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She was an actress and, even behind the scenes I played a role, an a viewer was I In soul of her mysterious the lie and the truth were reconciled... Alexander switched off the receiver, and wearily leaned back on a car chair back. Behind a window twilight was condensed, all sky was tightened by heavy lead clouds, everywhere, where there were enough eyes, stood a wall not hoarfrost, not small drizzling ice rain: on the calendar — the end of November, on the street — late fall. Alexander turned away from a window and closed eyes. In which time he listened to this song: these lines so sank down to him in soul as if they were written specially about him. Someone could think that all his cozy world will fail and in odnochasye will depart to depths of hell because of one ticket which to him was put off violently?! Bank where Alexander worked as the manager of an average hand, the head of a new formation mad about all progressive headed: care of o the employees at it stood in priority problems of social development of all bank structure in whole. Among other ultramodnykh of innovations over which lovingly I cackled a star of financial progress of average bank I found the place old as the world forcibly-dobrovolnaya the system of encouragement. At the next distribution of the material benefits among the staff of department where Alexander worked, the activist of the movement "to all sisters — on earrings!", solemnly I put off to him (as he refused thus) the ticket in drama theater. All also began with this ticket. Alexander, having safely lived up to 28 years, the last time in theater never was. So it developed that his house environment and friends weren't Melpomene's admirers, yes and other eight muses bypassed Alexander and his colleagues, practically, the party. He turned the received ticket in hands and put it in a pocket, having decided not to bother especially in this occasion: the performance had to be held on the next Saturday, the beginning appeared at 20:00 o'clock, an it means that the habitual visit of night club was covered with a copper basin. Ne that that Alexander very much liked to hang out in the nights, but his personal life didn't develop till this time yet, and visit of lush places gave if not hope, then though a temporary corporal discharge. Of course, he decided not to go in any theater until accidentally I came across the street poster announcing a new performance. He stopped on the square under the sign "The stop is forbidden! Execution on the place!", to buy what-nibud sudden sandwich which is quickly satisfying feeling of hunger and gradually dissolving stomach (dance, so far young!). His look fell to the colourful banner informing o the fact that in their city will be held what-to magnificent premiere of the blooming great author. No not it attracted Alexander's attention (he read this information on diagonal), on him from the poster, among other persons, looked... She. At first he for a moment slipped a look on a large portrait of the heroine of a performance, a stopped then as driven. The whirlwind of the faded youthful ideals, immodest imaginations, and polustertykh memoirs, instantly rushed before his mental look, having forced to lean against the car not to fall. It was the face of that girl whom he dreamed once, to whom I talked in the hottest dreams. He so also didn't meet ee till this time in this mad world of deaf high-rise buildings and cold hearts. A now, directly in the middle of the area, from the poster friendly smiled to him she: high brunette so sports figure, excellent breast, and big brown eyes. Ee dense dark brown were let on shoulders hair down and fell a magnificent wave, reaching is slightly lower than shovels. And this charming cheek birthmark — exactly, as at the girl from his dreams! It was too good to be the truth. Kakoye-to the vague inspiration flew at it in the head, and Alexander, having clamped between a shoulder and a chin the package of the cooling-down hamburgers, the shivering hand got into a pocket. Here he, this ill-fated ticket, it is good that he didn't manage to get rid of him! Alexander feverishly ran eyes the poster and the ticket as if verified advantageous numbers in a draw of a large lottery, and all couldn't concentrate in any way... Yes, precisely, so also is: it is the ticket for a premiere of this performance! "It is the sign!", exulting, Alexander thought, and for some reason I kissed this colourful leaf of paper which is hardly audiblly smelling of typographical paint as if it was not just the complimentary ticket in theater, the admission on heaven promised. "Calm down", he told himself, "nobody promised anything to you yet!" but to calm down it didn't turn out. The police officer who already watched long ago change of day and night on Alexander's face approached him waddlingly, and quickly returned him from heaven on the earth. — Here it is forbidden to park! — He flaunted, and added already more softly — show your documents! While Alexander beat off the importunate policeman, he had the head no so strange confluence of circumstances: the ticket — theater — She. "This omen, not differently!", he thought, coming back home, to the lonely and sad world. Now he decided to go to theater "on a meeting so the destiny" in what that became: no what o clubs could be and speeches. Alexander decided not to speak to anybody yet: to neither rare friends, nor colleagues, o to the wonderful girl from his dreams which so suddenly materialized in an image of the great actress. ... Alexander critically examined himself in a mirror. He didn't like what he saw. In the end of the ends, it stopped on clothes, habitual for itself(himself): on an extreme measure, he will feel himself in it more surely and freely. Having put on a shirt without tie and trousers with braces, he looked at himself in a mirror: a that, the pretty guy growth above an average, is single, had no, didn't participate, drives weren't. He winked at the reflection, and, having taken a purse and phone on the road, left the apartment towards to the destiny. "It is good that I have a car", he thought, starting the motor, and shivering from cold in neprogretoy to the car, "a that would come to theater as wet chicken". To Na Street it was cold, wet and it is opposite. Alexander left in theater in advance to buy on the road of flowers. "The bouquet is an excellent chance to approach it", Alexander pensively thought, without special irritation standing in the next stopper which usually caused in him quite natural negative reaction. "And it is possible to sniff at ee, at the same time", sjekhidnichal other voice in the head. "And to touch, be can", Alexander thought and I smiled. Bouquet he chose neutral: small, with a different grass and branches inside, and beautifully packed into motley cellophane. "Ne to me to buy 100500 roses for the first time", he thought, carefully stacking a bouquet on sitting of the car, "a that will misunderstand me". Having hardly found the place for the parking, Alexander a trot ran to an entrance to the temple of art, having for a moment thrown a look the building in whole: there was a late evening, and the building was lost in darkness. Having undressed in clothes and having brought itself into a relative order in front of a mirror in the hall, Alexander left in the foyer. Near a column there was a comely old woman in a uniform of theater, and offered colourful booklets and an applet on premier display. Alexander got both that, and another, quickly opened the booklet in the middle, and here saw ee the photo on a turn. At him heart when he read the signature under the picture missed a bit: actress Elena... * — so called him the first love! "Chto-to too is a lot of coincidence", Alexander thought, peering into such familiar lines of the Stranger. "Or you garble the facts", other voice objected him. Alexander long struggled with temptation to buy up all circulation at the granny, but was afraid to attract to itself unhealthy attention and to get busted before time. "Yes and the old geezer, probably, Kondraty will grab from such demarche", Alexander grinned, "what kind, flippers will stick together to term not dozhivya". The theatrical hall where there passed Alexander after the first call at once, was small: 15 rows on 20 places everyone. He occupied the place in the first row at once — directly opposite to a proscenium, and put a bouquet on knees before himself. "It is necessary, the ticket was put off violently, an appeared trump places", Alexander grinned, looking back on the parties. The hall was gradually filled with the audience, and through short time became almost full. The third call rang out, and light in the hall began to darken considerably. "The plug fork is slowly taken out from the socket", he in a low voice joked "on the automatic machine": usually, when he unexpectedly dropped this phrase at movie theater where often I was to friends, from him on the hall a wave snickers ran up. Now on him zashikali so all parties, and he shut up. Alexander understood, at last, in what there was a reason of his so deliberate and inappropriate fun: he terribly worried. With silent rustle the curtain swung open, stage light lit up, and in bright beams of theatrical spotlights it appeared. Alexander wasn't ready to such fast ee to emergence at all, and absolutely became puzzled. He even ceased on kakoye-to time to breathe. He was all eyes on her, having stood in a theatrical chair. My God, as she was good! Alexander so a happy smile on a face watched each ee the movement, each gesture, without listening at all that it says: he was fascinated by ee by a strong and melodious voice. Alexander all moved forward and nearly dropped the bouquet lying at him on knees. Lena was dressed in a magnificent evening dress of an emerald shade with a deep decollete: "the third size, isn't less", he noted. When on the course of action of the play ee the breast rose in what-nibud emotional places, Alexander involuntarily faded, not in forces to tear off from her a delighted look. "It is just boobs", the skeptical voice was distributed in the head, but Alexander by effort of will crushed him here: "it is not just boobs, it... It..." — The young person, leave my knee at rest! — hissed on him at the left, and Alexander scaredly drew aside a hand. — Excuse — he muttered, and I looked askance on the neighbor — the woman of years soroka whose knee he squeezed, following the imaginations o to Elena Prekrasnoy: he ee already almost idolized. — Please — the neighbor amicably whispered, and threw the interested view of Alexander. Alexander put hands on a bouquet of flowers and tried not to show more violently the emotions, having entirely given to the events on the stage. When Elena wasn't engaged in performance stage settings, Alexander nervously shook a knee, furtively looking back on the parties: it was frankly boring for him, so as he didn't watch peripetias of a plot which developed on the stage: he was interested only her. At last the performance approached the end, and all actors who were engaged at the stage came for bow. In the hall gave the general light, and the audience welcomed a game of actors a rough applause: sometimes shouts "Bravo sounded!". On ranks incurred the first bouquets of flowers and Alexander, at last, came round: he couldn't tear off a look from Lena standing in the middle of a scene in any way. Here actors released ee one on the next bow, and it approached edge of a stage — literally in two meters from Alexander. She noticed him which is convulsively squeezing an unfortunate bouquet and encouragingly smiled. Alexander, as zombie I moved her towards, following ee a look as on a light beam. "You go as the dolt", he mentally told himself, having remembered clumsy wooden soldiers of Urfina Dzhyusa. At last he coped with nervousness and stretched her a bouquet. Lena accepted him, and slightly bent to Alexander. the hall till that time, so far the next old owl in a uniform the klekotom didn't drive it on an exit. He put on, and left to the frosty city. It was dark and sad. Raving in what-to zabytyi along a building wall, he reached an office entrance of theater. Suddenly the doors were opened, and on the street the flock of women of different age poured out. Among them Alexander learned Lena at once though it was in usual — in a dark coat and you take a not to scenic clothes. Ee hair were removed back and intercepted by a black velvet tape. It learned him too, and that-to having told the colleagues, approached him. — You? — only also Alexander could say, without trusting the eyes. — A, my enthusiastic admirer! — she told and stretched him a hand which he carefully reaped — I am called Lena — she added. — Alexander — he answered, and to him it became for some reason awkward for the name: there would be he what-nibud Voldemar... — I read your note — she just told, and added — you are mistaken, I not such as you to yourself imagined — ee of an eye shone brightly tranquility and heat. — You... You... Just not terrestrial! — Alexander blurted out, at last, and it became opposite to him from the lofty words. — Well that you, I are very terrestrial! — Lena burst out laughing — though my soul and belongs to God, but a body, after all — to a devil — she crafty added. Alexander was silent, being afraid to blurt out superfluous or to talk nonsense what-nibud nonsense. The pause dragged on, and he felt himself absolutely disgustingly. — Do want I will acquaint you with the theater world? — suddenly she asked. Laughter sparkles everything still flickered in ee dark eyes, and you are convinced that... — Yes — Alexander killed ee, and reddened. "Yes that I, as the woman, in the business!", he thought and squeezed out from himself a shy smile. — Here and perfectly! — Lena hardly audible movement threw a look for hours — you come tomorrow here, to an office entrance, after the end of a performance. I will meet you! — A in how many the termination? — Alexander asked, without trusting the ears. — In 23. The 00th hour — smiling, Lena told, and I touched his hand — be not late, I will wait for you — and turned to catch up with the girlfriends who already managed to disappear in a snow veil. — Can, you to give a ride? — Alexander regained consciousness, having remembered, at last, that he is a man and the gallant gentleman, a not what-to gruel. — No, thanks, Sasha, me here nearby — she answered, having turned back — to tomorrow! — To tomorrow — an echo Alexander responded, having tracked her a look. Then I ran to the car, jumping up on the road, and risking to turn off itself a neck on ice. This night he almost didn't sleep. He scrolled in the head all possible options of their future meeting, but o what occurred on the business, he dared and to dream. Only towards the morning he was forgotten by a disturbing dream, and the pink cactus dreamed him. ... Next evening, exactly in 23. The 00th hour, Alexander appeared at a full parade (a shirt without tie and trousers with braces) before an office entrance of drama theater. In a hand he squeezed an invariable bouquet — the truth, is much more modest, than there was the last, filled with an explosive note which worked in the necessary place and in the necessary time. Having waited fifteen minutes, and having freezed itself a bouquet, Alexander carefully knocked at a door and entered inside. For, the table seeing types, the old gnome in bulletproof points sat. He solved solved skanvord. — It is closed — he shortly told, having looked at entered through fat glasses of the burst lenses. — I to Elena... * — Alexander told, having a presentiment of bad. — How to present you? — the brownie asked: judging by the number of the gray-haired hair which were sticking out at him of ears him in this life already surprised nothing. — Alexander — he was presented. The old man typed number on disk (!) phone, and solemnly announced in a tube: — Elena... *, to you Alexander welcomed! — probably earlier he served as a chamberlain, it isn't less. Tube that-to shortly I answered, and the master of ceremony of entrance doors in resignation shortly left Aleksandra: — It is told to wait. In several minutes the lobby was run in by Lena, winked at Alexander, and strictly told the wise man sitting so skanvordom atilt: — Ermeningeld Hristoforovich, it e-e-e... Evgeny Pavlovich, from St. Petersburg, we have to pass with him one devilishly difficult role... Desire to pass! — What to don't pass — Hristofor even assumed a dignified air — znamo business, a difficult role — you pass what there — he added, skeptically seeing off a look zaindevely a bouquet in hands of the stunned Alexander — directly with a requisite to us welcomed: to see, the big actor! Lena seized Alexander by a hand, and, laughing, dragged him along a corridor — in Melpomene's temple. Soon they came to be in the internal foyer of theater where actors have a rest in a break between rehearsals or an exit to a scene. Lena stopped, and pressed Alexander to a wall. — Forgive that didn't meet you... Absolutely took off from the head — the apologizing tone she told, and here all was selected as for a jump — here tell: why did you come on the business? — She asked directly. — How why? — Alexander was taken aback: he didn't expect such turn. — So! Why did you come? — in ee a voice there was a little grief and doubts as if she didn't trust that enthusiastic admiration which he so ardently showed at their fleeting meetings and in a note. — I wanted to see you — he just answered. — Truth? — She departed on several steps along a corridor and stood, standing a back to it. — Of course, the truth — Alexander confirmed. Having sharply turned back, Lena looked at him with a contemptuous look and suddenly raised a hem of the black dress in which she was dressed. — It is pleasant to you? These legs are pleasant? — she slapped herself on a hip as if showing an excellent thigh for sale — you came for it here? With irritation having straightened out a dress, she looked to him in eyes again, and he could distinguish in them anger and the touched vanity. — Before actresses always identified so whores, available maids who were chosen, looking at them on the stage. No this time passed. You have to understand that there will be no everything as simply as you to yourself, can be, imagined. — I don't consider you available, on the contrary! You read my note! Simply... You very much are pleasant to me — he came true, it is guilty looking at the boots as if and I was guilty of the matter in what before her — but, I nothing bad... — Of course, I read your note: look — it killed him, and got his trembling recognition which is slightly bent at edges because of a dress cut — it so me will be now always — I added Len, and defiantly I kissed the text in a card: on paper ee a juicy kiss remained to redden — you see?! — By a languid voice she told. Then I burst out laughing and already absolutely other tone I spoke: — What you are funny! You cost all such guilty here — she approached him and with a smile tousled his hair — well everything, passed... All right? Ne knowing that to answer her, having become puzzled of so sudden change of ee of mood, he nodded, agreeing so everything that she told. — I had a thought! We will go so me — she told, and a resolute step I moved to the twilight of the room... Lena took him for a hand, and dragged along a corridor for itself. Absolutely unexpectedly the corridor turned into wide, quite dark space with what-to set of vertically tense thin ropes. Having made several more steps, Alexander understood that they appeared on the stage. To his look dimly lit hall drowning in the twilight, ranks of the become empty chairs the reminding o the fact that they here absolutely some opened. Lena turned to him and told: — I have an offer which you won't be able to refuse. Go down and sit down in the hall. — Why? — he asked. Having sadly exhaled and having hitched up eyebrows, she explained: — I want that you were my only viewer now... Only you. — Great! — He was delighted, feeling exclusive importance of such offer. To be the only thing for someone it will come to the stage! Unless he could refuse? Alexander went down to the hall, and sat down in that chair in which he for the first time saw ee on the stage: in the first row in the center of the hall. Lena patiently waited when he occupies the place. It for an instant thought as if without knowing what to give preference to, than to surprise him, kakoe to present an impression to him. No here words came themselves, and broke with ee of lips. It was Tsvetayeva's monologue Sonechki, "As I like to love... ". She read, she played, before the only viewer. He looked at her is bewitched as if bewitched by this mystical situation: the dark empty hall, frightening flashes of the illusive shadows which are rushing about on walls, an on the stage the living, real Goddess! The terrestrial embodiment of vague and not clear imaginations, fine and inaccessible, but such attracting in the escaping beauty. Alexander badly understood sense of the words said by her, but bathed in soft and elastic waves of ee of professionally put voice, enjoying that all it sounds only for him. No the further she read, the more attentively he listened. With each ee a new word, with each look thrown into the hall he began to understand: she purposely chose this monologue! The vague presentiment captured it. Began to seem to him that all it was a certain introduction, a hint on ee favor. Otherwise why she stopped the choice on this story which is so strongly intertwining with their own? Lena stopped reading and stood, remaining on the stage. She looked in darkness of the hall — there where Alexander stayed in full admiration. Air in the hall became dense from their mutual fluids as if became impregnated with current of the desire penetrating everything around. Ne daring to move, Alexander with the growing nervousness observed how slowly she approached steps and went down on them light, graceful step — as a cat, hardly concerning an old parquet. Lena smoothly moved to him on pass, without tearing off from him a sinful look for a minute. Having approached his chair, she raised the well-cared hand and slightly stroked Alexander a palm on a cheek. At him in boobies everything turned over from the gushed emotions. Lena raised a dress hem, and, having placed legs, sat down to him on knees — the person to the person, eyes in eyes. — Lena — with nervousness Alexander said — you... You... I... — He so became puzzled! How many times he dreamed proximity o with her, so the recovered dream. And here she here! — Тссс! — Lena put a finger to his lips — I want that it occurred here and now... Also don't spoil this moment the foolish interjections. The actress, without having allowed him to answer, I brought closer the moist lips to his lips. Gentle, but with the increasing passion, the kiss made horney him even stronger, and the happy thought rushed in his head: "My God, really now she will become mine?!". Having twisted Lena with hands, he attracted ee closer. She gave in to him towards, and, continuing to kiss him, hands wandered on his body, fluently caressing fingers his back and shoulders through shirt fabric. The anticipation of bigger absorbed them both: their embraces and caress became all more frank and impatient. The member Aleksandra through trousers rested between ee of the divorced hips, and the girl felt it. Having lowered a hand down, Lena groped his fly, and stroked his horney body through fabric, having slightly squeezed as if checking his force. — I want you. — Lena openly looked in his eyes, ee breath suddenly became faltering. — To me the star fell on a palm, I asked ee: "from where you?" — Alexander whispered and I smiled: he believed her. I believed, at last, that the unattainable star itself fell in his embraces and it is ready to execute his secret wishes which he made uncountable quantity of times. Having groped dress ee shoulder-straps, he lowered them from shoulders of Lena, baring ee rising from desire a bust, constrained by openwork black linen. The bra raised and squeezed breast ee, doing a depression in the ground between them such tempting and desired. Alexander dreamed to see somewhat quicker their free, naked, and in impatience undid a brassiere fastener. Before him there was a tremendous couple of elastic hemispheres, and he couldn't keep not to touch them. Having carefully squeezed palms juicy boobies, he for a moment covered eyes and so groan exhaled. "Really boob ee in my hands?", the exulting thought flew. While he joyfully felt and rumpled breast ee, Lena lowered a dress slightly below to hips, but didn't remove him absolutely. The graceful movement she rejected a bra in the party. The string of pearls dimly shone on ee to a beautiful neck. Alexander noticed how the thin vein fights on her: ee blows coincided with a rhythm of his heart: they fought in a unison. Having groped a lightning on his trousers, she released his body which is torn on freedom, having presented it several gentle strokings. Sasha, that-to lowed from pleasure, and squeezed breast ee. — Their kiss — the girl asked, and I caved in to it towards. — With pleasure — he whispered and nestled to ee to a nipple a trembling kiss. Then I showered with ee kisses a long neck and beautiful shoulders, and again I returned to delightful boobies, the soft and elastic, smelling captivating aroma. Having licked nipples in turn around, he began to suck carefully them, one, another as if without knowing to what to give preference. Lena covered eyes and cast away the head back, accepting caress of the guy, moving to him towards. He was played with ee boobies several more minutes, and his caress forced ee to groan without ceasing any more. At last she didn't sustain, his dick took fingers and invitingly I pulled to myself. Alexander understood ee without words. He lowered hands on ee of a hip and gently stroked, rising caress to that place where God needed to connect them. His fingers were felt hot warmly female bosom waiting and calling it in the womb: he found out that panties on her weren't! Lena stood up, opening for him a way to the most intimate. In impatience having slipped fingers along a damp rasshchelinki, he grabbed the dick and, having played a head on soft lips, surely entered inside: there it was already slippery from allocations. Lena sighed and slowly fell by him, completely immersing in itself a desired phallus. Now he was in it, their bodies united, and they became one whole. As disturbingly and at the same time delightfully was to Alexander to feel as the ee! Now, when he was in her, he felt how joy of possession fills all his being. Na his knees, on his dick, She sat, the woman of his dream, the bright beauty, still absolutely recently being an unrealizable dream, a now... Now it takes ee. And now she in his power. Having attracted Lena for buttocks, he began to lift and lower ee, a she, having picked up a rhythm, began hips to make upward movement to him towards. Passionate groans broke with ee of lips. It pulled out a hairpin from the magnificent dark hair, allowing them to fall a heavy wave to ee a naked body. Lena rejected the head back, allowing him to admire the beautiful breast which is jumping up in a step to his strong blows. Pearl beads spread on moist skin, and one pearl was late at a nipple, having hooked for it. Admiring this concerning picture, Alexander continued rhythmical movements in ee a bosom, tightening ee for hips, didn't feel yet that it is close to the final. Lena felt by female intuition that ee the lover approaches pleasure peak. It became stronger to nestle on him, took seat on his hips, and ee more densely vigorous movements up-down, quickly led to the desirable final: Alexander began to cum with pleasure in it, having streamed in ee a bosom hot streams. Lena accepted his male power so sweet groan of exhaustion and joy: the orgasm covered ee almost at the same time with Alexander. It still some time continued to move on it, shuddering with the feelings of carnal pleasure which gushed over her. Panting, they continued to sit some in the empty and dark hall which was full to the people, smiles and a thunder of an applause still today. Lena came to itself the first, tightened a dress and got down so the lover. Alexander reclined on a chair and blissfully smiled. She bent down to him, and imprinted a sweet kiss on his lips. — Let's leave from here — she whispered — to me it became uncomfortable here... We go. Having straightened out a dress and having corrected hair, Lena went back, to a scene. Na halfway I turned back, and I repeated everything still to Alexander who is in nirvana: — We go! They rose by the stage together, and Lena surely dragged him by a hand in what-to narrow corridor which extended soon, and began to remind hotel, with a set of doors. — Where do we go? — he took an interest, obediently following the queen, all still being under an impression of the event: "the idiot's dream came true!". Lena stopped near one of doors, turned back to him and threw on him a mild gentle look. — Now we became close — she confusedly smiled — I will show you the make-up room... Do you want? She as if invited him to the world! "Of course, I want!", Alexander mentally exulted. Having entered the room divided by a screen into two zones he looked round: for the first time he managed to look at theatrical life from within — there where actors mysteriously reincarnated in many. And his Lena wasn't an exception. The bare table was filled with what-to jars, bottles, on it several brushes and brushes rolled. The rectangular mirror was framed by lamps, now extinguished. The table with a mirror stood closer to a ragged door. Alexander glanced for a screen: there the big old clothes case where various suits waited for the hour rose. From above, on a case there were several wooden pigs with female wigs. — Scalps? — Alexander on variety of hair of different eras nodded. — They — Lena smiled, and nestled on his back. In whole the interior of this room was very simple, is even poor. No here in different images his Lena reincarnated, there was ee the world, a means, it was simply necessary to visit this place: so he will be able to know ee better. Na an old chest the shabby pointes lay, and Alexander with curiosity took one of them in hand. — You still and ballerina? — he asked. — I was engaged once — she foggy answered — now only with sport in free time... Which less and less. Look! With these words Lena raised the leg bent in a knee up, then straightened ee and rested a sock against a wall, having made costing a classical twine. Ee a dress was lifted up, having moved down on the raised leg down, having completely bared hips. Alexander was stunned I looked at ee the slender long legs shamelessly open before his eyes. He couldn't tear off a look from perineum ee in any way, and his dick began to move in trousers again. — Oh! Shoot! I without pants! — Ee the person filled in a hot flush, and she quickly lowered a leg, having clamped a dress between legs — you what, stared at me? — with feigned indignation she exclaimed. — Yes — Alexander honestly told, and defiantly I reaped the bulking-up advantage — we looked together. — Akh you, squirt! — Lena shouted and started in him the first that got to it under a hand: it was the old greased baseball cap. — A it to you why? — laughing, Alexander asked, having dexterously evaded, and having caught ee on summer. — In one of performances I played neformalku, and read a rap — Lena all was still confused because of an embarrassing situation in which it involuntarily put itself. It tried to replace somewhat quicker a conversation subject — you sometime played a bouts-rimes? — Kakoy-takoy a peacock - mavlin? — with astonishment Alexander threw up an eyebrow. — Give here — Lena pulled out a baseball cap at him from hands, and got on on itself a peak back — I will show you now: tell any word! — An extension — having smiled, Alexander told, having remembered o recent outright representation. Lena for a second closed eyes, then stared them, began to rock, and suddenly started talking a recitative, cutting with a palm edge air before itself: — I have a good extension, You have a beautiful shirt, A in flowers was love a piece of paper, I am dissolute, a you thought — I am a conventual! — Na my velveteen braces, was stuck what-to shit — Alexander continued following behind it, twisting the head back, and trying to unhook sideways what-to hogwash. — Dear Sashka, well what you are a stupid! — laughing, Lena finished and twisted it with hands. Then I extinguished the top light and I passed for a screen, is closer to a window. There it stopped, and began to finger the pearl beads nervously. He carefully approached it and embraced for shoulders. Then softly I took off from it a ridiculous cap. — To me it was very good with you — he said in low tones, having touched by a chin of ee of soft hair — there, in the hall... — Truth? — mistrustfully she asked. — Truth. — Do you want A... still? Alexander became stupid from such question: still nobody so shamelessly offered sex to him. Of course he wanted, unless it was possible to refuse possession of a dream? Having left this question without answer, he just clasped ee for a waist and dragged in the party of the turning chair standing near a table. Having taken seat together with her, he began to kiss ee a neck, having carefully shifted ee dark locks of hair, and opening a way to ee to velvet skin. Lena was given to these gentle kisses, and soon itself found his lips. Having broken through a uvula between them, she teased it, a then was discharged and looked to it in eyes. — I know what you want — she crafty smiled, and on day of ee of dark eyes the lewd spark flashed — turn away, and don't spy! Having jumped off so a chair, she developed Sasha the person to a door, and warned: — Also don't take in head to turn! While he obediently stared at a ragged door of the make-up room, Lena approached a wardrobe case and inspected the suits which are available in existence. She knew what she wants, and looked for suitable clothes. Having selected several things, she slipped out a dress, having gracefully wagged hips, and threw it to legs. I pulled on a camp, a transparent white jacket, naked, free from linen, from weightless fabric which didn't hide ee of a nipple and densely I fitted ee an elastic breast. This element of a suit of the fairy didn't assume carrying him on a naked body, but Lena considered that and it is always possible to make the excellent whore of the fairy — there would be desire. Bottom she chose corresponding: short jeans shorts, it isn't clear in what way the ideas, suitable for ee, which appeared in a case, but very much by the way. Having changed clothes, the girl looked at Alexander — that continued to consider an entrance door obediently. Then she approached a mirror, chose a jar with scarlet, juicy lipstick, and hastily covered with her lips, slightly ruffled hair and with satisfaction looked in a mirror. From there I looked at her a whorish look vulgar potaskukha. It was what is necessary! Having approached a chair on which all the intrigued guy still sat, Lena lowered hands to him on shoulders and developed the person to itself. Before him there was not Lena any more: it was the cheap prostitute from Leningradka. Alexander was shocked: without knowing what to tell, he just stupidly stared at her. Especially on ee the translucent breast, with the nipples which are sticking out from under weightless fabric. Feeling as in trousers the dick is again poured by desire, it understood that ee such wants to fuck: dissolute and available. Ne allowing him to come round, the vulgar whore raised the transparent jacket, showing to the guy the boobs, and, having caved in, exposed their barefaced on a general review. With an impudent smile having carried out by a hand between his legs, it reached a fly, and began to rumple ee. — Do you want that I to you sucked away? — She asked. Having nervously swallowed and not trusting the ears, Alexander said by the squeezed voice: — Suck away. Having with satisfaction hemmed, Lena dexterously pulled out a dick, and without excess preludes fell by knees between its the moved apart legs. Having licked and having moistened with saliva a head, it was put on his dick by lips, and massaged them a trunk. Alexander rejected ee hair to see how she sucks, and ee was entirely given to caress. Immersing a dick in itself is deeper and deeper, she didn't forget to tickle in a mouth a language tip a head, giving him double pleasure. Later kakoye-to time she added a hand to oral caress: I clasped a trunk with fingers and I began to jerk off a dick which she for a second didn't take out from a mouth. It so brought Alexander that it was afraid that it will just about be discharged by the next portion of a cum directly her in a mouth. — Wait a moment — he asked, and the sucked dick from a mouth of the personal whore pulled out. She lifted on him an oil look and smiled. — What, already do you want to terminate? Lena so made horney him that he forgot how he absolutely trembled recently with nervousness, only anticipating a meeting with her. Now he wanted absolutely another. She as if itself arose with all look, the behavior upon it. These naked, impudently sticking out boobs, a shameless look, a professional suction... — I want to fuck you — Alexander exhaled, for a moment having been frightened of own words, and grabbed with ee by a neck. Lena escaped, got up from knees, wiped back side of a palm the wet swelled up a little lips, having greased lipstick thus, and free gait went for a screen. Soon she returned with clothes lots in hands from there and threw it on a floor. Then I laid down from above on this heap, obscenely I moved apart legs, and, having clapped a palm on the perineum, I told drawlingly: — Give, my lovely handsome man, fuck the girl for the grub! Andrey went mad from lust: he quickly undressed — on this time completely — and moved to a heap of rags on which he was waited by the whore already ready to sex and exempted from the indecently short shorts. Not for long thinking, he roughly turned ee on a stomach and put on knees. Lena turned back, and in a whorish way zyrknula on him eyes. Then rapaciously I smiled, and I exhaled: — Vyebi me! Alexander roared, tastefully spat fingers, slapped them on perineum ee, and from dispersal entered her. Lena screamed from pain and pleasure. Having made several movements a basin, he could move far more freely now, and ee with the doubled force began to fuck. Wishing to see the most intimate place on ee, he stretched skin around a vagina fingers, and began to watch how the dick enters ee a wet womb. His excitement accrued, he fucked ee more and stronger, an it squealed a little as the bitch on copulation, and with readiness made upward movement to him the back. "You any not the queen!", to his thoughts it was close in the head, the crowded lust and animal passion, "You are an ordinary whore! And I fuck you so as fucked all to you!". Alexander began to wheeze, and, having felt that the cum is already ready to be splashed out outside, quickly left it and the dick to ee to the person brought. Lena became on knees here and held up him the lips. — Concha to me in a mouth, my sweet — it is gentle provorkovala she, and these words of steel for Alexander the last drop in this performance of lust and debauchery. To steam of times having stuck with the dick into ee half-open lips, it shot a white stream to her on a chin. The cum slowly flew down down, on ee to a neck and a breast. Lena pinched the seed remains from his pulsing body, and dissolutely smiled, innocently looking to him in eyes. This orgasm was such bright, such devastating that, dodrochiv to it in a mouth the last muddy straws, Alexander without forces was tumbled down by a row with it on a heap of rags. — What was it? — he asked, slightly breathing. Lena crept up poblizhe, and nestled on him the hot body. — I wanted to make to you pleasantly — in the cooing gentle voice the whorish dissoluteness disappeared, and it was itself again — you liked this game? I so tried for you. — It so was pleasant to me that... — Alexander didn't finish speaking, and he embraced ee, having kissed on the top. — Interestingly, which hour? — She bethought — I lost the account of time... With you, Sashka. — And I lost — Alexander told, pressing the girl to himself even more closely — I don't want that it came to an end. — We can repeat. Later. We will have a rest, and we will continue. Yes? — she laughed, and he with admiration thought o volume as he with her was lucky. — This game so brought me — he admitted — I didn't expect that you so can. — You can ask me, o than is necessary — everything that you want! I will execute all your desires and imaginations! Lena turned to him the person and began to shower greedy with easy, fast kisses his forehead, cheeks, a chin... They lay together, naked, on a floor of a theatrical make-up room, and kissed, kissed, kissed, greedy absorbing the friend's friend. They didn't know how many passed time: it seemed that it stopped, stood, giving them infinity. Having turned Lena on a back, Alexander with admiration examined all ee a body. Na it all still remained the jacket of the fairy - the prostitute who was absolutely inopportunely now, and he quickly removed ee. Now Lena was completely naked, and he, admiring ee the tightened seductive camp, again felt desire. Desire to love ee, to be with it, to be in it, to give and take pleasure. Having squinted eyes down, Lena noticed his excitement and smiled enough. — Again? — she asked. — Again — he corrected, and clung to ee to the calling, such desired body, plunging into embrace ee. They continued to kiss, warming themselves again to merge in uniform whole. And here, in a heap of things, black stockings caught sight to Alexander. The most usual, nylon. Having presented them on slender legs of Lena, he suddenly was so brought that his dick literally zanyl from the blood which is holding apart him. Having pulled out them from a heap of clothes, he asked ee: — Can you put on it? — Do you want to take me directly in them? — she asked smiling. — Very much! — He admitted, not in forces to hide from her the secret desires. Having picked up stockings, Lena easily rose and went to a chair. Kartinno having put one leg on him, she slowly and sensually dressed ee in a black nylon cover, then most did that and so the second stocking. He lay and slowly caressed a hand the reared body, watching how she, teasing him, puts on them as she seductively twists hips, and his admiration of her everything grew and grew. — Sasha, go ko to me — Lena gracefully bent down and leaned the elbows on a table, having slightly parted legs. Ee treasured shchelochka was slightly opened, and it knew it — I want that you loved me! It wasn't necessary to persuade Alexander long. Having approached the girl, he twisted ee with hands and placed buttocks on a table, holding for hips. His passion to her flashed with a new force, and he appeared in her again soon, sticking ee a bosom on the body. He so dispersed that ceased to control itself, having tired out ee from edge of a table deep into, directly to a mirror. Lena had to cast away a back back to substitute him the charm which he so hot now processed from within. Alexander moved apart hip ee hands, and nestled hot language to perineum ee, pinching ee juice. — Yes! Yes! — Lena groaned, squeezing the boobies, and fingering fingers horney nipples — I want that you always kissed me here, Sashka! My God, it is simply indescribable! — Lena couldn't stop loud groans, pressing his head to the open hips, then suddenly sharply pushed away him — an enter me now! She, lying before him on a back, widely I parted legs in an ideal twine, and invitingly I looked at him. — I wait for you, Sashka — she just told. He grabbed with ee by hips, and with pleasure entered the body which hardened from desire at all length, having reached uterus ee. Lena sighed, and parted with fingers the shameless lips in the parties: now all process of copulation was visible, as on a palm. Then it gracefully shifted legs in air, and put them on Alexander's shoulders. He grabbed with ee by a hip, and began to pull on himself, putting on Lena is deeper and deeper. A free hand he caressed ee the pussy, such gentle both desired, and Lena floated: she instantly moaned often-chasto and with approval looked to it in eyes. He continued to tickle with pleasure ee till that time until it loudly moaned, his firm dick squeezed the vaginal muscles, and squeezed legs. Alexander understood that she terminated. Understanding that he brought ee to an orgasm again inspired him and accelerated his own final. Having pulled out a dick from ee of a grateful vagina, he put a head to ee to the hip fitted by black fabric of a stocking and shot a cum directly on him. White viscous liquid slowly flew down on black fabric, leaving a contrast damp trace. Having recovered the breath, he helped her to go down so a table, and concluded ee in embraces. He was happy. — You are the best — Lena whispered and kissed him on lips, and suddenly, having bethought, added — and after all which now hour? Having found the phone, Alexander showed her the screen. — Already nearly seven mornings! — Lena swelled up, how scalded — when this night flew by? — I also didn't notice — Alexander smiled. Lena rushed for a screen and began to put on feverishly. — Gather quicker! — She shouted to Alexander — here will come soon, and we will be caught: it is time to leave! Having brought itself into an order, she appeared from behind a screen, and he saw ee such what met ee at the beginning of this magic appointment: accurately brushed, with a string of a pearl beads on an open decollete, such ideal and inaccessible. As if nothing was between them. Kakaya-to not clear melancholy squeezed his heart. As if in anabiosis he went down following behind her in a lobby of an office entrance. Behind the desk the mossy porter peacefully slept, and his hairy ears shuddered from accidental sounds as ears at a cat. — Quietly — I whispered, Lena, stealthily making the way to an exit — don't wake it. They safely passed the terrible guard of the temple of art, and came to frosty air. The drifting snow swept, and wind threw handfuls of snowflakes directly into a face. Somewhere in the distance dawn already began to dawn: can be, their new happy life? — Well, we will say goodbye? — Lena told, having nestled on him all body. — We still will meet? — Alexander asked, and the earth for some reason left at him from under legs. — Well of course, silly, you now mine. She kissed him on lips, then was discharged: ee of an eye were tired and empty. — To give a ride to you? — he asked, without hoping for the affirmative answer. — Well, it isn't necessary, I will walk — Lena told, chilly shivering in a scanty coat — here isn't far... Go. — I love you — he just told. — I know — she answered, and carried out by a finger on his cheek: behind it snowflakes afterwards thawed — so far, Sashka — she told, and went to a blizzard. She I stood and I looked after hasty removed slender figure, and I waited when she turns back. "She can't so just leave. Just can't. She always turns around!". He looked through a blizzard and snow the eyes watering from wind (?), and didn't see how nearby with him what-to man in working overalls densely covered with glue the poster of o last tours of capital theater which is cheerful on an advertizing curbstone that on ee to paste the place new — with what-to concerts of the singer. Wind threw to what-to worker a color rag directly in a face, he seized him and developed: it was the card so the greased lipstick traces. The man developed ee and began to read about himself, moving with lips: "Hello! It is improbable, but you — the girl from my dreams! I all life dreamed o you, and God gave me this chance! I ask you, don't take away him from me! Give me an opportunity to meet you! Your enthusiastic admirer". The worker hemmed, and, having crumpled a card, threw ee into a ballot box, but didn't get. Wind picked up the crumpled lump and drove on the road, directly before Alexander forward, in the party of that for whose look he so painfully waited and hoped dating laws date calculator nsw site mapMain Page