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Morning. All and all rejoice to rising of the sun. Flowers open buds, birdies begin радосто to chirp, people wake up for labor fulfillments. Also I woke up. What fulfillments at me? Cattle to feed also all. And then to sit down and be engaged with a favourite toy. The daughter with the son-in-law presented a lyalka by the name of the laptop. The son-in-law taught elements, and further I. Tea without growing ugly the engine. The truth зятёк, the clodhopper absolute, showed me some more websites of very entertaining contents. Porno, in other words. From to ityit what paradox: can't fuck the woman plainly, and watches film. Well and I looked. Tea it isn't shameful to old. Perhaps what I will learn in the evening of life. The truth to a slope still so far rather early but to show the age and to add to him, so same is normal. It was a pity not for pioneers timurites, and would pripakhat that to work at a kitchen garden at the old, that is elderly person. And now a barefaced market relationship by the principle: You - me, I - you. Well I so watched those videos. Not that shame or that other, itself in life more than once I was engaged in this business and up to that moment I continue to be engaged, only somehow not absolutely is truthful. No, where maids suck dicks, or men lick a pizda, there everything is right. And where fuck that in a bum that in a pizda, there too is true. Only where they took so many guys from huina, differently and not to tell. I looked at the, even the inferiority complex developed. Well, it when at all something is normal, and at you just and isn't present, lags behind that norm. And it is very essential. Yes I in life on conscription service, then never saw such quantity of such cudgels. It to us on their farm is necessary, yes mares to inseminate cows. Just will approach. And what there for women who such accept? They have a dimensionless pizda? Or nevertheless it is the next deception? I looked at the - it seems as well as not small, at least any didn't complain, and here it seems as Gulliver in the country of giants. It became even offensive for the economy. Well it is fine, nevertheless cinema. And there are still rollers on which the truthful cinema is laid out. It when is fucked, for example, the woman is removed, and then spread. Say look what we are handymen. Here on those rollers of neither smart beds, nor palaces, nor pools, in comparison with which the Olympic pool like a children's bathtub. There is a barefaced truth. Here on one husband with the wife in a room close hid, adjusted the cam and undress. And then she on a table leaned the elbows on which the cam costs, and it let's bash out it from the back. She, the poor fellow, clings to a table, tits are wound here and there, and he unconcernedly hollows the woman. Yes both not so small, are obese. I was struck by her face. Such scale of feelings is so much changes for these minutes five-seven. There is no it in game rollers. Here where vital truth. Especially when it cumed. Yes if that man saw her face at this moment, all life would be proud of himself. Yes where there, he from the back stood. Though they removed all this, means will look. And me it was thought: and maybe to me to shoot such videos to begin? No, not in network to spread, and for itself. For internal, so to speak, consumption. Here I, for example, drive a self-race. So not for sale, itself I drink, I treat guests. Here it, this most internal consumption also is. If only still to find with someone. That is with someone to fuck isn't present problems, and here will agree to act hardly. I celebrated all affairs, I sat down on a porch, the laptop on knees put, I point a finger, I watch news. From a gate of gametes someone. Yes someone else, except Valyukhi. Our Valek a little. Rub. One here that gametes, our, Zarechny. Another lives above. And the third, the Chuvash, so that on the very brink where to summer residents sites cut. To me it is far to that to go and as it will be necessary what, will so be secured. And what since morning it is necessary to this a bit earlier? Now will tell. — Михалыч, hi! — Great, Valyukh! Land near. - Valentina sat down. - What you are a tasty woman! Yes soft what! I embraced to Valcke, having snuggled tits. She it seems as angrily my hands pushed away. And itself it wasn't very much removed. Well so we have simple customs here: if the woman doesn't mind, so what not to posharat a tit, or for a pizdyonka not to be taken. — Leave alone, Mikhalych. Here you, men, what. Slightly that then you catch for what it isn't necessary. — You that, Wal? How it isn't necessary? And for what to you then dadena tits? — To feed the child with milk, here for what, but not for your hands grabby. And it at you that for piece, Mikhalych? — Where, Wal, in trousers? Really you don't know? I won't believe. Valcke was indignant — In total to you hikhanki. In any case at you can be in trousers? It seems on time remained to piss. And to a tud. I here about this piece ask. - On a laptop shows. All right, I will tell. - For what it? It seems as on the TV probably. — No, Valya, it is the laptop. The son-in-law with the daughter presented. The same computer, only figurative. Go and though with yourself take in a toilet. And all your news. What there Putin with Medvedev is done that this chernozady Babama thought up. Everything, well. Do you want, on oil I will tell the price? — Yes on which to me that oil? Here and without oil of cares the mouth is full. Here at me, Mikhalych, a trouble happened. - Also looks, waits until I begin to ask. And here hrenochka to you. Itself you will tell. I didn't wait for questions, I sighed. - The copper in a ban burned through. — Tyuy! Yes unless it is a trouble? Genka, what, can't repair? — Yes what he will repair, a goat bald? Moreover and in a taiga I took off behind cones. Whorish Shishkar. That his bear on the cone spread, a goat hornless. — Well you, Valyukh, wished to the hubby. — Whether yes cattle? Here the bath was broken, and here he left. And what now to do? — How that? And to heat waters yes in a basin to be rinsed. — Yes you that! At me and the ass won't get into that basin. In a basin! I guessed it to tell. Михалыч, can you will help, and? I will return the favor. — Well so it is necessary to look at first that there and as. Can there in general everything should be thrown out yes on new to get on. Wait a moment, I will put the machine yes we will go, we will look. Looked. Well to tell? Delov horse-radish yes a bit, but what master to himself won't begin to bid up, especially with the woman who thinks in this case little. And her Genka that still a shot which can pull the wool over the eyes handfuls. It about vodka he knows everything because drank too much of it about a tank railway. All right, about the price the conversation should be carried on. Not for nothing to me to persist in here. — So, Valyukh, than you have there? What means? How many for me from you слупить that to me it was good, and you it isn't unprofitable? — Oh, Mikhalych and what means? From where? If only this reptile well nashishkut. So besides the daughter should be helped also houses of expenditure an abyss. — Everything, Wal, don't show false modesty. Give specifically. Well, I will count material, and for work then we will agree. Frets? — Oh, Mikhalych and agrees to everything. You only do quicker. Without bath anywhere. — Yes you to me come. I will wash, I will steam and I will rub a back. And maybe than what backs are lower. — Yes where there? Tyorshchik was. Your basts I will be enough below a back to rub? Look, I am a woman clockwork, hot if it won't be pleasant, so you will regret that I began. — And you my bast don't shame, without having tried. You at first try. Perhaps at Genka and a horn will grow. And that everything hornless yes hornless. Well, I ban to heat? Valcke it seems as I fell into thoughts. To come to a bath not the problem, so at us in the village, as in that song where sing that from people on the village not to hide. That is practically all on a look, all about all know everything. And what isn't known, so finished thinking for you. And then with such details will present to you that you will believe as if and was actually. So the campaign Valyukhin кумушкин will be recorded, estimated, added and informed someone it is necessary. And will make it with such sympathizing look, as you will believe in their compassion. Bitches, one word. Also it turns out that Valentina's campaign let will be nothing between us, all one will be regarded from the point of view. And what Genka will be told, and don't know yet. But will think up. I don't know about sex life of Genka from Valkaya, but to see at them affairs almost like at my daughter with the son-in-law. That is in any way. Well so this business doesn't change at all. He as that dog in the manger: and itself all the same, and doesn't give others. Though what it to me to be upset? To me he anyway won't fill a muzzle, is rather weak against me, and Valcke... So it prick it will put, ambulance and don't disturb. If only at once to a trupovozk. Most likely will pretend that nothing happened. At best the bubble from me will try stryast and with me it and to drink. I think what Valyukh will agree. Will break for the sake of appearances. Nevertheless not the skank what, muzhny wife. And the pizda should bid up. And left. Valyukh waved a hand — Bogs. By the evening I will glance. Tolk about чур an arrangement - not to stick. — And it as will go. You don't think, I won't violate. And if itself you will agree, so I always for. — Udumal. I will agree. Still what? — So, Valyukh, for the sake of an experiment. And suddenly my bast properly will wash out you. And at me not only on time remained to piss. Well, unless I am not right? — And here in a ban I will also have a look at your bast. — And if it will be pleasant? What will you begin to tell to Genka? — Yes he went, a gelding bald! I wasn't reported to someone yet! I that, the pizda any more not the hostess? Yes to someone I want, and I will give that. Though to a dog. I specified by a hand on the Patrol, not purebred dog. More precisely than breed dvorteryer. That, having heard the hostess, I began to wag a tail, continuing he is lazy to lie. To Valcke the behavior revolted him. — There is a creature! Only to guzzle yes to sleep. Weigh in the owner. To both of them to a pizd on a nose visit, to all one sense won't be. - I turned to me. - Bogs, Mikhalych. So and to be, we will rub backs. I came back home, I flooded a bath. I looked, it seems purely. Of water it is full. It is possible and take rest. I pulled out the toy, I watch movies, for the evening I am adjusted. Yes at me and without those movies costs be healthy. And here thinking some in the head turns. As at that boa from an animated cartoon: I have a thought and I it think. And I here the can't grasp everything by a tail. Opanki, caught! And same the movie about poyebushka to remove chance. Precisely. Doesn't know Valyukh that in this street organ at once the cam is built-in. From where to her. To include in advance and пущай threshes. There will be enough memory with izlikhy. Precisely. Not to waste time, at once to the bedroom. Not on a floor I to Valyukh will fuck, on a bed. It means and is necessary on a bed to aim the cam. I attached the machine into place. I found. Even itself on a bed I rolled about to define where it is more best to put a laptop. About as it turned out. Now business in Waliuhui. And what will give, so in that and there are no doubts. First of all work should be paid. Not to throw away money, prick a pizd is also the man doesn't mind such payment. And from it won't decrease. Never I heard that not a neck of a horse, and the collar was erased. And the second, so this just usual woman's desire to fuck, time the man doesn't cope. And that tried to pin up me, so it so, for bigger self-affirmation. It seems our women someone under me lay shared already with the interested persons as as, and what size, and as long costs. At them is quickly. There will be a cinema. Precisely will be. Valentina came in the late afternoon. Well so it is necessary to cope with cattle, on the house to make something. Went to a bath. Sedately, as husband with the wife. Means Valcke precisely it was adjusted. In a ban I undressed without any zhemanichanye, it seems as turn away, close eyes. On shelves I got. I am near. In a steam room not to hugs. And so hot. And embrace such, nestle, and itself you will burn down in her embraces. Naparitsya nicely. Took rest in the waiting room. My economy considers Valcke. And what to look at him in such look. It is necessary to estimate as will get up. But also it is so normal. To see I calmed down, having satisfied with survey. Went to wash. She washed hair, on a bench sits, soaps a bast. I soaped and to a spered of rubs. Under tits, a stomach, other. I turned — Михалыч, I promised to rub a back, so three. And gives a bast to me. — Valyukh, and suddenly where I will climb not there to rub? — So not the girl, I will endure. And then there will be enough forces? Will remain what? — Will be enough, Wal, will be enough. You it, bend give, I will rub. Valcke the svtala, rested against a bench, exposed a bum. Smart bum. Moreover I parted legs, the pizda rassheperitsya. Well I also put a bast to it on a back and attached other grater to the right place. Valcke even quicker me I shot back. Also costs, it isn't unbent, waits for something. — Well what stood, Mikhalych? Was tired, perhaps? I promised to rub a back, so three. Were washed, home went. The benefit that at us god knows the house from the house at what distance costs. Scandal-mongers are curious even if will want, will see nothing. And svecheret, darkishly already. Valcke I threw with a dressing gown shoulders, I a sheet wrapped up a bum. Houses at a table. And as differently if it is commanded after a bath to drink even if for this purpose it is necessary to sell the last underpants. By the way about underpants. An excellent thing what was thought up by our ancestors. In the summer in them not hot, everything freely dangles not that in modern pants. In the winter too as undergarment grace. And I so in general without a thing go in the summer, I put on trousers the naked back. The daughter to me by request brought from where from abroad where went to have a rest from Dimkaya, simple, free, on elastic bands. Lyubota simply. Here I such also put on houses. Valcke too a plot dressing gown, though on a naked body. It seems as is more useless absolutely naked to sit at a table. We drank with her. Valcke can simply not accustom to drinking. She литряк замахнёт and only a muzzle will redden. To such mare liter - just fie! Well, the liter will dump. And here liter floor most that. I have moonshine. Someone will consider those liters when they pour from banks. Well everything, were supported, it is time also in a bed, calculations yes are farther than test to carry out. While Valyukh ran to cast, quickly I included a street organ. Well, darling, don't bring. Were filled up in a bed. Well I also conceived to Valyukh to fuck. And so I will put it, and so I will put, ABBA from a shot not to creep away somewhere aside. Yes where we will get to when everything is shot down, as at gunners. Bang! Bang! And in a point. Valcke of a zablazhal — Михалыч! Terrible devil! Will you cum? I can't already. I rubbed everything, now I won't get up. Everything, release, I can't more. Let's take rest. - I released to Valyukh. She watches that the dick costs, is surprised. - I didn't trust women, I thought lie. And you, as stallion. And in appearance it seems old already. You on how many Genka are younger? — I don't know. So Genka that, all the same you? — Yes where there! - I waved a hand. - Will tease, will sprinkle and to sleep. Hornless goat. — No, Valyukh, now horned. — It is yet not horned. It is so far only horns. With you for night of a horn precisely to it I will make. Branchy. that at doors didn't creep. Will arrive with cones, and to the house can't get. Valcke burst out laughing and it is so modulating, all even began to shake. That is all her build. Is to what to shiver. I took her for a bum, Valcke dodged — No! No! Went so far we will sit, we will drink. Grew stupid, perhaps? It is so much and at once. I weaned from it. Went. I pass by the toy, on a pause I put so far. What an empty bed to remove? Sat from Valkaya, and after again in a bed were filled up. Here came off, so came off. To see Valcke took rest, the pizda was fallen into a torpid dazed state, here and rushed. — Михалыч, and you why so long don't cum? — Wal, and in a ban someone cumed? — Well so that in a ban. And truth, why? — Wal, both I will drink, and I can't terminate though you that do. No, I lower, of course, to drive only long гнадо. Valcke neighs — So you can ogulivat several women at once. I bended over them and дрюкай in turn. One cums, so you on following. — Yes where to take them so much? And someone will agree to be fucked in a heap at once? — Ha, Mikhalych! Yes such even at us a dime a dozen. You only whistle, in a trice will run together. And you want, I will collect? — Aha. And then their men chorus will gather yes to me will carry out explanatory work. — Yes you that? Really I am a silly woman, muzhny I will drag. It isn't enough singles, perhaps. Here most it is interesting to me, how you огулять will be able. Well, we will try somehow? — And give. — Only, Mikhalych, you to me at first make a bath. Frets? — Yes I will make, I will make. So works on two-three of days. Only you, Valyukh, all this time will take off pants yes to substitute. — Ha, I frightened! Yes I won't put on them at all. Closer to morning, not it is light, I took Valentina home. And how differently? the woman is prominent, and suddenly what maniac will decide to make happy our village. Though in this case I wouldn't envy him. Women of this maniac заманьячат. Will milk dry to a shadow. Will be thin, ringing and transparent. Scandal-mongers in such wound sleep. I came back home and I included cinema. And what, for the first time will descend. All is visible. And as Valcke lies, having lifted up legs. And as dog-fashion costs. And as tits at her dangle. Only it is far. And what it is far? It is possible and move up. Same the computer, and I am the village which is taught less. I began to manipulate. It turns out, and in what a way it turns out. I saw everything. He is hefty it was pleasant. Especially as I diligently selected a stomach, and heroically stuck out the breast. Well directly Macho what. I put a password as the son-in-law learned. Suddenly someone will get? Though what here it? Not itself in network laid out. And Genka also doesn't know what is network and that where to look for. So to shit. Now to think up as Valcke to show this cinema and that it didn't oserditsya. And there, maybe, and with several it will turn out. dating life seattle date elvis died site mapMain Page