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Week was hot, and didn't foretell any sexual adventures... I sat in a chair in some panties and on the tablet looked through the page on Facebook, indulging in memoirs and anticipating new meetings. My attention stopped in photos of a meeting of MMZh which I received from the husband, as a gift for birthday, half a year ago. It was unforgettable... two men absolutely unfamiliar to me, within four hours humoured me separately and contain. From these memoirs at me the head slightly began to spin, and the hand by itself got under an elastic band of panties... I so wanted to feel these feelings again that I wrote about it in the status of the page. Didn't pass also weeks as my favourite husband Garik and dear friend Sean, responded to my request, to arrange MMZh, and I was invited to the coast of the lake Kineret, for participation in him. Pleasure began on the way to the lake. Having settled in the car on front seat I was burned with excitement and as it is necessary to the bad girl, didn't let go also a mouth a love staff of my husband, than very much reduced the speed of our advance to the destination. Sean as the true gentleman was on the place in time, and he had to wait fairly our, wagging on the road, and sometimes at all transport stopping on a roadside. Already in half an hour after our arrival and Garik and Sean's personal acquaintance, four strong shoulder-straps of my wet bikini gave a free hand, and I absolutely naked appeared in a tent in the power of two, already naked and ready to "fight", males. Me put on a back, threw back my head back against the stop, and legs lifted up so that they rested against a tent ceiling. Garik, being kneeling at me in headboards, I entered the habitual movement, the bulked-up and damp head to me into a mouth, Sean dropped lips to the expiring pussy. I was in nirvana when Garik asked Sean to enter me... Intense as though cut out from a bone, the member Shauna, gently moved apart my wet, from oral caress, a lip and I entered... At the same moment, Garik's dick I strained stronger and I got to me into a neck... I began to fight in an orgasm, but to me didn't allow to finish it... That I not strongly coiled, Garik became knees on my long hair, and Sean strongly squeezed my legs near feet and widely moved apart in the parties. Almost completely immobilized, I began to be stuck from two parties, and Garik, also caressed fingers my clitoris. Speed all increased and when reached apogee, everything in me blew up... I cumed very long... Garik, to facilitate to me breath, I pulled out the tool from a mouth for what it was rewarded by the shout of "a wounded female" which deafened and him, and Shauna. When shout abated, boys traded places having turned me on knees and fun proceeded... Began to get dark... our bodies, excited, sweaty from the first rapprochement, turned out outside, refreshed by an evening breeze. Where guys built "trakhodry" of a mattress and couple of mats in advance. By this time, my pussy was already filled with Garik's cum, and passionate Sean furiously shook up it the mixer in hot foam and decorated with her my dismissed rosette. Evening of refined dishes only began... After not long bathing, and an hour more of testing of various poses from Kam-Cutra, boys treated me with magnificent cocktail, having terminated one by one to me in a neck. Two more hours of later, and repeated change of "dishes", to Mr. Sean as to the most elegant and devoted admirer, the award - as my virgin buttocks was presented. And at this moment covered me... Everything mixed up in my poor wretch, I lost counting of time and chronology of events. All night long I sank in the ocean of passion, lust, champagne and cum. As told me, my adored husband, several times I almost fainted. By the way, our camp was in borders of the public beach and when to me released a mouth, I from time to time so shouted that we were even visited by vigilant Israelis, in attempt to find out - whether "everything at us is normal?" - Oh, yes! It wasn't - normally, it was - perfectly! We were interrupted only once - for an easy dinner, and few times - for ablution in Kinereta holy waters. There came dawn, and all of us were still busy with love. I, standing on knees, I accepted in a neck of the boy of my favourite husband, and lovely and passionate Sean worked as language and fingers on my, already fairly swelled up girl. And here, holy Christ...! I gave "a jet orgasm" on the face of my lover! It became a shame to me - I, the silly little girl, didn't believe that the female body is capable of it... When completely it is light, forces left my body. Children helped me to be washed with the lake and carefully laid in a tent where I also fell asleep, completely satisfied and madly grateful to my boys. End 26.07.2014 Svandi Sevbrot dating in long distance relationship date ideas with no money site mapMain Page