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For days on end I began to study all materials and stories on a subject of unfaithfulness. It was made horney from it terribly, representing Dasha the heroine of these or those stories about blyadovity bitchy wives and about their horned henpecked husbands. Especially I liked stories where kind of nothing depends on the husband: their wives change them, having spat on their opinion, and sleep with chiefs of husbands, their enemies, their friends, etc., periodically making of the horned spouses a laughing-stock. Having re-read RuNet on this subject, I switched to the English-speaking websites, especially was pleasant. So I found out the name of the philosophy of family life - "cuckold" attracting me (in Russian, "cuckold"). And the English-speaking websites on this subject appeared more considerably than ours, also the interracial ideas of manual of horns were cultivated there: white wives changed on the left and to the right with black lovers at whom both a body it is more best, and dicks are much larger. Wives together with the lovers humiliated the husbands, forcing to lick the lover's cum from a vagina... And even forced husbands to suck huge Black penises at the wife's lovers! Moreover, wives in every possible way showed contempt for husbands because of their small "pisyun" and, extolling the lovers, deprived of husbands of full sex: the type, after the lover to me with you isn't interesting to fuck... And in certain cases wives decided to give birth to children from the black lovers! At the living white husband that all friends and acquaintances saw and knew it that the child not from the husband that the wife changes the spouse with black! It was awfully concerning reading matter, I as a sponge absorbed all these stories, I was ready though tomorrow to begin various experiments, Dasha wanted to become the real cuckold, but... She even didn't want to listen about unfaithfulness, say, you what, absolutely went mad? I absolutely lost the head: usual sex ceased to interest me, I can really I went crazy, but my obsession became - transformation of the wife into the whore, and most to become the cuckold, the real cuckold. But I didn't know what for this purpose needs to be done. Here, there is money, free time, the wife beauty, but... really it is impossible to realize the dream in any way? I any more not the boy, it is impossible to tighten with the embodiment of desire because already not all life ahead... On the specialized websites I began to ask forumites questions concerning the situation, many responded with councils, but trying on them on a reality of the matrimonial life, I every time has come to a conclusion that it doesn't suit me. I began to post announcements on a dating site where explaining the commitment to cuckold philosophy, I looked for specialists who could turn Dasha into the whore. Having exposed her to a photo in a bathing suit, I received a squall of messages. But all of them, as a rule, were empty on sense, type, "Let me fuck your wife" or "Send her a photo without bathing suit", or "The cool girl! Give her phone, I will fuck her, it will be pleasant to her!", etc. there Were responses and on a subject: men divided my commitment to cuckold, but or couldn't formulate distinctly that they can make for seduction of my wife, or expressed condolences that they have a similar problem with wives, and they don't know how to turn them into whores. Approximately in two months I received the message which interested me - it wasn't similar to all others: - The psychologist, the top manager on erotic recruiting with wide experience. I am familiar with the theory of cuckold. I can resolve your issue. The professional, I work only at a commercial basis. I guarantee confidentiality. Terms of transaction at a personal meeting. Phone number such, Mikhail. For some reason at once it seemed to me that this professional Mikhail - not some there virtual-drocher, but quite real person who, probably, understands a question and will be able to help me. How exactly he can help me, I didn't represent, but from his message blew as confidence and knowledge of business. And the fact that he wants to receive money for the work - it is normal, I as the seducer of the wife any expert and if he is able... You are ready to pay for realization of the dream? Personally I am ready. However, the wisdom absolutely took off for that moment at me from the head - "Be afraid of the desires, they can and will be executed"... We met Mikhail in coffee shop. I looked at him appraisingly: about about ten years younger me, it is sporty, high (probably, meter eighty five), is brutal (he reminded me Fedor Bondarchuk, only with hair); hours, clothes - everything is expensive also with taste. Respectable and sure, with some special charm that even to me, the man, he seemed very much and very attractive. Got acquainted, he at first shortly told about himself: - I specialize in recruiting of girls for intim. For example, by request of wealthy misters I bring together them with the girls who were pleasant to them, or for elite brothels I recruit the models chosen by them for work. - That is, at someone they will point a finger, you also make that the prostitute? - Approximately so. - And how to you it works well? - There are different technologies, individual approach is applied to each girl. But I wouldn't like to tell you secrets of the work. - But I have a few other subject... - I know. I told you about the main work. Situations, similar to yours, are interesting to me to sharpening of the professional skills. A year ago I solved a problem of one large businessman who wanted that his wife not just changed him, and with black. He wanted to become kukoldy too, but for him the interracial aspect of this subject was basic. - Well and how? - Successfully. Now it is a sex supporter only with black and now expects a baby from the lover. - You that, seriously? - And why to me to joke? It is my business. In 90% cases I realize orders of the clients. - Means, after all there are 10% of failures, - to me was thought that here I with the Dasha will get to these 10%. - I am not a God to give absolute guarantees. But, I think, your problem is solved if you accurately implement all my recommendations and to follow instructions. - And what for instructions? - They are absent yet. For development of the plan I need full information on your wife: her hobby, addiction, favourite dishes, perfume, girlfriends, parents, relation to sex... In a word, information maximum up to her hospital card. Also, I will need to obtain information on you. On the basis of the obtained data I will make the action plan and the estimate of an action. The interview will need to be conducted at your place, in the absence of the wife - I also have to examine your house, search personal belongings of your wife that more better to understand her. - Well, you can come tomorrow after 10 in the morning. dating history of kristen stewart dated and related house site mapMain Page