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- I was well, glad to a meeting, I wait to seven, чур not to be late. And into the account of a gift don't worry, you weren't ready so yours emergence can be considered already a gift, - Lyosha smiled, having winked at me at parting. We were familiar with Lyoshka from school, studied together with the very first class, but then he went to other school. Some time we still communicated, but then, as we know, new collective, new life. Happened, met in the yard, greeted and dispersed someone where. We live with it in the next entrances. But I didn't see it from the moment of our last meeting for a long time. And here, coming back home, I faced it directly at the entrance. We got to talking, and he invited me to himself to birthday. I not really wanted to go there, knowing that there will be no my acquaintance, but also there was no wish to offend Lyoshka too. Having come home, I decided to hear opinion of mother which became decisive: - Lyosha very good boy, you in the childhood "don't pour water" were. Descend, develop, and that everything you study and study, absolutely you don't communicate with people. Especially to you soon 18, itself you know what important date. It was solved, the invitation is accepted. Week passed absolutely imperceptibly. I with the head was in study, training courses, tutors, from school home, from the house in school. Everything remained invariable. The girl share, mother's and father's joy, an example at school. And here, on October 20. Roads are filled up with gold and red leaves, people muffle up in scarfs and hoods. Having returned from school, I took a shower, dried up hair, put on jeans and an undershirt (I never liked to dress up, even for holidays) and went to a celebration. When I came, in the apartment three guys, one girl and, naturally the birthday boy sat. The girl was called Olga, and guys by Denis, Anton and Maxim. As far as I managed to understand, Denis was Olya's guy. Against the background of this effective brunette in a short red dress I felt like the child. Lyoshka presented me to the friends, we turned on the music and began to set the table. Having put three excess devices since three more guests were expected, we just sat and stirred. And here, the call rang out, Lyosha ran to meet late. In a corridor voices then the room was entered by guys were heard. I recognized one of them. He was called Stas. I wasn't familiar with him personally, but rumors have heard much enough. To trust them or not, it is one question, but nevertheless smoke without fire doesn't happen, so, it is more best to be more careful with him. The black hair framing with fragmentary locks a face, ice and prickly light eyes as if said that it is more best not to contact it. And the fool would guess that the guy spends in the gym much time. It was shown in a strong stomach and a breast that was easy to be seen under a black undershirt in which he was, and big shoulders just about will break off sleeves of this undershirt. We were presented, and celebration began. It was rather cheerful and all my fears into the account of the men's company disappeared over time. I didn't drink anything alcoholic, only sipped juice which they bought for vodka. And here the second girl was fairly put to a glass with wine. When practically everything was eaten and drunk, dances and other madnesses began. Everything was good if not one but. Throughout all time I felt on myself a chilling impenetrable look of Stas on myself. - Will be enough here to sit! - Olya exclaimed, having seized me by hands and having dragged to dance. I especially didn't like to dance, but not to offend the girl, several minutes I poizvivatsya near her. And when someone turned off the light, I took an opportunity and slipped on a balcony. Having with relief sighed, I lit. From an open window cold autumn air got and I regretted that I didn't take with myself on a balcony a jacket. But, and thank goodness for that. Half-minute later the door of a balcony slapped. I turned back and met face to face Stas, is squeezeed out looking at me. - nobody said to You what to smoke harmfully? - Said. And what now? - I don't want that my girl smoked. - Well, here also forbid the girl to smoke, - I was extremely revolted that this impudent guy pokes the nose into other people's affairs. Having sharply developed, I made a nervous inhaling. I understood that I in vain say with him in such tone, but against character you won't trample. I always was rested and quick-tempered that quite often brought troubles. And here I felt that he costs absolutely close. Without deciding to turn, I tried to calm heartbeat. - You can't imagine how long I waited for it. - Waited … for what? - having dragged on, I began to abuse myself for the fact that I in general came here. Stas's hands laid down to me on shoulders, but I dumped them. During the same moment he seized me and developed facing himself, having pressed the hot body to a window. - three years I watch you, I represent what you, and the only thing that held me, is that you still small. But when I saw you in this room … why you came here? - Lyosha my friend and he invited me, he has birthday if you didn't forget yet why I still here could come? Stas didn't answer. He looked to me in the face, translating a view of lips and a neck. - You such fine … - What the hell you do, - I hissed, trying not to show him the fear. His palms slid on my waist to a breast, to clavicles, to a neck. Having stopped hands on cheeks, he whispered: - You are so beautiful. You don't represent how strongly I want you. - Release me! Let's me leave! I tried to push away him, but he only drove me into the corner more strong. It became clear that my resistance only gets it. - Only try to make to me something and I … - I and thought that you will turn out such obstinate. It is even more best, so you very passionate. Without having allowed me to answer, he stuck the lips into mine, imperiously starting language there. I tried to push away him, to evade, but he easily overcame my pressure, one hand having grasped my wrists and having got them for a back. Then I thought that it is necessary to deceive him. Having relaxed, I answered a kiss, and as well as was conceived, Stas weakened a grasp. Having come off my lips, he smiled. - the Clear head. The less you resist, the more better for you. Don't do nonsenses. Having released my hands, he from two parties blocked me an exit the strong hands and again touched by the hot lips my, shaking with fear, from cold. At this moment, I that there are forces pushed away the guy from myself, having slipped under his hands, and went to a balcony door. As soon as I grasped the door handle, Stas pulled me on himself so strongly that I crashed into his hot strong body. - you don't think that I will just allow you to escape from me, - Stas hissed, grabbing me hand. I tried to beat off him, but he was far stronger than me. Again having driven me into the corner, he inhaled a smell of my hair then he, with a heavy sigh, began to kiss a neck, drenching skin with warm, confused breath. - I want you, I want to catch your smell, I want to touch your body, I want to feel you on taste, I want that you were mine. - You are a loony, - I croaked, trying to dodge from his kisses. Having turned to my words a deaf ear, he lifted me and put on a table on which some towels lay and there were banks. I tried to come off, but he dexterously spread my legs and it appeared between them, one hand having squeezed my hands at me behind the back, and another investigated a body, panting. - Release me! - I exclaimed not by the voice, but it only moved up me to itself(himself) more densely, having made so that the knob in his trousers rubbed about me. - You want it too, - Stas whispered, - Want, I know! Do you think, I didn't notice how you look at me? I noticed everything, a kitten. - Stop immediately! Enough! I coiled as soon as could, he from it he only afforded more. Having seized me by hair, he threw back my head and kissed so strongly and passionately that at me the head went around. His language imperiously got into my mouth, studying the new territory. I felt his palm which is carefully stroking jeans on inside of hips. Having come off me, he looked to me in eyes. His look was foggy and some empty. - You want me. Tell it! - No! - Tell! - he shouted, having thrown off from a table to bank. She fell to a floor, and the sound of beaten glass was heard. - you Went! - I bellowed, making a new attempt to flight. - You will tell it! – having overturned me on a table, he bent from above so that his face was at the level of mine, but legs he stood on a floor. He all the actions tried to show me the power, but kind of not so! Having thrown back my hands upward, he strong held them with one hand, and the second is careful as if over fire, I drove on a body. - Never saw anything finer you. - If you don't release me, then at all any more never you will see anything. Stas smiled, without having told me anything in reply. Having sharply made a start from a table, he became straight and took a step back. I right there took an opportunity and jumped off from a table. - I will prove to you that you want me, - cunning smiling, he provorkovat. Having made a step to me, he extended a hand from what I recoiled back, but understood that there is no place to run, behind only a table. - I Will prove, - Stas repeated, and, having taken my hand in the, another undid to me jeans. From his actions I melted as if stone. What did he conceive? Without wasting words he pulled my hand and it appeared at me in panties, together with his hand. Having straightened my palm, he carried out by it on the pussy, and I felt moisture at myself on a hand. - you See, you like what I do, don't deny it. I was silent, having covered eyes. He operated my hand, forcing to rub the pussy and a clitoris. Breath became frequent and faltering. - it isn't necessary … прек … hosts …, - choking, I whispered. He pulled out a hand. Just I listened to me and I pulled out a hand. - Now you see that I'm right. You want me. - No, - having collected the last forces, I said, trying to button jeans. - Enough! - Stas growled, being enough me for hands and driving into the corner to a canopy. - No, stop, - I shouted, but he didn't hear me. Automatically I twisted his hips with legs, having felt elastic hardness in his trousers. - you Want it or not, you will become mine! I wanted to protest, but the guy threw me through a shoulder and, having opened a balcony, took out to the room. It was the room of parents of Lyosha. From the neighboring room where there was celebration, music and shouts so the hope that I will be heard, thawed as ice under the hot sun was heard. Stas roughly left me on a bed, having published animal roar. Having pulled hard from above, he roughly spread my legs, having settled between them, and began to whisper words which frightened me. - I will enter you, you hear, in your depth. I will be in you, I will do with you everything that I will want. You will become mine, and more nobody else won't touch you. - But, I … - Become silent, - Stas growled, having lifted up my undershirt. The door of a balcony was open so the cold autumn breeze made the way to the room and on skin goosebumps ran. Stas began to cover with kisses my stomach, feeling the hot palms my legs and hips. - Such fragile, - he whispered in breaks, - mine … only mine … I was very tired to resist and just waited when he finishes. He raised me, having seated to himself on knees so that my legs were behind his back, and took off an undershirt completely, having left me in a brassiere. Having at one stroke coped with a fastener, he rejected also him. - you have such beautiful breast, - he whispered, kissing in turn one and other hillock. To me it was at the same time terrible and it is pleasant. All these feelings were such new. Stas carried out by language up to a nipple from what that became firm, and passed to a neck, having carried out by language from a depression in the ground between a breast to an ear lobe, having sucked it a little. Having pushed me back on a bed, he began to undo my jeans. He did it very quickly, the shivering hands, hoarsely breathing. On a body I ran a chill, and again skin was captivated by goosebumps. Stas noticed it and, having glanced me in eyes, asked: - You are afraid of me? It isn't necessary, a kitten, be not afraid. I won't offend you, I promise. He began to pull together with me panties, having lifted up himself on a shoulder at first one leg, then another. Having been left without panties, I as if regained consciousness from a trance. He will rape me now! I began to kick, push away him, but it was absolutely impossible. - Stas, Stasik, it isn't necessary, please, I ask you, it isn't necessary, - I begged with the last bit of strength. - Become silent, - the guy growled, and I understood that there is no hope. - I Ask you, stop! Stas pulled together from himself an undershirt and lowered a little trousers, and, one sharp and prompt movement entered me, having generated a wave of the pulsing pain. I cried, but Stas of it didn't notice. He with frenzy entered me, strong squeezing my shoulders in the hands. I felt how he is in me as again and again gets into my depth. At once he sharply stopped and threw me through himself, having seated from above. Having seized me by sides, he began to stick me on the dick with all the force. I felt salty taste of the tears which are filling in my face on lips heard own whimpers, champing and a squelch of the genitals fighting the friend about the friend. Then the hot wave rushed in me, and Stas published deaf groan. Having thrown off me from itself, he settled from above, driving the palm back on my cheek. - Sorry, I didn't know and didn't think that you … the devil, I didn't want so. I shouldn't! I couldn't answer nothing, I just had on it no forces. - Forgive me, the kid, forgive … - having removed a new teardrop we will kiss, Stas whispered. - I tried to tell you, - I hardly whispered. - I thought that you just play with me. I was sure that … you such beautiful … from a thought that you had someone to me, demented me. I was silent, feeling on myself weight of his hot body which just visited in me. - What will be now, - I whispered, feeling small also broken. Tears swept on cheeks again. - More quietly, the kid, don't cry. Stop. Be afraid of nothing. I won't release you anywhere, clear? I will give nobody in offense! From now on you mine. Mine and only! - I Hate you, - I prosipet, closing eyes. Stas didn't answer, but I felt as he strained from my words. - Listen, I don't want that you considered me some barbarian. Give me the chance to correct … - What? How you are going to correct it? - I was captured by anger from understanding of what now occurred. - I won't force you, I will make everything softly as you will want, I promise. I just had no words. He just raped me, and now asks for my permission? - You just abnormal … - whispered I, hoping to wake up just about. Nothing without having answered, he dropped lips to my breast, sucking one nipples behind another. Having enjoyed it, he carried out by language from a breast to clavicles, rising to a neck. Having reached an ear lobe, he gently took it in a mouth, biting and driving on it language. I felt, how strongly I like what he does. But the fear all the same remained. - Only tell, and I will stop, - Stas whispered. But I didn't ask him to stop. His caress demented me, drove mad. This time everything was differently, but I saw how it is heavy to it to keep and constrain the heat. After this night he disappeared. I was broken because felt used, but a week later he appeared at my school. It turned out that it was a shame to it to look to me in the face, and week he just avoided me, but couldn't sustain more day. We were together three wonderful years, full wild, violent passion and sweet tenderness, but then everything ended … dating game killer podcast apple date ideas green bay site mapMain Page