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Very young, the little girl came back home train, from the South. Where spent summer vacation, on a visit at the aunt. In a clump, contain with it two Caucasians went. They about something talked, in the language, without paying to it attention. The little girl read the magazine. Gradually Caucasians in increasing frequency began to glance at her. She was very beautiful, extraordinary womanly and sexual, for the years the girl. She had very beautiful, lovely face, a small mouth with chubby scarlet sponges. A thick, fair hair, framed a pleasant face form. The lung, a floor a transparent, white dress, with a deep cut on a breast, couldn't hide all advantages of her constitution in any way. As if two ripe melons, from under a dress are appetizing, full boobies acted, and were seen sticking out through transparent matter, pink nipples. She had a slender waist, round deep thighs. She sat having thrown a leg on a leg, she had them slender and long. Caucasians without hesitating any more stared at her. - what girl! - I told one of them to another, in the language. - and there is a wish to otimet her! - you are right, the bitch that it is necessary, - another answered. - my dick to ask her for a mouth! - nothing, today our dicks will visit all her holes, - I told the first. - and not once! - the little girl quietly sat, and read the magazine, without understanding what they speak about, but it was pleasant to her that adult men paid attention to her. - the beauty, it is possible to get acquainted with you? - one of them addressed her. - what is your name? - Natascia, - she answered, confusedly smiling. The adult man called her the beauty! - and me Salman, - he told. - and my friend Ahmed. - to get acquainted very pleasant, - Natascia politely told. - and to us тожэ very pleasant, - it is carnivorous осклабясь, they answered. - where do you go? - I asked Natascia Salman. - I come back home, - she answered. - and here what did? - he asked. - I had a rest on vacation, - Natascia answered. - do you like to study at school? - I asked Natascia Salman. - yes, very much to be pleasant, - Natascia answered. It was pleasant to her that adult men are interested in her. - do you have many friends? - again I asked Salman. - it is a lot of, - Natascia answered. She very much liked to talk to men. - and you have a boyfriend? - I asked Salman. - no, - having been confused Natascia answered. - that such beautiful girl as you, also had no boyfriend! - I was surprised Salman. - why? - ouch, they are still children at this age, they have only games on mind, - Natascia answered. - we in a class have no normal guy with whom it would be possible to be on friendly terms! - to you what adult men are pleasant? - I asked Salman. - yes, - Natascia answered. Let them think that she is an adult girl, time she likes adult men. - did you already make love to the man? - I asked her Salman. Natascia reddened from confusion. - no, - she answered. - I wasn't engaged. - why? - I asked Salman. - I don't know, - Natascia answered. - nobody offered. - and you would like to work love? - I asked Salman. - of course, very much I would like! - Natascia answered. She wanted that men thought that she adult, time wants to make love. - well it you probably only in words such courageous, - I told Salman. - and as will offer then you will be frightened! - no, I won't be frightened, - Natascia answered. She at all not the coward some to be afraid of such trifle, and that in it terrible? - in same there is nothing terrible! - well then give you will work with us love, time you such courageous, - offered it Salman. Natascia was confused, she didn't expect in any way that they will suggest her to make love to them. - well you are silent, were frightened perhaps? - no, I wasn't frightened, - Natascia answered. - at me just intercepted spirit, two such cool guys suggest me to work love! - Salman laughed, he was sure that his tactics will work again, little girls very much want to be adults and to be afraid to look above all small. - then give agree to work with us love, - I told Salman. - be not afraid we your friends and we won't offend you. - he sat down near her. - I agree, - Natascia told.- I very much want to work with you love! - Salman removed dress shoulder-straps to her from shoulders, and I bared to Natascia a breast. She had big, round, beautiful boobies. Salman began to rumple and touch Natascia for boobies, I squeezed fingers to her nipples, I squeezed palms to her boobies. Natascia was horney and frightened at the same time, so still nobody touched her. Salman with a force I squeezed her breasts, Natascia moaned from his touches. He began to pull her nipples, with a force squeezing them fingers, she groaned from pain. Salman it was pleasant to hurt little girls. Ahmed sat down nearby, on the other hand. He lifted up to Natascia a dress, and began to caress her on hips and between legs. Then I thrust a hand to her into panties, and I began to rummage there. Two adult men, touched the thirteen-year-old little girl, for her most intimate places. Natascia was very frightened, but she wanted it. - take off a dress, - I told her Salman. Natascia got up, and the dress fell to her legs. - what you are beautiful! - I exclaimed Salman, having put hands to her on hips, and having attracted Natascia to itself. He began to caress her on hips and between legs. Then Salman removed from her panties, and I began to rumple her for buttocks. - what cool buttocks at you, Natascia. - he told. - do you play sports? - yes, dances and swimming, - Natascia answered. - at once it is visible that you are a sportswoman, you have very beautiful body, - I told Salman, and I began to caress her on a tummy, then his hands fell below, and caressed Natascia on a pubis. - really virgin, - I told Salman having moved apart her sexual sponges. - well nothing Natascia, now we will make of you the woman! - he told. - now kneel. - Natascia kneeled before him. - undo to me trousers, - I told her Salman. She undid to him trousers. - now get my dick, - I told Salman. Natascia thrust a hand to it into pants, and his dick got. It was thick and red, standing almost vertically, Natascia recoiled having seen him, she hadn't to see a male penis yet. - be not afraid, - I told her Salman, - now you with him will make friends. - Natascia couldn't tear off a look from his dick, something unclear attracted her. - touch him, - I told her Salman. Natascia touched a hand his dick, began to caress it. - do you like to suck Chupa Chups? - I asked Natascia Salman. - yes very much, - she answered, without tearing off a look from his dick. - then take my dick in a mouth, and suck it as the most tasty Chupa Chups, - I told Salman. - he with a stuffing reach it, - Natascia took in a mouth his dick, and began to suck it. She licked him, sucked round and licked a head, the dick entirely swallowed and sucked round him. Salman seized Natascia by hair, and I began to move slowly it the head back and forth. She sucked away to him a dick. Suddenly Salman buried Natascia the person to itself in a groin, and she felt as his dick at her in a mouth got nervous, throwing up her in a throat of a stream of warm, sticky liquid. Salman strong I held Natascia by the head, without allowing her to release his dick from a mouth. The dick all twitched at her in a mouth, throwing up dense streams of a cum, Natascia swallowed of it. At last the dick ceased to twitch. Salman released Natascia, and the dick from her mouth pulled out. - lick him, - I told Salman. Natascia licked his dick, pinching from him the cum remains. - you cool suck away Natascia, - I told Salman, and I stroked her on the head. - now suck away to Ahmed. - Natascia undid to Ahmed trousers, his dick got, took him in a mouth, and began to suck it. Ahmed seized her by hair too, and began to move it the head back and forth. Natascia sucked and his dick licked. Ahmed terminated her in a mouth too, Natascia didn't release his dick from a mouth until he terminated to throw up a cum. Natascia swallowed of it. Ahmed pulled out a dick from her mouth, Natascia licked him, having pinched the cum remains from the dick. All her mouth was full of a cum of two adult men. Ahmed buttoned trousers. - you are a good nipple Natascia, - he told. Natascia was very happy that she pleased men. - sit down to me on knees, - I told her Salman. Natascia sat down to him on knees. - you are a good girl, - he told, caressing her on the head. Natascia embraced and kissed him. - it you very good, - she told. Salman caressed her for boobies, I squeezed her nipples. Then he put Natasha on a bed, undid the trousers, the dick got, spread to Natasha legs, and pulled hard on her. - ouch! - Natasha moaned having felt as Salman entered her. He deeply got into her the dick, and began to move him in Natasha back and forth. - ouch! - ouch! - ouch! - Natasha in a step to his movements groaned. - ouch! - ouch! - ouch! - Salman moved in her quicker and quicker. - ouch! - ouch! - ouch! - Natasha from pain groaned. At last Salman in exhaustion failed on Natasha. The strange shiver passed on her body, Natasha felt extraordinary pleasure. Salman pressed down her the body, but it was pleasant to Natasha to lie under him. This minute she had unusual feelings: she became a woman! Salman got up from her. - it was great! - he told. On Natasha Ahmed pulled hard. - ouch! - she moaned, having felt as his dick entered her. - ouch! - ouch! - ouch! - Ahmed pushed in her the dick back and forth. - ouch! - ouch! - ouch! - Natasha groaned. Ahmed moved in her the dick quicker and quicker. - ouch! - ouch! - ouch! - Natasha groaned. Ahmed terminated having failed on her. Natasha felt as his dick twitches in her. When everything came to an end, Ahmed got up from her. He sat down near Salman. Natasha lay and looked at them. - well it was pleasant to make love? - Salman asked her. - very much it was pleasant! - Natasha answered. She got up and approached him. - you are such good. - Natasha sat down to Salman on knees. Also I began to embrace and kiss him. - and you too very good, - Salman told. - give suck away to me once again! - Natasha kneeled before him. I undid to him trousers, his dick got, took him in a mouth, and began to suck it. Natasha licked him, sucked round a head, swallowed entirely and sucked him. She already liked to do it. Salman terminated her in a mouth again, Natasha didn't release his dick so far everything didn't end, having swallowed all cum, to a last straw. Salman took out a dick from her mouth. Natasha licked him. - you cool suck away! - Salman praised her, and stroked on the head. Natasha was very proud that he praised her. But she was already waited by Ahmed's dick. She began to suck away him. She licked and sucked him. Ahmed terminated her in a mouth too. Having swallowed one more portion of a sprema, Natasha licked to Ahmed a dick. - very much it was pleasant to you? - she asked. Having widely opened in a silly smile of companies, full of their cum. - very much! - laughing Caucasians answered. To this little little fool they felt only scorn, and desire to satisfy with her the lust. Natasha was from those the self-check that feel the need will obey to strong males. - to me it is so good with you! - silly smiling she told. - to us it is good with you too, - they laughed. And again in turn otjimet her. And so all night long they fucked her as wanted. dating girl number image open date ideas jackson mi site mapMain Page