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All hi. For the beginning o to itself there is a little: I am 30 years old, the brunette of average growth. The first experience with the man at me took place in 18 years. And the last 2 years I am engaged in prostitution. All began with what at work was reduced, a new work was very much problemno to find and therefore I decided to try myself. I perform with men only in a passive role and having understood that just naked guy a little to someone is interesting, in my clothes women's linen, an and all the rest began to appear then at first. I will write further o to myself in a female sort therefore as at that moment when I put on, I completely perceive myself "girl" of Liley and it is even pleasant to me. I would like will share the most remembered moments from my "profession". I was called by a female voice. She wanted that I overslept with her husband, on her eyes. I have such motto "any whim for your money" and having quickly met in the sum, I called the address and time to which to arrive. Having arrived to the rental apartment, I carefully prepared the body and after it slowly was accepted to an image. Na to me there were black stockings in a small grid, a red set of lacy linen (thongs and a bra), the red lacy peignoir which was hardly covering buttocks and translucent linen and having thrown from above with a red silk dressing gown, I was accepted to the person. and in 20 minutes of Lille it was completely ready... They came without delay, having called the on-door speakerphone. I having taken the call "the 5th floor, the door is open" and here having pressed the button, I returned to the room. Having sat down on edge of a bed I began to wait. Soon the door opened, and the room was entered the first by her... it was the woman of years 40-ka, with quite slender figure and a trace the strong bald man approximately of that age... and having greeted... She — Well as? It is pleasant? — Yes... unusually... Her leadership in their couple was noticeable. He sat down on a small sofa... I didn't get used to it, almost all my clients were quite impudent and with the course began to stick... She — Where it is possible to smoke? — In the bathroom... she there... She left, having left us alone... He just stupidly stared at me thus sat as stone and without having sustained, I followed afterwards her and having lit too... — A he precisely wants? Simply... And having interrupted me — Wants! Just he at me constraining... I want him in such way to liberate a little... Na minute having become silent, it continued... — A you anything... more better than on a photo even... 5 wait for minutes here and leave... She left here, having waited for time I returned to the room... At that moment, she sitting on knees between his legs his dick "lifted" and having seen me, waved a hand and here got up... I sat down on her place and having taken in a hand polustoyachy a dick. — Do want I will take him in a mouth? He nodded the head and I having put out a uvula looking in his eyes a tip completely licked and having sharply swallowed, he moaned here and started. And for a second having taken out a dick — Do you like my mouth? — Yes... continue... His tension left here, his hands appeared on my head and he already chose speed. And when the dick already stood a stake I passed to his balls and having licked them completely got up and having removed a dressing gown, provocatively bent down dog-fashion and having wagged buttocks several time slapped myself... — Do you want to fuck me? At that moment he already silently got up and began to undress, in this time I lay down on a bed. He appeared from above and having taken a strip of my panties to the party he sent to me him. The dick rested against my buttocks and slowly became... — O my God what it is big! I want it all! And here his sharp push from which I screamed followed — Still! So I want! And having taken out a dick he repeated... — A fuck me now! And he became... It were hasty and fast pushes, and special pleasure not bringing and I having stopped him... I laid him on a back and sowing from above... the dick quickly appeared in me and I began to control process as only his groans became frequent, I slowed down and having calmed down continued... I never loved 5 minute sex and therefore always I try to stretch pleasure. And through kakoe that time I got up from it — A now... only don't hurry... And he accepted my words to action. It was excellent to a floor hour sex in which we tried all known poses and thus got pleasure together and in the end when I already stood dog-fashion to a wall I felt that soon... also I set a question — Where do you want to terminate? — In a mouth... And he made several fast and sharp pushes here and having taken out a dick from me, I was quickly developed and only having managed to clasp a head of his dick with sponges as the dense cum filled me here. Swallow everything and having pinched the remains His wife all this time without tearing off eyes I looked at us and having turned the head in her party. — All? She — Yes... put on and wait for me in the car... And he literally in 5 minutes left... I sat on a bed, it suited ko to me and having carried out by a finger tip on the person — You cost to A these money! Caress me, I will pay in addition Here having thrown off a skirt on a floor she laid down on a bed widely having moved apart legs... I having stretched to her panties — No... Remove teeth... And I having bitten lacy thongs here I pulled together them. Her pussy was smoothly shaved and literally expired from desire. And having put out a uvula tip I carried out on the bulked-up sponges and hips and here greedy stuck into her... She clamped my head hips and began to groan wildly. She obviously was very passionate judging by her coiling body and through some time she unclenched my head and having quickly laid on a back she appeared over my person and sowing began to fidget... she obviously hurried and therefore tried pobystree to terminate and having sharply lowered the head... She literally broke from me panties and having greedy swallowed my sluggish dick — Cum! I want your cum! — I so won't be able... Understanding o than I... her fingers appeared in me here and literally breaking off my buttocks... I moaned here and at it it turned out... We almost at the same time terminated also it having pinched the remains got up and as didn't happen in anything dressed panties and a skirt — I think we still we will meet... And having put money for a bed, she left. dating game images date calculator minus weekends site mapMain Page