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I want to draw the attention of readers to one inaccuracy of my translation. A certain ambiguity of which I can't get rid in any way confuses — my friend the Marta constantly calls maine Frau. In classical translation it has to mean "wife". But a situation such is that it is married not to it, and it is perfect for other person. However the real spouse doesn't share her passion to a svingerstvo and therefore allows to have another constant a partner swing. While outside svingersky society their matrimonial relationship remains. And someone then Marta to my friend? Mistress? Sex girlfriend? I can't pick up the Russian equivalent — therefore left as the author has "Main Frau". In Toypits us with Frau Marta the former Teacher invited her. However, until she told the name, I didn't understand all ambiguity of told. And business was that this mister once worked as the teacher at school where my Marta studied. And, she didn't hide it, taught the young girl not only classical German literature. During the private occupations Juergen Meyer gently and unostentatiously deprived my Frau of innocence, and then for what I can't but be to him grateful, made keen to a swing. So, having hardly received from him the invitation, the respectful schoolgirl, having taken me, hasty rushed off on the made appointment. The benefit to go was nearby. Juergen was the low big-bellied burgher with a big brilliant billiard sphere instead of the head. He removed for all of us a small bungalow Toypitserzy ashore and friendly waved a hand, meeting on a porch. My Frau, as if the little girl, threw the arms round him a neck and they right there merged in a kiss. One wide hand of the pensioner, having resolutely removed a short skirt, instantly I oblapit the buttocks of my chiksa which aren't covered with underwear, and another hardly squeezed, dropping out of a decollete, a breast. A minute later Juergen shook hands with me and we went in inside — to the big hall, with a wide panorama of the lake behind high windows where we were waited by convenient low chairs. Under warm rather weak punch the slow conversation began to flow. To admit, I poorly watched conversation thread, and answered not впопад, so, any more that the teacher with the schoolgirl, having quickly forgotten about my presence, remained alone. My Frau quickly rode out his knees, twisted with hands a wide powerful neck. Juergen impudently oblapat all delights of the beauty at first an oily lewd look, and then and the strong mobile hands. I didn't manage to notice how without interrupting heart-to-heart talk, dexterous sausages fingers of the old teacher nestled to a perineum of my Frau. Began to caress gently a button of a clitoris and it is promising to tease instantly got wet lower sponges. That old satire it was more free, the prankish raised a leg and so that her gaping, shining from desire perineum appeared directly at me before eyes. Though, she can it made not for Juergen, and for me? My trunk really filled out, and was ready to start business. At Juergen progress was far more modest. Despite a fancy game his dick didn't hurry to rise. However, when my mischievous person stretched to suck off to him, the old man resolutely lifted up her and developed the back to himself. He had ways to be made horney... Marta's skirt fell to her shoes, and the elderly teacher dived the person into the flaring Frau's perineum. I saw that my girl lacks the real penis therefore quickly I stepped to her and the trunk shivering in impatience released from prison. As she swallowed him! Instantly and on the balls! I nearly terminated right there. At that time, while Marta's mouth was busy with my giant, of her anus mister Meyer undividedly took control. I saw how his language fancifully winds, trying to take root into a chiksa bunghole more deeply. From pleasure the little girl coiled uzhy, giving also to me unreal pleasure. Devil! Anilingus — a certain way to bring her to an orgasm. Do you know how the chiksa which lick the back violently sucks?! Passed, probably, minutes five not less before Juergen ripened — I already hung on by the skin of teeth. March it potorpitsya to be developed and I began to process the skillful mouth it it isn't final the strengthened root. I, having seen offered me the opening opened, shining from saliva, immediately I rushed into it with all the force. The little girl poorly peeped and, was so horney that. judging by characteristic spasms, I terminated. I, feeling relentless approach of the final too, I began by sharp strong pushes to drive the piston in her bunghole, sticking a happy chiksa a greedy mouth on the teacher's dick which is poured power. Honestly, I tried to make impossible and to hold on, as long as possible! However the flexible elastic body of my Frau didn't promote conceived. (It is exclusive for — Having thrown back the head back I clenched teeth and tried to suspend a mad rhythm of the frictions. But all the same I didn't restrain. From my trunk lashed, as from a fire engine. When I is exhausted I dropped out of Marta, white viscous streams escaped from her anal and swept down her perineum and hips. Having used that Juergen came, at last, to combat readiness, my Frau was resolutely stuck on his reddened dick. She immediately, without losing the reached advantage, I began to crawl on a thick claret trunk, and I, having approached this couple closely, I turned a maiden head to myself and I began gently and to kiss passionately her lovely magic exciting lips. Didn't pass also minutes as a body of my Frau began to tremble in a tuft of the next orgasm, having presented satisfaction and me, and mister Meyer. Which, having terminated along with the girl, undoubtedly, wrote down the event into the account. After a joint shower we returned to the spacious hall and talked till late evening. When mister Maier, the charter, fell asleep directly in a chair, we from my Frau indulged in love. Directly there, before huge, in all wall, a window. From where to us was to know that watch us... However, about it there will be a next story. dating long distance in college reddit date spots near me site mapMain Page