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I noticed that my husband ceased to fuck me the last six-seven months as earlier. I gave any reasons and when he got down to business everything occurred quickly, poured in me in a droplet of a cum and on it everything came to an end. I remained unsatisfied. Often I was left without uniform orgasm that turned me into the nervous woman and at work and at home. But I was revolted after all by this change in his behavior. Also I decided to find the reason. The first that I was helped by this his excessive use of phone and I noticed that it writes sms all the time. To someone and that writes me in any way not to learn. There passed a lot more weeks and all was as before. He had birthday in February and he invited me in restaurant, but also there often he looked at phone. Sometimes I wrote short sms, but that was strange these are his frequent adventures in a toilet that I didn't notice till today. It surprised me, and then made the decision all to learn. When came home and went to bed, he didn't show any interest in sex, but I did all that he caressed me. Also I rubbed buttocks to him, and I put a hand to him on hips, and I squeezed on a dick and at the end I decided to do something. I fucked, but not as I would like. Woke up late in the morning as there was a revival, but he didn't show that he will fuck me in general. I was such wet that got up quickly and went to a shower. On the next week, he called and told that he will be late with friends to note retirement of one worker. I came when I already slept, and despite his efforts not to rustle, I woke up. He was drunk and hardly could stand. At once I undressed and without having put on, I failed in a bed and I fell asleep instantly. And I decided to get up and check some things quietly. The first, I watched it the coward. And without surprise I saw that there such huge spot of a cum that didn't leave doubt what he was engaged. The second, I watched his phone and I stood. It wrote a large number of sms and received from the woman whom I knew well, but never met us together. It means that she doesn't know that he is my husband! This woman is Zhenya, my friend. I knew her phone number well. She had a big scandal with the husband in two months ago when I found him with the mistress at the dacha. She called me and cried as to her it is bad. I calmed her and told that all men such. And now she is fucked with my husband and doesn't know that I am his wife. She put me in the same position, the whore! Now all it became clear and I decided to act. I began to watch for her movements every time when my schedule allowed me. And it yielded result. There passed one week and I saw when it entered the gym and in fifteen minutes I entered. It was glad me to see and spoke about that and seven. And when asked as at it it was died after swore with the husband, she answered that all is beautiful, works and walks that even the excellent lover with someone she meets at her often and all the time brings expensive gifts. Now to her to spit if he changes, she does to him too. I felt as my head began to spin and left it and told that I went to the pool, but at once went home. Here all that I needed to learn. Swine fuck behind my back! From this point I made the decision. Her husband long doesn't think when the woman here falls into his hands and decided to get. He knew me because often I went to them home, but he isn't familiar with my husband too. When I time saw as it brought her to the gym and left, I went to a part followed for him home. And I rose behind him. When he opened a door whether I asked houses Zhenya and he answered that it just went to the gym and will come by seven o'clock. I pretended that I leave, but he supported me. Also I entered. I came not to remain! At once I began to coquet and even I lit. He got a bottle and put on a table. Drank and I fell down a sofa, deeply inhaled and told My God what Zhenya the good fellow finds forces even after work to go to the gym! Work torments me that even to the husband I don't allow to touch me! On these words he sunbathed eyes and I noticed as he rubbed impudently the dick. I laughed and apologized that I caused him such excitement. But he denied and approached me and told that he is always ready for the woman if she doesn't object. Here also I told that though Zhenya my friend, but if I burn on doesn't watch anything. Also dispersed. He began with me to throw off clothes and then from himself. Both got up absolutely naked the friend opposite to the friend and embraced. But not long. I understood that he reached standards and it is time to get down to me to business. The dick was the decent sizes and on the expressed drawing of large veins is mute I gave a concept about extent of excitement. I took in a mouth, but it was too thick that I could enter his all to a throat. I sucked minutes five and I laid down on a sofa. Hair on a pubis were already covered with lubricant which plentifully flowed from the pussy and it spread my legs and sharply pulled. The dick entered up to the end and his hair and mine rubbed and I felt as the head reached to the bottom my pizda. The pleasant feeling of pain accelerated my orgasms and I groaned as the patient. And he seized me by a basin and turned sideways. The ass was raised and he entered into an anus a hot dick with such force that I have an impression as though entered a cucumber into me. So he fucked in me so far didn't release all volume of a cum. When took out a dick from me the characteristic sound was distributed and the stream of a sticky cum took off on a sheet. He was indignant and told what to remove urgently before arrival of the wife. But me was all the same. I fucked with him and one fucking revenged both the husband and the girlfriend moreover I was fucked by her husband. As she to me made with mine, I returned her delivery. Now when I want sex I long don't think. I leave and I always find the man that I fucked me and home. And the husband if I want I give, and if not, then let fucks Zhenya. I bragged too that found the lover who is always ready to fuck me instead of the wife! dating kylie lopez game eternals release date in india hotstar site mapMain Page