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I not the master to write, to competently state the thoughts therefore don't judge strictly, just I want to share the real story! At once I will begin with an essence, I don't know as so left, but elderly women and even grandmothers began to attract me in the sexual plan, you know, are such well-groomed, watching themselves. And where to look for women of such age for a sesk as not on a dating site therefore I decided to ask for the help already the website familiar to me, I entered in criteria of search age of 50 years and I began to look through various profiles of women, to write them and to wait for the answer. And suddenly I on this dating site saw the photo with a familiar face — it was my grandmother! Nothing to myself — I thought! In brief I will describe the grandmother. She is 63 years old and she was just from such elderly women who watch themselves, she conducts an active image of a zhizniya in general looks much more young than the age, but to see her on a dating site I didn't expect in any way though nothing of that kind in it was. So left that the grandfather died 20 years ago and on how many I know, nobody at the grandmother was since then. In the head of me there were thoughts, really the grandmother in 20 years never had nothing with men, and here she gave up... I changed the name and age, put 50 years, removed the photos and visited the page to the grandmother, she had many photos and even photos in a bathing suit from sea tour, I never saw the grandmother in a bathing suit. Probably many men write her, for the age the grandmother was not too bad at all, and photos in a bathing suit showed an appetiny bottom of the grandmother and in general she had quite slim and exciting figure! Even it became a shame to me from these thoughts, I am made horney by my grandmother!! And just for interest I decided to write to the grandmother: "Hi!" she Answered only next day: "Hi, why there is no photo?" I наплёл type that there are no photos, will be photographed then and I will load. Further banal questions went: whether I work whether I am married, and as she wrote that, many married look for mistresses on dating sites, etc. On the run inventing answers, I didn't notice how there passed 2 hours, she told about herself, about family too that the husband died 20 years ago and that didn't marry, told it like it is. I was madly tightened by this correspondence, I even sometimes forgot that it is my grandmother, we corresponded with her every day for a week. Somehow we had such dialogue: — And at you in 20 years of the man were? — I asked. — No — the grandmother answered. — Oho, difficult probably? — You know, in general it is tolerant, but from time to time very heavy happens. It is a shame to speak, but there was a daughter with the husband come to visit from nochevy and the son-in-law goes to a shower without t-shirt in the evening and such desire appears or the grandson when on a visit too! Probably it is wild to you to read it, sorry, in vain I wrote it. — Well, all is normal, all of us are living people, 20 years without man, it is heavy, I understand everything. — I very much like to communicate with you, I can only tell you such things. At this moment it became so a shame to me that I act with the grandmother this way, but nevertheless I continued and I decided to return accurately to a subject with the grandson)) — I too very much like to communicate with you and never what I won't condemn you for! And here still it is possible a question, you told that even at the sight of the grandson sometimes desire arises, and how old is he? — I asked. — The adult already, 24, he still brawny such at me! I even once spied upon it in soul! Here why I tell it to you, probably you think, at me absolutely the roof goes? — Neet, I speak, can tell me everything, it will remain only between us! And didn't want to come into a shower to the grandson? — Very much I wanted and that I will tell, still will tell mother, here the shame will be! I wanted an occasion to think up to come, dirty things to throw or still something, but didn't become, and so there was a wish! Well, let's change the subject. — Yes, give! "To go nuts" — only and I had in the head also such double feeling, it is opposite that I make horney the grandmother, but at the same time it is interesting. Next day I was waited by a surprise when I came, there was a message from the grandmother, more precisely than a photo. Here so the grandmother at me, I couldn't believe what sexually attracts me to her, kind of it in a disgusting way didn't sound, but I wanted to see the grandmother's photo without bathing suit, but didn't know how to ask her about it. In response to a photo I wrote that she is very sexy! — Maybe we will meet already? — the grandmother wrote. I didn't know that to answer it. I began to write that on this week will hardly turn out, work. On what the grandmother threw me in shock the answer! — Maybe it will accelerate? — the grandmother under this photo wrote, I even swallowed a lump in a throat. Nothing to itself and it is my grandmother, that which bakes to me pies which in the childhood drove me to the park? And here I finally got up a dick! I understood that I want the grandmother! — It isn't pleasant to you? — the grandmother, probably asked because I long write nothing. — Very much it is pleasant — only and I could answer. — Well as into the account of a meeting? — again the grandmother asked. — Give on Saturday? — I wrote, understanding that no meeting will exist. — Give, then on Friday we will decide on the place and time, huh? — Yes. I didn't know how to arrive further. Can admit to the grandmother that I am her grandson, but someone knows that he will be? Or just to finish all this draw which went too far as it is! All week we continued to be attributed, I asked her to send more and more a photo! She called me insatiable also said that she does a photo especially for me! What beautiful breast at my grandmother, though drooped a little! I madly wanted to rumple, caress her a breast, but understood that hardly it sometime will occur. On Friday I went to visit to the grandmother, I often went to the grandmother for all days off therefore it didn't surprise her at all, she to me обр it adovatsya. We had tea stirred about that about seven, told what will go to see tomorrow girlfriends, will probably come late, but I knew that where she actually gathers! Was not to recognize the granny, she was all evening in good mood, probably in an anticipation of tomorrow's "meeting". And I thought what to write to her. I remained in the hall, the grandmother went to herself to the bedroom, to sit in schoolmates as she told. I sorted a sofa on which I will sleep and began to watch TV! Approximately through half of hour I visited the website, there already was a message from the grandmother: — Well, tomorrow we have everything in force? — Yes — I wrote not to upset the grandmother yet, and tomorrow just nobody will come to a meeting. — Let's meet then in park 14 — 00, we will take a walk, and then we will decide that we will do next! — To you or to me? — To me it is impossible, I have a grandson on a visit! — It is that brawny? There is no desire now? — Is, but only in an anticipation of tomorrow's meeting! Pancake, the grandmother directly dreams of tomorrow's meetings. — What about a photo? — I asked, expecting refusal I asked. — Now I will look, the grandson sleeps or not — to my astonishment the grandmother answered. I switched off the TV long ago, phone hid under a blanket, pretended that I sleep. It was heard as she looks for something at herself in a case, then I left in a corridor, I turned on the light once again glanced to me. Then the camera lock sound, then one more was heard. I don't know what on me found at that moment, but I decided to admit all to the grandmother, I got up and went to her to the room, she sat at the computer in in what she did a photo. Having seen me she shuddered: — Oh, native, you what, I thought you you sleep, I here in such look! — Babaushka, I wrote you all this time! — I blurted out. — You about what? — No Alexander (so I was signed by N a dating site) is absent, it I! At the grandmother eyes were rounded. — How so that, what for? — I don't know, forgive, I saw you on a dating site and I decided to write, I wanted to play, and it turned out here so — I justified myself. — My God, all what I wrote, you read? — put a palm to lips the grandmother — And photos? I was silent and that I still needed to do. — Did you show nothing to nobody? — the grandmother asked. — No, of course! — I answered. — All right, go to sleep, tomorrow morning we will talk with a fresh mind. I laid down in a bed, but couldn't fall asleep, in the head was a heap of thoughts. Approximately in about 20 minutes to the koyena the grandmother came, I turned to her. — Don't you sleep still? — the grandmother - Not yet. asked — Listen, and here I to you sent photos, you had something on these photos what reaction? — confusedly I asked the grandmother A I was silent, without knowing how to answer. — Yes tell it like it is. — Was, everything was! — I answered. — But I am your grandmother! I was silent again. And there was what I couldn't expect in any way, the grandmother removed from me a blanket and put a hand to me on a dick, began to caress him through pants with circular motions, ниговоря words. Then she took off from me pants, and I also didn't resist, frankly speaking I was already ready to everything this evening. The grandmother took a dick in a hand and began to jerk off him, he began to vtavat slowly. She increased speed, the dick got up completely. — Ooh, what big! — without letting go a dick the grandmother told. She bent and began to kiss a head, along with it thinking balls other hand. After kisses the grandmother began to lick a dick on all its length, from a trunk to a head, taking a head in a mouth, and in a mouth drove on her a language tip, I was on top of the world. — It is pleasant? — a sporsila at me the grandmother. — Yes, very much — on a last breath I told. — Will you make to the grandmother pleasant too? She became and took off a nightgown, to my look all her delights which I saw on a photo opened. now I saw from alive! I laid down, she climbed on me, her big, beautiful breast hung over my person, I took her in hand and began to kiss, lick and bite standing nipples. The grandmother began to moan a little. I felt as the grandmother stuck my dick a hand and began to send him to myself, he entered very easily, the grandmother already was fairly damp. Inside it was narrow and hot! I began to go deep slowly until my dick completely appeared in the grandmother. She rolled up eyes and rose, then fell again, I clasped hips and already itself began to lift and lower the grandmother. The grandmother rose, having appeared in a sitting position on me, I vzat her for a waist and we continued, increasing speed, the grandmother already jumped not to me, her groans amplified, the breast jumped and fought about the grandmother with incredible force! — Yes, yes, мммм. as it is good — the grandmother whispered. Her face was covered by sweat, but she for a second didn't stop as to me it was good. The grandmother stopped and laid down on me: — I was tired, give behind! — panting the granny told. The grandmother got up dog-fashion, I drove a dick in a grandmother's hole and already I again as mad I began to hollow her that was even sick balls! The grandmother didn't groan any more, she shouted. In such pose we fucked minutes 15, then I quickly put the grandmother on a back, threw her legs to myself on shoulders and continued already in this pose, my dick flared, but the pleasure wasn't less! My speed slightly ceased, I was a little tired! In this pose I began to mass a grandmother's clitoris, it didn't stop groaning, shouting, rattling! Later minutes 10, I lowered to the grandmother on a stomach, quickly ran behind a napkin to wipe this big pool at the grandmother on a stomach. We lay and couldn't recover the breath in any way. — Thank you, native, me it was very good, mad, I already also forgot how! — the grandmother spoke. — But say to nobody about it that we made here, well you also understand. — Of course grannies! — I answered, and itself I thought of how we will look each other in the face, after it tomorrow morning. With these thoughts I was also chopped off. dating history of taylor swift date energy balls site mapMain Page