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This material is prepared according to testimonies of married couple of Elena and Mikhail N. given by them according to case papers about dissolute actions of the unidentified person. The text is edited from materials of testimonies of both spouses and placed in a chronological order. So the evening compartment, heat, spouses are dressed in sports pants, t-shirts and slippers. Lena: We came back home from a holiday. Already there came evening and in the morning the train arrived home. We shared impressions about the spent vacation with Mischa. In a compartment was nobody except us two and when the conductor asked to shelter for itself to the terminal station of the passenger, we agreed. The large tall man, in a strict black suit entered a compartment. He joined in our conversation at once. Mischa: The topic of conversation somehow imperceptibly rolled down at first on our life in general, and then and on life, our with Lena, in particular. Sergiya (so he was presented) had quite pleasant velvety voice. Unostentatious questions, he extorted from us practically everything about our living together. As we got acquainted as we lived with Lena before marriage, as during marriage. We began to spread for ourselves imperceptibly to it even those aspects of our life about which foreign person in general shouldn't have been told. Lena: Sergy was quite interesting interlocutor. The pleasant voice literally enveloped me, and questions simple in appearance suddenly began to get more intimate component. I suddenly began to tell it as I began the intimate life prior to a meeting with Mischa. As we with him carried out the living together. Sergy giving examples from our life, constantly I said that in our life everything is directed a sin and defect., It seems, it already had to guard us, but he so convincingly gave examples from our life with Mischa that we began to agree with him unconditionally. Mischa: Sergy said that a sin source in family is the woman who went on a spree with men even before marriage (I got Lena not the virgin any more). He constantly gave examples from the life and ours, pointed to sin components in our marriage. And here I with surprise saw that so it also is. Suddenly Sergy told: "Do want I will show you that Lena in a sin right now?". I naturally was surprised, but at once agreed. Sergy asked to get up Lena in pass directly before me, then unexpectedly took Lena for a breast and began to rumple gently it in hands. Lena: When I got up in pass by a back to Sergy, he suddenly unexpectedly softly took me for both breasts and began to rumple it carefully. Nipples hardened at once, I with astonishment stared at Mischa, and he without telling anything watched us. My breast was rolled in Sergiya's hands, thumbs massed nipples, in the bottom of a stomach became warm. I didn't put on a brassiere, was hot, and my breast appeared in the power of the man. Mischa: I with surprise looked at representation. Sergiya's hands carefully rumpled the spouse's breast, and she instead of stopping stickings, suddenly covered eyes. I wasn't escaped that nipples of boobies strained and now stood out under a t-shirt clearly. Sergy took them two fingers and began to turn from what they in general got up upright, and Lena quietly moaned. "Here you see, - Sergy spoke, - I, foreign man I caress your wife up to a breast, and she doesn't resist. On the contrary she is ready to further". With these words Sergy it was taken by the edges of a t-shirt and I pulled it up. To my astonishment Lena itself raised hands up and helped to take off from it a t-shirt thereby. Lena: When Sergy began to pull together from me a t-shirt, I as self-evident raised hands up and the t-shirt flew from me. Unexpectedly I suddenly realized that I was undressed half, and I didn't even make an attempt to resistance. On the contrary, when Sergiya's hands began to caress my breast on skin and to twirl nipples, I closed eyes and quietly moaned. In general a breast at me sensitive to caress, but not from the unfamiliar man. I was out of myself from feeling of the perversity. Mischa: Looking at the spouse, I was more and more convinced of truthfulness of words of Sergiya. Lena closed eyes and with pleasure listened to caress of the man whom it saw for the first time. "It not only is vicious, - Sergy said, - It all is impregnated with a sin". He lowered hands down, hooked thumbs on an elastic band of sports pants and pulled off them together with pants down. Lena faced us absolutely naked now, and Sergy started fingers in a perineum of the spouse and showed me fingers. All of them shone from moisture, Lena was outright made horney. Lena: When Sergiya's fingers got between perineum lips, I suddenly felt what I wet from lubricant there. Sergy showed to Mischa moist fingers and the husband with astonishment nodded. Sergy started fingers in a perineum and I, to the surprise again, itself slightly placed legs. Fingers deeply got between vagina lips, easily slid at the edges of an opening and on a clitoris. From lips, to my shame, the deep groan flew, and legs began to give away. Now Sergy one hand pressed me to himself, and another managed in a perineum. Fingers continually got in a vagina, causing in me still big groans. Mischa: I was just shocked. Lena stood and allowed to caress itself in a vagina, at the same time quietly groaned and more and more widely spread legs. It literally hung on Sergiya's hand. "Put a pillow on a table, - Sergy ordered - It can be corrected". I threw a pillow on a table, and Sergy laid Lena the person, continuing to caress her in a perineum. "I am a person the having dignity, - Sergy spoke, - I will correct your situation and I will help you". With these words he she began to undo the clothes, and Lena at the same time began to caress itself fingers. When Sergy undressed, appeared in quite impressive look. His dick was probably centimeters five in the diameter and twenty centimeters long, it isn't less. At the same time the dick was intense and looked slightly up, the head was naked and was crimson color. "I will consecrate a bosom of your spouse now, - he prorokotat, - But you have to help me with it". With these words he suddenly took me for the head and attracted to the dick. I even had no resistance, I resignedly took his dick in a mouth and began to lick a hot head, trying to ship a trunk deeply in a mouth. I had no feeling of fastidiousness and resistance that I do something wrong. Lena: I turned back back and suddenly saw that Mischa sucks the member Sergiya. What was seen strongly made horney me, I became more furious to caress myself looking at the events. Never I thought that Mischa can do it. Sergy directed one hand-headed Mischa, and another began to caress my perineum. Pair of fingers got into a vagina, massed something there inside and I was just captured by an excitement wave. I without hesitating any more I groaned and I fidgeted hips on a pillow, trying to be stuck on the man's fingers. At last the hot head was put to an entrance and began to get inside. I had no such dick yet, the thick trunk well stretched an entrance to a vagina and got more and more deeply until to me it became sore. Then Sergy stopped and having strong taken my hips in hand began to move in me. Mischa: I with some sick pleasure began to observe how foreign man began to fuck my wife. To fuck because in a different way it was impossible to call it. I even stood up on the shelf that it became visible to me more better. The thick trunk of the dick widely stretched an entrance to a vagina and shone from lubricant, Lena began to groan loudly and even to strike towards to the man. "You see, - Sergy addressed me, - She wants it, her perversity is started thoroughly, but not irrevocably". Sexual intercourse continued probably about half an hour not less. During this time Lena got an orgasm four times and was practically already flat-out. Sergy just pushed a dick in an insensible body, to my astonishment getting already at all length of the dick. Lena: I already badly remember, the end of sexual intercourse. I remember only that Sergy sharply pressed me to himself having literally pierced through, inside it became sore from a tension and I clearly felt twitchings of the dick. Sergy terminated in a vagina, and I not only didn't prevent him, and on the contrary with pleasure felt the man's orgasm in myself. I didn't even think that I can have a pregnancy. Then Sergy in exhaustion collapsed on the shelf, and in a vagina became somehow empty. "You are vicious too, - Sergy suddenly said, - Be treated by my seed, drink it from her". And here I felt the husband's mouth on vulvar lips and his language plunging inside. Mischa diligently licked from me Sergiya's cum and to help I rose on hands. I felt at once as from me hot liquid flows, and the husband diligently pinched it language and swallowed. Mischa: I never tasted the cum, and here diligently licked a cum of foreign man from a vagina of the spouse and directly was thrilled with pleasure. I directly felt that I touch a miracle source and that we will recover with Lena from a sin. When the cum terminated to follow, I took seat on a regiment, and Sergy gesture called Lena to himself and she, having kneelt, his dick began to lick. To my astonishment the member Sergiya continued to stand and wasn't going to relax at all. I with surprise and some abnormal pleasure watched how Lena licks the member Sergiya's trunk. Her wet perineum shone before me. I touched it and Lena moved to me towards. Three fingers easily got inside, there was hot and slippery. Lena: The husband's fingers easily entered me, got deeply and slid on walls. I sucked the member Sergiya and was at the same time stuck on Mischa's fingers. Excitement began to grow in me again and it was noticed at once by Sergy. "Here you see, - he prorokotat, - She still should improve". He began to stroke tenderly my buttocks, his finger began to stop even more often on a slippery hole of an anus, and it became suddenly so pleasant to me from this caress. "About the beauty and you are vicious not only in natural openings, - Sergy exclaimed, - Well admit whether had the intercourses to the back". It was necessary to admit that such experience was, to the husband, but because of pain I stopped these experiences. Mischa: I was extremely surprised by recognition of Lena. I always considered that it is a devstvenna in an anus, and here such statement. Sergy lifted Lena and again laid it on a table. Having scooped lubricant from a vagina he began to rub it each time trying to get into an anus of Lena inside a finger. He told me that I made a helpless gesture buttocks of Lena. And again I resignedly obeyed. Directly on my eyes Sergy implanted into Lena at first one finger, then two, then three and every time such inconsiderate invasion didn't cause any protest in it. When three fingers began to get easily at all length Lena began to groan and make upward movement the back, definitely it was pleasant to her that make with her. dating in your 30s uncle buck date ideas wichita ks site mapMain Page