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Hello, my name is Alexey to me 25 years, the 182nd growth the 60th weight, blue eyes, slender. All began with my childhood, I don't remember how many they to me was for that time, small I was, but this moment remembered well which channelized me in today another in intimate life... So, once we celebrated something with the stepfather with whom we don't live any more at acquaintances, and so there were circumstances because of my problems with health that my linen went to washing in the evening, and it was necessary to sleep lays down, mother having learned it, quietly took away me to the bathroom understood, and she from a handbag extended the underwear, it were thongs, very nice, having told to dress to me them so far home won't arrive next day, I then only understood that this linen for girls, and made as told mother then she told that I quickly would go to sleep on already prepared a bed what nobody would see, I undressed, and quickly slipped in a bed having driven into the corner and having taken cover the blanket as there was no wish to sleep, I lay and watched TV, after a while came parents, and having turned off the light and the TV, undressed and laid down nearby, the stepfather lay between us then having wished good night each other, we fell asleep, but for some reason I nevertheless couldn't fall asleep, and me there was a wish further to feel panties on itself(himself), so I lay a nekotor time, and having heard ordinary snore of the stepfather who leaned against me. Through time of such lezhaniye I understood that I liked these panties and I would like to go to them all the time, but one factor was added here, the stepfather having developed to me the rehouse, and nestled on me, and I felt his huge dick, I at that moment having thought of a situation and presented as he naked rubs about my bottom which in these panties, so I lay all night having fallen asleep. For the morning I woke up and saw that there is nobody, run put on, and ran on kitchen where all sat, we have breakfast and came back home. Mother having told that I would change clothes (I removed and I gave her them) and I gloomy came to myself into the room and removed them, having looked at them and dressed the normal. Up to 18 years I dreamed to come to be in them all the time. In 18 years I remembered her panties and me wildly made horney a thought to come to be in them again and when parents weren't, I came from school, and quickly got into a case to her, having seen a heap bleaching, I wanted to dress not only them, by that moment I liked female forms, and I already in all walked on the pornwebsites, and the moments observing as fuck girls I wanted to come to be on their place. Having put on bright linen (panties and a brassiere with which it was necessary will tinker) me terribly it made horney, so somewhere I carried out hour two walking about in him on the house, and the hand pulled сь to nadrachivat to itself, I settled on a bed, having removed panties, touching other hand a brassiere which was big, soft, I closed eyes and presented as I instead of one girl from a porn stand dog-fashion and two guys with big dicks and as soon as I terminated have me, I received disgust from all this at once. Having removed quickly everything, I put everything back, so I spent several years, dragging from mother's clothes of a thing, and reincarnating more and more, Béla, skirts, dresses, and I in increasing frequency wanted to be in image, even varnish painted nails. Once mother burned me, burned more precisely that I took her to Béla, and I lied, said that I am not present, but nevertheless understood that she knows that I exactly took her linen as stockings white, and were new, it was visible that they were put on. So there passed a lot of time, and in 22 years, I began to think how to get to myself linen, through time send away constraint, and I under cover of purchase for the girl, began to collect to myself clothes, reached before that in my case it appeared more bleaching from female category, than about men's. And after parting with the stepfather of my mother, we became zhit some, and ччерез some time she found to herself the husband, and went to live to him, from time to time coming and to come to see me, and I everyone ден, it isn't important after work, or day off, bought to himself things, footwear, wigs, bleaching, dresses, and toys, met in the same time girls as they attracted me too, and the thought will meet the guy or with two in an image of the girl haunted me all the time... having come across the subject Sissy I sat and read all this, looked, and it was pleasant to me more and more! Considering pictures, I saw on one of them as on the dick there was something... having googled, I learned that it was the fidelity belt, and he interested me, looked beautifully moreover and the dick reduced without allowing him to get up and to a hand without allowing to jerk off and be discharged, after that all this caused disgust in me. Having hardly found a CB 600S belt at the normal price I at first thought as to put on it, having looked on the Internet of video, I nevertheless understood, and dressed him, and it delighted me even more! full passivity, and so at me I began clothes to be replenished with toys... Butt plugs, a dildoe, the anal dilator, all this the different sizes and flowers at me and in large quantities appeared... But nevertheless I wanted flesh, only not standard парен with the girl, and such as I and the guy, and am more best two, but I in stesneniye got acquainted all the time, and business only reached meetings as I sharply tore off remaining with toys, I began to wear a fidelity belt on a constant basis, adding to it a big butt plug with a rhinestone... To be continued. dating me is like answers date yourself site mapMain Page