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On May 19 I married the former schoolmate Nikolay. When he passed into our class from other school I fell in love with him at once as it became clear then he too. We began to meet on his initiative, to me was 18, and to him 19. We saw each other every day, walked, I went to his matches (he is a football player). All the time I felt that he is eager to kiss me, to embrace more strong, to seize my body, but I didn't allow him it. The first time we kissed only after the wedding when all cried BITTERLY!!! And then long-awaited first marriage night came. I took a bath, washed each corner of the body. I put on silk lace lingerie. I left to the bedroom where he waited for me with an unbuttoned shirt and glasses of wine. We drank up to a throat, and then he took me for a waist of the big a hand completely having clasped. I by inertia moved away a little, and left so that the lower part we approached, and top washing was bent as a rainbow. He stuck the hot lips into my lips. So we kissed very long, he thrust the big language deeply into me, it terribly made horney me. Then we fell to a bed, and he began to kiss my neck, the person at reckless speed. A hip I felt something strongly sticking out from his trousers, I didn't know that it, but I wanted to feel it. Then he took off from me a brassiere and began to kiss my breast and to lick the bulked-up nipples. He caressed me hands gently and impatiently, and my big and white as snow the breast, became a half-hour haven of his lips and language. Then he began to fall below – on a narrow and deep depression in the ground between breasts, then edges, his sharp tongue plunged into my navel, tickled and went further. At me extremely sensitive skin, especially on a stomach I string lines of a navel so when he kissed this place, I was bent and I screamed. He slowly pulled together from me panties, I felt such defenseless against him. He gently spread my legs, I bent them in knees and before his face the long-awaited picture of my virgin shrine was developed. He tenderly began to stroke mine lano, then to kiss. After several minutes of this caress he moved apart my vulvar lips and saw as all at me expires juice inside. He began quickly, but very gently to move with a uvula at a small knob above. Then to go down across the bulked-up territory to the most intimate. He kissed my clitoris, pushed nearby in him the language, moved. I rose, I threw off from myself a shirt, I took off trousers, and I saw his body. The dick was the incredible sizes, centimeters 25-30, besides fat. Then he bent over me again and began to drive according to my Lang a dickhead … slowly … quicker … even quicker and sharply slid off to a vagina, but didn't enter. Then I kissed me on a mouth and I whispered "I love you". With these words he slowly and accurately shipped a tip of the dick in my narrow virgin vagina. It was a little bit sick, he stopped, and then began to move in me, gradually developing an entrance. I felt how I become more damp also mokry as juice flows from me. My vagina couldn't wait more and was eager for his dick all the interior. Then it calmed down … and then sharply and quickly the dick drove in me. I as though went crazy, moaned and was bent. Several seconds of silence and he began to move in me at reckless speed. Hlyupa and blows of his penis about walls of my vagina and uterus were heard. I noticed a little blood on a sheet, but it already didn't concern me in any way. Kolya strong held me and pressed, I felt that my body already doesn't obey me, legs extend, his dick enters me all deeper and deeper. I felt as wild disorders at myself between legs and in a tummy bottom, and he the friend stopped. He took me for hips, turned, bended over and again entered. My God as he loved me! He choked, kissed me and fucked from all forces. I thought that the man can't love when he has sex, but Kolya dissuaded me from it. We faced pubises, his balls struck my perineum. At some point I felt that if I touch the vulvar lips, then I will burn down … some more seconds and I cried from an orgasm which covered me and seized my body. The vagina began to fight and pulse, was broken off, expired and quickly revealed, was narrowed! Never before I had such feeling, but it was fine. On the last blows of my orgasm of Kohl moved in me from strengthened speed and I terminated … all in me was filled in with his hot cum. We fell to a blanket … he kissed me and embraced even more strong. Several minutes we didn't move, and then he turned me sideways, entered my heated and stretched flesh and the intercourse was started over again … I groaned, he snuffled … his hands squeezed my breast, caressed a tummy. For this night we made several sexual intercourses at once. Were engaged love all night long, cuming again and again!!! And in the morning I woke up under his gentle breath. He caressed me on a hand and whispered I even not could think of how he is happy … earlier that sex can be such wonderful and absolutely not dissolute that can't be told about our next times during the Honeymoon :))) be continued. dating ladybird books date ideas dfw site mapMain Page