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- Valera, here, is my darling - Andrey, Andrey, it is Valera. - Very pleasant - I answered, and we shook hands. All sat down at a table, chats began, ate, drank. Valera told about the favourite jeep as he is pleasant to him though he not really understands cars. Periodically Karina with guests left the house in a garden to smoke and just to stay in the fresh air. Soon we with Valera left too and went to watch his car, he told me that he broke one hogwash, and so everything is fine. I looked at this breakage and told Valera that it is valid "hogwash", it is possible to repair right now and it isn't even necessary to go to service. Then we returned to the house again, girls in our company were already well having become slightly tight, Valera didn't drink as he was driving, and I drank not much. Here the conversation went about cars again and Valera added: - By the way, Andrey looked at my wheelbarrow and told everything it is possible to repair easily, however, Andrey? - Well, I think yes... - I answered. - About! A cat, give then run repair fast, and? - Karina began to order. - Karina, I am not a mechanic, let it is more best... - Well, кооот!!! You know as! - If it isn't difficult, of course. - Valera giggled. I went to the car, having left all cheerful company, I Valera told that he will approach later and will help if it is necessary. With small repair everything appeared not so simply and having begun I already managed to regret that I undertook this business. Провозившись half an hour, I went to our garage behind additional tools. Being in a garage, behind a door I heard Karina's voice, she talked to Valera alone, and between them something occurred, I felt it. Having slightly opened a few door, I saw how this Valera impudently touches and kisses my girl, at me got up at once and I expected what all this will turn back. Really I at last will see as fuck my favourite girl? - Value, what are you doing? Suddenly someone will come... - almost Karina groaned. - Someone will come? Your friend? He is busy now. - Valera continued to stick. - He thinks didn't finish yet? Well, then give, fuck me on fast! - Ah, you are a whore, you want that I fast fucked you? You what, your friend so seldom satisfies? - The friend to fuck as it is necessary isn't able yet! - Karina burst out laughing and Valera's dick got from trousers. - Maybe we will teach him? - There is nothing to learn him, let goes and sticks out! Well, give darling, insert, and now Ilona will remember that you, will begin to look for. Karina took off from herself pants, and Valera went about the own business, he fucked her not that quickly, but is rigid also with return. Karina constrained the groans as could and soon this married easy rider took out the dick and was discharged by her directly on the pussy, having filled in with a cum all pubis and hips. I too nearly terminated at this time, but having seen as Valera quickly started to hurry back to guests, I had to return to the car. In a few minutes I came into the bathroom and found Karina almost naked, without pants, with cum traces there. - What are you engaged here in? - this time I decided to carry on an open conversation. - Nothing, I came to wash away the pussy. - Karina answered smiling. - Yes? And then you so want to wash away it? - And can not then and after someone? - Karina continued to make advances to me and nothing seems already I hid or just wasn't able to hide that she was fucked just properly. - Well? Will you look as I wash or you will help me, and? Well give a cat, I know that you want to help. And give you will help me the uvula? So there is no wish to get into a bathtub... I silently watched not her pussy, my dick stood stock-still and I strongly wanted to feel her taste, to drop facing her perineum and absolutely to lick everything. Karina put the hands to me on shoulders and naprvit me to the pussy, I kneeled and began to kiss her pubis splashed by a cum, to lick sexual sponges, the aroma of her juicy kisonka just demented me. After I enjoyed this process and Karina was clean, I of course most of all wanted to insert the dick into this hole which is absolutely licked by me. I took off shorts and wanted to kiss already Karina on a mouth but she suspended me. - No, darling, you will have enough pleasures! Did you clean me not again to soil? We should go, guests were already tired of waiting. - Karinochk, please, I so want you! - Well, I see that you very much want, wait here. - Karina told and for a second left, having returned with the panties in hands which were on her before a fucking with Valera. - On, hold, you know what should be done, - Karina stretched me the thongs - only then wash, well? Well, everything, I went! Karina put on and went back to our guests. 4. The lover in the house In the morning behind a late breakfast I began a serious conversation with Karina on Valera and on all other cases in which I suspected her of treason. Karina was quiet and told everything as is, told that she is pleasant to change as she walks and what is engaged at parties, in clubs, at acquaintances in, told about the lovers and a lot what but I had to suspend her. - And what to do to me now? - I asked a question. - Did you want to yourself such girlfriend? Beautiful, sexy girl? Well, here you have her! Or it for you already too abruptly? If you don't want, we can not live together any more, not meet and in general we will leave. I couldn't answer her in any way. - Well you are silent? I know that you love me also I you too, but I can offer you only such relationship so solve! - Well, well, can and there is nothing bad that you sometimes поразвлекаешсься with other guys... - I began. - What means sometimes? There is no, darling, I will fuck with someone now I will want when I want and where I will want. It is clear to you? I couldn't object, everything that I wanted to have it sex with this bitch whom I so loved. Karina understood my consent and allowed me to enter herself. I was happy and terminated in a couple of minutes. - And will lick someone? - Karina was dissatisfied. - Yes, my kitty, now! - I dropped language to her vagina. - Here so! And that now after sex with me always I cleaned up! - Yes, darling, I will always do now so! At us it is possible to tell new life which made horney and concerned me every day began. Karina often and on the days off wasn't at home in the evenings and came late tired and zatrakhanny, but happy. She sometimes before going to bed told me as well some unfamiliar men and how many times had her she under them cumed. I was made horney from these stories, fucked her, quickly cumed on the pussy or on a tummy and licked sites of her body after myself. Karina didn't allow me to cum in her any more and insisted that I in that case put on condom. It didn't suit me, but Karina told that in general it is necessary to me готивться that in the future I will be able to fuck her only in condom and I can go in shop to be bought by them if I want with her sex further. In addition Karina explained: - You understand, Andryusha, without elastic band only my lyubovnichka can have me, and you as to my loyal friend should use it as I don't want a chtyba on me or your cum got to me. In general you should privikat to pinch from me others cum, for example if the lover terminated to me on tits, then when I come home you will have to clean them the uvula. It is clear, cat? Now I didn't need to lick Karina after myself any more as I could fuck her only in condom, but after her adventures with lovers to lick there was what and much. Sometimes Karina's vagina simply squelched from a cum and juice, often it was necessary to wash panties and other clothes of my beloved. Karina Vyglyadelya happy and completely satisfied including me, now she began to meet more often with different men, and sex at us was on the contrary more rare. So proceeded about a month, and once Karina came home at night какя especially happy though it was visible as she is exhausted also a zatrakhanna, it is possible to tell all in a cum, including on a face and in hair. Karina went to bed. I already waited for her and put on an elastic band, my dick was ready to explode from tension. But here Karina said to me: - I can please you, a cat, condoms won't be necessary for you any more! - My sun... - I was delighted. - Wait, don't climb! Let's tell! Today three guys so well fucked me that I decided that I don't need sex with you any more! From it all the same there is no sense any. - Karina is more shameless smiled - well you can not throw out the elastic bands, of course, yet, I am a good girl, can still I will allow you to enter me... we will tell once a month! Ha, ha, ha! - Well, Karinochka, give then the last разик, and then we will postpone it on... few weeks. - No! In total! I solved! Now you will work more often with the language and still I to you allow to jerk off, but only when I am at home. No, give more better so - you will jerk off only when I come home after the appointments, you will carry out the cleaning by language, and then we will go to a toilet, I will pee before going to bed, and you will remain there and you will jerk off in a toilet bowl and then you will lower the worthless cum together with my urine, her the place there. How to you my idea? - Yes, the darling as you will tell. - Here and perfectly! All right, the cat as you prepared for sex with me today and behaved well all this time, I to you will jerk off, but it for the first and for the last time. Went to a toilet! On Friday evening Karina was at home when I came, she with someone spoke by phone. I heard only the end of a conversation: "... yes, darling, well I think to a smog... of course we will be... all right, everything, Andrey already came... What? To fuck? He won't fuck anybody! He can't fuck me! Well, everything, give, I will wait. So long!" With someone she spoke it wasn't difficult to guess - most likely, the next lover who besides, knows now that to the guy of his mistress nedozvolenno with her to have sex. By the way there was a strong wish for sex and after we went to bed, I asked Karina she can descends for the night in a toilet with a hint on masturbation somehow to be discharged. - No, sorry, I don't want. - Karina quietly answered - Andryusha, I love you and I trust you. You aren't engaged in it when I am absent or so far I don't see? - No, darling, everything occurs by your rules. - I here of course told lies a little, few times after all couldn't restrain, but only few times. - Well, look at me, and that I will think up new rules for you! Sex of times in two months and a week you will touch the dick of times. Do you want so? Isn't present? Then be obedient and behave well. And that you knew what I am a good girl and as I love you, you can lick to me now. In me, however, today nobody cumed, but it anything, now you will make to me pleasantly, give... dating ideas teenage couple dated and related diana plastic surgery site mapMain Page