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— Where you were, the whore?! — the question sounded Max took out fingers from my bottom — they were in a cum. It was Sashina the cum and there is a lot of it. Maxims I began to beat me the person directly in this lodge. It not on a joke dispersed. He called me a creature, eblivoy the whore, the whore. I was killed into a corner and tried to close a face hands. At these moments I had Maxim's groin before eyes and I saw through fabric him shortov that his dick is poured by blood. Maxim ceased to beat me and stopped. — Na what stared, didn't see a men's dick? — with a jeer he asked — So get up — we will fuck you now. I didn't trust his words — on the platform people went — he won't do it here. No Maxim was not priklonen — he put me having rested hands against a wall, lowered the and Sashiny shorts from me and without prevention entered. It is good that in a bottom there was Sashina a cum — on dry it would be very sick. I took a max. descent speed and I began to pump up my bottom the piston. Thus calling me davalkoy. It was very a shame to me — I understood that at any moment can notice us someone-nibud from passing by people. No here I understood that in the bottom of a stomach this feeling appeared again. I realized that I conduct myself as the maid — I make upward movement and I have a snack a lower lip. Me the guy who is stronger than me does by the maid, I want a that he didn't stop. — Yes you enter taste, devonka mine — Max commented on it. — I at this moment already am not enough that understood having given to feelings and wanted only one — to terminate on his dick. And at me it turned out. Max's dick was strongly more Sashinogo and is more fat. The orgasm turned out brighter. Max who by this time burned not on a joke drove a dick too and began to cum. — Here you blyadina, all — he told me having recovered the breath. — Mine leave for 4 days tomorrow — you move for these days ko to me — I will finish your parents. Tomorrow in the morning I stood on a threshold of his door. — You will be Lenkoy — Maxim — clothes in a case told — so far you here — you walk only in clothes of my sister. I put on thongs, shorts, a bodice and a topic, an also white socks. It so made horney Maxim that shorts were very quickly lowered, thongs are removed, a to me persistently got into a bottom his dick. He fucked me without hurrying, now it was pleasant to us to both. He kissed my neck, I bit a lobe of an ear, a, I flowed and luxuriated under him. Suddenly, having screamed, I terminated, a later me on lips and a face was terminated minute by Maxim. He forced me to pinch all cum. — Now Lenka you are the real girl: you cum under me, zavaflil you again. — Max told. There was an evening and already darkened. — Put on tights — on the street cool — we will go we will walk. I was frightened not on a joke, all right houses to walk in clothes of his sister, but on the street it already too. No the choice wasn't and then Maxim got from where-to a wig and I silently put on. I got into sneakers of his sister and I left following behind him at night. We went to walk on the concrete road in the forest, Maxim went having embraced me for a waist, it was pleasant to me. Suddenly he stopped in the middle of the empty road, turned ko to me the person, pressed to himself and kissed. I kissed as kiss the girl, it is gentle, passionate — his language got into my mouth, hands touched a bottom. It very much was pleasant to me and after usual behavior of Maxim it was very not usually. — Max, a where you found such cow calf — the half-familiar voice nearby suddenly was distributed. Maxim came off me and I saw a number of his schoolmate Denis. Denis was the famous boy — he was issued and all local little girls on him flowed. All girls discussed the sizes of his body — according to them it was just the trunk. — Zdarova Deng, is not absolutely a cow calf — Max answered. — Yes I and without you already understood — Dan answered having shown on my dick which got up in shorts. — well so we will go we will have fun with her — you won't refuse to the friend? — We will go — I answered without Maxim's enthusiasm and we passed on an edge where there were a table and benches for shish kebabs. — Lay down on a back — Denis showed me on a table. Maxim approached closer the sluggish dick got from trousers and pushed to me in a mouth. My God the glory to me that I plentifully greased a bottom before an exit — expected Maxim's impact, an of wons as it everything turned back. Denis threw my legs to himself on shoulders, undid and lifted up shorts and began to enter. To tell that it was the big dick — not to tell nothing. At Max was big, an it was a natural trunk. And it in poluvstavshem that a look! To me it was sore. Maxim held me by the head without allowing to exempt a mouth from the got-up dick. The bottom burned, there was a feeling that ee breaks off in half. — From the whore, hardly on a half I put — Dan — narrow at your maid pizda told. After what I continued to enter. Minutes for ten he entered all and smiled to me in a face — Now you learn that it fuck, real fuck — he told and began to fuck me. At first slowly, then quicker and quicker. He didn't hurry, pain began to leave, conceding the place to a high, at first on slightly, I became stronger and stronger then to him to make upward movement. — To you I watch my hose was to the taste — Denis asked. My mouth was occupied — in it Maxim therefore I only lowed cumed. — Nothing, you will get used. — Dan told after what he sharply left me, thrust a dick to mine into panties and began to cum. Cums was very much much, the dick was huge and hot and I began to cum. The orgasm broke to me a roof... When I came to myself, Denis gave me a cigarette. Panties were wetted through from his cum. Nearby Max smoked. I felt myself as the prostitute, whore naturally near the station. Having smoked we went home. At Maxim's house Dan embraced me, gave smacking kiss in a cheek and slapped on a bottom, having told that we still will meet. Having entered the apartment I went to a shower. Everything was in a cum — a topic, shorts, thongs, even socks of his sister. Having washed up and having left a shower I went to Maxim's room, he already fell asleep. I laid down nearby and put to him a hand on a breast. Ne I know why, I decided to lower a hand below and to touch his dick — he appeared poluvstavshim... Understanding that I do all not correctly and there is no way back, I climbed under a blanket and itself took him in a mouth... Na the head to me his hand fell, a from above reached — the Good girl, the slogger and now itself you want a dick... To us it will be very good together... Continuation follows if this part is pleasant dating laws in nebraska date calculator add hours site mapMain Page