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(this story is created on the basis of real events. Only the final is changed... And that is not much more:) I was a hired programmer. As a result I wasn't satisfied by work in the native province because of a low wage, I moved to the nearest big city — in many respects under the influence of the girl, in many respects — at own will, and in many respects because one of the familiar beginning businessmen suggested to work on him in this city in a private order. My girl — my Baby was just going to enter to the UNIVERSITY in the same policy. With her we had everything very and very well. By mutual recognition, we satisfied each other much more better, than all previous our partners in a bed. Naturally, we loved each other. And a lot of things forgave especially as my Baby came to my life when I slowly chewed the fifth depression — as always, connected with the next painful rupture of a love relationship, and it was already ready to despair and give fat up as a bad job women, that is the positive attitude towards them. She literally revived in me love to the world, to women. She just came and began to love me. Including — and in a bed. Simply, quietly and gently. To me she had problems with an orgasm, but — the cunnilingus, a petting — and my intoxicated approach woke in her sensuality. However, with me she couldn't terminate when I just fucked her in a vagina, i.e. at the usual act. Ointments, stimulation of a clitoris — practically didn't help. Only one helped: if I, having implanted a penis, began very active stimulation with fingers of her clitoris, having practically forgotten about myself. But it resembled very difficult focus more, than sex. When there was this story, to me was 27, and it — 21... The baby didn't like to give me in buttocks. But — sometimes, it is very rare — after all I gave up and I did it. There were two reasons — moral and unwillingness to suffer from pain which arose when developing her back hole. Therefore it was necessary to conduct very slow and laborious work not to push away darling. Though, the anus was at her very erogenous zone. Just it was braked by psychological taboos, it is opposite, it isn't accepted — and also is sick. Lubricants helped, but it isn't enough. She refused flatly "to suffer" the Anusling: "it in general too not for me! Moreover and very shchekotno!" But it was sore at a mouth in buttocks with her only at the beginning. Then she was brought. And she very much liked to shout loudly. It was voluptuous shout "Aaaaaaaa!". First, she it suppressed the pain remains, switching in the mode of passionate pleasure, secondly, she was brought from the shout, and all her anti-anal prejudices became it it is all the same. Once, after three-week separation, I put it to bed, and she — was so brought from the fact that missed — and at last received me that she didn't notice how I got into its sweet at once, bulk, low-developed the daddy. I also didn't understand how there it appeared. But the most surprising was the fact that through some time at joint stimulation of a clitoris it was hammered in an orgasm. Probably, it was still only case when it terminated at anal sex. But it inspired me for the rest of life. Especially, she convinced me at the subsequent conversation that I imitated nothing Sometimes she was angry, and showed intention to be engaged in my back hole, but I did an unclear look — not it is pleasant to me that she wants it, not — it isn't pleasant, and she was left with nothing. Well, I confused. Though, to steam-toyku of times I agreed, and her playful fingers visited there. But all this became with one purpose — that her chocolate hole became mine more often. In general, I am a person without prejudices. And therefore such caress for me had and will have heterosexual character. Naturally, I to the buttocks without fight wouldn't admit not one male individual and I won't admit.:) Sometimes she was angry, and showed intention to be engaged in my back hole, but I did an unclear look — not it is pleasant to me that she wants it, not — it isn't pleasant, and she was left with nothing. Well, I confused. Though, to steam-toyku of times I agreed, and her playful fingers visited there. But all this became with one purpose — that her chocolate hole became mine more often. In general, I am a person without prejudices. And therefore such caress for me had and will have heterosexual character. Naturally, I to the buttocks without fight wouldn't admit not one male individual and I won't admit. :)... So, I worked for the private trader. Taras — my owner — was six years more senior than me, and employed me on condition that I will study at him in the evenings then to pass examination for the certificate for his micro invisible firm. I agreed — especially, in my profession excess experience and knowledge won't prevent. There was a summer... After morning sex — including — this time — and anal, the Baby said that she any more will never give me in buttocks. I shrugged shoulders, but especially wasn't disturbed. I was output. I put on and went to Taras home — for his computer where there was all unique software to learn. It was necessary to study on days off, and my Baby just went crazy from the fact that time which we could spend together from us is taken away by some loser businessman. I was engaged half-month when she began to appear towards evening and not only at Taras of the house, and very aggressively to demand the termination of occupations. I calmed the little girl, saying that it she wants to see me the rich man that in many respects was the truth. But as I was doesn't mind to carry out though in something her dream, eit of her imagination suited me. It is necessary to tell, our occupations with Taras resembled something between training of some mad computer special troops and retaliatory psychiatry more. This loony mercilessly fucked my brains, treating himself as to the greatest genius of computer sciences, and to me — so as if I before not that didn't work four years the programmer by an accounting part, and as if both don't own the keyboard, and badly I know a vindoza, and on keys incorrectly I knock. Only, he was a little acquitted by a situation: he risked money. And they were necessary to me too. And as I nevertheless received them in agreed volume, I suffered. That evening the Baby rushed in a fighting state into Taras's apartment again, and began to grumble and shout at us. I was very tortured, and it appeared between two fires. Suddenly offended Baby became, teasing me, to make advances to Taras. Or Taras, having become angry, I decided to show the charms... Not and it is important... When we left the apartment and went home, at us very interesting conversation took place. It is necessary to tell, at the first-class appearance, the Baby could tighten without effort any man to herself in a bed. But after she began to live with me, she threw this sport. Though, three times she changed me. I with laughter — in revenge changed her two times. I will tell, me not really and it was pleasant. One word — in revenge. But after she pulled out — literally — herself me from a depression, and I practically, left drugs and began to control insomnia, I a lot of things forgave her. Probably, in vain. BUT... my heart prompted that quite so and it is necessary to behave with this small, still the inexperienced girl in life. In general, I was against a relationship on the party. If we change — that there was an arrangement to inform each other that less problems were. It is desirable — before "treason" because... if I felt that it won't be pleasant to me or there will be some bad situation, I could suspend this business. Once it was even necessary to quarrel with the friend when business absolutely went wrong way. But this time everything reminded a puzzle. The baby very aggressively began to ask me: — You what, you think, I won't be able to oversleep with him? Do you think, I won't be able to tempt him? — I don't advise — I told. — what for? — No! I can oversleep with him! We argue that I will oversleep with him! I could understand nothing, but approximately such conversation continued half-roads. I pochuvtvovat that she — indeed — wants to oversleep with Taras. Eventually, I didn't sustain and told: — Yes do you that you want! Especially as tomorrow — Ivanova night. But only once! And, please, with the item з.! (in our language it meant "condoms") Night we met Ivanova three together. Taras plentifully treated us, we went to the country, took a walk, drank beer, by the taxi returned to the center, played a pool. He unambiguously made advances to the Baby, and I made light of all this, being very cool. I knew that the Baby all the same will remain with me. They for each other today — only a juicy game. When we arrived home, and Taras suggested to have sex three together, the Baby at first agreed, but then changed the mind, and made to me the sign to be discharged. I took a bottle of "Martini", and, having a little looked as Taras fucks it a crustacean, having slightly frowned went to other room to watch TV... There came the fall. I successfully passed two examinations, having received for Tarasova firms two certificates. After that night I with laughter told the baby: "He now for me — anybody. Think how I can now treats him? Now it will be much easier for me to treat psychologically him properly. I don't think that at least one serious businessman would act this way." It was the psychological puzzle. He бо to me could think too, everything that the imagination was able to afford him him "psychological lowering". But me it is amused a little, felt sick a little, but — by and large, I was impenetrable. Imperceptibly October approached. Suddenly I watchfully felt a certain tension on which nature it was simple to clever person to guess in behavior of the Baby, in what an essence. Using the mobile phone and calls to the Baby during certain periods, I found out that she somehow strange regularly disconnects her at certain o'clock in the evening. Eventually, I asked about everything, having called her and felt that she nearly cries. I told: "Be afraid of nothing! Tell me everything! Be not afraid!". And she nearly crying began to tell that two weeks ago she began the affair with Taras. They happened in bar. And passionately pulled her to it. This type, of course, completed different courses of transcendental meditation, studied the NLP and hinted that it studies Ericssons hypnosis, but I especially didn't pay attention to it. And this time I decided to resolve a situation without estimated mystical abilities of "companion Taras". Especially, I also considered myself the Jedi — though where. Especially what concerned the information forecast of situations and blows by relationships of cause and effect. Situationally, so sk-t. I would never begin to apply a clumsy physical fight without the need for self-defense. Especially, I in no time could appear on a prinudlecheniye. Nearly crying, the Baby told me that at first at them everything was good. There was a delightful sex. Bringing her much more abruptly, than with me. But then... Then my ordinary Emmanuel began to want more and more... And this moron, as well as any busy person began to wave away and laugh from her at her. And sensuality and power of attraction at my Baby, I would tell — all on envy. So that she appeared "on a passion lasso". Practically already crying she said: — Choose! Or you remain with me, or you leave him! "Well — I thought. — It is necessary to leave unambiguously. Whether he tried to obtain it, creating the affair with the Baby, or not — it is unimportant. But I will leave. Especially as he prepared from me quite quite good specialist, enclosed a lot of grandmas in my training. I had copies of certificates where slightly below than the name of his firm there was my name. I could find work in no time now. As for the Baby — as it will turn out, proceeding from its psychological state (in student's years I was fond of a psychoanalysis subject), but I will try that she remained with me or — at least — didn't get to shit. Though, she already began to stumble there." I right there called Taras and resolutely explained to him that I know everything, and, of course, I leave. He was shocked. He wanted my leaving or not, but I presented everything in the most painful form for him. Still! He laughed at my Baby! He made her cry! And I couldn't save her from this bastard. So I continued the way of the computer Samurai without the former mister. I was true and devoted to the baby the same as the Samurai. I suggested her to remain with Taras, to return to him. But she understood that she nothing good waits for her there. Half a year more and even went more. At the Baby there came the spring session. I worked for some former clients of my former boss as the programmer. I overtired. Also it happened when we were both tired and sleepy, that the Baby mixed days of the monthly cycle and flew as we by mistake weren't protected. It was necessary to perform abortion. We went to it. It was impossible to give birth: she should study, and I just got into debt, trying not that even to satisfy her myth about the generous partner, and just to provide the normal course of life: the dentist, change worn out to holes by a shoe, etc. After abortion she became sad. Our relationship was on the verge of a gap. She often told that she still pulls her to Taras, that in sex with him she woke up so that began to get a normal orgasm at usual sex that is ready to be given him in buttocks even now, but understands that she won't be able to return to him psychologically. At the same time she was very gentle with me, and I undoubtedly can tell that she loved me. We decided to leave till September to grant each other a respite. I understood that, probably, it is necessary to allow her to leave. The silliest was that at the same time both of us loved each other. After abortion it was impossible to have sex, and — as slightly touched with her a narrow neck of the uterus, vaginal sex was contraindicated two months. It was slightly sore with her when she went to a toilet more. She the first suggested to leave till September. I agreed that this most correct. Especially as I changed work again, and was first, on a trial period in one of major programmer companies, and secondly, till fall was forced to get out of debts. She went for the summer to the grandmother to our hometown. There came September. I worked. Practically, I coped with the main part of debts. I was hired. Salary increased. Besides the main salary on which it was already possible to live to me still there was extra money which sum depended on the number of the served clients. I grieved for the Baby. She called me. I asked: — Guess with someone I sit in cafe now? — With Taras? — I guessed! And we now in the same city, as you — she told by very cunning and playful voice. The depression, obviously, passed. And it played again. I played the unsurpassed psychological games. I played and it brought her happiness. — You are fine? Do you remain with him? — I won't tell! — she started giggling. — Yes? — gloomy I asked. — Yes! But both of us very much want to meet you. I arrived to cafe in forty minutes. They sat in a separate cabin. I sat down, ordered Coca-Cola. Taras was gloomy and unshaven. The baby shone. — At you something happened? — I asked. — Yes, it happened! — Taras told. And, having looked on us at two, I continued — I almost begged: — Misters! I beg you to leave me alone! I am very busy person! It is possible to tell — the disabled person of intellectual work! I very much ask you: be fucked you by saaaa! — here he made a huge pause. Yes with such serious and depressed look that the raid of two-month grief at me began to pass. The situation began to amuse me. — Especially as to you, the sir — he looked at me — is similar, it was very lucky with the woman in this life! You, it seems, don't guess yet — as! At this moment the Baby sat down by me, embraced me, both the shining innocent and the missed beginning look, cooing to kiss. I thoughtfully and accurately answered, half remaining in a condition of the current conversation with our business bigwig. And the conversation, appears was ended! Taras asked the account. We together left cafe. He got into the taxi. I who is a little dumbfounded went near the Baby. The first that I asked, was: — Did you sleep with him? — Yes. — very simply and innocently she told. And playfully I laughed loudly. And then I told that two weeks ago she called him, and at them the passionate sexual love story was begun again. She was given him all. He cumed her in a mouth, she gave him in a bum. And she cumed, cumed, cumed... She learned what is an anal orgasm. But in two weeks Taras suddenly changed and for her became indifferent. Besides, he reminded how she told, a squeezed orange. And she began to scoff at him. She understood what he is the pathetic, worthless and closed type which just very well artistic plays and gives itself(himself) in business. — I just gobbled up him! — she laughed. — Well? — very accurately I asked, deliberating over future in coefficient of truthfulness of everything that she told, and also someone someone "played" from cuties lovers their next two-week entertayment. — When he absolutely exhausted, we called you! — The baby rejoiced so that even at me at heart it became lighter. — Well, and what's next?. — Further! — she started giggling. — Guess that at me here! — The baby waved the handbag. I watchfully stopped as driven. She slowly slightly opened a handbag. There the pack of dollars lay. I zaroitsya very strange thoughts in the head — crime, prostitution, fraud, theft. — What is it??? — I and stood, having opened a mouth, looking at this playful idiot, and here she, having understood that she achieved the necessary effect, shining said: — Fool! It is a wedding gift of Taras to us with you! Here eight thousand dollars. And I want a magnificent wedding! I slowly took breath, embraced the Baby. Very passionately I kissed her and I asked: — Idiot!!! Please... it is more... so far we together... NEVER, you HEAR, NEVER CHANGE me!!! * * * The wedding was magnificent. Taras at it wasn't. After the wedding the Baby became very passionate mistress in my bed. She brought me by the languid voice and an unsurpassed game, she moved apart the buttocks and slightly rattling asked to fuck her in buttocks... We still try all sex arsenal without any taboos — a golden shower, CM, just massage and everything that will climb up to us in the head. We live five years. Our sex — is various and refined. There is enough money. Taras disappeared from our life. We are going to buy the apartment in a month. And then to bring the child. We are happy. But the most important — she never changed since then me! And, for some reason I am pursued by some silly feeling that it isn't necessary to her at all dating history of tom cruise date ideas new york city winter site mapMain Page