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Generally, I wanted to have Nanna and among day (cm of "Nana1"), and at me one idea in this respect ripened. The idea consisted in the following. At them in a bibliteka some given literature lay not in the fixed assets which were near their workplace, and in a store room. The store room was placed in other wing of the building, and there seldom someone came. Nana ran there, only when visitors occasionally asked чтото from that literature. I came into library in the afternoon, and having chatted with Nanna who first densely reddened at the sight of me, asked her to bring some magazines stored in that store room. Nana anxiously told that they lie in a far and remote corner. I gallantly offered the help, and it without having suspected anything, agreed with pleasure. We passed in a store room. Nana opened a key a door, and entered inside, having left a key in the lock. Never I understood this habit (personally I never act this way), but now it played into the hands of me. I got a key, closed a door and is careful not to rustle, closed the lock from within. Here I heard a voice of Nanna who asked to help her чтото to transfer. Having put a key in a pocket, I moved to her. In a pleasure anticipation (magazines нахуй weren't necessary to me), the dick already began to bulge trousers. Nana stood a back to me in the broad aisle to honey two huge racks. At the end of pass there was a desk, with the piles of magazines lying on him. I approached her and embraced for a waist. She turned to me, and wanted чтото to tell, but stopped short, having encountered my longing look. Just now began to reach her why in fact I brought her here, and her face blushed crimson again. - A billeting, you what, you want here?? No, it isn't necessary, here can come, give, wait till the evening - she made a hopeless attempt to stop me. I showed her a key from doors, and she understood that to stop me not in her forces. I approached her, and the sharp movement lifted up a skirt on the head. Together with a skirt I took also an undershirt, on the road the fulfilled movement having undone a brassiere. In a second I removed all this through her head, and she remained to face me in some panties. I stuck we will kiss her on a mouth, caressing all her body from a breast to the pussy. Pressing, I brought her to a table, and having dropped a part of magazines on a floor, tumbled down her a back on a table, at the same time raising her legs. This moment was also very convenient to break from her panties and when Nana touched by a back of magazines on a table, and her legs laid down to me on shoulders, she was absolutely naked. I released outside the dick and began to drive a head on her sponges. Sponges of a mackerel with the same speed about what crimson dye I extended from Nanna's face to her neck, shoulders and a breast. I covered with palms of her boob, and the dick began to enter slowly into her pussy, enjoying how her sponges were moved apart before him in the beginning, and then densely took in the embraces. Nana closed eyes, and I began to make slowly movements there and back. Feelings from friction in her vagina were delightful. Pizda squelched, and her owner groaned every time when I having entered a dick up to the end, did one more push, being pressed in her perineum and touching some knob inside. I could fuck her thus very long, but having looked at the watch, I found out that I am engaged in it more than 15 minutes. Respectively, after our leaving, passed minutes 25, and Nanna could miss at any time. It was time to be brief, and I sharply strengthened and accelerated the movements. The girl began to groan continuously and at the top of the voice. In a minute her groans merged in continuous howl. From my pushes Nana slid on a table together with magazines. I began to mass her clitoris, in hope that it will accelerate her orgasm, and is valid, after several of my movements, it was hammered and began to be curved. At the same time her vagina pulsed around the dick and I began to stream her inside. From the first stream Nana terminated and became soft. I allowed her to lie down a couple of minutes, the dick took out and having gently kissed on sponges, told: - The darling, is time, already time. I took some magazine, both having pulled out and having crumpled several pages, wiped a dick and the stream of a cum following from her hole. Having stroked her breast, I passionately kissed it on a mouth and left that we weren't seen leaving together. After that I with Nanna fucked almost daily two-three times a day, up to the arrival of Lena. During this time I managed to have her in the most various poses, and taught to do blowjob decently. The only thing that Nana couldn't learn, it conscious to squeeze vagina muscles. From intensive sex she lost weight a little, but it to her even went. She was very family girl, and I sometimes thought that I under other circumstances quite could on her and marry. And subsequently even sometimes I regretted that didn't act this way... During our meetings she acquainted me with couple of girlfriends, still old maids (unlike Nanna), and I even punched one of them. After the small party at Nanna, I as to the only man in the company though I also was in small podpitiya, had to take her home. Having reached to the house, she it is banal I invited me to tea and added that from her home there is nobody. I paid a visit, and in 10 minutes one hand intensively caressed her big and soft breast, and started the second to her in panties. In 5 minutes she was absolutely naked and red as cancer, and there didn't pass 10 more minutes as she screamed, having lost virginity standing dog-fashion at a kitchen table. I moved her on a bed, and having raised her legs up so that it was almost folded double, laid down from above and began to fuck fiercely her a soft pliable vagina. The girl at first groaned from pain, but I without paying to it attention, the dick continued to drive in into her, nestling a pubis on her wet perineum. And after a while groans which I regarded as sign that process is pleasant to the lady of the beginnings sounded. I held on still for about a minute, and began to fill her. Having fallen off her, I caressed her clitoris a little from what the girl terminated, having got the first in the life orgasm. My partner was happy. Having had her once again on the same bed, but already dog-fashion, I left and didn't meet her more (and I didn't even remember a name). Shortly before parting with Nanna, I learned that this her girlfriend is pregnant. The fact that she flew at once after one our fucking, and Nana whom in nearly two months of our meetings I fucked not less than 100 times in the most various poses, and always without condom was interesting, and always cuming her inside, didn't become pregnant. The girlfriend didn't begin to perform abortion. As told Nana, she dreamed by 30 years if not to marry then to give birth to the child, and it turned out that I gave her this chance. However, someone the father of the child, Nana didn't learn about that (at least, before our parting). When there arrived Lena, I some time met both it, and Nanna. And the first time I fucked Lena, in a couple of hours having thrown a stick Nan before. But when my dick after separation moved apart an eye of a needle of an entrance to Lenino a vagina again, and Lena who missed me played his muscles, gently shaking and massing a dick, I understood that I will leave Nanna. Not because I wouldn't be enough for both I will give (though, of course, to fuck everyone on 3-4 times every day I physically couldn't, but and on couple of sticks on everyone quite would satisfy them). I felt again that full satisfaction which Lena gave me and which there was no all the time after her departure. And which even the magnificent breast of Nanna couldn't eclipse. I met Nanna, and after rough sex, told that it is our last meeting. I patiently waited all rough sobbings and charges, gently stroking a body of my already former woman, took her once again, and having waited when she was disconnected after an orgasm, left her life. Subsequently I several times met her in the city, but every time, she or having sniffed turned away from me, or without "noticing" passed by. dating life meaning in urdu date ideas louisville ky site mapMain Page