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That morning seventeen-year-old Amanda woke up early. She as usual gathered was to go already to school, but remembered that outside the window summer and she any more will never go to school. In vain she so got up early. But she didn't want to sleep any more. Having woken up, the little girl felt again the same feeling which she had yesterday. It was similar to expectation something like that that to some extent could change her life sharply. But so far it had no idea of it. Amanda remembered that yesterday little girls invited her to go out for a walk, but she didn't go. And now she very much wanted "not to stay at home" also she, having put on, I went home to the best girlfriend Arina. Early in the morning at a door knocked. Artur having shuddered, thought "someone so early to us brought?" also I opened a door. Amanda was on the threshold out of breath from walking, with a long wild hair, and it is tortured I looked at it. Amanda entered. Having quietly asked Artur "where Arina" she passed to her room. that was already dressed and obviously somewhere hurried. She told the girlfriend: "stay so far here. I will come soon, only don't leave" and I jumped out for a door. Amanda remained one in the room. To her it was intolerable hot and she undid two buttons on a light black blouse and in powerlessness was tumbled down on a bed. Arina-Artur's brother came into this moment to the sister. He first took Amanda for the sister and told that she "fast prepared something", but remembered that Arina isn't the house any more, and instead of her here - Amanda. Attentively I looked at the girlfriend on a sestrina. I looked round her all: since thin legs and finishing with a light strip of skin of a breast which opened thanks to unbuttoned buttons and finishing it is accidental the opened girl's shoulder. And suddenly sharply I felt thirst of warmth of others body. He sat down on a bed nearby and began to ask silly and bessmyslny questions to it. It answering them, it was a little bit removed from him aside. He noticed it and ceased to speak. I pushed the girl for a shoulder and she fell to a pillow. He sat down on edge of a bed with a side from it and bent to kiss. It was as though in a trance. His strong hands squeezed her weak hands and warm lips gave to gentle and untouched lips strong kisses. At last she rose and sat down. His hands became not that to undo, tear off the remained buttons. And lips kissed not only lips but also a neck now. The farther - the lower. Now they reached a breast and hands convulsively began to remove a bra that then, having removed it, tenderly to caress her breast. Then hands without obeying the owner any more began to tear off a skirt and silk panties. At the same time devushkino the body shivered. But he calmed and gave heat hands and lips. He softly moved her to a back of a bed parted legs... Amanda felt as they became a single whole and felt his correct movements in herself. She killed breath became frequent and uneven. She saw emerging over the city of sun behind his constantly moving back. She closed eyes and understood that already very soon all this will end, and she so didn't want it. He understood as now it is difficult for her because it at her for the first time and soothingly I caressed her and kissed gently. Suddenly on a body both there passed warm, even hot wave of happiness and pleasure and overflowed them entirely. It felt that his body in her began to decrease slowly and later left absolutely. After that her body ached about it for a long time... He got up and quietly put on, corrected a pillow and left to himself. She rose from a bed also quickly put on but suddenly heard a sound of steps of the girlfriend and saw her on a room threshold. Amanda told her that she leaves and that to her already it is time to go home I apologized and went to a door but behind the back felt someone's breath. it was Artur she smiled to him and having told silent so far slipped out for a door. and there I felt that her life didn't exchange at all unless now it is a female... dating korean muslim date ideas in dc site mapMain Page