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Dream 1. In the lock. There was an early summer morning. The sun only hardly concerned tops of trees on an edge near the lock. The duke opened eyes and saw a juicy elastic body. It was his young wife. The duchess lay on a bed, having stretched hands on the parties, and to a look of the duke her fresh breast with the sticking-out nipples appeared. The night spent with it seemed to him a dream. What was manufactured in a bed by this not skilled beauty, didn't go in at him. She was only 18 years old. He, a secular lion, the subjugator of female hearts and the seducer of virgins — was struck by this crumb on the spot. Having seen it on a ball once, he wasn't able to forget her forms and spontaneity with which it kept among invited. To make it the property — became his obsession. And here he achieved it. He wanted to strike her with the male power and experience, but the girl was the congenital whore in a bed. She slept peacefully. Her breath was equal, and with each sigh her elastic breast rose. On chubby sponges the smile wandered, and on a cheek there was a droplet of the stiffened cum. These sponges and a uvula did not probable, bringing the duke to unconsciousness. Her uvula was caressed by the dick with such quickness as if she licked sweet lollipop. The duke carefully woke her kiss on the lips. She slowly raised eyelashes and smiled. Desire captured both of them. The duke, as if the lion, stuck lips into the production. He caressed her perineum until it didn't moan from languor. She exuded as a birch during a sokogon. Her breast, a stomach and hips strained — and convulsion pierced her body. She terminated with such wild shout that it seemed to the duke that was begun to tremble by stained-glass windows at windows. Having turned to him a back and coiling as if a snake, she bent, having presented to his look two charming holes, kind of urging to enter: Having run fingers over her back, he went down to an anus. It got oil and stretched to the duke. In turn, the duke developed it and his dick ordered to caress lips. The duchess with tenderness clasped with a mouth his strained dick and began a uvula to lick him. The duke growled from pleasure and along with it, he the finger oiled caressed her anus. When the duke felt approach of an orgasm, gently discharged a mouth of the seductress of the dick. He developed her and forced to lean hands against a floor, and her knees remained on a bed. Thus, her charming buttocks appeared on top. The duke carefully entered the dick into her anus. With each movement he entered more and more deeply. His movements became sharper and stronger. From outside it seemed that he tries to crush her, but it was not so. One hand he caressed her clitoris, at the same time it coiled and groaned from pleasure. With each push the pleasure increased. She asked him: Having made the last breakthrough, he began to roar and pressed her to himself with such force that for a second at her intercepted breath. Having made the last movements, she terminated almost along with him, coiling and shouting. The sun was already very high, birds outside the window chirped. They lay naked, tired and happy in embraces of each other, saving forces for new pleasures. dating in your forties memes zx6r launch date in india site mapMain Page