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Mother gave me a new name. Now I responded on Katya, Katyushka, Katerinka, Katenka. The truth, besides it, among other in my address sounded the whore, the whore, a hole, huyesoska, zhopolizka and to that similar words. Often to it increased smelly, dirty, washed-up, cheap. Mother liked to offend me, a was pleasant to bring me mother pleasure. Mother made to me a laser epilation on all body, having removed all excess hairs, a here it was ordered to grow head hair. It is ordered as I became skoree a slave, than just the daughter. Mother returned me an anal plug, and, on ee to the order, all that time while my bottom wasn't used, the plug was in me. Of course, it delivered me pleasure a great lot, but now I could jerk off only with mother's permission. Mother threw out all my men's clothes, but bought a great lot of women's and divided so me a part of the clothes. I had to cum in masturbation time only in panties, a sometimes even to write and crap without removing them. It was necessary to change linen so only under the mother's order, a to her, similar aromas, so probably were pleasant that cases when passersby nearby so me wrinkled noses were frequent. I began to accept women's hormones, and from it I considerably rounded buttocks and the breast began to grow. So far that my tits hardly held on to the first size, but gained amazing sensitivity. So what I sometimes cumed just fucking myself a mother's strap-on, fingering thus a nipple. Mother taught me to use cosmetics and to go on heels, a hair of the industry so that I could have hair cut kare. Slender legs, a flat tummy and fitting a bottom pass a skirt which are long was enough only for hiding my dick — for people around I was a stunning little girl, and guys constantly saw off me eyes. Mother fucked me a strap-on or any other suitable subject if it exciting suddenly seemed to her. Sometimes I was allowed to fuck ee, but more and more I brought it pleasure language, carefully licking hole ee. Once she called me with herself in a toilet, took seat on a toilet bowl, having moved apart legs, and ordered me to get up before her on knees. I obeyed ee and observed how from a mother's pisa urine hammered with a thin stream. When the yellowish stream ran low, mother slightly made effort, loudly broke wind, and I saw how from her in a toilet bowl small sausages of shit began to fall. After an excrement mother got up before me and told: — Nu-ka, the whore, podotri I wash писю with the whorish language — and I brought closer the moist vagina to my person. In a nose I struck a smell ssak and shit, I saw each droplet of urine shining on a mother's pizde and pubic hair. Having obediently put out a uvula, I carried out by it on each fold of a delightful pisa of my mother - madams, having collected all remained urine. After it I thrust a uvula into a hole and I carried out by it inside. — Good whore — mother praised me and stroked on the head as caress a dog. Then it was developed and slightly bent, having given ko to me a bum. Having taken itself for buttocks, she slightly parted them in the parties and ordered: — Now lick-ka A here, the mother's bottom has to be clean. I saw that brown weight was smeared on the internal surface of buttocks, and it became unpleasant to me. — I don't want, madam — I admitted. Mother was sharply developed and put in me such slap in the face that I even fell on a back. Then she delivered a leg directly to me on a groin and pressed. I cried from pain, tears began to flow from my eyes. — A to me to spit that you want, the smelly bitch! Or now you will pinch all shit from my ass, or I to you will crush balls! — mother shouted, ee the person flared hatred. — So what you choose, huyesoska?! — and slightly I strengthened pressure. Pain was such severe that I just couldn't refuse to her. — I will pinch your shit, madam — proskulil I. — More loudly! — mother ordered. — I will pinch all shit from your bottom, madam! — I cried. My voice shivered, I nearly broke on a falsetto, but mother smiled: — Here so, the whore, a that I already decided that you want to upset mummy — she turned away again, выпялив the back to me towards. Na this time she didn't begin to move apart buttocks, and I had to make it. I all still shuddered from skhlipov when I carried out by a tip of language on a mother's bottom scooped the first portion of a shit. Somehow licking a mother's anus I already tried on taste of ee of a shit, but then I was horney a cum pressed to me on brains. Now I felt only loathing, fear and disgust. To swallow mother's shit it was not such simple business. I nearly sblevala and only the miracle saved me from it. I time behind time repeated one and that operation — carried out on zasranoy to a bottom by language, collecting a little fresh shit, then, suppressing nausea, swallowed this harvest, a repeated then everything on new. At last I finished. The mother's bottom shone from my saliva, on her wasn't a speck, an in a mouth I had a terrible smack. Mother carried out by a finger at herself between buttocks and stared at result. — I so also knew what from you will turn out excellent podtirka. Now any time when I want to pee or do a poo, you will go to a toilet so me, and I will use your language instead of toilet paper. It is clear? — Yes, madam. dating law enforcement date calculator days and business days ( site mapMain Page