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Having returned after the holiday to a routine, I tried to throw to the wife the idea about a variety in sex from time to time, "forgot" to close the thematic website on the general computer, put a porno with group sex with the prevailing number of men as a prelude to sex, but every time Inka tightly stood on inadmissibility of such relationship and I, having suffered, decided to leave alone the imaginations prior to the next holiday. However everything occurred far earlier. One morning on Friday Pashka called. He quarreled completely again with the wife who went with things to mother, complained of failures in private life and lack of sex for a month. Between times he passed to the main thing — suggested to go to club or to sit at him, to dispel his grieves by means of alcohol because ahead there were days off. In principle, we from Inkaya for a weekend had no plans, and I agreed previously. When everything was already discussed, Pashka suddenly remembered that Romka was going to arrive to him and asked whether I mind I will be if he, probably, will join our company. I suspected that Pashka arises upon leisure with us not accidentally and thought, but whether vzboltnut Romk about the adventures with my wife during the holiday. I didn't begin to tell Inke about Romka and suggested to keep Pashke the company in a visit of club with vypivony and possible continuation of a banquet in Pashkina 3khkomnatnoy the apartment if there are on that forces and desire. Without feeling a dirty trick, Inka agreed as she liked to dance, and I am not a walker on clubs and there are we only to someone else for the company there. Also settled upon that. After work we met at home, and Inka went to prepare for evening. I understood that at successful combination of circumstances of adventures to her today not to avoid and decided to insert and five kopeks to Inkina preparation — suggested to put on her a new short "disco" dress with a cut sideways nearly to a waist and strictly forbade her to put on linen, having told that so she wildly makes horney me, and sense we from last days off that and had no sex. Five-minutes or before going to bed — aren't counted in the mornings. Estimating whether she will satisfy my request or not, I went to wash and gather. Already before an exit I put a hand under her raincoat and in a sidecut of a skirt and was convinced that she nevertheless didn't put on linen. Inspired with this thought I snuggled the wife in the taxi a little, adjusting on a playful harmony. Legs of my beloved were clean-shaven, she was in a fighting make-up and stayed in the most excellent mood. Having found Pashka in club, I exhaled. Romka was late and Pashka probably received some instructions from our lady's man didn't even remember about his arrival later. The couple of hours passed quickly in dances, binge and jokes. Inka even flirted with Pashka a little, probably having given in to his moaning about need of support at such moment, difficult for him. I didn't refuse anything to Inke, constantly danced with her, occasionally transferring her to Pashke. Returning after the next calling a toilet, I found at our table Romku with some Armenian of average years unfamiliar to me. Pashka with Inka danced the ballad, and Romka showed something to the interlocutor. Using that they are completely absorbed by this occupation and feeling the speeded-up blows of heart, I glanced through a shoulder and saw Inky's photos on the smartphone screen. The screen was put on the maximum brightness and even the glanced-over photos were from far away clearly visible. It turned out that I knew not about all photos with participation of my wife. Romka photographed her on the street after sex on the seashore absolutely naked against the background of the lit path and hotel, then there were photos in our number made at me, and then also the photo of her back with the dick in a bum, and is farther a shot where Inka closed a part of a lens a hand, but her chin, a neck and a breast splashed by a cum were visible. It obviously was she. She didn't love a cum on the person and discontentedly sniffed when I "dostrelivat" to the person, cuming her on a stomach and a breast. Finally the man returned to the first photo and began to consider it carefully. Romka managed to remove the dick against the background of disconnected Inky. It was visible all: the spread legs with the swelled up a little svezheottrakhanny pussy, the stomach and a dress which are plentifully watered with the Romkiny cum and her face with the covered eyes and a half-smile of the satisfied woman. I accurately took couple of steps back and, having loudly cried out Romkino a name, vigorously approached them. Romka quickly covered with a hand the screen, removed phone in a shirt pocket and acquainted me with the Armenian, having presented him as the colleague and the best friend. He was called Armen. He was our age-mate though by sight he could give 5 — 6 years more safely. Dense, of average height and with a tenacious look. The couple is good. Interestingly, Romka planned to share my wife with the companion or just bragged that fucks the married woman of the acquaintance. If the first, then everything that from me was required, it to promote him in process of forces and the gruppovushka with my wife is provided. Inka who came back from a dance floor slightly moved at the sight of Romki, but wouldn't tell that she strongly was upset. Probably she understood what this meeting can lead to and definitely didn't know that Romka bragged about the achievements and showed her candid photos to someone else. Pashka suggested me to go outside to smoke for the company, and Armen kindly passed Inka and sat down after it, having pressed it to Romka. I was frightened that too active actions of this sweet couple can frighten off my wife, but they tried to entertain Inka jokes and behaved quite innocently. I sighed, being afraid that I will pass something interesting, and поперся for Pashkaya. In about five minutes we returned and I saw Romka and Inka missing a table in Armen's embraces on a dance floor. That didn't let loose a hands and continued something to tell it on an ear. Inka didn't show special discomfort, and I with relief sighed. Further an event went rather predictable turn. We with the wife were unostentatiously podnakachat alcohol though I showed vigilance and as a result when the offer to continue acquaintance at Pashka on the apartment arrived, Pashka was the most daty. Inka was overcome probably by some doubts, and she, looking for supports, interrogatively looked at me. I nodded, and she discontentedly shrugged shoulders supposedly well time you so want, we will go. In the Inka taxi I took seat on back seat of the first, I afterwards sat down, Armen on front seat, and Romka went with Pashka by other car. I plaid pranks from Inkaya a little, poshchupyvy and stroking her breast and hips in way. She it is speeded up I breathed, glancing whether sees someone, but I tried to take away my hands not too actively. Armen, as it seems to me, noticed our fuss, but didn't give a sign. Finally cut down Pashka in way and I had to help Romke to drag him to the apartment and to put to bed. A sit-round gathering continued in the living room. Barely audible the TV worked with a background. Romka with Armen continued to entertain my wife jokes and to add to us with her alcohol though practically don't saw. If not wild excitement, would cut down me long ago. Inka was "more cheerful" than usual too. Alcohol, as always, reached a limit unexpectedly and there was a question of the messenger after the next portion. Romka was called by the volunteer, winked at Armen and left. It was necessary to do something that events passed into an active phase. In a brain flashed a thought as they will fuck it: in turn or together and as to me to pass nothing, and at last as to become me the full participant of a gruppovushka with participation of my own wife. One business when she is forced kind of to sex, and she thinks that I don't know about it. It seems innocent, so it turned out. And absolutely another to fuck with unfamiliar men in the presence of the husband though I quite often hinted her at a certain variety and even I suggested to buy a dildo after the holiday. It is more original than nothing, than to leave to sleep suddenly as last time, I didn't think up. In such state in general it was badly thought — too much blood flowed to absolutely other body. I chose a moment when Armen invited my wife to the next dance, got up, reeling, showed gestures that there are no forces how I want to sleep. Inka moved was, but Armen held her rush and asked to dance with him a little more. I told that she didn't worry, came as will dance to the heart's content and went to the bedroom where laid to us from Inkaya. I threw off trousers with a shirt, I stirred a bed. It pometatsya a little about the room, thinking what to do next. I turned off the light and, having very quietly slightly opened a door, I crept to a door to the living room. Meanwhile Armen didn't waste time. Dancing in the twilight with my wife, he whispered something to her and Inka suddenly got up as driven. Armen with rather impudent smile quietly told something to it, and his hand moved from a back to a cut and under a skirt of my darling what she didn't react to. On a face there was an obvious fright. I think, Armen told that he saw a photo on Romkiny phone and made the "tempting" proposal to keep everything in secret on clear what conditions. And when Inka began to wind the head and to try to take away his hand from under a skirt. Armen got Romkin phone and showed her couple of photos. Then removed phone and thriftily I pressed my wife to myself, having dipped both hands to her under a skirt at once, and I began to naminat Inkina a bum, having stuck on her mouth we will kiss. Inka, as well as last time just stood and didn't know what to do, however inertly trying to stop Armen. That, without ceasing to manage under a skirt, slowly I moved Inka to a sofa, I lifted up the fast movement her dress to a belt and I pushed my darling on a sofa. That flopped the naked back on sitting, and her face appeared just level with the dick which is sticking out in trousers. Inka vperpitsya by a look in a groin to Armen, but when he began to undo a fly, looked away in a floor. Armen slowly got the fat semi-got-up dick, rested him against lips to my wife and having taken the second hand her for the head, just spread it a mouth on the tool. I saw such monsters only in a porn and thought whether he Inke will turn off a jaw. It was visible that she should open really a mouth extremely widely. Meanwhile Armen achieved of speed and the dick tried to push through as it is possible further that kept my wife in additional suspense. The picture in the twilight was just fascinating. My dick literally escaped from pants and when I tried to correct him, heard malicious whisper directly for himself. At me for several seconds heart stopped. I turned back to it is unknown as silently opened an entrance door and approached me almost in dense Romke. That applied a finger to the lips and cunning winked at me. It delayed me by a hand more deeply in a corridor and said in low tones: — I that thought you just horned mattress, and it appears to you it is pleasant to watch how fuck your beloved. So even more funny and much more simply. Do you love a porn more rigidly? I silently nodded. — I love too when bitches from pain screw up the face, but regularly cum. All of them are the hidden masochists. At first pose as the virgin, and then at the same time get such enchanting orgasms. To you today the porn will be more rigid! Look... With these words he passed by me, turned on the light in the room, covered a door so that there was quite wide strip and defiantly tinkled a package of bottles about a floor. I returned to a door to the room. It turned out that because of bright lighting, being in the room me wasn't seen, and I perfectly saw just that half of the room where there was a sofa. Inka tried to jump, but Armen breakthrough seated her back on a sofa and nodded on the dick. By the light of, the dick was even huger — centimeters 25 in length and diameter about an air freshener barrel. Inka scaredly transferred a view from one of another while Romka undressed. The wife already looked as a pornstar from a roller with a megarigid porn. The person was in a perspiration, ink was slightly smeared, on a chin saliva. What will be farther. Romka, having undressed, I approached her and with a disgusting ukhmylochka I said: — What do we sit? We wait for someone? Or you two a little? You want, we will wake Pashka. I pound from him the truth a little in such state, but to take a candle, I think, won't refuse. Or to invite your husband that looked as his wife is able to suck? Give for good reason and don't take in head to make noise, not that and the truth of the you will wake, you zamakhatsya to explain then why in such look and from where I have your pornushny photos. With these words he breakthrough lifted up Inka, pulled together with one movement from her through the head a dress and seated back. Inka and was in state of shock and, as usual in such situations, behaved amyobno — do that you want. Armen during this time too undressed and, having slightly observed as Romka forces a mouth of my wife, Romke suggested to bend over her not to stand idle for nothing. Romka and made, and she was turned to Romka by the back. I perfectly saw her accurate shaved holes. While Armen continued "to move apart the horizons" the Inkiny mouth, Romka licked a finger and quite sharply entered him into the pussy of my darling. That lowed something, but her reaction concerned nobody. Romka poyelozit one finger in her pussy for about a minute, with satisfaction hemmed on the appeared lubricant and entered the second finger. Потрахав her thus, he tried to enter the third finger, but that slipped not in the pussy as I expected, and in Inky's buttocks. That curved a back, was hit a tasty slap on the bulged bum and returned to the previous position. Having a little trifled her clitoris, Romka looked through a shoulder in my party, the dick to the pussy of my wife attached and quite sharply I entered. Having pushed it completely Romka began to fuck my cheeping beauty in all length at once, quickly increasing the pace. I stood and went nuts from the events. Children acted quite harmoniously. Probably for them, unlike us with Inka, it was not the first experience of group sex. Intonations of my wife quickly enough were replaced, she obviously began to be brought. Romka noticed it too and began to manage with mine even more rigidly, as promised me. He began to slap periodically strongly the wife on one, in other buttock, to pull her for hair on itself(himself), to stick her head on Armen's dick. He twisted her nipples and rumpled her boobs with all the dope, inserted her one, two fingers to the back, attentively listening to Inka's reaction. He played on her as on the tool, keeping balance of her feelings between a preorgasmic state and pain, forcing her to groan from pleasure, to scream from pain, without allowing to cum at the same time. So proceeded minutes 15. Inka's buttocks almost completely became red, and the back became covered by a perspiration. Armen managed to terminate her in a throat and to be got once again when Romka at last left her pussy and having removed aside, showed me her pussy, having strongly delayed in sides of a buttock. The hole of my wife was wider and is more red usual and at the same time there passed several seconds before she began to contract. The anal hole of Inka was the podrastyanut too. Romka spitted out on fingers and right there freely entered three fingers into Inka and began turning a hand to fuck it in the pussy, and then when the wife began to make upward movement to the Romkiny hand, one movement took out plentifully greased fingers from the pussy and pressed them on an anus of my darling. Despite her attempt to be removed from a sadyuga, a second later fingers began to plunge slowly into the wife's bum under her muffled groans. Armen having been tired of monotony the dick from her mouth took out at last and approached to look at actions on Romkina. Inka and remained to stand turned off from a door, probably trying to focus on feelings and to make something to reduce bum pain, gruffishly whispering "Oh, mummies", "Ai, it isn't necessary". Having shipped against the stop fingers in a bum of my spouse, Romka began to move smoothly them to and fro slightly turning a hand, stretching thus to Inkin an ass. Few times he completely took out fingers from her hole under the facilitated Inka's sighs, and at once immersed them back to the accompaniment of her groans. Process obviously gave it pleasure. Having played enough and having slightly stretched her bum, Romka gave way at the machine to Armen, got some tube and condoms from a package, threw them on a sofa, raised Inka from a sofa, developed sideways to a door, and facing himself and stuck with her the dick into lips. Inka on the automatic machine opened a mouth and Romka began to fuck her slowly. Armen, without hesitation, took a tube the brought Romkoy (the parasite planned everything, I took care of everything), the dick in condom greased and began to enter his Inke into a bum. The wife in such foreshortening represented very exciting show. All shining from sweat, with the greased cosmetics on a face, claret buttocks dripping from a chin saliva, protruding eyes and strung on two big dicks. Business at Armen went surprisingly easily. Preliminary processing and abundance of special lubricant affected. It was surprising that such huge dick in a bum didn't cause attempt to escape and didn't cause bloodcurdling screams. Probably, she was distracted by the member Romki who is active in a throat, and lubricant can I was with anesthetic. Nevertheless, quickly enough sparing mode was replaced by wild, I won't be afraid of this word, ebly on the tomatoes since both ends with ringing slaps of eggs about a body of my wife. Romka didn't last long. At some point he took out a dick, took Inka for a chin and having pulled few times the dick, began to cum her on the person keeping saying: — On the bitch, I deserved. — Open for Roth more widely. Eyes of the wife were closed, but she executed the command. Armen continued to hollow rigidly her to the back, strong holding Inka by a waist and sharply sticking her on the dick. Romka departed to have a drink to a table, then, having smiled, got the mobile phone and began to film the events, bypassing a couple from all directions. Using what Inke was at this moment there is nothing at all. And meanwhile something happened to the wife. She not only didn't shout and didn't try to get down from the dick, but became deeper to breathe, to a limit having thrown back the head back. Romka just took a close up of the dick who is scurrying about in her ass and smoothly moved to her face. I took a close up of the person splashed by a cum, and then it was displaced slightly aside, so that her face and also Armen's dick shining from lubricant was visible and I just removed the strongest orgasm which covered the wife. Tension which collected in Inka from almost hour rigid a mouth during which to her allowed never to terminate the unusual speed and the sizes of the dicks tormenting her — everything developed into the silent shout which developed into loud groans. She never had such rough orgasm. She, having got nervous, literally I settled on a carpet together with Armen pressed in her back. That moved several times, cuming, and pulled down the become soft body from the cudgel. Inka moved down forward and and stood, shaking, lying on a stomach with slightly raised bum. Romka bypassed her with the cam once again, delayed a buttock aside and took a close up of the cum following from the slightly opened bunghole hole. With satisfaction I nodded and I removed phone. I could move a little only in a couple of minutes when Inka began to move and tried to get up. Romka helped her to rise and at me the brain joined. I slipped in the bedroom, somehow broke from myself clothes and jumped under a blanket. (Especially for) Ink came in about 10 minutes, wrapped in a towel, I stood looking at me for about a minute, I climbed under a blanket, I heaved a deep sigh and I calmed down. I couldn't fall asleep in any way, heart threshed as after jog, the dick pulsed, and in the head scenes of the pornofilm from my darling in a leading role were scrolled. I could hardly wait when she falls asleep and went to a toilet to remove stress. Having washed, and moving back to the bedroom, I heard in a corridor a phrase scrap "... tomorrow we will continue training. The patient isn't hopeless". Улегшись, I wanted to estimate how to me most without serious consequences to join group sex with my wife and about what it was told by Romka, but instantly cut down me. dating in your 40s tiktok html date range slider site mapMain Page