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Always I was fond of women on is more senior than me, much more... stories, a photo, video and various chats where looked for women on are more senior gave the sprouts — I learned with them obshchatsya, to interest and especially not to load the head. To that meetings though also not frequent — allowed to learn experience intimate. No acquaintances in reality, for me were all unexpected and juicy action. This case occurred absolutely recently, and skoree I was... conducted, than the leader. In total quite usually it is also banal, to tell so vitally. Having gathered for a training, I came to the street and having reached a stop took seat in expectation of the tram. Yes... I am that rare person who prefers to wait slightly, but to go by tram in free space, a not to the minibus — in narrowness. In this time expectation dragged on... and transport wasn't any. Later half of hour, I couldn't stand any more and just took seat on a bench with the woman of uncertain age nearby (both — and 55 and 60 can be 45). Though also fan I women postarshe, but... a training a training, and no thoughts existed. To that is it was a typical housewife externally. Average the hair — curling, a jacket - a dress — emphasizing not elastic figure, an obvious friability of a body, a small tummy, kolotki — corporal color and usual shoes — on the small platform made — Under a heel are long. In the end of the ends the minibus approached though also mine but I wasn't going on it to go. — "Well that, went?" — the voice forced me to shudder, and having turned the head saw this woman smiling, she got up and took bags. — "Ne... I will remain, I by tram" — waved I with the head not especially understanding that to what. — "In vain" — she smiled to me and already turned having made couple of steps. — "And you remain" — this phrase was successful and allowed me to continue acquaintance. — "Why?" — it stood — on a half having turned and ready if what to manage to get together with crowd into the minibus. — "Well... we will wait together" — silly but what could come still to me to the head? — "Well... give, we will wait" — she took seat back and put a handbag to herself on knees — "A of what to wait for when cancer on the mountain whistles?" — "Neznayu... a where to go that?" — I became puzzled a little and my look wandered — too she stared at me. — "Ne I know where you, a personally in shop" — "Shopping?" — "He" — her eyes looked at me almost directly and not otryvno from what I didn't know where to look. There passed minute... another of silence. — "Well here, I stopped me, a now you are silent" — a little reproach in her voice, but it was visible that it only for communication continuation. — "So you will also be silent?" — "Yes it is just unexpected" — one hundred ideas were at the tip of the tongue, but all were or silly or language didn't turn to blurt out — "Called... here, became puzzled" — "A what, you can you will keep the company to me? Here also I called" — it laughed and having started a hand in a bag got a cigarette and lit. — "I can make... I am Sasha, we will get acquainted?" — any more without being afraid I decided to look silly, be that will be. — Olga — it was slightly developed in my party and produced smoke — "Consider Got Acquainted" was Told by her not loudly, but around people — waiting for other transport already began to gather, and some having heard a part of a conversation looked — at this picture — where the young boy, and already the woman in years to get acquainted, Olga correctly understanding — as I looked round on them helped to leave a situation. — "Time we both aren't going to go, can we will walk?" — without waiting for the answer she got up and having hung up a bag on plechiko looked from above in a bottom at me. — "-it is possible for m" — a moment and I jumped on legs, and we moved along a stop — "Can we will sit in tenke?" — a minute of silence later I when I saw added that the festivities special don't turn out — and we turned into the yard, in the direction to my house. — "It is possible and to sit if you aren't silent so" — it was visible that to her it is amusing, but everything habitually to be conducted. — "I can be silent, I can not be silent" — I began slowly rasslablyatsya, seeing that we left from crowd and whose ears listen to us. — "Ne be silent, at the man has to be well podveshan language — we are women, we love ears" — "Well... I will try" — "Try... not in vain got acquainted?" — she got the next cigarette, and we took seat on the next bench — to my house to give a hand — next. — "O, an I live here" — I waved a hand in side of the house. — "A I here" — waved it a hand on top. — "In the house, or at an entrance in it?" — I not consciously was in a stupor. — "Both in the house, and at an entrance" — she began to smile. — "The neighbor means" — "Neighbor" — she sat down nearby at last on a bench in a turn floor ko to me, so that her legs almost adjoined to mine. Having chatted on abstract subjects, I tried as it is possible to answer more ambiguously, but to be "Na sides" platitudes, however Olga wasn't confused at all and didn't show the negative relation to my trite jokes in any way. — "A in general Ol, it poluchayesya you so me got acquainted, a not I with you" — I decided to take that is called a bull for horns and to check on how many far it will come in outright communication. — "Well, easier to make most, than to wait for the man" — she exhaled the next stream of smoke — it was already the fifth cigarette — "A it strongly confuses you?" — "Well... at all confuses nothing me" — I shook a leg — which adjoined to her leg, that most as having stroked — "It is pleasant when girls get acquainted" — "I not the girl any more" — the smile didn't abandon her person — "No I can sometimes show an initiative. Consider. Sometimes" — "You begin, I continue a?" — I noted what she so shook a leg, having rubbed about mine, and having lowered a hand stroked her on a knee, she put a hand in the answer from above — "Experience a little in acquaintance, but I will try" — "It is possible and so, the neighbor" — she extinguished cigarette o a bench and threw out on asphalt — "You will come in guests? With shopping I think we will wait a little" — "Em... I will come if you invite, and you will give some tea" — "I Will pour... and even I will treat with sweet" — she laughed and having slapped me climbed a knee and though I the first wanted to invite her to myself, but she was a leader, and in a minute we already expected the elevator. Still a moment — and already rose. Na 9th floor. — "Oho, on the top? The good view opens?" — "Half of the city it is visible" — it was so visible that she it is obvious podlashchivayet ko to me since got up almost closely having developed by a back — "If you want you will look" — "If you show, I will look" — on this dvumyslennost she only smiled and having taken me for a hand told. — "I will show, don't rustle only, there Is nothing to know to neighbors that I carry boys in guests, rumors will go" — we in silence rose by the 10th floor where already instead of 4 apartments was only 3 in a pocket, and it opened a door. — "Well here" — she threw off shoes and passed on kitchen, was heard shchelchek a teapot — "Pass, tea, coffee? What нибудь still?" — "Em... Tea... "— its light ambiguity and the situation began to make horney me, but I was afraid to frighten off — "A what нибудь still, it what?" — "That нибудь sweet... "— as only I sat down, she got up closely ko to me, and having put a bag in a mug began to pour boiled water from a teapot. — "More carefully... don't pour over me" — I put hands on a waist for fun holding. — "You hold A more strong then" — it hosted a game and having poured one mug, began to pour the second. — "And so... "— slightly ponizhe — and hands appeared on hips — "So strong?" — "Already more better... the neighbor" — she smiled and put a teapot on a table not to escape from hands. — "Ne minds if the old aunt sits down?" — she turned and took seat to me on knees, fidgeting a little. — "You are not old... "— I held one hand by a waist, an another slightly pushing developed sideways and put on legs — "Age like everything only a figure?" — "Well, to young that to me is far" — she forcedly sighed from what her breast of the small sizes jumped up under my nose. I without losing time I caressed on a leg, convincing that nothing old, and in general nonsenses it. — "Wons of a leg at you what "— legs were also the truth of nothing, plump, but with good calves, and having stretched a hand I stroked not on edge of a dress hiding knees, an on the legs fitted in tights any more. — "Do you think?" — she discharged a hand and got up before me — "It is only calves beautiful, an is higher that didn't see" — "Is sure not bad above" — we understood both a game, and my hand slid off on a leg up raising edge of a dress. — "Yes well, look, any more not such as at molodushek" — hands she pulled a dress up, and to my review legs above a knee, couple centimeters even higher opened... but the dress so also crept up. Ne having kept I already both hands caressed her legs, each time raising a hand all povyshe. — "Good legs... "— she grinned and lifted a dress povyshe — from what I saw the white panties dressed on her pryatannye under is transparent-telesnym in color of tights. — "At me and the priest good" — she turned ko to me, slightly skomkanno having picked up a dress. — "Yes... good... "— I why that blew on her and squeezed hands — "Elastic..." Of course already I invented since the bottom was quite flabby, but excitement made the, to that I couldn't upset it. Olga was slightly curved allowing poluchshe to feel a bottom, and I noticed — "Only tights stir a little... rough" In the answer she lifted up a dress absolutely to a belt where I saw edge of tights — tense as all women do — almost to a navel. — "Well you can remove... well to estimate" — she got up legs poshire and impatiently added — "Ne hesitate, nobody will see" No and will hesitate I especially gathered — having taken for edges, I pulled them down, ineptly turning a ringlet and just pulling together, having pulled together them to almost to knees, I stopped and felt under hands though also flabby, but as it appeared an elastic bottom with good muscles under a fat layer. — "Oho... "— I on master's felt her bottom, at the same time touching for legs and from internal side of a hip, trying to touch with fingers her vagina through linen fabric — "As Peach..." — "A you love peaches?" — zaigryvayushche and wagging buttocks she added — "Very much... "— and in a moment easy stings on a bottom confirmed my words. — "More carefully... "— in one of stings I probably too strongly squeezed teeth and made her painfully... — "More gently... I love tenderness" I caught teeth edge of pants and pulled in a bottom, Olga didn't oppose at all and only stood. — "It is badly visible... decided poluchshe to consider?" — she fun-lovingly spoke and having turned out turned — pants were lowered from a pubis, and there was at the level her vagina, hardly covering sexual lips. — "Well... "— I didn't expect it and rested eyes against the pubis covered black with short hair only beginning to grow — "There is a wish to look completely..." — "Well... look... "— she so with the tights lowered to knees lifted one hand a dress — from what the flabby tummy became visible and I seized the region teeth, an another lowered from a pubis pants — "More better... it is visible?" Instead of the answer I just nestled lips on a pubis, and with the tongue hanging out — licked goroshenku — a clitoris so clearly sticking out. — "The m... decided all sweet to try?" — she grinned and released a dress from what it hid me under itself — "Try... I don't mind, it is necessary to treat you to tea with what нибудь" It was necessary to fall by knees before her what she could straighten out a dress and cover her pubis with kisses, feeling as volosiki slightly kolyat lips and language, I frantically pulled together with hands pants and tights which were wrapped by a ring, but every moment fell below and below. Slightly stepping, she helped me to remove all, them, and a leg cast away the lowered tights with pants. — "Tried out? in temper such sweet?" — these words I heard hushfully since the dress densely pressed my head to Olga's perineum. Instead of the answer I fell slightly ponizhe, a she obediently moved apart legs, and mine yazychek began to be played with her sexual lips and a vagina, licking its damp писю. She became wet not strongly, but groans, pressure through fabric upon my head — didn't weaken, and I obediently worked a uvula, licking and dipping him into a hole. No I came to lick not a pizda only here? — with these to thoughts I covered with kisses it писю, and tried to get out. Olga didn't disturb me and as only I got out — here snatched with kisses. She kissed very hasty, a my hands with might and main fingered her between legs, and for a bottom, leaving red traces. — "I won't refuse sweet too... "— she was ahead of me again and her hands with big experience undid to me trousers, a heatedly the sparkling eyes looked from below up — standing on knees she wound the head from the party in the party from what the head of the dick, with the acting lubricant slid on lips smearing lipstick. — "Ol... "— I managed to call only her on a name as her eyes were closed, an a mouth opened and I felt the easy sucking movements as lips, friction by a uvula on a head and almost at once — fast speed — she sucked skillfully, being almost stuck by a mouth on my dick, strong pressing on the most sensitive places of the dick. — "Ol... Ol" — I and potaraplival also stopped her, feeling that I here here will break, and she on naughty having sparkled eyes all understood — the dick pulled out and I began to kiss him, to lick to me a head and to give smacking kiss just loudly... Too with enthusiasm she did it and I couldn't suffer more — seized with one hand by hair, an another having taken for her hand — holding a dick, just began to drive-mazat a head on her lips. — "Sweet... hochuu" — she managed to whisper looking to me in eyes from what I burst in a cum stream — the rushed couple of streams in her in a mouth again, and at lips, a finger, the person. Olga obediently rubbed a face and lips about a dick, squeezing out on herself cum drops, sucking round it and kissing. — "O... to be shocked" — I is exhausted oblakatilsya on a table, looking as it turns the head, greasing with the dick the remains of a cum, a pinches them then from him. — "Tasty... "— Olga wiped a wrist to herself lips and having risen we kissed in a hickey. — "How to you, the old woman well sucks?" — "You aren't an old woman... you suck an as the goddess" — I shuddered — her hand with might and main rumpled my fallen dick — "The sweet goddess..." — "I quickly" — she gave smacking kiss to me in lips, and dashed away in a bathtub — "Don't leave anywhere... you that received the" I and didn't think to leave — the unexpectedness of a situation and violently developing actions made horney not less than Olga's blowjob. Ne passed also couples of minutes as before — me Olga appeared — she washed away a cum from a face, but brightly made up, put on a skirt and a topic — quite free... — "I decided to change clothes... "— her hands jumped ko to me in trousers, a short kiss again — and the head of the dick was densely clamped by her lips... I am a guy young, and... it was recharged quite quickly — the dick through couple of moments rested her against a mouth again from what she having smiled stroked him and having got up, having departed to a window raised a short skirt — panties under her weren't. — "Don't you wish to try the main sweet?" — I didn't need to be persuaded long — I instantly approached her — looking as she is curved as a kitty, and lifted up on a waist a skirt only attracted, creating an image — the overripe schoolgirl... — "Ouch... okh... "— escaped at her, at that moment when I nestled the dick on her hole and having pressed entered inside, hot, not strongly wet, but from they are feelings only sharper were, and with each friction — she shuddered, squeezing fingers. — "Well... as to you" — she breathed falteringly, an I in impatience fucked her a hole the dick, already trying to receive as more pleasure — "As is possible... look... from a window?" My hands lying on her waist helped to move it to a step to my pushes, but the look opened also the truth magnificent, especially — is direct before me. — "In a window I don't know... a before me... excellent buttocks... "— I didn't want to distract, an only dotrakhat this elderly nymphomaniac. — "You can her in quality of a dessert... to take" — she said as she only shuddered later ten pushes, an of her leg were slightly turned in. Long it wasn't necessary to persuade me, and I having pulled out hardly damp dick I put it to a bottom hole... — "Ouch... more carefully... "— she lowered the head and all strained, thus relaxing a bottom. No I didn't manage to enter... too hard hole, very narrow — as I terminated again, filling with a cum her buttocks, to pull out a dick I and I didn't think, obessilenno nestling on her, and expecting a dick so far itself will drop out of a bottom hole. Having recovered the breath she turned, and the short kiss was as pleasant completion of our acquaintance. — "Uf... "— having straightened out a short skirt, she took seat on a chair — "Give Tea Everything We Will Drink" We drank tea, chatted and though at both in eyes desire all burned I later half of hour went home. — "Well... you come" — she pinched me for a bottom before leaving... — "I will treat still sweet" dating helpline datejust site mapMain Page