wrote it — Miriam angrily sparkled jet-black eyes. — I always loved you, Miriam. And Ania too. And Sandra — very good person. Sandra opening at this moment a door the key sniffed. — I know, Vitya. All this he is guilty. He arranged everything — Miriam squeezed cams. — Well I will show him! He at me will dance! Goat! We came inside. Warm yellow light of wall lamps lit up the spacious hall which was smoothly flowing to the hall studio. The thick carpet, beige, directed on rooms stains of shadows, wrapped a modern interior of the apartment in homeliness. Despite close acquaintance with Miriam, I never was at her on a visit earlier. The casual meeting with Rodney frightened me by dismissal and revenge. Now everything was differently. "If he appears, I will even stay without turning a hair" — I thought. — Sandra, make to us, please, to drink — Miriam asked, following me in depth of the hall. — What will you desire? — with sarcasm that responded from where at the left where, apparently, there was a kitchen. — Your favourite cocktail. — My favourite cocktail? — Sandra put out the head from an arch and goggled at us in perplexity. — Yes, your darling. Two glasses — me and Vit. And herself red wine — Miriam wearily leaned back on a sofa. — I obey, my madam — drawlingly answered Sandra, continuing to stare at us a strange look. Miriam found the panel and included music channel. — Do all of you still play submission? — I with curiosity looked at Sandra flashing in kitchen. — She plays. I live. — You will also not tell more better — I grinned. — It is good that you returned — Miriam looked at me. On her face the familiar cunning smile shone. — I need the business partner. I agree? — With you, Miriam, I agree to everything — I was glad at heart as the child. The prospects of work with Miriam turned the head. Only I both Miriam, and still Sandra. And Ania. I will surely find her. We will be together, I thought. I any more will never leave her. — And you look great! — Miriam sitting all this time in meter from me sat down closely and came nearer for a kiss. — It is pleasant to you? — it seemed to me that the heat of excitement goes down from the head to a backbone, spreads lead weight on a body. — Yes, girls are pleasant to me, especially mad — the murmuring Miriam's voice, her gentle lips which she suddenly licked, the sparkling anthracites of pupils pulled out me from reality, finally plunged into mad dancing of flirtation. — I can be a guy if you want — I whispered. My look floated, breath slowed down. Miriam almost touched my lips. We told a mouth in a mouth, felt hot breath of each other, infinitely long maintained a distance in two centimeters. — Your drinks, madam — Sandra interrupted our idyll. — Change clothes — without tearing off from me a look, I left Miriam. — In what? — And you as think? — Yes, my madam — Sandra in two years of acquaintance to Miriam trained before implicit obedience left to the bedroom. We started tasting of the unusual dense drink similar to taste meanwhile and I blossom on condensed milk. Two big glasses filled to the brim stood, decorated with umbrellas, on a coffee table. — To the bottom — Miriam declared, watching my reaction. — This drink will help you to relax. There was an alcohol and still something. That forced my dick to get up a stake. The same metamorphoses occurred in white shorts of Miriam: the inguinal area vzbugritsya, the fly was turned out outside. To a big cat it became close, and she undid the top button. In half an hour of kisses, strokings we were fully equipped — two cocked girls with the torn dicks which are filled in with steel. When before us graceful gait Sandra in white underwear, on hairpins, with a lead in one hand, fastened for a collar marched, we didn't begin to restrain: attacked on her as two lionesses on a fallow deer, tumbled down a stomach on a sofa and right there started a meal. Sandra knowing about effect of cocktail came to us prepared. Her elastic children's vagina flowed excitement, firm as nut, the bottom played a ruby. Fingers and language I studied structure of a perineum of Ms. fitness. Miriam grasped the victim by a lead meanwhile, attracted to herself and with a force the dick deeply drove in a throat. — Sandra was a bad girl? — she teased the obedient slave, forcing her to choke. — Yes — that lowed. My language slipped on a hot hole, went down to a clitoris, moving apart internal sponges of a vagina. The double attack caused the squeezed groan of pleasure in Sandra. — Sandra deserved punishment? — Miriam made advances, shaking hips. Sandra escaped for a second to exhale from herself: — Yes — and right there I returned on a dick. — Punish her — Miriam ordered, addressing now me. She stood in the same pink an open topic and the black thongs shifted on one side. White shorts rolled on a floor, cast away by a leg aside. — Yes, my madam — I smiled, agreeing with rules of the game. Having come off a hot vagina, I got up from a sofa, continuing to examine sports forms of Sandra. A dress as if a corn peel, fell down to my legs, and I remained in the white openwork thongs tense in front on the reared dick. Having shifted fine fabric of panties, I at one stroke entered the melted Sandra's vagina. That curved a back as a cat, being stuck on me more deeply, slid back and forth between us. The cocktail made by Sandra oddly influenced an erection and sensitivity. It seemed, I didn't feel penetration, only the steel piston which is sealed in a groin slid in a hot subsoil of Sandra. It was hard and gentle at the same time, the bright ruby of a butt plug playfully reacted to cave-in by a finger. Having grasped pop nut, I softly worked hips, having a presentiment not of fast end of the act. Sandra under us, judging by the groans which turned into lingering low approached the first peak. Suddenly Miriam, having deprived the slave of an opportunity to suck a favourite dick, I got up on a sofa and I found my mouth. Its stone, fitted by wreaths, the dick with the head which is turned out by a heart, thick seed channel from below easily entered my mouth, half-open from surprise. And I began to suck at Miriam, at the same time fucking Sandra, a free hand massing chubby pink balls of chocolate which, it seems, wasn't going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Having come off a sofa, she came behind. Suddenly I felt her head put to an anus. — Relax, my girl — provorkovat Miriam, accompanying words with easy slaps on a bottom. I relaxed, and she took away me as easily as once I took away her for the first time. I sighed, having felt the huge dick which is holding apart me from within. It slid also easily as I slid in Sandra, was same firm as my dick which under the influence of cocktail remained stone. Miriam fucked me gentle slaps, having grasped with an engine. Her breasts nestled on my back, nipples slid on skin. I forgot about Sandra, finally departed, having come under influence of a big cat. She worked softly, rhythmically, haunting me. Having curved a neck, I melted with it in a kiss. Miriam slightly bent down and grasped with hands Sandra's hips, attracted them, pulling also me, and Sandra on the dick which waves sent now impulses forward. I instinctively repeated movements, became Miriam's continuation. Not I fucked Sandra, and Miriam directed both of us. She ordered when to us to cum, decided when I faint consciousness, I will merge with her in her orgasm, I will feel as her dick will stand and will explode, pumping over seed streams as it will cause chain reaction, and I, sucking round an anus Miriam's udder, will explode in turn, zatrakhivy Sandra cuming under me, cuming in her the seed, but not because I so solved but because Miriam wanted. She snoshat us on inertia because both of us — I and Miriam — remained stone. She specified a way, demanded that Sandra was irrigated without condom. She kissed me as the girl, caressed as the girl, slapped in the buttocks filled with her hot seed as the girl. We were tumbled down in embraces of each other and for a long time recovered after an improbable joint orgasm. Sandra purred enough, licking our dicks which in any didn't wish to fall down. Miriam whispered the words of love in the bird's language, then put me on a stomach and forced Sandra to lick an anus from which thin streams the dairy seed of chocolate followed. Miriam played a finger with my hole, provoking me to new outpourings. dating me is like ikea furniture date today bs site mapMain Page