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Zhenshchna helped Nastya to buy all necessary for a campaign in a taiga. Also I told that for her will surely wait. Nastya reached the dwelling in 3 days. But Uergena she didn't find. On a table the sheet of paper on which verses for her were written lay. Nastya burst into tears. But to look for the old man in a taiga, business deadly. Having lived in a taiga a month more, Nastya decided to visit Olga Sergeyevna to whom she became attached not only as to the girlfriend. She felt to this woman, something bigger. Nastya's soul was quiet and serene when they were near. Nastya was lost in contemplation of Olga Sergeyevna, of her brown eyes, distinguished fingers, her big and beautiful breast, and elastic buttocks when оин took a shower in hospital more than once. Over the right buttock Olga Sergeyevna had a tattoo, a little scorpion. Only being in a taiga, Nastya understood that she fell in love with Olga Sergeyevna. She didn't understand as it occurred. She just wanted to be with her. Her thoughts were always with her and about her. Nastya was afraid of the feeling as she didn't know what to do and how to be. To admit to Olga Sergeyevna the chuvtva? "But how to her and what to tell? Olenkak I love you? Nonsense. Yes she will send me and will twist a finger at a temple. To tell what I love as the girlfriend? Yes. And what's next? Suffers all life, realizing what you can't count on bigger? No, so won't go. All right, I will arrive, and there we will look." Nastya quickly enough reached Moscow. She didn't call as Olga Sergeyevna asked her, didn't leave at the station yet. As in the huge city she had nobody, she from Siberia, she decided to call. "Izdatelsvo Sambuk. Hello. Hope. Be presented, please". "It is Nastya. Olga Sergeyevna waits for my call" - Nastya answered with the shivering voice. "Wait minute." - I tweeted a voice in a tube. Minute silence. "Nastenka! Rada to hear you! Where are you?" - the joyful and uneasy voice of Olga Sergeyevna pleased Nastya. "I at the station. Only from the train." "You have many bags?" "Isn't present, one backpack" "Hand over it in a left-luggage office and go to cafe of the spravy party from the station. Naina is called. I will be in 20 minutes. I kiss everything." Nastya hung up and went to a left-luggage office. Having checked in luggage and having gone outside, Nastya turned on the right and at once saw the sign "Naina". Nastya sat down in a corner of cafe. The waitress approached. Nastya ordered coffee. In a minute the waitress brought coffee. "Olga Sergeyevna, asked her to wait as she got stuck in a stopper." - the woman Nastya reported opened from amazement of companies. "You... Do you know Olga Sergeyevna?" - Nastya was surprised. "Yes, this her cafe. She to me described you and asked you to warn when you come", - smiling the woman answered. "Thanks..." - still prostration was answered by Nastya, thinking what else surprises of a prigtovil to her the girlfriend. In half an hour Olga Sergeyevna came into cafe sure gait. "Hello, girls" - Olga Sergeyevna to women and the bartender. "Hello, Olga Sergeyevna". - employees answered. "Zinochka, collect to me something home. Salads, meat, fruit. Also put couple of champagne and two Martini." "Of course, Olga Sergeyevna" - answered the woman and was behind a door. "Well здавствуй, darling!" - Olga Sergeyevna embraced Nastya who got up her on a meeting. "Hi. those" - Nastya said, without having managed to constrain a shiver in a voice. "Well, well. It isn't necessary to be upset. Everything is good. Now we will eat to me." "And things?" "Maxims will take away. Driver." Olga Sergeyevna took Nastya under an elbow and went to an exit. "Dima, you will bring products in the car" - the mistress of the bartender asked. "Of course" - the bartender shortly answered. Olga Sergeyevna helped Nastya to get into the huge jeep of a representative class. Were located on back seat. "Well, tell. How did reach? How are you?" - having embraced Nastya for shoulders the woman told. Nastya confusedly looked towards the driver. "You can not hesitate. Maxims, my shadow. I trust him as myself." "I was tired a little, can at home?" - Nastya asked. Nastya in a cheek. This kiss... Such gentle... Such burning... At Nastya the head began to spin. She put the head on a shoulder of the woman and closed eyes. Quietly the door of a luggage carrier opened and the bartender put packages of products. "Maxims, to the country." Maxim nodded and the car moved. Nastya fell asleep not a shoulder of the woman and didn't notice as in an hour they arrived to a country house of Olga Sergeyevna. "Nastenka, wake up. We arrived." Nastya opened eyes and began to look round on the parties. "We will go. Then you will see enough." - Olga Sergeyevna told, having taken Nastya under an elbow. On the street already darkened. "Maxims, you will go since morning to the station tomorrow and you will take away things from a left-luggage office. What Nastya number and code." Nastya pulled out a scrap of a piece of paper from a pocket and gave to the driver. Maxim nodded. Women entered the house. The door was for some reason not locked. Anticipating Nastya's question, Olga Sergeyevna told that in the house two maids and three security guards on streets. Olga Sergeyevna spent Nastya on the second floor and showed her the guest room. The huge room, and behind her slightly less cozy bedroom. "It is your house. I hope you will agree to live at me!" - without asking, and kind of claiming Olga Sergeyevna told. "I will quickly find work and housing", - Nastya bethought. "Even don't stammer at it. I want that you were always near" - a smile the woman told and looked in eyes to Nastya. "Are you serious?" - without believing, Nastya asked, looking for the answer in the opinion of the girlfriend. "Quite. You will take a shower now, you will put on, will go down to the dining room and we will discuss everything with you. I have many questions to you, and I will answer all your questions. Well?" Nastya nodded. "The room became under you. In cases your clothes with your sizes. If something isn't pleasant, tomorrow we will go to shop and we will buy. Underwear in a dresser. Towels and bed in other dresser. Though they won't be necessary for you. Lena and Natasha every morning change them. Do you need my help in soul?" "No, I, thanks" - answered Nastya "Well then I wait for you in the dining room. You can not hurry, lie down in the bathroom and if you want. "-Olga Segeevna gave smacking kiss to Nastya bluntly and left. Nastya still didn't trust. Nastya closed a door and went to a shower. The shower room was very big. Separately there was a cabin, nearby there was a toilet bowl and slightly further there was a jacuzzi. Several towels and several bath robes of different coloring hung on walls. There were slippers. Nastya threw off from herself all clothes and naked got up under shower streams. Relief which was given by warm water it helped Nastya to be restored. She several times included cold water to cheer up. Then she gathered waters in a jacuzzi and plunged into foam water. I closed eyes and I failed in a dream. She woke up from the fact that someone stroked her on the head. Nastya opened eyes and saw Olga Sergeyevna in the easy dressing gown which isn't hiding her slender and strong hips. In a section her beautiful a little loose-hanging breast with large auras and large nipples was visible. Nastya suddenly wanted to clasp these nipples with lips and to caress. dating game tv show 2021 date of zilqad today site mapMain Page