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I am 28 years old. Seven years ago we with the best girlfriend married two friends. And we are on friendly terms families. They have already two small, and we don't hurry yet. Our husbands became business partners over time. Somehow time we with Alenka (girlfriend) stirred under a Martini small bottle about sex, and she said that Zhenya (her hubby) — just super, she very well relishes from sex with him. I frankly speaking not really believed in it — because externally her husband never attracted me, and I in him didn't see any inclinations of an alpha male. But she so in paints everything described that made horney in me envy. As over the years (and I meet the husband in general from 19 years) my sex with Anton became absolutely uninteresting, and he in principle ceased thinking to satisfy. Well I generally envied Alyona with Zhenya and forgot partially. Then there was one more sit-round gathering and when Alenka left to sleep, I went to smoke to a balcony, and heard a conversation of our smoking husbands "Shit, Antokh, I with her can't fuck already absolutely, after the second childbirth I the dick feel as a pencil in a bucket, in general a fucking there. To her all on temper, and is less than my feelings than by hand. I already new look at our menedzhersha, to kayfanut with it". I definitely didn't know such intimate detail of their family life. I stand I listen further, mine answers: "Yes you not парься, me with the too as with a hand long ago, I can pancake, in phone to play with it so far I fuck, and nothing, we live" Zhenya continues "Well you live and what? Did you how many already on the party pereebat? Constantly to me to the dacha, only I without wife, with some whore you will be secured. And I only two times changed the, and that on drunk business. But, I won't mature pancake soon as you will become". All aforesaid threw me in shock … Legs gave away … I knew that neither I, nor Alyona fooled around … I gathered, calmed down, threw off a dressing gown, and having remained in a transparent night dress went to smoke. Men stood on a balcony and gasped having seen me, I asked the lighter for Zhenya, and and he looking at my eyes on a breast and legs lit to me a cigarette, I turned to him buttocks, having bulged it, and passionately kissed the husband. Having finished smoking I came to the bedroom, and without knowing how to be and what to do with the fact that I learned about the husband pretended to be sleeping. In the morning we have breakfast, men freshened the nip beer, and I decided not to tell overheard to the girlfriend. After that every day I dreamed about treason — with the taxi driver, with the neighbor, with the seller in a fitting room. I dreamed to revenge the husband. Passed weeks one and a half, I rolled at home, and was going to go to fitness as the husband called and hare told ", Zhenka will come to us till a lunch, transfer him the folder that in a coffee table". I, stayed at home, upset that has to wait for the husband of the girlfriend. There was nothing to do, and I decided to masturbate. I got a dildo and I began to suck it, and then to jump on it, and here when I approached peak of the high called a door. I threw with a night dress and departed to open, a little scared. I open — Marrying. He was slightly stunned with my appearance — a transparent night dress, zero cosmetics, the out of breath breath. But I smiled and I told "Hello". I suggested to pass, and here in my head drugged by masturbation was remembered how it was praised by his wife. We passed on kitchen, I put a teapot, and bent behind spoons so what he would see my buttocks and the pussy. I turned and winked at him. And, indifferently I began to give some tea. And here I feel as he seized me by hips with the words "What You Are a Seductive Girl". I faced him and we kissed. He kissed passionately, fingers I played already with my clitoris. Having come off lips he whispered "It will be very ugly in relation to Anton and Alyona", "I repeated after him "Very ugly" and we continued a kiss. I began to pull together with him a shirt, trousers, pants … And here I already suck his dick, mm …. 9 years I didn't know others dick, and here it in my mouth. Absolutely other and such attractive. I greedy suck it, completely swallowing, licking only a head. At last it lifts me and puts a crustacean on a kitchen table … The moment and the best friend of my husband, the husband of my best friend begins to tear up me as the last the whore. He moves quicker and quicker, I shout from a high, and he shouts "oh, is good, the bitch, very narrow!". Then he overturns me … And without stopping fucking me bears to the bedroom … And here I already as the equestrian jump, and he hands squeezes my breast, here he tears up me on a floor, being pressed by all the weight into me. Then he fucks me standing, then on a bed again, I get an orgasm behind an orgasm, and here he cums to me on a stomach and a breast …. I lie and I groan, and he leaves to smoke. There pass several minutes, I recover, and naked as is I go on a balcony … Zhenya smokes, dressed. Asks "Where my documents?" — I show. He takes them and leaves, having kissed me on a mouth in the doorway. In the evening the husband came, I went with him to bed, and he wanted sex. I refused … All night long I was pursued by a sweet afterglow of good sex … I want continuation! dating in nyc terrible vfs opening date in india for canada site mapMain Page