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To the address specified in the invitation, Nastya with Igor arrived when already almost absolutely darkened. The beautiful two-storeyed mansion was surrounded with accurately cut bushes of which soft light cozy lamps looked out. This delicate light gave to the mansion a mysterious and romantic look. Nastya, smiling, I nestled on Igor, with the tickling curiosity examining the house and anticipating the adventure expecting them inside. They passed on an accurate path to a graceful porch. On a melodious call very beautiful friendly brunette in the short, fitting red dress opened for them a door. Igor stretched her their invitation. "Good evening. We are glad to see you in our club. Very much I hope that visit will be for you pleasant – with a seductive smile the girl made a purring sound. – Allow to lead you to the living room". The living room resembled small very cozy small restaurant, with a podium and a pole for dancers in the center and the darkened isolated alcoves with the round tables and soft sofas around them divided among themselves by partitions more. And with big heavy velvet portieres which at the request of guests could hide completely an alcove from other hall. On a podium under a beautiful melody almost completely naked young man and the girl gracefully moved. In air the light aroma of aromas, expensive champagne and excitement was felt. The brunette spent Igor and Nastya to one of tables. On it the vase with fruit and a bucket with a champagne bottle flaunted. And four glasses. "-Settle down, the electronic menu on a table, all of course at our expense, couples which are present today at club too are specified in the menu. Choose, and at coincidence as you at us newcomers, they will approach you. I will cut out a secret, you were marked out by all couples". And when they sat down on a convenient sofa, the girl bent over a table, showing a smart decollete "-I Wish you wonderful evening. If something is required to you, only call also I all at your service" – the brunette playfully winked and left couple alone. Nastya took the tablet from a table, without hesitating, threw off shoes and with legs nestled on a sofa near darling and they began to glance over couples. In the first the girl was some ordinary-looking, the second couple was too adult. And here the third couple was pleasant to her at once. Several enclosed photos from beach vacation and from a frank photoshoot showed the beautiful woman with an excellent figure and very nice man, is slightly younger than the partner. "-How to you this couple?" – she looked at the man, "— Yes, I approve your choice – Igor smiled in reply. – Let's get to know each other closer" — Also pressed "a double heart" on the questionnaire. Very soon the pleasant couple came up from darkness and approached their table. The man right there lowered curtains. It wasn't pleasant a little to Nastya as if this young man, even without having got acquainted, already decided that he him precisely will be what to hide from views of others. However, he was very attractive, and the woman was just a beauty. The blonde with a fashionable short hairstyle, in the stylish jacket fitting a high breast and the short skirt opening slender suntanned legs. Beautifully outlined sensual lips were decorated by a friendly smile. The man was in the fitting jeans and the dark shirt undone on a breast showing all the large gold chain hanging on a neck. The wrist of the man was decorated by big, a little coarse, but obviously very expensive watch on a metal bracelet. "-I am Eduard – he was presented – And this is my wife, Olga" – Igor reaped the given hand "is Anastasia, and I am Igor. Very pleasant" New acquaintances sat down for a table, it opposite to Nastya, and the woman near her. "– Me … More true to us too very pleasant — the man didn't take eyes from Nastya – We are glad to see you in our club. I was sure that you will choose me and Olga. I will be glad to tell how here all can and be shown of course" He got a champagne bottle from a bucket – again without having asked. "– I suggest to drink for our successful acquaintance", – and I began to open a bottle. "– What difficulties wouldn't bring you to us, you can not doubt, we are able to give true pleasure here". "– But we have no difficulties — this pontovaty handsome man began to irritate Nastya – We arrived for the sake of new acquaintances, an adventure and interesting communication. And cool sex – only as communication continuations". "— Yes, of course. – Appear, strongly touched Eduard that the girl killed his performance — We all for the sake of adventures here. And cool sex with new partners. And here you will be able precisely to learn that such true pleasure. We have no place here to boring matrimonial sex but only the embodiment of any your most secret imaginations. We will help you to test everything that you hesitate in the usual life of. So to speak, we will help you to expand your horizons …" Nastya looked at the man and in the twilight noticed how Igor smiles, listening to this boaster. Smile of a predator. Also I understood that tonight expansion of the horizons expects someone another. The girl decided what, perhaps, can begin to be bent this vainglorious peacock and already frankly with a call said "– Well so give, show me right now" – and with these words she raised a short skirt, moved apart legs, and it became visible that there are no panties on her. Eduard nervously swallowed, jumped and already stretched to undo jeans, but Nastin externally quiet voice right there stopped him "-No. You didn't understand. My imagination at all not in it. On knees before me" the Man suddenly became puzzled a little and looked at the wife. And here it became clear someone really main in this family "– Edik, you that, badly caught Anastasia? – Olga had a low voice and a little languid – Kneel and do that she ordered you. Also try that she was happy". – Eduard bypassed a table and kneelt between widely placed amazingly beautiful hips of Nastya. As bewitched, he looked at very beautiful sponges of her pussy. "– Well and where my pleasure? Show me already" – Nastin a voice urged on it. Here Olga gave a hand and, having taken the man for hair, with a force attracted his head to the Nastiny pussy. Edik literally stuck lips into the pussy of the girl and was accepted diligently and, however, was quite able to lick her. Olga drew near Nastya very close. "– I the truth hope that you derive very strong pleasure here". – And, having dipped a hand into Nastiny hair, hot I clung lips to the girl's lips in a passionate kiss. One hand of Nastya appeared on a naked hip of Olga, and began to climb wonderfully smooth skin above and above. The right hand slipped between legs of her darling, and already intense dick under fabric of trousers instantly found. Nastya should have touched only a lightning as Igor, having understood her desire, instantly undid trousers and in her hand such elastic and hot delightful dick of her man slipped. Olga, having come off Bays Nasti, I looked at him. And widely I opened eyes in enthusiastic surprise. Nastya always very much liked to watch reaction of their lovers who for the first time saw a horney dick of her darling. She was covered by some cheerful pride as if she bragged of something cool. And now in the opinion of the woman she read the strongest not hidden desire to feel this dick. Nastya was captured by passionate desire to admire as these beautiful, full sponges of Olga will slide on her favourite head as this dexterous uvula will caress a firm huge trunk. "– What cool dick …" — was Exhaled by Olga. "– Well so take him" – happy Nastya murlyknut. The Edika language which is greedy caressing her pussy was very pleasant and the hot wave of desire already began to cover the girl. She with pleasure observed how Olga bypassed a table and approached Igor. Then I kneelt, as well as her Edik and Nastya directed an elastic dick directly to her slightly opened sponges. Olga with pleasure kissed a head and then became at first gently, but all is hotter with each movement, to caress her a uvula. Edik with pleasure caressed a uvula Nastya's pussy, and nearby his wife with ecstasy licked Igor's dick. The show was so exciting that Nastya felt how all her body is covered by a sweet shiver. She wanted that she was covered by a fast orgasm, but Edik, though gave her pleasure, but the heat of her excitement long enough couldn't hold everything in any way. There passed several minutes, and the orgasm everything wasn't, and Nastya a little disappointedly moaned. Olga raised the head, having come off the shaking member Igor. The eyes which are absolutely obscured from excitement she looked at Nastya, then at the trying Edik. "– So. Depart. You see, the girl wants more better" – she ordered the husband. And only he was removed, Olga, without tearing off a little mad person from desire of a look from Nastiny eyes, amazingly wonderfully and hot nestled lips to her pussy. And her hot uvula it is delightful skillfully I zaporkhat exactly there and exactly as Nastya wanted. Also it was felt as if still the great passion was transmitted to Nastya through Olga's look, and from the strongest sexual energy of this look the girl was covered by some, absolutely ultraboundary excitement. It was so cool that several seconds later hips of the girl began to tremble, hands seized a fair hair of Olga, breath became faltering, and groans are louder. Nastya shook all, she felt the accruing shaft of hot strong pleasure driving to her pussy and in a moment she loudly screamed, having felt as this shaft blew up there and poured the shivering heat on all her body. Olga raised the head, and at first gently kissed the pulsing damp sponges of the Nastiny pussy, and then rose and hot kissed the girl on a mouth, transferring to Nastya taste of her own excitement. "-We have comfortable private rooms here, suggest to move there" – Olga whispered. — "-Soon after, of course. But now I have other idea" — Nastya brought closer lips to the ear of the blonde – "-Now I want to see how your boy will suck away a dick of my man". She felt how Olga strongly and falteringly sighed from sharp excitement. And too on an ear to Nastya with hot aspiration I said — "-Oh yes. I am made horney long ago by a thought to look how Edik sucks a dick. And Igor has him such cool. It seems, I will terminate only looking at it". Nastya playfully smiled — "-I am sure, Igor will find for you more pleasant way to terminate. Right there nobody minds if we wet a floor?" - Eyes of the blonde were a little rounded also she, also in a whisper, asked — "-That is — we will wet?" — "-That is I want to see how you skvirtut" — "-I don't know, generally at me few times also that only turned out slightly" — "-There now and we will try. Heard what your husband told? It is necessary to expand the horizons" — Nastya very much was amused this exciting game and at the same time felt how she is brought more and more by this adventure. Meanwhile, Olga got up and, amazingly sexually having lifted a short skirt. Before Nastya and Igor's eyes hips of the beauty and a thin strip of white lacy panties against the background of suntanned skin appeared a wonderful form. Then, having flexibly bent, Olga removed panties, and Nastya with pleasure admired the well-groomed smooth pussy, with an accurate stripe of hair on a pubis. - "Mmmm … What beautiful girl" — and without restraining, with pleasure I came nearer, fell between slender legs of Olga both gently and hot I kissed the girl's pussy. The loud groan of pleasure escaped from Bays Olgi and her knees began to tremble, and began to give away literally from amazing touches of the Nastiny uvula which is passionately caressing her clitoris and sponges. Olga was unable to interrupt this wonderful caress though already almost I fell on the legs which weakened from passion. She leaned on a table and clasped Nastya's head with hands. Nastya was captured by the strongest desire to bring to this sweet beauty the same pleasure as soon as thanks to her, I felt. Was to feel very cool how each movement of a dexterous uvula forces all body of the girl to be bent and shiver from pleasure. The bulked-up Olga's clitoris already slightly towered over gentle folds, and Nastya with playful pleasure again and again a uvula tip gently caressed him, causing more and more strong groans of the mistress. She passionately clasped elastic buttocks of the girl, having merged in a kiss with Olga's pussy expiring and shivering under her caress even more deeply. Nastya felt how the girl's hips as her breath begin to shiver small there is all preryvisty, and groans more loudly and longer and it caused in her a wave of hot pleasure and some delight. And in several sweet moments, Olga began to shake all over, loudly screamed and fell to a sofa, having squeezed hips and shuddering in hot waves of the gushed bright orgasm. Nastya got up, happily smiling. Igor, having risen her towards, gently I embraced and I kissed darling. They took glasses from a table and, having clinked glasses, drank. Then Nastya as if remembered about Edik sitting nearby. That, having undone jeans, I caressed the sticking-out dick. It seemed to Nastya that not too impressive. However, small he it seems too wasn't. "-Well, I terminated, Olga too. As you wanted to show us true pleasure, you needed to show only it to Igor" — Nastya already frankly was amused. "-Meaning?" — with some nervous fright Edik asked. "-What it isn't clear to you, Eduard? I want that you licked a dick of my man. It is my secret imagination which you threatened to embody". It seemed, Edik will jump now and will escape, but here as if to the place pressed him heavy and how it seemed to Nastya, some madly sexual voice of Igor "-Well you, the guy? Girls very much want to see it. You wanted to give them pleasure. So show that you can not only brag. It obviously very much will be pleasant to them, isn't it girls?" Both girls languidly smiling, nodded. And Edik as if hypnotized bypassed a table and kneeled before the reared huge dick of Igor. Olga who already a little departed from an orgasm as bewitched, without coming off, I watched how lips of her husband approach a damp head of a penis and quietly I whispered "-the Whore, I now again will terminate" — and when language of her husband slid on the dick, the girl quietly moaned from excitement. Edik took a huge dick in a hand and began to suck diligently it and to lick a head. For Nastya the show was madly exciting, and she felt that she wishes bigger as if they gained some delightful height, and with each movement at her took the breath away more and more. Igor sat down on a sofa, near Olga. Nastya settled near her, on the other hand. Edik, on a lap before the man continued, already with obvious pleasure, having even covered eyes, to lick his big, elastic dick. And here Igor, having exchanged glances with Nastya, having a little turned to Olga, I gave a hand between her legs and, having gently stroked fingers the pussy, I got them into her. Olga moaned enough. "-Whether still will be" — Nastya whispered to her on an ear and kissed the girl. Her hands, at last, undid a stylish jacket under which there was a beautiful thin lacy translucent bodice, in tone to the panties lying on a floor. Then Nastya's fingers skillfully found already sharply sticking out nipples of the girl and began with them ruthlessly sweet game. And Igor, having very soon found the most sensitive points in the pussy Olga, skillful movements I began to increase the passionate pace surely. Suddenly Olga's eyes extended in some mad surprise. The mouth opened and she screamed. At first once, then also soon already on each strong movement of a hand of Igor the girl loudly screamed and soon her groans began to merge in one loud shout. Igor's movements became very sharp and strong, and suddenly Olga's pussy literally exploded plentiful splashes of the mad skvirt. Shouts of the girl literally choked in the shortage of air, appear, she will faint from wild pleasure now. All her body was furiously bent. She gasped a mouth, choking in an improbable orgasm. Nastya strong seized her a leg that the girl couldn't interrupt this delightful and delightful torture, and her darling caused everything new and new powerful fountains of matchless pleasure. Edik, enchanted looking at a mad skvirt of the wife and continuing to lick Igor's dick with pleasure, a hand the dick quickly masturbated. And literally in several seconds after the wife he got nervous too, the man's dick from a mouth released, I pushed a hand even quicker and with groan splashed out a powerful stream of a cum, merging in an orgasm with the wife shouting from pleasure. Incredibly rough several seconds later, Igor stopped a little. Olga decided that on it he will stop and having gathered at last air could moan "is what was?! Sorry, but it was just very well". Nastya smiled broadly "-So and there is more to come". Olga shook even stronger — "-That is how not all?! I at all never had it! I won't be able to cum any more!". "-I can argue, you will be able. But now I want to continue. Not for nothing I sacrificed manicure" — and with these words Nastya's hand got into Olga's pussy, directly over strong fingers of darling. Olga only loudly moaned, gathering air. Igor skilled movements directed dexterous fingers of Nastya, and they right there found there those points which were so strongly made horney by her man. Then Igor's hand slipped out, and the girl already herself began a wonderful game in the flaring and expiring blonde's pussy. Nastya's palm softly and strongly pressed on a clitoris, and fingers were pressed the most sensitive sections inside. And in several seconds Olga's body began to shake and clogged at hand girls again. Nastya's movements became quicker and are hotter, and already the pussy of the mistress began to tremble and was already ready to explode. And at this moment Nastya with ultraboundary delight felt how on her hips familiar strong fingers behind laid down … As favourite hands lifted up her short skirt … As I touched the pussy expiring her hot desire it is delightful familiar elasticity of a favourite dick … As his huge hot damp head moves apart the sponges of her pussy exhausted with desire … And at last, as the powerful elastic wonderful dick of Igor literally rushes into her damp pussy up to the depth, forcing all body of Nastya to shout literally from pleasure. And her man hot and strongly moved in her, setting speed and her hand, for several moments of the mistress who stood in the pussy. And already they merged in a passionate rhythm as if in uniform fantastic dance. And mad seconds later, Olga's pussy began to gush forth without restraint again and from it Nastya shook in mad waves of the approaching orgasm. Igor, having felt darling, I moved even more furiously, it is delightful rushing into the hottest depths of her body. And almost at once Nastya felt wild explosion of enthusiastic pleasure as mad, continuing by a hand to cause promptly all new fountains from the pussy of the girlfriend who is already squealing in an ultraboundary orgasm and feeling as inside suddenly wonderfully I began to tremble a huge elastic dick and in a moment blew up in her hot streams of the cum filling her. And all three lovers merged in uniform ultraboundary pleasure. A minute later Nastya recovered from the fact that her new girlfriend covered her face with gentle and grateful kisses. "-My God, it was improbable! Both of you are improbable! Thanks darling. I never had such strong orgasm. Still shakes me. I can't calm down. As though slightly I cum again and again" — the getting-off voice Olga whispered. "-We go to a pvt. I want rather at least to try to thank you for such wild high" — with these words Olga rose by strongly shivering legs and approached a portiere. But not to the hall, and hanging nearby and as it appeared, hiding an almost noticeable door. Olga smiled, seeing Nastino surprise "is a local secret. It is very convenient. If beginners aren't pleasant, don't speak to them about an exit to private rooms. And if everything is fine how at us, it isn't necessary to go through all hall". The girl the easy movement shifted a secret door aside, and that silently disappeared in a wall. Behind her the room most of which part was occupied by the huge round bed covered with a dark velvet and with a heap of multi-colored small pillows opened quite spacious, lit with delicate light. Nastya managed to notice still a huge chair with a high back and a big bathtub directly in a room corner. But the detailed excursion was obviously not in the plans of her mistress. Having instantly thrown off from itself a jacket, having gracefully thrown off a short skirt from hips and one movement having thrown off a bodice, completely naked blonde fast and dexterous fingers skillfully helped Nastya to get rid of a dress on the run. And then I carried away her on a bed. And right there, having turned the smiling girlfriend on a back, at first sensually I nestled to Nastiny lips, in a greedy, fast and passionate kiss, and then, hot I clung soft hot lips to invitingly to the sticking-out nipples. On all body of Nastya strong, but surprisingly gentle and pleasant warm wave when the moist and elastic uvula of Olga zaporkhat on a vershinka of an intense nipple swept. Fingers of the wonderful mistress clasped her breasts and began to squeeze them softly. In several sweet moments, she was pierced by painfully sharp enthusiastic feeling when Olga gently bit the nipple which became amazingly sensitive, and fingers squeezed a nipple of the second breast. Nastya's body was curved from pleasure, and from lips the loud groan of pleasure broke. Both caresses of the woman and feeling in the embraces of her fine, hot and elastic body were madly pleasant to her. Testing Olga's caress bringing to a delightful shiver, Nastya at the same time admired a suntanned body of the girlfriend, her slender waist and the smart, a little exposed up buttocks. She caressed the blonde's skin surprisingly silky to the touch, started fingers in her fair hair, continually with pleasure shuddering with groan when the skilled mistress hot squeezed a nipple fingers or bit teeth. Soon, a wonderful game continued when easy and very gentle touches, the uvula slid Holguin on Nastiny skin down, on a tummy, tenderly and hotly slipped on fine bends in the bottom of a stomach, causing waves of goosebumps as if all her body was suddenly filled is delightful enthusiastic champagne. And at last, the uvula with pleasure found the exhausted gentle sponges of her pussy, and slowly and is damp walked on sensitive folds. Nastya loudly in a voice moaned, and slightly squeezed beautiful hair of Olga in fingers, pressing her head at herself between widely placed legs. The blonde, widely clasped with full soft Bays Nastinu the pussy and is delightful kissed sponges, a uvula continuing to get into the intimate folds expiring desire. Then the girl slightly parted with fingers sponges, having opened bulked up and to madness a sensitive clitoris, and carried out by a tip of a uvula on him. The bright pleasure literally pierced Nastya, and she involuntarily began to tremble. "-Oh yes, the darling … it is fine … Don't stop … Yes …" — the girl absorbed by amazingly acute pleasure when Olga's uvula began to caress skillfully which is almost shivering from excitement, a clitoris and the expiring folds around only could also groan. Nastya, already without restraining at all, I almost shouted when the girl clasped her clitoris with hot sponges and I began to suck. And it filled Nastina the pussy with heat of the rolled orgasm. She felt some new shades of pleasure in the coming hot peak of pleasure. As if it filled her with some passionate tenderness and wasn't such furious and mad, as from her favourite dick or strong fingers of Igor. But here thoughts finally were interrupted by her. Her hips often began to shake, all her body пружинисто was curved, hands strongly pressed the blonde's head between the shivering hips and, during the next moment she with loud shout literally exploded is really fascinating gentle and bright sexual delight. And having raised the blonde's head, she attracted the girl to herself, having nestled on her all shivering body, merged with her madly damp and passionate kiss. In several moments when strong waves gave way to a languid shiver, Nastya felt that this orgasm didn't fill her with a pacification and luxury. And she is filled hot by desire to continue pleasure. And still she just incredibly wanted to bring the mistress to a bigger madness, to force this fine body to fight and shout even stronger from her caress. But still she wanted to feel in the pussy this wonderful uvula again. Then she, having smiled, I turned the mistress on a back. Having admired high, beautiful boobies of Olga, Nastya with pleasure squeezed them in hands, felt their exciting elasticity, and kissed the small, heatedly sticking-out nipples. But instead of continuation of tendernesses, she, having dexterously dodged, almost in one movement it appeared over the face of the girlfriend, the incredibly beautiful pussy directly opposite to the girl's lips. And once she began to fall, Olga passionately embraced her hips and nestled lips to this still to the pussy shivering after a recent orgasm. Nastya with strong pleasure felt heat and passion of this elastic female uvula inside, and didn't refrain from loud groan. With an easy regret, she thought that in several moments, this remarkable mouth won't be able to give her any more such pleasure as it will be busy with shouts of pleasure. Smiling to the thoughts, she gave a hand between beautiful hips of Olga. Having slipped fingers there, the girl took sponges, having squeezed between fingers, and began softly, but strongly squeezing them, to caress a smooth and hot pussy of the mistress. Olga loudly moaned, and her uvula moved in the Nastiny pussy is even hotter. But in several moments, Olga threw back a head and often began to breathe, any more not in forces from pleasure to continue the caress. And Nastya felt the real delight, feeling as the body of the girlfriend responds to each movement of her fingers. And she squeezed madly hot and expiring blonde's pussy more and stronger and is hotter. And when felt how her sponges strongly pulse, I began to move quickly fingers on sponges and the girl's clitoris. Olga from this delightful torture suddenly almost began to sob, her body began to fight in some sexual hysteria, she as if wanted to escape, not in forces to transfer incredibly acute pleasure, but Nastya strong pressed her to a bed and continued to bring closer the moment of wild pleasure. And here she already began to feel, the first splashes in a jet orgasm and Olga began to scream already loudly, her buttocks and hips involuntarily began to tremble, and at this moment, Nastya looked at the darling sitting in a chair near a bed. I met the eyes of him and I read perfect adoration, admiration of darling and the strongest excitement in his eyes which darkened from passion. Igor quickly got up and came nearer. Nastya with pleasure saw that her favourite dick is completely horney. And again I was glad as well her man understands her when Igor put a dick to Olga's pussy beginning to gush forth. Nastya took his dick in a hand and began to drive very quickly an elastic head on Olga's clitoris. In couple of seconds splashes of the skvirt became the real fountain, and at this moment, Igor, to improbable delight of Nastya, deeply and powerfully rushed an elastic dick directly into the gushing forth sponges. Olga literally began to squeal from ultraboundary feelings, her hips shuddered and were torn towards to a magnificent dick, trying to interrupt this mad pleasure. But Nastya pressed her the body to a bed, and Igor strong held her legs both again and again rushed the dick into the pussy beating with the strongest fountains of the skvirt. The show of a powerful dick of the beloved who is slipping out almost to the head, again rushing into the beautiful pussy of her wonderful mistress, and squeal of a wild orgasm of Olga suddenly filled all body of Nastya with instant furious excitement. Her pussy pulsed as if this dick entered her or it gushed forth a violent skvirt. She, continuing as if in unconsciousness, one hand it is delightful to cut splashes from a clitoris of the girlfriend, the second hand I embraced the beloved, I Attracted him to myself and passionately I kissed. And as if they it increased excitement each other – Igor began to roar in approach of an orgasm, and Nastya felt how her pussy instantly flared and as suddenly, merging with shouts of orgasms of Olga, and loud growl of darling, the girl as if flashed in wonderful fireworks and violently streamed the orgasm on a breast and lips of the girlfriend. And all three lovers were captured by a uniform stream of pleasure … dating jw iphone 14 release date in india price site mapMain Page