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It happened to me last summer. Then there was not the best period in my life - me a relationship with the wife fired and deteriorated. In general, I made a big mistake, having married in 19 years and now, three years later both of us realized it. Our officially issued relationship oppressed it much stronger, than me because she became from year to year more beautiful, and now such machoes to whom even you shouldn't try to compare me paid attention to her. That ill-fated evening I, having returned from another unsuccessful interview, I found her houses with one of such here handsome. I was ready to kill both of them and to carry all apartment, but what I could against that a gorilla? Lean, I never played sports and I was growth much below him. These two, having used overweight of forces, without ceremonies exposed me from my house! Humiliated and suppressed, I just went to wander about the evening city. When finally darkened, I walked already a couple of hours. It became more cool though me it not strongly worried. But then suddenly it started to rain. "Here only you weren't enough" - I snapped at the first drops, and the rain went even stronger. I wanted to hide under some shelter, but wasn't in time and decided that time all the same already got wet, it is possible and not to worry about it. So I continued to wander, having plunged into own gloomy thoughts. - Hey, guy! - suddenly was heard sideways. I turned - near me the smart white car quietly went. Her window was open, and the nice woman drove, and from salon some pop-music reached. - To throw you? - friendly she asked. I began to refuse, but she continued to go nearby. - Come on, sit down! Subway already closed where you in such look will go? I stopped, and she stopped together with me. Now I could make out more better her. She was to podstat to the car - a beautiful face, long black hair and the magnificent big breast tightened in fabric of a white business blouse. The blouse was undone on steam of excess buttons, so, that under it the black bra was seen. - Give sit down, and that you will catch a cold! - she told, having bent to a window so that from a type of her breast to me even it became awkward. I unwillingly opened a door, but suddenly looked at expensive salon. (Your most dissolute imaginations HERE - a good advice) - I am all wet... - Yes sit down you, nothing terrible. - She told, and took from a front seat a jacket from the business suit. When she stretched to throw a jacket back, her tight black skirt rose exactly so to show that under her stockings. From this picture I nervously swallowed. And nevertheless sat down. - Where do we go? - he asked with a smile. - Somewhere. - Gloomy I answered. To me it was valid all the same as to come back home there was no desire. - And, I know this place! - She told also cheerfully and came out to the highway. We got acquainted (she told to name her just Vika) lovely talked rather she talked to me - asked me on anything, and I told about the life and volume what troubles comprehended me recently. All this time I tensely sat, thinking of that, to lean kind of less on a seatback the wet shirt, and she opposite kept a cheerful spirit. Especially she was amused by a story about how I was exposed from the house though personally I didn't see in it anything ridiculous. Nevertheless, she was very beautiful, and I wasn't angry with her. Continually I looked askance at her, sliding on a magnificent figure of this business lady in business clothes. I shivered for nervousness and cold a little - I was all wet, but didn't ask her to close windows and to include heat. And it seemed to me that she sees how I try to pose as abrupt because several times she smiled and I didn't speak why. - Where do we go? - To me. - She told, but, having caught my next eye on her legs, with an indulgent smile added: - Э, no, the guy, don't even think. - Not to think that? - Itself you know that. - She answered and continued to drive the car. We drove up to her house, passed by the concierge and rose to her apartment. At once at an entrance she told: - Here I won't allow to wet anything to you so be undressed also to the bathroom. I made as she told especially as I didn't want to spoil something in this mansion at all. Having taken off boots and wet socks, I potopat barefoot to the bathroom. - You can take a shower, I will find to you clothes so far. - She shouted from where from other room. Having pulled together from itself the clothes sticking from moisture, I climbed under a hot shower, enjoying, at last, heat and comfort of which the whole evening dreamed. Here in soul it was full of any bottles and tubes, but all of them were with gentle smells which perfectly would suit the hostess of the apartment, but not me. Eventually, for the lack of other choice, I used her fragrant soap and shampoo, having decided that there is nothing terrible in it. - There is a devil! - Wicky's voice because of a door was heard. - What happened? - Yes the housemaid washed all towels again, without having left dry. I looked out because of a blind and saw only a small towel for hands. - Here is some, will be enough for me to be wiped. - I shouted and quietly it continued to be heated under a shower. When I, having wiped, got from the bathroom, I was waited by a surprise: before me the wide skirt of average length and a T-shirt lay. - It that? - I asked. - Sorry, I have no house of men's wear. - I answered because of Vick's door. - What even dressing gown? - Even dressing gown... - But same skirt! - Oh, well you will think. Scots of wons of a skirt carry and is normal. - He same women's skirt! - Stop being fastidious, there is nobody, and I will tell nobody. Besides I don't want that you walked up and down stark naked here. - She answered, and I heard the removed knock of heels that, probably, meant her unwillingness to continue a dispute. I long stood and looked at this skirt, tried to be wrapped by a short towel, but then decided and with the words "to hell with it!" put on it. It reached to me knees though to me from it it wasn't strong easier. Unusual freedom in a groin and understanding with what ease it can be lifted up, caused in me strange feeling. Then I pulled also a T-shirt, but it to me was small - having fitted a body, it hardly reached a navel. Having sighed, I left. - Go here. - Vika from kitchen shouted. Indecisive steps I went for shout. Having seen me, she smiled. - Well, everything isn't so terrible. Sit down, I made tasty tea. Tea was really tasty, and I with pleasure of his saws, being treated with the sweets put on a table. - Did you sometime change clothes in a women's clothing? - I asked Vick. (It seems, guy, and, it seems, girl! Beauties with dicks! - editor's note) - No. - In vain, you goes. - Very ridiculously. - I told, having nearly choked. We sat together, watched TV and lovely stirred about a half an hour when phone suddenly rang out about anything. - Hallo... Yes... What for?... What for?! It isn't necessary! - Wicky's face turned pale and she scaredly looked at me. - No, it isn't necessary! Go sleep it off more better!... No.... No, I am one... In total same pale, Vika slowly lowered a tube. - What happened? - I asked. - Andrey will arrive now... - Someone such Andrey? - My husband... to us end... This news didn't please me at all. As though I and without it lacked shit in my life. - Well, I then went... - How will you go? I threw your things into the washing machine. - What?!! And what now to do? Where I now... The devil, the devil, the devil, where to me to hide? - Nothing will leave, - Vika fatefully answered. - He told that he goes to check, so, will turn all house... I nervously went on kitchen, trying to think up what to do, and Vika sat, having stared in emptiness. Suddenly her look proskolzit on me from below up, and her eyes were lit. - I have an idea. Went. I followed for her to one of rooms where she opened the simple plan: - I will change clothes of you the girl, and you will be my friend. - What?! Oh, isn't present! - And what you offer?! You don't know my husband! He is just a moron. He can dig you alive though tomorrow! I could offer nothing else. - All right... - I told and sat down on a sofa. Eventually, I already was in women's, and I needed only to complete an image, I thought. Vika began to touch quickly things in a case, in search of something suitable. As a result she pulled out several dresses, underwear and a black wig. - We need to think up to you a legend. - She told, hasty trying on a wig on my head. - You will be called Ania, and we with you together studied at school. Put on this. She pointed to small black thongs. - What for? - Because your dick sticks out, the blockhead! Dress give! - she cried out and hasty I left the room. I decided not to argue, took panties and began to dress them, without taking off a skirt. To me it was a little terrible - they looked such small that I was afraid to tear them. Accurately I pulled them upward and when the thin strip of fabric passed between my buttocks, I for some reason was surprised a little, and my dick stood up. I tried to press down him a hand back, but nothing was impossible. Vika, having entered with two condoms filled with water, so I stared at my camber formed in front that to me it became awkward. - It should be removed. - Strictly she told. Then I, having lifted up a skirt, the dick began to correct, trying to clamp him panties between legs. - My God and remove you her. dating game podcast dateline cast 2022 site mapMain Page