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— Thank you, Angela. We don "t want to wear Morocco out on her first day, do we. — My pleasure, Ms. Swann. — An excellent performance. Now, help Morocco up, will you? Morocco opened her eyes, and focused them, sensing the blood rushing through her veins. She tried to relax, but her legs were shaking from the power of the feelings that had so quickly overwhelmed her. She would need a hand to get to her feet, and found herself very glad that it would be Angela "s." School For Submission, by M. Lock & J. Gallagher — Now we will define which of us is stronger. And the one someone is stronger will dominate, the one someone is weaker, will be in slavery. Masha's voice sounded deafly as always. — How will we begin to define? — Very simply. In fight. — Directly here? — Yes, directly here — Masha's intonation caused in him an erection as usually. She stood near a window in the invariable jeans and a men's shirt navypusk, blue color. She had blue eyes. Nearby with her he always felt himself more surely, than in her absence. He liked to look at her when she sat at the next table in an office and I worked. In breaks she turned on a chair to it and, having arranged the palms on hips at the lightning of jeans, having placed widely and easy legs, talked to it. He as if copied her confidence to himself for memory as the diligent pupil of painting. The blue stream in his own eyes flowed from her eyes, a her claret dryish lips became for it a source of constant attention. She had a special pronunciation, partly because of uneven teeth, partly because of the general uneven character and hot temperament. No when she spoke on business, her voice became hard of hearing, an intonation getting. When she turned away, he considered her direct shoulders and the bared neck under a short boyish hairstyle. Masha even a back expressed reliability for him and perfect independence. Corrugated soles of her well laced up sports shoes. The shovels under a white jumper forcing him to present themselves a swan. Once he carelessly joked with her, at the beginning of their acquaintance when only just there was a transition from "you" to "you", and daily stay in one office alone the friend with the friend demanded what-to rituals or rules. He was stunned as Masha immediately reacted to a joke. She didn't begin to laugh, didn't issue him a venomous rebuff, a fruit of long thoughts for protection of the personality, didn't keep silent, didn't drench with contempt. It was promptly developed to him and struck with a fist a back of his chair, so that he by inertia drove in the table. After it she quietly put a leg on wheels of his office chair and even stronger pressed it to a table, so that he could hardly sigh. He wasn't how to behave. It was extremely unusual to a working office; at any moment someone-nibud could open a door and enter on business to him or to Masha. O thought the fact that Masha is capable to go to such risk brought him into awe. It would never be solved on something similar therefore that was more senior than her for twelve years and I got used to office etiquette. It tried to raise hands to make a start from edge of a table, but he was in his present family way as if it is connected on hands and legs and only helplessly I squeezed and unclenched fingers. He had no point for a support to build protection or to escape, and suddenly he understood that his rescue depends on Masha. It was such sharp feeling that he sweated. Between that moments lasted, an in his situation changed nothing. And though Masha was at him behind a back, he realized that she should keep nothing him in captivity. In that time as he applied all efforts to be released, she only pressed all a leg a wheel of his chair. It meant that her hands were free for actions, and this thought struck him. Masha could deal shortly with him now: for example, to hit him with one hand, to seize another by hair. And the fact that it didn't use this advantage an allowed him to understand this advantage, rendered on him incredibly strong influence. There passed several more moments. The joke dragged on. He still tried to think of everything of old categories, thought to turn the events for fun, but inevitably to him understanding rose that for him new life begins that as before he will never address this girl, and won't be able to judge her on office etiquette. At last, in several moments his body understood the power. He literally became impregnated with understanding that Masha has the power over him. And immediately Masha released him. Of course, he tried to burst out laughing, tried to attract Masha to the fun, but he couldn't deceive himself and make a look that only that there was no what occurred: his submission. And he understood that also Masha understands it. It concerned and made horney him. Through couple of days after this case he with surprise found out that it is very good to it to be with Masha nearby. A then when it began to talk to him, he began to feel at himself an erection. It surprised him too: it turned out that not he is made horney by Masha, Masha defines a for him when he has to be made horney by her. All these events so went counter so all the fact what he considered normal for himself and society that he tried to get rid of Masha. Several time he in a conversation with her caught her on contradictions in her position and condemned. No nothing turned out! Masha one word rejected it — not by means of arguments, an on the basis of his subordinated situation before her. He was angry, didn't talk to her, but from it that atmosphere which he already managed to inhale, in which to him it was so good vanished. And he came back to communication, trying to play it as mutual reconciliation, as a compromise, but in soul he understood that this compromise not so mutual that Masha is simply incapable of compromises. No what then connected them? At last, he began to intrigue on work against Masha, trying to bring her to pure water and to prove that he isn't weaker than her and is capable to do without her. This fight exhausted him, a Masha almost didn't leave itself. And he felt that in their relationship nothing changes, no force can balance them in the rights now: to someone you give yourself in slaves for obedience, that you and slaves. And once he suggested Masha to find out a relationship alone, and she as it is strange, agreed though usually she just didn't award him with the answer, or by voice hard of hearing dinned that they aren't equal to conduct negotiations on equal. Winter vacation began, and in the first day of vacation Masha invited him in Swan. She lived in St. Petersburg as also it, an in Swan she had an aunt to whom she often talked by phone. The aunt so the family gathered for all vacation to Moscow, and asked Masha to live this time in their two-storeyed house and to look for a cat, the refrigerator and heating. He thought to spend this day in the distance from the big city, to communicate to Masha in a non-working situation, a to leave home in the evening. He quite quickly oriented in Swan, and Masha came to a porch and led him to the house on the second floor. And here she had blue eyes. And she stood near a window in the invariable jeans and a men's shirt navypusk, blue color. And she offered him fight for the power. Everything is honest. — I agree — he told. — Then here that — Masha led round eyes the spacious living room laid by a carpet. — We fight on a carpet prior to a full victory; a for honesty — without clothes. His cheeks flashed. He couldn't believe in the heard offer. His idea of public morals were also so slightly injured by the fact that the girl invited it in the dwelling where except them was nobody. And he was going to conduct himself as it is possible more neutrally, to drink tea, to communicate with the purpose of deepening of acquaintance and reconciliation, a having improved a relationship, to take the leave and leave back home not to compromise the employee on work. Now Masha as if broke from him this his moral mask, and he already felt himself as if undressed. — Without clothes to what limits? — With a naked body — Masha answered. The more he communicated with her, the she gave big confidence in herself to him. And he suddenly understood that his conflicts with her are caused by this confidence which she in him cultivated. He became with her sure to such degree that wasn't afraid to be itself and to express the real feelings and desires. With one other girl he didn't allow himself nothing similar and with them was extremely polite. A Masha, causing it on outright manifestation of feelings, I always knew how to issue these his feelings, well or to bridle. He kept silent, feeling, however, that that atmosphere between them which he so appreciated already began. — It becomes so — Masha told and began to undo a button on the sleeve. He was on her all eyes. Masha undid the shirt and opened it on the left party. It really was the men's shirt! No bra supported a breast therefore that honor it and it wasn't required from Masha. Masha put a shirt on a chair and, serially resting legs against a seat, unlaced and took off the sports shoes. Then I became straight and I undid the belt; I pulled together jeans, jumping on a floor. When the turn to take off pants came, it turned out that there everything is shaved. At last Masha bent down, straining buttocks, and took off the white socks. She faced him brawny, partly thin even, the perfect boy, a perfect sculpture so light default of o a penis. He felt himself awkwardly, being dressed, and too began to take off the clothes. Masha waited until also his buttocks sparkled the whiteness on a snow background on the next roofs behind a window. — Began? — she asked. — Began. Masha instantly crossed the room, having jumped on him with running start and having tumbled down on a carpet. He wasn't ready to it therefore that considered her pink nipples and a smooth stomach. He thought how it is more tactful to leave this situation, without having put damages to the girl. Between that damages already put to him. He hit o hip a floor, everything still feeling a grasp of brawny hands on the body, came to himself and was developed to dump Masha from itself(himself). He managed it, but she everything still kept him in the strong embraces, lying on a side. Then he bent a leg in a knee and pushed it as it is possible closer to Masha's body, having pressed her on a stomach, and, acting as the lever, began to unbend a knee. Masha moaned, her embraces weakened, and he escaped and jumped on legs. To him never came to the head a misfortune most. It imagined that it is designed to defend secular decencies. And these decencies didn't assume attacks. No then from where this aggressive beauty which is rising from knees and again rushing to fight? He didn't expect that Masha will repeat the capture. For him was incomprehensible so easily to touch a body of other person, and not only to touch but and to influence directly him, pushing or forcing to those or other poses. In it there was life. It beat with a key, beat from all force... Masha embraced him again, having linked hands in capture behind his back, and now danced, trying to knock down him a footboard. She managed it, partly because of the fact that it was awkward to him to be in such a close corporal bliza with Masha. They fell, and Masha nestled in this time on it all body, without allowing him to escape. Became him hot. He felt that Masha has a strategy, he strategy had no, and he though was at war with her, all equally followed her. From this feeling that-to as if began to dawn at it inside as it happened before an erection. Between that he lay on a stomach, having buried a nose in a carpet, a Masha lay on him from above, having placed legs, not allowing him to escape from her capture. Such provision of affairs humiliating seemed to him, and he rushed from all forces, shaking this hot strong blockade. He managed to rest on knees and to dump Masha from itself. He got up. He already panted therefore that in the last time not very much I was engaged in sport much. Masha reddened and became even more beautiful when jumped on the easy legs and again snatched on him, carrying away down. These attacks a wave behind a wave rolled on him; Masha used, in entities, one and that reception. She took it in captivity and held, without undertaking anything any more. No understanding of captivity, unfreedom forced him to resist from all forces, winning itself freedom. To him didn't come in the head to go further and most to attack Masha. Of subjects Masha spent Mezhda where as less than forces in comparison with him. It was so damp from sweat as it also it, is so excited, but his breath turned already into sobbing, it was unsteady for fatigue and in time of the next embraces of Masha simply hung at her on hands. He despised himself for this powerlessness, but could make nothing and in exhaustion put the head to her on a shoulder when she in the next time so the compressed lips clasped him with the iron grasp. From her smelled athletic then as and from him, however, but suddenly his nose at her skin caught hardly audible, but pure and sensual aroma going from where-to from clavicles. Obviously, it was what is called pheromones. This smell already seemed to it earlier, and it was connected with Masha. He deeply inhaled this beauty and again came to be on a carpet to feel that the outcome is close. He already could hardly move for fatigue, his body asked about rest, and there were no reserves. Probably, Masha understood it and got down from him. He hesitated a moment and again began to rise by legs slowly. Resting hands against hips, he stood, having bent, not in forces to become straight. Masha looked at him. Legs at him were braided, he stumbled, lost balance... Masha picked up him in time and lowered on a carpet. He lay without forces and looked at white legs at the person, and understood that his tortures are caused him by own force which nobody could subdue before in any way. He wanted to ask mercy, favor. He only moved with lips at these white legs, strong boyish heels and equal fingers. Masha bent to his person and looked to him in eyes. — Pardon me, I yours — he whispered. — My slave? — Yes. Masha smiled, absolutely as the little boy who won a domestic fight I became straight and found the belt by which I tied to him hands behind a back in a chair. Then I sat down in a chair, having put elbows on armrests, having placed legs on the custom. It couldn't take away from her eyes. He lay connected by her belt and smiled with happiness therefore that only that lost the freedom. He was filled by feeling of gratitude for his rescue, and he wished to serve this wonderful madam at whose legs he lay. Masha smiled to him favourably. He came to himself. Breath returned to him, he moved. — The goose is good — at last Masha derisively stretched. From her voice on his body the hot wave swept and there came the erection. — Kneel before me, will be enough to lie — Masha without smile said, but to him there were already enough events to understand how she concerns him in reality to react to her heart. He suddenly understood that not only he enjoys her beauty now, but and she admires him and therefore tried to execute her order so all grace of which I was capable. It was curved, drew on a carpet two arches socks of the legs and came to be on knees, the person to the derisive winner. — I look, it was pleasant to you — Masha said in low tones, having lowered a view of his risen penis. He didn't know that to answer in such situation. — It was pleasant? — she repeated firmly. Strange, he felt that Masha, having taken away from him freedom which wasn't giving him any confidence gives him now ability to be sure and to realize the own desires and interests, being subordinates. Her question as if opened for it eyes on his own feelings. She as if allowed him to lead his own life and to express the heart. He looked in her blue eyes, nearly crying with joy, and read all answers there. "How she is responsible for me how she takes responsibility for me on herself? How does give itself to me?", he thought. At last he answered: — Of course, it was pleasant. You have excellent boobs, madam. At Masha eyes sparkled. Her palm rose over a chair armrest. He watched greedy, having moved forward. Masha hesitated (he waited), lowered a hand on an armrest and burst out laughing, having leaned back back, fidgeting in a chair and jerking legs. He reddened. — A you not without humour! O my boobs we still will talk if it concerns you. Ne all at once. No at first we will be engaged in your education. With what stati did you pass so with me on "you" again? He felt himself the fool, he wanted to fail on the first floor, awfully it was ashamed for him that he deceived Masha's trust. — I... I thought that after today's victory... Masha... you are my madam now... She put hands on armrests again and moved forward. Her voice sounded quietly, but she as if rejoiced opportunities to teach it to what-to important therefore her speech as if was poured in the midday atmosphere of the empty house: — I am your madam since that moment as you for the first time obeyed to me. Unless it occurred today? No if you think that you made it not voluntarily, then to you there was no sense to participate and in today's lesson. Now I am going to untie you, and you have a choice: or to use a shower, to put on and leave, or to hold up me the neck under a collar and to receive the first flogging of the slave. A how to address to each other — it can always be solved for the general advantage. O news to flogging engendered hope in his soul that it will be possible to be quit with ugryzeniyami conscience from his dishonourableness on the attitude towards Masha. He looked her in eyes so the confused smile: — Mash, it is more best flogging. You directly open life for me. He saw how she blossomed and zardelas, and slipped a nose. — I will answer you with trust trust. She quickly got up, and, having bypassed him behind, untied to him hands. He swayed as if belt rounds on his wrists gave him stability earlier. — What, lost a support point? — cheerfully Masha asked. — Now you will receive at me reliable situation in society. He laughed. Masha threw a belt in a chair — thus on her body from an anklebone through an opaque knee, a beautiful waist, a terrible shoulder, a sure elbow, a flexible brush up to oblong musical fingers there passed the wave of muscles — and ordered him: — Stand here until I return. Hands back. She as the nanny-goat, cavorted in a door aperture. On a wooden ladder began to knock her heels. She sang a smash hit. Of course, having remained alone with itself, he began to reflect o the taken place events. About flogging it told, a he agreed. A that it in general it? Whether it is necessary for it? Why Masha told about trust?... And suddenly dawned on him that his trust to her was most important for Masha. She, doesn't seem, could exist without it. A he? A he couldn't exist already without her voice hard of hearing and vigorous derisive violence over him. The square of the solar light passing through a window and which was laying down on a parquet moved to his knees and brightly lit his penis. Na to a ladder began to knock barefoot legs again, and Masha jumped into the living room, bearing a black collar and a lash. At him intercepted breath when she appeared before him again, crossing from a leg on a leg, and he examined her knees, narrow hips and a shaven crack. — Masha is good? — she receded on a step back and was twisted before it, but it was visible that she doesn't give to the body the slightest value, even sexual lips were deprived of what-nibud expression. — A it that? — again Masha asked, pointing to the sun at him in a groin. He smiled and lowered eyes. Masha bent and carried out by fingers on his penis. Instantly her fingers began to sparkle too. She took away his extreme flesh and became straight. In hands she had a collar. He trembled as a regimental banner on wind. She came nearer both the accurate and sure movement embraced him a neck this leather ring as if he enters her bosom and she would capture him muscles of the vagina. Masha forced him to incline the head, buttoned a collar on a buckle, a recorded then the lock and turned a key. — Well here, I took the oath — from it to a step — she told, twisting a key on a finger. Ne nothing was told o rules, but in that time everything was told. This key from the lock on which him only that was put, and I was a key ko to all that talk, actions and hints which occurred between them all this time as they for the first time saw the friend's friend. The collar on his neck rendered on it the concerning influence. On the idea, it had to limit and discipline him, but in reality there was only a feeling of his communication with Masha, pleasures from this communication, pleasure from freedom to be itself and subjection to Masha. — So, we will begin a lesson with studying of the alphabet — Masha said and took a lash. — In the beginning you have to know the place and the place of your madam. For this purpose we will consider the first letter and the last letter. Alpha and omega. I will be an alpha, a you will be an omega. We will pass to practice at once. Get up in an omega pose. He feverishly remembered the Greek alphabet, trying to present to himself as it is possible to represent own body this semicircular letter with two symmetric lines in the basis. At last as if on an intuition he fell by elbows, was curved and inclined the head. — Good fellow, five! — sincerely Masha praised him. — A now I will punish you. It will be punishment not for offense though you fairly annoyed me all this time, a for that you remembered this punishment from now on, communicating so me, and conducted itself like the reasonable slave. Masha approached him even closer and stepped barefoot strong stupnyam on brushes of his hands. "A is valid an alpha and an omega", he thought, and here the first blow flew to his buttocks, and he felt as leather tails on his own skin are scattered, and heard a biting sound, and was surprised that this sounding has the direct attitude towards him. — Ouch! — he screamed with the feelings overflowing him. — Well you and little girl! — with astonishment Masha exclaimed, without stopping, however, flogging. He couldn't tell that pain was intolerable. Skoree, the novelty of a situation and brightness of feelings as if released in him emotions which he didn't allow to admit even to himself earlier. The burning blows gradually gained force, he felt that his buttocks burn with fire. He didn't shout any more. His brushes ached under Masha's legs. He acquired a rhythm and inevitability of blow. Under Masha's guide he obediently and without complaints studied all alphabet. Suddenly the blow overtook him exactly in the middle of buttocks, and he screamed for the second time therefore that it was really sick. No Masha already descended from his brushes and ordered him to get up on knees again. He obeyed, feeling ineradicable fire behind himself. — What do you feel? — Masha asked. — Gratitude — he answered after a pause. Didn't escape his look as at this answer cheeks at Masha flashed. — What do you want to make? — she asked. — It is possible, I to you will kiss a hand? Masha approached him closely and brought to his lips the palm the back party. He blinked and with pleasure kissed her. Masha took away a hand and tousled to him head hair: — You are pleasant to me. Now you will serve me. I want a bathtub. Went, I will show everything to you. She undertook a ring on his collar and pulled up. It got up. She entailed it to a ladder, having told till a way that on the second floor there is a living room and two bedrooms, an on the first — kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom and a bathtub with a toilet, an in the cellar — a copper of heating and the storeroom. — I love hot water, but is tolerant, and a lavender there that foam, but not too is a lot of. She left him to face the bathroom, an itself passed to the dining room and sat down to type at city phone whose-to number. He included light and entered the bathroom. I reconsidered all boxes and lockers, having found means for cleaning and means for foaming. I washed up a bathtub, I stopped up it with a stopper and I started up hot water. Prislonyas a back to a cold tile, I waited until it is filled, then I poured out a lavender there and I shook up foam. When he entered the dining room, Masha all still talked by phone. She saw his edge eyes and gesture showed him to fall by knees. He got up on knees and considered the young madam. — It is ready? — Masha asked him, having hung up a tube. — Yes. She shook the head and went to the bathroom. In several minutes she called it from there. He jumped. Opening a bathroom door, he asked whether he can enter. — It is possible, come. — Masha was happy, and eyes at her shone. She rose and ordered to rub to him her back a bast. He carefully carried out by a bast on her shovels. It pulled a shoulder: — That for the mollycoddle such! Give pound me stronger! He began to rub stronger. Masha began to hum enough. — Here so at once! To teach you still and to learn! Well will be enough. Now you go to the bedroom on the second floor in the end of a corridor and you bring me clothes. Remember if you are mistaken, you will receive five blows by a lash. Pants from a bag that about a bed; trousers of a military from a case on a hanger, a t-shirt black there on the second shelf from above, white socks on the third shelf from above. Na about everything I give everything to you three minutes. Yes to bring my clothes from the living room to the bedroom and to hang up in a case. He jumped out for a door and rushed on a ladder up. In the living room I grabbed in an armful of denim and a shirt from a chair, I picked up shoes, then I rushed off along a corridor to the last bedroom, I opened a case there and I hung up Masha's clothes on a hanger, I found on shelves that she ordered him to bring, then I opened her bag about a bed... In a moment he already rushed so a pile of things on a ladder down. He asked again permission to enter, Masha ordered to enter and become on knees. — The good fellow, well you serve... Can, to leave you for on days?. She lapped in a penalty fee and tried to blow a soap bubble in a fist. — As it will be necessary for you, Masha. — He was glad to her offer. — I need to bring up you to make of you the person. — Yes I feel... As at a tea ceremony, I don't descend from knees all time. Masha stared at him, raised a hand and blew off soap bubbles to him in a face. He closed eyes. Masha rose and ordered him to give a towel. He got up too and stretched a towel to her, but she looked at him, swinging the head: — You have to wipe me. He developed a towel and threw with it to her shoulders. She stood sideways to him, without moving. Then he began to blot her back and hands carefully. She turned to him the person and again quietly waited. He felt at himself an erection when hardly concerning, wiped her breast and a stomach. At last, Masha leaned the elbows o him a hand and gave him the leg, a when he wiped it, stepped through a board of a bathtub and allowed him to wipe the second leg. — The whore, gentle as the maiden — shook she the head, nodded then an on a bathtub. — You will remove everything here. — Da, Masha — he told and added — I can be washed up too? — Kiss me on a bum. — In what sense? — In direct. You don't forget someone you are and someone I am. Do you here for to serve, understand? Your interests concern me only in the general esthetic plan of my environment. A I will punish you for your impudence so: you will go to a shower only before a dream, more true, before evening flogging. A feel yourself the person of the second grade so far. Masha spoke, directly looking to him in eyes, and he really felt himself humiliated and offended. No this feeling was any more not that earlier when he was independent of Masha; now he tested actually the need for education, suspecting that this rebuff only the beginning of his improvement. — Na knees, also kiss my buttocks — Masha ordered again. He fell by knees and spread to Masha to the back. Modestly I kissed her on buttocks. No she demanded still, more strong. He obeyed. At last, she was satisfied with it and the movement of a waist pushed away it from herself. — Now help me to put on. He serially gave her a t-shirt, pants, trousers, then put on her legs socks. — As you will finish, come to kitchen — it looked at him from above down — we will look what you suit as the cook for. You serve a table, a to prepare for me... you will make fried eggs, for the beginning. You will make coffee and you will call me, I will be on the second floor. Yes, if the yolk spreads, you will receive five lashes. Masha left and began to climb a ladder. He with delight looked her following, then was accepted to execution of the duties. When he came into kitchen and examined all cases in search necessary for a lunch, caught himself on a thought that Flour remembers the fairy tale about Small. He was accepted to business, kindled oil in a frying pan, carefully poured out yolks with proteins there, added seasoning and reduced fire. At the same time water with coffee in the Turk heated up, and he, catching foam, poured coffee in a cup and incurred her on the second floor. Masha sat in Turkish on a bed and printed on the laptop. She allowed him to enter and become on knees before a bed, and took coffee from his hands. — You can serve, I will come now. He left on kitchen and put on a lunch table of a plate, glasses, spread out everything that found from devices. Steps on a ladder were heard. Masha approached a table and stretched hands to a chair, but he was ahead of her and itself removed a chair before her. Masha twisted the head and approached closer a table. It quickly moved behind her a chair. Masha sat down, having sniffed. He became sideways and waited until Masha considers a table. When she turned a view of him, he told: — Masha to pour to you, can what-nibud? It fluctuated. — Well pour... soka to me pour. Ne turning to her a back, he opened the refrigerator and got a bottle grape soka from there, intercepted her a napkin and filled a glass. Masha important began to drink, having leaned o elbows a table. Then I tasted crabs salad with a basil. I smeared bread with oil and, having scooped some red caviar, I distributed it over oil. — Give the main dish now. He quickly grabbed a frying pan and one movement threw fried eggs in a plate. Yolks were whole. Masha threw on him a glance which he withstood, then began to eat. It was pleasant to it to watch how Masha satisfies appetite. She became cheerful and asked him standing sideways with a napkin in a hand: — How many I cooked these fried eggs, all time it spreads. What at you for the recipe? — There is no special recipe. I just train in the careful relation. — Na what you train? — I am afraid, you will become angry, Masha. — Speak! Na what? — Na boobs. He hardly constrained laughter when Masha tinkled o fork a plate and reddened. — Akh you... So, there is nothing to stand without business here! Climb under a table, take off to me socks and kiss my legs! He fell by a floor and crept under a table where carefully I took off socks from Masha's legs and, serially supporting by the hands fine legs for heels, began to kiss them gently. His penis spread up. — Everything, will be enough! — Masha ordered. He pulled back socks, she got up because of a table. — You will wash up ware and you will come ko to me upward, I will need your help. — Masha, it is possible I will come with a fan? — What else for devchachyi nonsenses? Why to you fan? — To compensate lack of a shower. Masha not became angry about a joke. He triumphed. — Talker! Talker! I, seem, I know how I will punish you... No it then, now I forbid you to tell a without my permission. To get up! A stomach on a table, quickly. And a sound at me... He bent over a table, Masha seized him by a collar and stuck with the person into a cloth, and ordered to undertake hands edge of a table. Then casually I hit it with the relaxed palm on a buttock. It was unusual feeling. Then blows fell down one behind one, and soon began to burn. He passion as wanted to moan, partly because of love to art, a partly and because of pain, subjects more that fatigue at Masha on whom he counted all didn't come. She thrashed him exactly, and he felt soon that she will have enough forces on much bigger, than he assumed. It got at him as then at office. He was forced to recognize her force again. Also the moment when it was given came and shouted — not so much from pain how many from uncertainty how many this pain and uniform neustayushchaya force will proceed still. Masha stopped. — Five lashes for silence violation. Also I wait above. She went to a ladder. He turned the head and looked it following greedy eyes, not in forces to satiety to see enough and admire her tightened figure, feeling as the penis fights o edge of a table. He slowly was straightened and engaged in ware. Then I looked for a window, I felt a collar and I went upward, to the best girl in the world. Masha met him hospitably, seated on the chair which is pulled out on the middle of the room and explained that she should prepare for offset on the English language. — Will you help me to repeat dialogues, a? Here to you the textbook, just read for the first person, an I will be for the second, you check a whether correctly I speak. She was inclined over him, showing the necessary page in the textbook. a look also I gave, at last, the first slap in the face. He licked lips and fell before it by knees. — Do you have a nasal scarf? — she asked him haughtily. — Yes — he answered. — So I also knew! Directly grammar-school girl what-to... Will be to you instead of a towel. Quickly upward behind him! He rushed to a door, Masha gave him after a kick. When he returned with a scarf, Masha told: — Na time I don't limit this time, you can wash how many will get. Also prepare for flogging: you should learn to relax under a lash. She took off from him a collar and left on the second floor. He included water as it is told, but how to become under cool streams, approached a mirror and began to consider the back half-turned. At last, he translated mirror ink letters and burst out laughing. There it was written "wash me". When he was knocked and entered Masha's bedroom, it was serious and sosredotochenna. — It is already ready? Now we will return a collar on his lawful place... Well went, I will flog you as follows. I will punish you in the living room. In the living room she ordered him to put a long wooden bench in the middle of the room. He obeyed; Masha ordered to lay down to him on a bench up a back. — Remember this order. Then you will already prepare everything independently... She lowered a lash - mnogokhvostku on his buttocks why at him goose skin became at once. She smiled and carried out by lash tails on his body. He all contracted. — No, so won't go. Give relax! He didn't know what to do to him. Masha resembled around a bench, stirring up a lash in air. She reflected. — Tell that you thought when you for the first time saw me. He closed eyes and answered: — I thought... It seemed to me that you someone-to look for, and I wanted to tell all time to you: "Find me!" — Did you submit to girls earlier? — I didn't know what is it. I wanted it, but was afraid. It is heavy to me to accept decisions independently, and I was always glad when the girl took this responsibility on herself, but... it is so unnatural. It is accepted that the young person the first approached the girl; but for me it was always impossible, and I very much was delighted when you the first began to get acquainted so me. — You are angry with me for the fact that I subordinated you? — No, Masha, I am not angry! — he rose on elbows and for the first time looked with her in eyes. — You are an honest person. Except that, you do what very much is pleasant to me. I don't even understand how you can show me my own deep desires if I their and didn't see till this time. I trust you. — I to you too — Masha and slightly stegnula him on buttocks responded. He deeply sighed and again closed eyes. Masha with satisfaction smiled and still slightly stretched time a lash on his skin. She did big intervals and beat slightly. The rhythm ordered his experiences, it gave in to it and accepted a lash on the body as the earth would accept a rain. He didn't even notice how the rain became constant visitor and amplified. Masha whipped him surely. She worked as the tanner who caught new material in the hands and checking now its properties and value. He suddenly felt that he was picked up by what-to wave and bears on himself. Kakaya-to a mirror wave, therefore that instead of pain he felt pleasure. He couldn't explain himself it, couldn't understand, than he deserved such pleasant gift, but he knew that Masha stands nearby, and he wanted to be with her and wanted to be open for her. That Masha made by Mezhdu a pause and took other lash, odnokhvostuyu. The first blow replaced impressions: weight and rigidity amplified. Except that, he again sharply realized all humiliation of the situation — the little girl rhythmically strapped him, a he was entirely in her power, in power of pleasure which she imposed him. Or he wished this pleasure? A she just guessed his desire? These heavy blows testified o of bravery of a hand which put them. His penis began to get up. It moaned. Through some time Masha told: — Now consider five blows. If you get off, I will begin anew. And she with a force lowered a lash on his buttocks. He screamed, at last, from pain. — Time. Then it was burned by the second blow. — Two. It seemed to him before what to get off, including five blows, it is simply impossible. And after all he got off therefore that the wave didn't release him, and he continued to fly on it, and the quantity of lashes seemed to him insignificant. Masha exposed him still the five, bypassed him and looked in his shining eyes. He rose was, but it was noticeable that to leave so a bench to him there is no wish for a drop. She sat down, and he put the head to her on knees. She stroked him, at him goosebumps on a body went. They didn't tell o anything, just enjoyed the friend the friend. He kissed it hands. At last, Masha yawned and got up: — It is time to sleep. Remove a bench, to the following time. And ko to me to the bedroom. She went to the bathroom and returned dressed in a night shirt to heels, with a deaf collar and long sleeves from there. When she entered the bedroom, he already waited for her there, standing on knees. He looked at her and instantly low lowered the head, from all forces fighting so laughter, not wishing to give itself. Masha turned pink and stubborn frowned. She ordered to spread to him her old-fashioned iron bed on high legs. — We will sleep together, that I one am afraid of a. — We unless will go in on such bed? — he critically examined an estimated bed of love and shook up a pillow. — We will go in — Masha told and got several chains from a case. — I only at first will chain you in a chain that you didn't imagine much. — Then I precisely will imagine much. — To be silent at me. Now I will dress up you, a that bothered you to me with the naked look. — She put on to him hands and legs black leather bracelets with fasteners and rings. She went around him as at a Christmas fir-tree, and I hung chains — at first on legs, then to hands. Villages on a bed with a long chain in hands and, having admired the creativity, I remained happy: — A golden chain on an oak that, Both in the afternoon and at night cat scientific Everything goes on a chain around. She unbent a mattress and put a chain directly on the grid formed by the metal hairpins fastened in a type of rhombuses. She passed the ends of a chain between rods of both backs, so that they freely laid down on a floor. I corrected a mattress and I told, specifying under a bed: — Well, a cat, give on the place. — Down that whether? — He was surprised. — Get used, you now lower. He slipped under a bed and laid down on a parquet backwards, considering a fine ancient grid and its numerous iron rhombuses. Masha took two locks and serially attached his chains in the middle to the ends of a long chain. — Nu-ka move. Stronger. It with pleasure rang out with chains, having pulled the central chain at first to a front back, then to back. Masha in this time lay from above and carried out testing of the design. — Aha! It is fine. If you begin to twitch or ring at night, or to ask for a toilet, in the morning I to you will pour on the first. She extinguished light and laid down, but at once gave the head to it down: — Did you get hungry? — No, only in the last time as you me flogged, I had a terrible appetite. As after sex. — The fool — Masha burst out laughing, I jumped from a bed and ran out from the bedroom, having left a door wide open. She returned in several minutes and lay down with him on a parquet nearby. He saw that in hands she had a glass. — This milk. Will you be? — I will be. She leaned on an elbow and gave to drink it from the hands. — Thanks, Mashenka. Did you warm up it what whether? — You are my favourite slave. — She still looked at him in darkness, at weak light of the moon, then moved closer and kissed on lips. Her language sharply slipped to it inside, felt taste of milk and quickly came up. Masha put a glass on a table and settled in a bed. — Therefore at me not to be engaged in self-satisfaction. Now I am responsible for your pleasure. Quiet night, cat! — Quiet night, the princess on a pea! He heard as Masha laughed over him enough, then turned on a pillow and exactly began to breathe. He in a whisper read "our Father", having asked God to bless his madam, and after it quite quickly fell asleep. From above the white plumelet flew to him. He woke up in the morning absolutely well rested and full of forces, with a strong erection and joyful reminiscence of o yesterday's events. His first thought was: "Masha!" He looked round. It was solar and warm. The door of the bedroom was opened. The diamond-shaped grid over him was equal. He pulled the chain, and she easily moved behind his effort. He was one. Lying in an environment of metal rods, he represented himself in a cage. It concerned him. Chains on his wrists and ankles gave to his body ponderability and constantly reminded o to his unfreedom. Takoe the reminder pleased him therefore that reminded o to Masha. He thought that, it seems, is happy and in love. As usually in such situations, he expected fast pain and the next parting and torture. No a relationship only began, and there was no wish to think o sufferings. Except that, a relationship began very much frankly; so deeply in his soul I didn't look one woman. One man. This her kiss yesterday... No one woman so kissed it. So imperiously and surely. It was similar on... He was late I tried to slam memory shutters, but reminiscence of o the men's kiss endured once, already rose so a bottom of his soul and was developed before him. He always held him locked up therefore that didn't know how to treat him, and constantly I felt the vulnerability before such sort things. He deeply sighed, before his eyes there was an evening wall of hotel on the city outskirts at a botanical garden, the blossoming lilac bush again, and in a haze he was pressed to a wall by that far blue-eyed person in a faultless suit, a his own hands, beige sleeves of a jumper, there was on shoulders expensively a suit its unexpected znakomtsa; and he pressed him in a wall the impatient kiss. The bright scene blinded and frightened him; having blinked he rushed from all forces, somewhere, if only somewhat quicker to forget and to see. Chains tinkled all at once as a watch bell by the ship. Instantly steps roared, and on the captain's bridge there was a captain with a tooth brush in a mouth. His favourite captain. Masha sat down on kortochki before him and put a palm to him on a forehead. He opened eyes: — Masha! — Yes — she answered. Then I pulled out a brush from a mouth and I took an interest as to it it was fallen down. It was already dressed. She was always afraid of these joint morning awakenings therefore accustomed itself to get up early. She couldn't get used to that sharp change which happened to men in a bed with her. After only one night she as if ceased to exist for the man, he as if ceased to see her, her interests, desires and the ideas, a coolly passed through her and was surprised that it wasn't pleasant to her. Therefore soon Masha began to master more powerful arguments, than tears or hysterics, but, bringing her a victory externally, lashes and chains couldn't satisfy her internal thirst. She met girls, but her interest in a relationship was always higher, an of the girl had ineradicable property to leave in marriage. She listened to the story by the slave to o of the night spent at her on a chain and couldn't believe, examining him eregirovanny a penis that he really to her is obedient so that o doesn't think to use her. She had a feeling as if their relationship began with this morning anew. He didn't show her in any way that yesterday they were... m-mm... definitely are close. He was reserved, polite and to some degree is even held down, but in that time it could swear that in his eyes when he saw her again, joy flashed. She gave rise suspicion that he, seems, really needs her domination over him. She shook the head and drove away this thought. She accustomed itself to be a realist. And she had a plan which she consistently and imperiously carried out. She exempted the slave from chains and bracelets, then ordered him to lay a bed and to remove chains in a case. He obeyed. Masha declared to him that she increases his status, and gave the new safe razor (she had only Venus) and a new toothbrush (to which she applied the real ancient tooth powder), and allowed to use normal soap and normal temperature of water, an also normal towel. Having opened him a collar, she released him in a toilet and the bathroom. He, having soaped cheeks soap, I had a shave when Masha came to look at him. She stopped in a door aperture, in a white t-shirt and trousers of a military, led round him a thoughtful look, and left. Through couple of minutes she returned, dragging a chair, put it on a threshold of the bathroom and got on him with legs. She looked at him and as if considered that-to. At last, I said: — I love smooth skin. Nu-ka shave to yourself a breast, I want to look how it will turn out. He sighed and obeyed. He turned to her, and she remained is happy with his look. Also I ordered to shave to him armpits. A together with them and hands. Then Masha ordered him to shave legs. He soaped hips and calves, and, serially putting legs on edge of a bathtub, shaved them the razor to smoothness. On Masha's team he turned in the different parties, a she attentively considered him. I took the razor and several sure strokes on buttocks and between them I completed a picture. — Indescribable beauty. Only I still want to tonsure you under bikini. — She took scissors from the shelf, a him forced to sit down on a chair and to move apart legs. Masha accurately cut off to him over a penis a thin vertical strip, an other hair in a groin soaped and shaved. After it she allowed him a shower, having told that in fifteen minutes he was above. When he, more than naked, entered Masha's bedroom, expecting that she will put on to him a collar, he was waited by a surprise. Masha reminded him again that she increases his status. — I want that you were my servant. She developed before him the maid's dress, an excellent dress of a black velvet, in a measure short, with a white apron with lace and a white lacy frill from a lining. Having stuffed up hands back, he with astonishment looked, a Masha waved before him a dress, touching his cheeks with lace. — No we will begin with you as always, from below — she smiled to the joke, I postponed a dress in the party and approached a night table on which the whole lots of ladies' linen lay. She quickly extended pair of black stockings from there and, having sat down in a chair, ordered to suit it. He got up from knees and came nearer. — Put the leg to me on a knee. — She slowly pulled a stocking to him on a leg. He felt the concerning chill, a then struck him the pulling together feeling. It was similar to restriction of freedom from chains, only now it became even closer to his body and didn't release him even then when he didn't move. Masha put on to him the second stocking and bent down to extend from under a table pair of black sharp-nosed shoes on heels. — What leg size at you? — 42. — I very much feel sorry for you. Therefore that Lenka 41 carries. She watched how he puts on shoes. — Mash, press awfully. — I told that I am sorry... Nu-ka turn! Walk... Now again ko to me — Masha began to touch lace on a table again. She raised a bra, very small, with lace too, and got up to twist with it his waist and to clasp in front on a hook. Then I shifted a hook back, a showed it how to push hands in shoulder-straps. After it it tightened a bra up and corrected in front of a cup. — Well here, the subject of boobs is closed as I also promised — she uttered so value. Almost on all body he was overtaken now by the pulling together, holding down feeling. It concerned him. Masha undid buttons of a dress and helped him to put on it. I put in order a hem, I clasped buttons. — Well just the young lady - the peasant! Akulina! — She departed back and slapped in palms. — Hello, I am your aunt — he fatefully stretched and too I stretched edges of the hem reaching to him the middle of a hip. — Would be a Jew, would beat stones... — If there would be that someone have no sin — Masha responded. Then I added: — You will go at me without pants, it I so humiliate you. You will serve me as yesterday, but not only... She put him on knees again and, having taken ink from a magic table, made up to him eyelashes; then I put on him a collar. I lifted him for a chin and I ordered, looking directly in eyes: — I want to have breakfast. You will make to me semolina porridge, omelet, tea and toasts. And take away glasses from here and wash up. Understood, Akulina? — Yes I understood, I understood — he answered, clapping eyelashes. She allowed him to rise and when he left the bedroom with the cup and a glass drunk recently strong struck him with a hand the back. He smiled on the course. He was glad to serve Masha and soon already invited her to a breakfast. She went down to the dining room and sat down at a table, it stood nearby; she ordered him to hold hands behind a back. Then Masha got up and ordered to come to him in half an hour upward to flogging. He noticed that he gradually got used to punishments though on this time madam put him knees on a chair after what she inconsiderately lifted up a hem and flogged odnokhvostkoy. Then she ordered him to get a rope from a case. When he gave her to her and stood in expectation, she told: — Akulka what you wait for? If I ask from you a rope, then, probably, for that to connect you! Turn a back, stretch hands! Or you are absolutely a silly woman? — Absolutely silly woman — he answered, laughing. — Time the silly woman, I will learn mind - reason — Masha told and ordered him to bring again odnokhvostku which I thrust to him between teeth that he held her, in that time as she held one end of a rope, a wound with another his wrists a round to a round. She passed both ends between hands and connected them. Now he reclined a stomach on a chair, a Masha gave his hands tied behind a back under a back from other party and bound from above. She wrapped to him a hem up again and, having taken out at him from a mouth a lash, wiped her handle of o his cheeks. Blows were burning since the beginning, an a pose extremely inconvenient. It began to coil, his legs in shoes slid on a floor. He screamed, then began to cry. — After each blow ask from me proshchenya for impudence — without turning attention to his tears, Masha told. — Ouch! Masha, forgive me for impudence!... Forgive, Masha!... Mashenka, forgive, please-a!. — Well it is fine, I forgive — Masha took pity and I untied him from a chair. He faced her on knees so the hands tied behind a back, as all fiery surface of buttocks feeling a dress velvet. Na his person stains ink spread. Masha fixedly considered him, wings of her nose were inflated. She asked him haughtily: — Well, Akulina how you want to thank your madam? He was silent, wanted to ask to kiss her a hand, but on her burning eyes understood that she wants to hear that-to another. — Answer! — And Masha hit it on a cheek, having mixed shades black, as on a palette, with scarlet. — Ya... Mozhno, I to you will bring pleasure? — It is possible... He not quite gave himself the report that he should do, a Masha how always quickly, I took off the trousers and sat down in a chair. She beckoned him fingers to herself, and at his person pulled down from herself pants and moved apart legs. — Well, bring me pleasure. He, having guessed, I bent to her sexual lips and I kissed them. Then I began to lick them. First Masha was indifferent ko to all his efforts, and he even suspected was... No gradually her face became ardent, she caught it by hair and o his language began to rub, then I pushed him on a floor, he fell backwards, a she fell the crack to him by the person and rhythmically earned by a basin. He had a feeling as if she him ebyot in a mouth. At him language ached, and here Masha violently terminated, having leaned back to him on a breast, having scattered legs around his head, having moaned. Having had a rest, she rose from him and frayed him, smiling, on a cheek. I put on and untied to him hands. — Masha, I can terminate a? — No. I solve it when to you to cum. He was sent to kitchen to cook soup by a lunch. Masha allowed him to have a bite. — You will find there in the refrigerator boiled beef, you can eat it with black bread. Read at school about Rakhmetova? — Certainly. — Here and good fellow. What to do? He still and on nails slept, we will look what here to make for you... Soup was ready when Masha appeared in kitchen. — Well what, is ready? You will go now so to walk me before a lunch, only wash, that as the whore you look a. She noticed how he trembled, and resolved his doubts: — You can change clothes in civilian. He rushed to her legs and began to kiss them. She with satisfaction smiled, looking from above. They left the house and went on the street conducting to the gulf. Weather and business changed, the sun brightly filled in all picture, hid in the clouds which were quickly running over the city. Trees hardly rocked from wind. He inhaled air a full breast. Masha went elastic gait and told him about Sheremeteva. The closer to the gulf, the more cold and vetreney became, that ice-covered sites on the road met more often. They went through a grove when he asked permissions to go to a toilet for Masha. — No. Suffer at me — and she began to set to him the art criticism questions assuming detailed and detailed answers. At last, when he was already ready to recognize a victory of Trojans over Greeks if only to implore to itself(himself) discharge, Masha allowed him. He jumped to the next tree, and, having undone a fly, cast on an icy trunk. — Chto-to low went — Masha commented because of his shoulder. — A you can above? He lifted a stream above. Masha became a row, too undid a fly, placed legs, cast away the case back, and holding sexual lips at the basis, peed on that tree, but above him. Having estimated wind force, he didn't risk to get up, and was soon clasped. Masha compared marks in a tree to a proud look and, having scooped snow, pounded the hands. — Give the scarf, I need to wipe hands! He stretched her the nasal scarf. — Masha, this dress of the maid, it... Lena gave it to you? — You will know much, you will grow old soon. We exchanged. She to me a dress of the maid, an I to her — evening, I everything equal don't carry such. She turned in side of the gulf covered with ice where the become covered with hoarfrost trees and stones were seen. Her eyelashes were covered by hoarfrost. The locks of hair which were beaten out from under a cap were in hoarfrost plumelets too. — Went to the London shallow! — What does it have to do with London? Here and to St. Petersburg remotely... — The ship so was called, London. I sank at these coast. After it Pyotr ordered suit school of pilots here. At pilots already nobody sank... Having returned home, they have dinner. Masha wanted suit a joint lunch and allowed him to put the plate under a table and is at her legs on a floor. Thus both conducted a brisk discussion of o navigatsionno-oboronitelny constructions of the Finnish gulf. He showed full insolvency of views of Masha of fighting opportunities of the Kronstadt forts. — Well and that! — that answered from above. — But I can force to lick you to me an ass, a you me — no. — No, Masha. It I can dare to lick your ass, a you to myself I wash — no. You are limited in opportunities. From above in the direction on his voice the fist departed cars. He evaded, then seized her a hand and kissed. The fist was unclenched, Masha accepted his passionate kisses and was silent. The rest of day was filled with cleaning of all house, reading from knees of the fashionable English author and kind hearing from a chair, a romantic dinner by candlelight in Akulina's hands bathing with a lavender and a shower with pink buttocks, flogging on a bench in some stockings, and covering of hands of Masha uncountable kisses. Masha realized that she falls in love with him. She that and business to the current of day ran on kitchen where she approached him behind, nestled, lifted a hem and touched his buttocks, felt his penis, rummaged on all body under a dress. Holding him for a collar, I bit him for a lobe of an ear and I got drunk. Under the end he was again naked and chained to a bed backwards on a floor. Masha long lay in the twilight, having inclined the head down and looking to it in a face. Both were silent, being afraid to begin a conversation to which conducted all their previous communication. Masha suddenly decided: — Don't you consider me by the perverted nature? — No. — You were such innocent when we got acquainted. I feel myself the temper. — Ne feel. You only saw what I inside. If not you, I so also died, without having recognized yourself. — Do you like the fact that you learned o yourself? — It is pleasant — it isn't pleasant, sleep, my beauty... — With you you will fall asleep! — Masha flew from a bed, her sleeve shot up as wings, and she climbed to it, улёгшись on it from above. — Do you like the fact that you learned about me? — at him the voice sat down. — Yes. — She softly undertook tips of fingers his nipples. — No I am a sadist, I can't so just be fucked, I should torment. — Surprising coincidence! A I... — in this time Masha the strong fingers unscrewed his nipples, and he moaned —... an I am here a masochist, I need to suffer, before than to be fucked. Masha so fidgeted lying on him from above that his penis strained and began to fight her in a hip. Ne turning on him attention, she offered: — Then let's compare which of us as kisses another on a breast. I — here so — and it, having been curtailed on him kalachikom, I carried out by language on his nipples, then serially I drained in them strongly compressed lips, and finally I stuck into them teeth. — Akh, Masha, I will terminate now... — Ne dare without my permission. Suffer, understood? — Masha crawled away in the party and pulled down from herself a night shirt, a returned then and saddled him, having taken his penis in the hard and damp captivity. The circle became isolated, and all his dicks were pacified. — Now you — Masha whispered, having inclined to him by the breast, leaning o elbows a parquet. Kissing her breast, he suddenly realized that he does it the more gently and more intimate, than more cruelly she treated him the day before. And he wished both that, and another. He needed Masha. Mezhdu of subjects Masha went round him; nesmotrya on a narrow podkrovatnoye space, she did it by sharp and imperious pushes, really fucked him. She set to him a rhythm, imposed feelings, attracted him for herself, didn't leave, but and didn't allow to escape forward. Several time she released it and ordered to cool down, didn't achieve full submission yet. In an award she allowed him to terminate for the first time. Chains rang out. Masha stared at him, then ordered to consider orgasms. — If you get off — she smiled at his person — I will give you fifty lashes. He got off so the account. They cumed at the same time, kissed and were again fucked. — I love you — Masha told. — A I love you — he told. Dawn began to dawn. Masha in happy exhaustion was based at it upon a breast and watched shooters of wall hours. Days off came to an end, it was necessary to go to work. Masha with effort came off it and went for a key. When she turned to him a back, he was terrified: her shoulders and shovels were covered with crimson bruises in a type of rhombuses. They arrived to work together, and the chief long ago reflecting in what way to rally for implementation of extremely necessary project of these constantly clashing two told himself approvingly: — Yes at them everything is already coped. dating law student reddit date calculator quebec site mapMain Page