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On a persistent call of Vladislav I opened a door for him, probably not really long ago the woken-up Rodion. He was already going "to include" a cruel master of the situation and to demand explanations why that opens for him a door in a usual "men's" look — in a t-shirt and worn track bottoms. But something stopped him. At that moment when the door opened, Rodion looked some lost, but Vladislav's appearance strongly added to him optimism. It was visible that he is glad to his arrival. — I thought, you will never return... Because I not so told something to you yesterday... or I made. All evening I waited for your call, and you in general about me forgot... — Rodion said. He said the last part of a phrase already quite whimsical tone as though again Marina began to be born. — Well why forgot? — Vladislav, without asking permission, I passed in the apartment and bringing with myself various bags and packages. — I yesterday too the whole day remembered you, Marina. Only you something look quite strange. Not in such look I left you yesterday. And what I see today isn't pleasant to me at all. Be kind, expensive, make toilet. By the way, I brought all these things to you. Also I want that you always in them met me. I can even help for the first time with the choice... And is farther than Marinochk —... And that more I didn't see this Rodion here. Did YOU UNDERSTAND me? Rodion raised eyes on Vladislav. This minute in them so many various feelings and emotions were at the same time read... Doubt, fear, excitement and readiness for everything that will demand from you... It already and itself wanted these changes... only I was afraid... In the head scraps of thoughts flashed: What do I lose that is the gray monotonous life? But how I will live further? Out of these walls? And HE..., HE will be with me or it only for several days? — A marine, you badly hear me? — I returned Vladislav's hail to reality. Yes, the road, I understood everything... forgive rather I UNDERSTOOD... Help me with the choice of things, please. And I will try to look for you always beautifully if IT is attentive to the Marine. — already with relief in a voice from internally made decision he said. Rodion was in confusion from memoirs of the last days again. And these memoirs reminded HOW to HIM it was good HOW HE LIKED to be the FAVOURITE GIRL of the MAN. And it wanted to be repeated right now. They together entered with packages the living room. Instead of digging and choosing the pleasant things, Vladislav in impatience shook out everything that was in them from bags. And almost at random I began to pull out from this heap a brassiere, stockings with a special armhole between legs, shoes, panties... wig... lipstick... spirits... Well still it is necessary for the first time?... Dress! Of course, dress! — A marine, give quicker... Put on! — the voice which is getting off for nervousness Slava said. His excitement accrued every minute. He wanted... I wanted her madly... And to suffer this torment of expectation there were almost no more than forces. That somehow to calm itself, Vladislav came to kitchen. Minutes slowly passed, and he stood, looking in a window, and listened to the rustling reaching from the room. It were the heaviest 10 minutes of expectation in his life. Having returned to the room he found to Marin... Shoes, stockings, panties, even a wig with a straight fair hair of average length — all this was already dressed. Now she tried to cope with a brassiere with the special slips imitating a female breast. It turned out for want of habit not really. The marine turned back to him and called: — Help me with him. It is impossible to me so far. He approached and clasped a disobedient fastener. I gave it because of a back a dress. And close I felt a smell of perfume. Managed to use them too! All! Sil didn't remain any more... He had no such mad desire for a long time. The marine was developed, looked at him with a dress in hands and understood everything. The dress from hands fell to a floor. And Marina heard words which could and be not said now... — I WANT YOU! DIRECTLY HERE AND NOW! — I AM READY, I WANT IT TOO... — Marina whispered. She began to kneel before Vladislav. to torment object of the desire... No... He just savoured, trying to prolong this feeling longer. Because felt that his mad excitement won't allow to enjoy too long directly sexual intercourse with Marina now. Everything that could say in reply to him Marin, it: — ENTER ME RIGHT NOW, I VERY MUCH WANT YOU!!! During these moments Marina already didn't doubt anything. Those doubts which this person of all had half of hour back disappeared somewhere. Now, being on all fours, at legs of the lover, it and the truth was Marina, only she. And when the member Vladislava began to enter her, Marina herself began to move back, being stuck on him. As though seeking to complete finally thus the transformation. From her lips scraps of phrases which demonstrated only that she was completely given to the darling now began to fly: — Give, my good... My darling... Enter me... Still... Still!!! Still!!! Ebiiya me!!! Daaaaaaaa! With each new shout amplitude of their fluctuations increased more and stronger. Already literally in a couple of minutes after the beginning, Vladislav began to enter the developed Marina's bum on full depth. With his brain one absolutely foolish thought turned now: — My God, well why in a porn movies "they" can be engaged in it 40 minutes and cum when it is necessary for them. And I now as the school student, will terminate in 5 minutes? And I don't want it!!! I want long, very long!!! Meanwhile Marina in spite of the fact that pain from penetration had for the present an effect, having forgotten about everything, it continued to be stuck on Vladislav as though in it and there was a sense of her life now. The further it occurred, the sbivchevy there were her thoughts and the more frankly she shouted: — Take me all... I so long waited for it... Until the end of me take... Fuck! Daaaa! I will belong only to you, my one and only... The marine will make for you everything that you will tell... I will be yours always!!! I will execute all your desires and imaginations... Only don't leave me more! Never leave, I ask you! I BEG!!! At this moment she began to cum, extremely rigidly being driven by the back in the lover... The orgasm was so strong that at Marina color circles before eyes floated. It was never so good her. And when, having felt her orgasm, Vladislav reached the dick Marina and began to jerk off him, that at some moment was frightened that at her heart from delight will just stop now. To describe that they felt both now, probably it is just impossible. From Marina's throat one lingering shout passing just into animal just began to escape howl: Aaaaaaaa! Mother!!! Mummies!!! Аааай! Still!!! Still!!! Cum!!! Cum, my dear!!! Impregnate me again!!! Since the moment as IT entered her passed can all at most minutes 10. But Vladislav couldn't constrain himself any more and having pulled hard on her body, began to pump up the partner's bum the cum. He as though tried to pierce with the last movements to Marin through. Now their groans merged together. Having finished, both of them were left practically without the movement for about a minute. Everyone listened to the feelings and felt that excitement very slowly begins to leave. Vladislav at last left Marina. The marine turned over and having sat down on a bottom, looked at Vladislav. They met eyes. It was visible that both of them are stunned with what occurred just, but to both of them and the truth it is very good now. And neither that, nor another expected from himself such reaction. — You the miracle is simple — Vladislav said — I just have no words. You the best that I had ever. — And I have in general you — only... And... and me it seems, I want you again — Marina with a shy smile answered him. Marina and Vladislav took the filled glasses from a table again... — That our meeting was unforgettable, you remember? — I asked, touching Marina, Vladyslav's hand. — — You won't believe, I now also remembered her, darling — she answered, gently looking at him. dating life non existent date calculator excel site mapMain Page