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It happened quite recently. In one June afternoon, I somehow at work mentioned that I am week without sex. My wife went to the dacha and I kiss week without sex. I am the small chief and at my order a small amount of people. Collective at us amicable and age of collective, very expanded, from 20 to 60 years. I didn't even attach significance to the told words into the account of sex in the presence of only adults I will give. And here the end of the working day, Friday, all thoughts only of days off. To me my subordinate enters an office, she approaches behind, puts the hands to me on shoulders and whispers: — I heard you golodnenkiya at us. I can help you. I at most had no sex long ago. Let's satisfy the requirements. You very nice and lovely. I with pleasure will be given you. — Nina Pavlovna!!! — I answer. You of course the attractive woman and I allocate you from all collective, but we at work. We can't be engaged in it here. And I am twice younger than you. — Yes calm down you. I locked a door. I know about your feats with adult women, prior to your wedding. I know that you visit a dating site. I sit there and saw several times your questionnaire. And my friend told that you with her held several meetings about 2 years ago. She was very happy. I am already a floor — years I dream to oversleep with you. Please, don't refuse to the desires. She slipped the hands to me under a shirt and began to caress my body. At the same time she bent, and our lips met in a passionate kiss. It wasn't absolutely convenient to kiss and therefore I rose. We stood and embraced each other. My hands seized Nina Pavlovna by buttocks and began to rumple her rolls. And now I will tell you about myself and I will describe Nina Pavlovna. I am 28 years old. My height of 190 cm and weight is 90 kg. I am married 2 years, but I am familiar with the wife 5 years. Before I changed her (when we only began to meet), but here after the wedding I forgot about adventures. Of course, isn't enough for me in sex of new feelings and emotions and therefore likely I want to bring the mistress. But I understand that I have no time for meetings and therefore I can't find the mistress. Nina Pavlovna not the thin person and not fatty. She is 54 years old and her forms suit me in more stoutly. She has a good breast 4 sizes. The buttocks are pleasant and there are sides for which it is pleasant to me to hold it. I didn't hide from it the sympathy and at an opportunity always tried to embrace her, but she always opposed to it as she was afraid that we will be seen. And here itself I came and I asked that with her had sex. So on what I stopped? And we kissed, and our hands wandered on each other body. I was a little discharged, and our kiss became torn. Nina Pavlovna pushed the hand to me in jeans at this time and found my already got up dick. She began one hand to mass it, and another began to undo to me a button and a fly. When she coped with jeans, she got my dick from swimming trunks. She stroke-oared it one and looked at it with admiration. My dick was 17 cm and the pubis is completely shaved. She greedy looked at him, at me. She didn't know what to do next and likely waited from me for actions. I developed Nina Pavlovna a back to a table, pressed her so she buttocks would lean the elbows on a table, and began to undo her blouse. Having undone a blouse, I began to rumple slightly her breast 4 sizes. Nina Pavlovna still held my dick at herself in hand. I embraced the woman and groped a brassiere fastener. Having quickly undone it, I pulled out her breasts and began to kiss them. I kissed one nipples another. The breast was beautiful and fleshy. Such I also love. The aura was small, but nipples well stuck out and they already managed to be made horney. I once again kissed Nina Pavlovna on a mouth, and then having shown on the dick, let her know that it is time to kiss it. She sat down and accurately began to kiss it. She was obviously afraid or worried that she won't be pleasant to me or the fact that at her badly it will turn out. But in minutes 2 it began to enjoy and just began to swallow my dick completely. It swallowed it completely. Not at all women it turned out to swallow my dick completely. And at Nina Pavlovna it perfectly turned out. I was delighted with her ability to suck a dick. When the peak of excitement approached me, I departed from Nina Pavlovna. She got up, took off from herself pants, raised a skirt and whispered: — Take me. Take me quicker. I am already all wet. I so want to feel quicker your dick in myself. I so yearned without live dick. Put out you my fire by the liquid. Fuck me quicker. Fuck me as yet I had nobody. I want to be yours. I approached Nina Pavlovna, she grabbed my dick and sent him to the peshcherka. As there it was hot. As there the flame stormed. Nina Pavlovna sighed at once and moaned. I began to enter and leave slowly and gently. Nina derived pleasure. Once I increased speed, it began to groan more loudly at once. I even had to close it a mouth a hand what we wouldn't be heard. My dick entered and left her pussy. The dick I caressed her vulvar lips and again entered her. I derived pleasure from sex. Nina derived pleasure on full too. I was very much made horney by her groan. I left her, the dick caressed her vulvar lips, then asked her to suck seconds 30, and then entered her again. Minutes 10 Nina held on and I terminated the first time. She even very loudly screamed and has a snack the uvula and lowed. I decided to follow her example. I began to fuck her very intensively. I rumpled her breasts and entered her at all length. My balls fought about her bum. Nina Pavlovna groped the clitoris and began to finger it. I 3 intensive fucking sustained minutes, the dick got and I began to cum her on a pubis. The pubis at her slightly grew, but it was visible that she watches it. I cumed plentifully and saw that Nina Pavlovna began to shake. She received the second orgasm. We received together an orgasm. It at me even not always happens to the wife. When we recovered the breath, we looked each other in eyes, then kissed. I descended behind a napkin, gave to Nina Pavlovna them in order that she wiped all my cum and the dick began to wipe. Minutes 5 we made toilet, and then Nina told: — As it was good. Now I understood why my friend was so happy with you. You are the real dog. Your dick well satisfies female holes. Your wife was lucky that such dick with her always. I am satisfied. Thank you darling. To you it was good? Don't you regret what fucked me? — To me it was good. I am grateful to you very much. Absolutely I felt other feelings. So long ago I wanted to learn taste of other body. Thank you. — And you once again thanks. And if you don't mind and you have a desire to continue, then I can become your mistress if you want it. We could meet before work and then your wife doesn't learn about your unfaithfulness. You will come back home in time and you shouldn't be spent for the meeting place. You will have always new feelings which you look for and I will have a partner for sex. — It is fine. It is possible to try, of course. I only for. Oh, and I seem, again wanted you. You are still ready for one stick? I want to caress you. Don't you mind to open the bud for my caress? — Yes I of course want more you. I want that you licked my crack. I burn again. Go to me. Extinguish me. I laid Nina Pavlovna on a table and stuck the lips into her crack. I caressed her clitoris, I inserted her language into a crack. I caressed her fingers, and then thrust 2 fingers into her. Nina moaned again. Was not to stop me any more. I as an animal was brought and began to hollow her with new rage. My dick stood as a stick and worked as the piston. I rumpled boobs to Nina Pavlovna, she fingered the clitoris, I looked at her pizda, I looked and admired a show as my dick enters this crack. Her crack was completely absorbed by my dick. I decided to replace a pose and bended over it. I fucked it very much. It only puffed and groaned: — Still. Give still. Don't stop. Quicker. Still. Still. Still. I am yours. I only yours. Concha in me. I want you. I want your seed. I want your milk. Well give. I can't more. I have no forces. Cum. Cum in me. I ask. I ask you terminate in me. I not мо to suffer more. These words very much brought me and I began to let out the seed in her bosom. As it was fine. As I went bananas from this orgasm. And then Nina Pavlovna was developed, took my dick in a mouth and exhausted all remains of a cum. Having played enough with him she said: — And you have a tasty cum. Oh and well you fucked me. I have no forces even home at all to go. There is a wish only one. To fall asleep at you on a shoulder, and to continue entertainments in the morning. So also I spent the whole day with you. — So in what business? Went. The wife will arrive only on Tuesday. We have time. We gathered and went to Nina Pavlovna home. On the road we learned about secret desires of each other. As it became clear, she too as well as me wants to try group sex. (Especially for) Her the girlfriend offered such option still long ago, but Nina Pavlovna was afraid. And here I she think will decide. I slept with her girlfriend earlier. At us everything only begins. Three together we will surely meet. And probably further we will even meet MZh+MZh. But all this in other stories if we have these meetings. For now we begin pranks with Nina Pavlovna. Having come home, we stripped to the skin at once, took a bath. I shaved the pussy to Nina Pavlovna. I caressed her. In a bathtub we began sex, and in a bed finished. Terminated still one time. This time I asked permission to terminate in a mouth and didn't refuse to me. The wife minds a cum in a mouth. I relished cuming in a mouth to Nina Pavlovna. There was few cum, but the high still was. Nina Pavlovna laid down on my breast and we fell asleep. In the morning my dick slightly ached a bit. I worked too much in an evening. To Nina Pavlovna I rubbed her shchelochka too. Therefore morning of sex wasn't. But my fighter was ready to work. In the evening we had sex. We tried several poses and places. Received a high and orgasms as young people. We are very glad that we have a sex. And what will be farther, time will show. But we agreed that once a week at us it is obligatory to eat sex in a workplace!!! dating in the 50s vs now date sql site mapMain Page