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Part 5 Having come back home from Tabolsky, Stas noticed crafty sparkles with which followed humiliating tone she addressed the brother in the opinion of the sister: – And that the brother, got to himself a harem at home, so also you take a job on the party, the asshole. I hope service was with food? – and is slightly more silent that didn't uslykhat mother, – received from Fima a debt, the bastard?... – Purely partnership, nothing personal, Stas calmed the sister. – I fucked three adult women and nothing personal! – indignantly Olga exclaimed, having given easy slap in the face to the brother. – Is you will be? In kitchen itself eat, – and with irritation I added, – not to touch Us, after the aunt. – Didn't you, a case take notice of my friend, Olyushk? – having embraced the sister Stas took an interest. – What from you to take young children? That you that he, one word – a patsanv anxious, – and having shaken his hands left yourself to yourself. – Yes, "there was no three-copecks piece not a stiver yes suddenly", – Stas grinned, and having wished to the sister good night, glanced to mother. Having convinced that Valentina Stepanovna sleeps, having quietly covered a door, I went to the room to sleep. But he hadn't to fall asleep, the door was slowly opened and on a threshold there was an easy figure of Olga. – Don't you sleep, the libertine? Move a little. I will lay down. I can't fall asleep. Listen, Stasik I want to marry Fima, well not now, of course, over time, you will help? – To go nuts! Are you serious? You are more senior than him and, Ada Mikhaelovna in a moment will rake him over the coals. Listen why he to you at your delights? – Stasik marveled embracing the little sister, – the only advantage, so at me it isn't worse, and to marry only because of it silly. Even having the beauty the wife how you, Fimka, both fucked other women, and will go to the party, it is necessary to you? He precisely without it won't leave the mummy, here and will be wound from one bed in another. – We still will look at it in whose thicket … – Olga thoughtfully uttered, dipping a hand into Stas's pants, – you keep me informed his hobbies. For a start about your general beauty, someone such? And Stas told Olga everything that learned from Ada Mikhaylovna, about her sympathy for Lyubka, as about the real candidate of the desired daughter-in-law. The sister showed sincere surprise of similarity of a situation with their fathers, both deserted the families … I was surprised the arisen communication of a "related" relationship between Fimkaya and the Mouthpiece. – Here and a solution of her cooling in your relationship. It is more best to you not to show friendship with Fima, let him independently try to obtain this girl, but if she is aware about his daddy, chances of the boy are close to zero. In a word, I wish you good luck in your fight for this baby, let will win against the strongest, and I will get the loser and losers there has to be your friend, with the shaken surname Tobolsk, – Olga pulled hard on Stas and kissed him, not a related kiss. * * * – The trouble with your brother – complained Valentina Stepanovna to the daughter, at night you won't lay, in the morning from a bed you won't pull down. In total you, an infection, detained the boy till midnight, and in the morning to someone to awake, mothers again? – Go, don't break, morning sex, mummy, the most sweet and if sets accidentally, so to you it only to a high, – Olga laughed the matter off. – Can more better to you, with me it is taken, will only waste time. – Go, and that to me with you to dawdle again, – I addressed the daughter Valentina Stepanovna, coming into the bathroom. Having exhausted all arguments, mother entered to Stas and having approached him pulled for edge of a blanket. The son discontentedly slightly opened eyes and having grasped Valentina Stepanovna by a hand attracted to himself the resting mother dressed hastily in a dressing gown. – What decided, the tyrant lascivious, – Valentina Stepanovna opposed, – you will be late for occupations, will expel, you will get into army. – And in army of the woman happen, – with pleasure stretching Stasik reported intercepting mother by a hand and overturning to itself on a bed, – give on fast, on family, itself you play for time. Olga sitting in a bathtub, I heard the muffled groans of mummy, being content with the fact that it isn't necessary to force before leaving Valentina Stepanovna to female entertainments any more. On painful shrieks and the asking groans of mother she concluded that Stas not for nothing was zealous with the concubine. * * * Efim as always waited for the friend on a bench in the park, with impatience peering into passing by the pedestrians hurrying on the affairs. Every day it became more cool and just not movably it became unpleasant to sit on a bench. By there passed first-year students already familiar to him from school, and Stas everything wasn't. Suddenly from passing by passersby Lyubka Krasnikova with the folder of etudes an armpit went to him. – Do you wait for the friend? – Sympathetically looking at the cold guy's figure, the girl took an interest, – didn't bother to stick out every day here or you have a love, and he at you for the girl? – What you stir, – looking back at passing by familiar children Fimka muttered, getting up from a bench, – you, I look, too didn't wait to Sochnev. – And I never and wait for nobody, Kapusha herself knows the road. Went, occupations begin soon. Today Blinnikov conducts, to him it is more best not to be late, and that will expel. Lyubka in a familiar way grasped Fima's elbow and bustled near him, nestling on his side. – If they are absent yet, we will sit down together, another time let aren't late, – I chattered on the run of Lyubk, nestling on the fellow traveler more closely. – And that the truth that I was employed in guides, – the guy agreed, quickening the pace. Because of an old chestnut there was Stas, smiling after the leaving couple, – Adochka, I satisfied your request, they together, – and having looked back on the parties allocated in crowd of passersby a maiden figure in the white knitted hat hurrying to an exit from the park. – A cap, we are late today – having overtaken for the hurrying girl, Stas called to her, – hi the colleague, – he joked. It is possible for me with you to school, won't abuse? – From what it suddenly, you pretend that we aren't familiar, impudently you stick on the street – with a smile the girl answered, avoiding to look in eyes to Stas. – Do you want the truth? You to us from the first day of acquaintance aren't indifferent. And for the second day suddenly I showed to us from Fimkaya absolute indifference for what we slightly took offense and not without the bases since more successful admirer appeared, in the person of mister Blinnikov, and not everyone can experience similar offense, but then we … – And what then? – Stas's girl outstripped, – decided that on me there are other fish in the sea so whether? – having intercepted a bag in other hand I prompted the Cap. – It is possible to tell and so... And what remained to us? To vtreskatsya finally completely and to quarrel for the rest of life after so many years of friendship? No, live with the world the darling, around there are so much charming little girls, only one haunts, well why you and why this "happiness" dropped to us to two and mister Blinnikov? – Stas argued stepping over pools without looking on the Cap. – That, I can respond to frankness to the same, – I interrupted the Cap of a reasoning of the guy, – I fell in love with one of you, certainly, Blinnikov here at anything too. And to choose one and to offend another – not well somehow. And then, evening of the same day the stepfather told that Fima his son and he would like that we were on friendly terms. Well I am ready to execute it, Fimochka the wonderful boy and I wouldn't object to friendship with him. And then, we with him, for quite some time now, are in some relationship, though in formal. There is it "happiness dropped" to you. Tell, and it is necessary for you? – That to refuse him, it is necessary to find in you at least one or two shortcomings physically, but which day I don't manage it. I usually in a similar situation leave according to my method. What beautiful the girl wouldn't be, there will always be though the slightest defect in her appearance. A face, legs, a breast, buttocks, you look and you find, and you are free from obligations to by itself. And this method doesn't work with you. – Probably, more detailed survey is necessary, but I wouldn't like to lose you as a result of your search of defects. However, can risk?... – And suddenly I will find? I don't want to lose you too … And when and where? – And right after registration in a registry office! – cheerfully I prompted the Cap and modulatingly I burst out laughing. – Even all teeth are perfect, – Stas with regret stated, examining object of studying, – but to a registry office I will definitely not bear. They ran into the building of school and stopped on a class threshold where behind easels there were already their fellow students and with concentration pored over the still life begun still yesterday. In pass between easels Vadim Nikolaevich Blinnikov strolled, absent-mindedly darting glances at works of the pupils. – You are late young people, – he addressed the entered children. You come, but next time you will put the easels on that side of a door. In the depth of a spacious class behind easels their friends settled down, showing absolute indifference to late. Having passed in the end of a workshop of the Cap got up for a free easel, having passed Stas near itself. Having concentrated attention on the still life exposed ahead, she suddenly felt on a back Stas's hand slipping down to the clenched buttocks. – Stasik, we will be seen and easels to us already even behind a door won't be allowed to put, – the scared whisper I tried to stop the Cap of the neighbor. It got a hand for a back, wishing to remove the temper, but that dexterously enclosed her in a palm, something very large and warm, having squeezed the hand carefully pushed her. A cap I understood that she was offered by Stas, despite burning desire to test an invisible subject, she nevertheless started occupation, unusual to herself, moving a hand, having hidden a face behind an easel, watching closely advance on pass of the teacher. Stas touched by a free hand a breast of the girl and stroking fingers her top felt the hardening kidney on a thin trunk of a maiden camp. A cap, settling in the lover's hands on a chair, I felt the concerning weakness and the approaching fear, to be convicted of this delightful horror. Having left Stas's dick she got up from a chair and having called to the teacher, having referred to feeling sick asked for leave from occupations until the end of day. Having involuntarily shaken, having grasped the standing Stas's easel, she slowly went on pass and having taken couple of steps fell by a chair. Blinnikov it is disturbing having looked at the girl, I nodded nearby to the standing Stas and suggested to take to the Cap home. Looking narrowly at pallor on a girl's face, thought about himself whether "she is pregnant from this guy?". Children left school and went to the park. There the Cap fell by a bench and having inclined the head on Stas's shoulder having sobbed I told: – Forgive Stasik, at me is for the first time, the foolish woman grew hysterical, slightly I didn't bring us. – it is guilty I looked away the Cap, having put the palm on Stas's knee, – let's go to us to the dacha. We will be some there, you shouldn't wait for registration, I joked. It is more best to marry when not sex on the first place. Let we will oversleep and if it doesn't become the only thing that will pull together us, then it is possible to think further and of registration. * * * Liouba a distrustful look saw off the girlfriend and Stas hurrying behind her with bags – the baby, and in appearance unpretentious is cunning, – and having met Fima's look, crookedly grinned: – Your card of bit, mister Tobolsky. Don't cry the young man, her choice is made, want I you I will console? Fima it is gloomy I looked at the neighbor and I turned away. And the consolation was necessary and Olya Vetkina was this consolation. After classes, having got off importunate Liouba, he a quick step went to her home. – You from me won't get to the boy anywhere, – Liouba smiled, looking at the leaving Fima, – that, go cry, and you will return all the same to me. And I will visit your father so far. He precisely at me on a hook also waits for the libertine. * * * – Nikolay Stepanovich, to you the visitor, the secretary in the selector microphone reported, – having looked at Lyubka facing her, – She can enter? – Let passes, – reached from the loudspeaker and the visitor was behind an office door with the chromeplated plate "Chief engineer Tobolsk Nikolay Stepanovich". – What to you? – strictly the owner of an office asked, having looked at a good-natured face of Lyubki, – I told that I waited, but wasn't dragged for me. – I missed you, here and it was dragged. I don't like to wait, I will become the old woman until I wait. Maybe you will send the suckretary where far away, and we will be engaged in business so far, – approaching Nikolay Stepanovich, Lyubka sang. – Sit down the silly woman juvenile, forgot where came? – Warned Tobolsk and having kept silent added, – you till what time are free? – With you, though for the rest of life … What you with me as with the girl on a call, – Liouba decided to take offense, drawing a finger at itself on a breast intricate a monogram, but having come across a prickly look of Nikolay Stepanovich, hasty I added: – To nine to be at home … Mother becomes hysterical if I come later. – The devil contacted the baby, – having looked for hours Nikolay Stepanovich annoyancely thought. – So, now you leave and you wait for me behind gate at a bus stop. – To wait long? – The girl took an interest, getting a pack of cigarettes from a bag. – Hide this rubbish that I didn't see any more, I don't stand the smoking women. Go where told and wait, I will be soon. Lyubka sat at a stop, looking at factory gate, waiting for the lover. Whether truly she arrived that released Fima and it was seduced with lust to his father. From now on, it is inadmissible. The foreign car which stopped nearby distracted the girl from reflections, behind tinted glass of a window she distinguished the face of Nikolay Stepanovich driving the car. Liouba dived into the car on the front place near it and slammed a door. – That you long as! – whimsically the maiden was indignant, having settled down on a leather seat of the car. Suddenly somebody saw me here. – Therefore forbade to look for with me meetings. Nothing, you will dodge, to you not to get used, – indifferently I muttered, without looking at Lyubka, Nikolay Stepanovich, touching the car from the place. – And where we go? – the passenger asked, looking at a strict profile of the driver. Do you have a secret apartment where you carry the women? – Why not to be to eat with her, certainly, – giving in the country, than she doesn't suit you? – Awfully, it is cold there … – Lyubka protested. – In my giving warmly, it will be pleasant to you. – Already it is pleasant to me, – nestling on the man's shoulder, – the girl zamurlykat, – and there is nobody? – And someone it is necessary for you? – Only you, pretty, – but in the head the thought of where went from Cap occupations with Stas flashed. To meet them at the dacha didn't go to Lyubkiny plans. The car, gathering speed I directed to the country under the drizzling rain, spraying pools on roadsides. Warmly in salon lulling affected Liouba not to fall asleep under a measured rumble of the motor and a monotonous landscape outside the window, the oncoming cars rushing towards, she put a hand on Nikolay Stepanovich's knee and stroking him moved slightly above until fingers touched a lightning on the man's trousers. The inquiring look of the girl didn't find objection in the person of the fellow traveler and fingers pulled the lightning lock, allowing to enjoy Lyubke the seen result. – What I stopped, the babe, continue, us for a long time to go, – Lyubka with pleasure of the child took an unusual toy and with pleasure kissed a large head of the horney dick growing at her in a hand. Nikolay Stepanovich being irritated with sluggishness of the partner I bent down the little girl's head, forcing her to accept in an open mouth, it is as much as possible massive trunk. Choking with sharp filling of a mouth with the dick, the girl tried to release herself by hand, holding her head. Choking with the shortage of air, Lyubka twitched as if the fish who is pulled out from water on a boat bottom. The little girl's hands chaotically fought about a body of the tyrant, being unconsciously pushed from everything that could exempt her from tough capture. At some point her hand grasped a wheel and having rested against his circle it made a start from him, the car повинуясь to sharp turn of a wheel wagged from a strip on counter, under squeal of brakes of the approaching BelAZ. * * * The electric train with noise slapped doors behind the back of the children who came to the platform. – To us where? – embracing for shoulders to the Cap, looking around Stas asked. – Here one road on the housing estate, kilometer three will be. It is possible also by bus, but it will come by a lunch here, you will be tired to wait. Quicker on are easy on foot we will reach. – It is solved, we walk, – Stasik agreed, taking away a bag at Caps and throwing it for a back. Having overcome the put distance, children were included into the settlement and having approached a shady fence, with the realized gate, glanced in depth of the old site. – I say to you that there are no mine at the dacha, – reproachfully I noticed the Cap, moving a key in the gate lock. Look, on the road there are no traces from the car, means also in the house of nobody. They passed on a path to giving and having opened a door the next key, the Cap entered, looking round in silence of the empty house, – I don't offer a lunch, except couple of sandwiches and strong tea. Stasik, try not to leave marks of our stay. Nikolay Stepanovich terrible orderly person and bore. Except him here nobody goes and any thing not on the place will entail serious cross-questioning. – And when you managed to take keys from the house? – Stas asked embracing the girl. – In the morning, before occupations, it is the duplicate, the stepfather has keys always in the car, – patiently explained the Cap. – From where you knew that we will appear here today? – Being surprised the young man said. – I knew, then and I took. Listen, dear mine, be not in a stupor really! Do you think that we appeared accidentally here? Everything is much simpler. Still yesterday I decided to sort out our relations and not on a bench in the square, and in the decent place. I needed to intercept you before occupations in school and I came to the square when Fima only seemed on the avenue and waited for you minutes twenty. Then you were declared and hid for a tree, waiting Liouba and when they didn't wait for us and left, I came to a path of the square and went to an exit. You noticed me, and you already know all the rest. – I don't trust the ears! You all of us parted as suckers. I have an amazing girl. As I was lucky with you and as Fimke with Liouba wasn't lucky. – Watching it in what it was lucky. If you are interested with me only sex, am afraid to upset you. You are my first man. But Fima in this case is more successful than you. Liouba is a girl without complexes and adores sex with men. If such deal doesn't suit you, then with her to you it will be more best. – If you consider me such mercantile, then you are mistaken, I am not going to change such happiness which fell down me on such misfortune which fell down my friend, – in this pun Stas remembered council of the sister this Fimke "Be not surprised, "from where such happiness fell down me", think of that more better, "where it over the years left"". Let's not forget about that why we here. We go to my room, today I want to become a woman and you will help me with it, – they rose by the second floor and entered a small room with a cozy situation. – I hope that you will undertake all details of this procedure? – shaking as from a fever I spoke the Cap. – You know, I have no elastic band … – Stasik warned, undoing a shirt. – But at me is, I will be good if I trust in it in you. Stas, it is necessary to undress before me, but not to confuse the girl with the nakedness, – I advised the Cap. – Sorry, the baby, I didn't think of it. You me which time you admire with the foresight. It seems that I should learn to something from you. I adore you, – kissing the girl on the lips Stas admitted. – Remarkably you kiss, darling, – I recognized experience of the guy Kap if all the rest at the same level, then and me is what to learn from you. – For the first time I will make everything as it befits at the first sex at the girl, gently and tenderly, – Stas promised taking off a blouse from shoulders Caps. – And if to me there is enough first time? – covering eyes the girl asked, feeling as fingers of the boy released a brassiere fastener on a back and his shoulder-straps weakened on shoulders Caps. She confusedly nestled on Stas, hiding the opened breast, with small buttons of nipples on beige circles of a breast. The guy ran fingers over a thin neck, going down on a depression in the ground between shovels on a back at the girl, continuing touches to a body weren't too busy to an elastic band of panties and having got under her Caps laid down on buttocks. Palms slipped on them, easily squeezing them and stroking the girl's hips, transferring heat of the hands to the young body which trustfully nestled on him. – Stasik, you want to tell nothing to the girl, it is at least simple to calm, all shakes me for nervousness, – is hardly heard spoke the Cap, having buried in a shoulder of the guy. – Nothing what you to yourself think out won't be, I am with you and everything will be remarkable while you want to be together. Don't think of anything bad, let in your memory there will be our meeting here as what it would always be desirable to remember the most wonderful. The easy movement of hands of Stasik panties fell to legs Caps, and his palm nestled on a triangle of hairs of the trimmed girl's pubis. She shuddered and having stopped Stas, suggested him to undress. Pulling together from him pants, the Cap with the concerning awe I saw that since morning I held in hand and having touched a penis of the young man again I felt a shiver in the body, feeling the pulsing tension of a men's horney dick in the hand. Stas laid the girl on a bed with which she should get up the woman. Taking lips the hardening knob on a breast of the girlfriend Stas softly ran hands on a circle of hips Caps, urging her to open access to a gentle perineum. The girl trustfully weakened the compressed knees and the appeared space between her legs allowed Stas to get to the hidden mysteries of a perineum of the girl. Having taken an opportunity he moved apart shutters of an entrance to a vagina and dropped lips to her damp hollow. Knees of the girl rose, legs were spread, passing in themselves the persistent language of the guy investigating vagina contents, the soft horney clitoris making tremble the hostess from touches to itself the partner's language. All the subsequent in the head Caps developed as intricate puzzles in hands of the person who is adjusted to aggregate the picture broken into one thousand small splinters. Having already recovered, she was surprised that she didn't notice that it was necessary to hear from girlfriends about a defloration. To be continued dating jw websites dateline voice site mapMain Page