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I decide that Margo is necessary though some clothes. On my taste. Eventually, today it is necessary to descend to vanish somewhere. I adjust the car to the entrance to the house. Then I follow Margo. The little girl refuses to leave naked. I silently take a thin marker and I draw on her breast slightly above a nipple a heart. — How many hearts will appear, so many time I will fuck you. In your interests to follow my instructions — disobedience — and the heart appears. Working off of each heart — sex. When and where I will wish. And where I will wish. Margo discontentedly frowns, but submits. I gallantly open before her the doors, at first houses, then the car, and she sits down. Went. Near me the astounding naked woman. Certainly, it will entertain many on the road today. At first we drive up to a black entrance of shoe. I leave, Margo remains. Passersby — not numerous and generally don't pay attention that the nude woman sits in the dusty car. But sometimes the look passing with amazement stops on a naked breast. Margo shrinks, tries to cover a breast, but to jump out and escape as is, to her it is even more terrible. At last, I appear. Again I plow up a door, I offer a hand. The little girl hasty slips in shop. It is indoors empty, windows are closed by blinds. Around one from padded stools there is a footwear row — all shoes and all on a very tall hairpin with the huge platform. Black, red, white and even colors of a sea wave. I sit down on other padded stool and with pleasure I observe how Margo tries on shoes. She bends down, sits down, reaches for a spoon. All her naked body lives, plays... At last, she chooses red. I am satisfied with the choice. The little girl interrogatively looks at me — we leave? — Not so quickly. You have to thank me for purchase still. I approach, I get the strong Kid and imperiously I bend down Margo to a groin. She bends, some time sucks. Then I turn her and I push forward. She leans palms on a padded stool. The hitched-up buttocks and a pizdenka — a fine target. I drive a dick and I fuck. I don't want to cum yet therefore I stop. Margo feels my stop and hasty exempts the pizdenka from my presence. Becomes straight: — The heart can be erased? You took me, so I worked... — Well, about what you, expensive? You only told thanks for shoes. We go to the sex shop. Same procedure. Margo enters the empty room, now dark. On a low sofa stockings and a little тесемочек are spread out. At first I force the little girl to put on stockings. Red, in a network. As an elastic band serves the latex tape which is hardly covering a hip, so that sticks into gentle skin. Panties represent three tapes. There is no fabric, only a tape and opposite to a perineum — a brilliant chain. I dress them on the captive. Margo holds my shoulder when I become on a knee before her. Crosses shoes, fine legs. Tightening panties up long legs, I don't keep and I lick a corner of the pussy. At last panties are dressed. Actually, the little girl in the same way naked, only now on hips two tapes, between buttocks, a tape on a pubis. I carefully insert a chain between gentle sponges. And several times I move it to and fro. The ridge chain rubs about velvety flesh on all length of a pizdenka — on sponges, on a clitoris. There comes the bra turn. He represents a set of tapes too. In the center of each of shoulder-straps — small balls a ringlet. I implant nipples into ringlets and I tighten a loop. Then I reduce shoulder-straps, tightening full boobies for nipples up. I force Margo to walk. I approach, slightly I tighten the improvised panties up. It is again passed before me. I with satisfaction nod. Now the chain between sponges crawls and rubs. Boobies wave, semi-suspended on rings of balls for nipples. — I have to thank you for new purchase now? — And as! — And of course on account of hearts it won't go? — Clever girl! I shift a chain, I check readiness. Margo flows. I pound lubricant on a naked pubis. I attract to myself. We kiss. I order her to suck language. With gently sucked language in a sweet mouth, I rub a thumb the tip of the nipple which is sticking out of captivity of balls. I put Margo on a sofa. I insert a dick into a mouth. Itself I bend to a pizdenka. I lower a little the top tape of panties to the middle of buttocks, weakening a chain tension. A chain still in captivity of damp folds. I drop. I suck sponges, I touch, I finger language a chain between them. Pizdenka is exposed to double influence — my mouth and the rolled links. Sometimes I a finger insert a chain into a hole, then I clamp a free tip in teeth and slowly I pull out. The little girl coils, groans, almost forgetting about service of my dick a mouth. At last, I develop Margo across a sofa. Fiercely I fuck so that her boobs shake. Their course the truth is limited to the nipples clamped in ringlets. I forbade to erase a heart again. Eventually her gratitude for such sexual things shouldn't know borders. The drawn heart continues to be pleasing to the eye and to warm soul. I can have the little girl on legal grounds when soul wishes. We go to boutique. On the way I put a female hand on a groin. And the little girl podrachivat all road my intense dick. On traffic lights I bend down her and several seconds I enjoy gentle lips and playful language. In boutique I select to the captive a short skirt. In a red-black cage. With two cuts slightly ahead. In cuts when walking the edge of a stocking is visible. It is contraindicated to bend down to the little girl. And when she sits down, the skirt becomes practically a belt. At the same time fabric sits densely only on hips. Regions are quite free, and I without problems can get at any time to it under a skirt. White blouse — a small lamp. Fabrics vertical flatly disperse at the slightest movement, even at whiff of a breeze. Cuts are rather narrow, but very exciting imagination — for an instant it is quite clearly possible to make out the boobies, strips of a brassiere, nipples clamped in balls, and even the drawn heart. — Do you want that I in such look appeared in public? I shrug shoulders. — I look as the whore. — With such man, as I, such woman as you, can't look as the whore. I want that stared at you. That you were brought how many males want you. At how many of them the fly will tear today. It will be pleasant to me too. I will fuck eventually you. I lift a hem and I check a pizdenka. — And for THIS, so-called clothes I have to thank too? — Yes! Margo is revolted: — It you have to thank me for the fact that I agreed to put on it! — As you will tell! I turn, I bend the obedient woman. I release a chain of the bulked-up folds, I enter a pizdenka. Sometimes I leave and I drop a mouth to a pizdenka, being stuck with a nose into an anus. At last I drive in a dick in buttocks and I fuck, I don't cum yet. I order to Margo to become straight. I get a marker from a pocket. I move apart fabric of a blouse and I draw the second heart over a nipple. — For what??? I will owe you two more times? Without the right to pokapriznichat? How many it is possible? — You opposed again. — And what was now? Unless I didn't work also the first heart? — No. I thanked you. At your request! God sees, I didn't want it. But it was necessary. — Well, you and swine. — I love you too. Where do we go? In bowling, club, restaurant or (I hemmed, having presented Margo who is bending down over a green table) in billiards? dating in the kitchen batch us date calculator site mapMain Page