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It was about a month back, about one o'clock in the morning. With friends after club paid a visit to the girlfriend on the eighth floor, but not for a long time, elder sister Nichole had to come soon. However left before her arrival – the mad neighbor began to swear on noise and to knock on a door. Decided to continue to walk and already went down on the elevator as I remembered that I forgot an umbrella – on the street there was a rain in the afternoon. I asked Nichole – the girlfriend with whom we stayed, to return upward behind an umbrella. She clinked in a habitual manner, something complained, but nevertheless agreed to rise with me. Nicole was almost my height, eighty, long nutbrown hair are slightly less than a meter, the Jew is a little ploskovat, but with a pretty face and with cheek birthmark at tips of lips. Such, the patsanka, often jokes, in a short undershirt – she hesitates of nobody, jeans on a short waist fit her tightly and make look fat – you only such jeans and to carry that to hold guys on itself. She held alcoholic cocktail in hand. Her white cheeks were often poured red. She stood, having curved one knee as a heron. The body bent down forward, then leaned back, against me, then a breast to an elevator door forward, the head is slightly inclined, and the most part of hair hangs. Nicole constantly corrected them. – I forgot too – a wallet. – Won't be enough for you? Your head will begin to hurt so soon. – It at Ninka in any way without it, and I norms. – We walk, young people so far! – Quietly – I pointed a finger to me when the door on her floor opened. I looked for flat keys. I dropped them and I spilled drink, trying to catch them. I got on myself and I laughed. – Quietly – I bent down in the dark to find with her keys and I touched her shoulder. She continued to laugh, got up, leaned against a door and told while I looked for her keys. – How Ninka to you? – It was just a task – I said and got up end-to-end, opposite to Nicole. – And you as? To dance a striptease? – You looked very well. She smiled to me and again did up hair. – Thanks – I accepted Nicole's keys and slowly I turned to open the lock to a door. – Depart. But I didn't depart. She bent down to the lock, hip-pockets her джинс hardly concerned a fly and only from the third attempt of Nicole opened the lock, opening a door she nestled on me, departing a back in my party. I felt her hair on a face and departed. – Your hair well smell. – Did you want to smell them? – I asked Nicole, having come into the apartment – would tell, I to you would allow to smell … I wanted to tell that I will wait for her in a corridor, having found an umbrella about an entrance, but changed the mind. – The devil, where I put a wallet?. – Let me help you to find. – Remove cross-countries. – And itself I didn't remove. – I is accurate! She was in the room, and I went to kitchen. The purse appeared there, on the battery, in a wet jacket, together with cigarettes, a part from which already got wet. – Found? – was heard from other room. – … – That didn't tell that found a purse! Give! Went. I told that it is impossible in boots, foolish! – So I also say that you didn't remove, also specify! In reply she clinked and then told: – I hurried, I was in other room and didn't hear … – And I is accurate! All. Went, drunk. She hit me on a hand and turned away, then I struck her soft place, having slightly come between legs. – Fool! – at once she jumped aside. I looked at the begun cigarette which is going out on eaves and closed a window. – Give, I will give then you … on the street you will smoke, I will give those. – I don't need your cigarettes, went. Turn off the light. Before leaving Nicole ran in a toilet for ten seconds in spite of the fact that the door was closed, I understood that she wanted to be looked in a mirror. I thought to tell her about that she looked at the poured undershirt, but didn't tell it. She opened a door and we left the apartment, she didn't change clothes of clothes. When called the elevator from the neighboring apartment began to open a door from within – it was that angry neighbor. Without waiting for a meeting with him, Nicole led me down on one floor down where we got into the elevator – footfall and someone's grumble were heard above. When we with Nicole came into the elevator, she began to laugh wildly, and I am with her. I seized her by a shirt, pulled to myself, baring her torso, showed her a wet trace. – Will you so go? Maybe we will return. – Shit – she told, and right there the light was turned off and the elevator stopped. She for fear moved to me, the fist pulling an undershirt weakened a grasp, my palm laid down between her boobs, I leaned the elbows about an elevator door, she seems something again I poured. – Nicole, – I whispered – it seems, you poured over me too. I lowered the palm which got under her undershirt when Nicole was instinctively straightened out back. – Probably the grandfather straightened out not that wire. – No, here something else – Nichole told. – I will try to open a door. – May be not over it … – Don't worry, nothing happens … or, we can wait. – Yes, touch nothing … I told touch nothing, shchekotno! Anton! – Give a bottle. I took two sips and gave her. Nicole drank too, got phone and began to dial someone's number. I seized gently her by a brush and told: – Don't call, now we will go down, relax. I stretched to her, to her lips, took away the hand holding phone to her by a back and walked slightly below than the sticking-out part her джинс, she nestled for a moment on me, but then departed, told: – There has to be a button, a help call, or as her … I took her behind. Nicole caved in under me, and began to move hips up down, gently groaning, nestling on me. I kissed her neck, and held hands at it on hips. The light was turned on, but the elevator didn't move. She became straight and driven into the corner, devoted a small lamp on buttons and pressed one while I nestled on her. – Anything. Anton, try to open a door! Leave from me!!! I pushed fingers, and tried to open doors – but ahead there was only a wall – we appeared between the seventh and sixth floor. I heard "цок" again and something else – isn't legible. – Fak! And what we will do?! – I asked Nicole, doing up hair, I consider an elevator cabin. I closed doors and looked upward. – There is a hatch, it conducts to the elevator shaft. – No! You won't go there! – I also didn't gather – I told and sat down on an elevator floor. – … Fool! – she told after a while. I was called. – What? Yes no, we … – we in the elevator got stuck. – Someone it, Nina? What speaks? I got up and approached Nicole that to her it was heard too. – Akhakh, no. It here just now, got up – I thrust a hand into a hip-pocket джинс Nicole and pinched her. – Ouch! – Yes anything. – Accidentally I pushed Nicole around and, of course she with me – my fingers appeared between legs at Nicole, she squeezed my palm muscles of legs, and I felt all stronger warmly giving from her crack. – Yes I don't know what to do! Yes, Nicole pressed the button … – Nicole stretched to my trousers, groped a knob on trousers and began to stroke gently. – Yes do nothing, go there, the last bus, we will come then by the taxi. – We rested against each other, I drove her into the corner the elevator, and raised her knee, her body coiled and luxuriated in my embraces. – And what to do to us, to sit and wait when the elevator goes down … – Nicole undid a fly and began to nadrachivat, without lowering pants – Mmm or when to us come to the rescue. – Give, I will talk to Ninka – Nichole told. She lowered pants and one hand accepted phone, and switched off the and put in a pocket. – Hi Nin. Listen, don't worry there, the elevator already got up on the place, – she nadrachivat the got-up her while I having drawn her a topic having pushed fingers undid her a brassiere in front - it is not the first time, at me already was … – How many … mm, I don't know how many on time. – Nicole tousled to me nape hair, then licked a hand and continued to jerk off, gave me phone and went down. – Nina, it again I. We will be in club soon, I hope, to see also your striptease. Ouch! Look, without me haven't fun. Yes everything is all right. Nicole? – she drinks the cocktail – Nicole below laughed loudly and released, then again returned, I put a hand to her on the head, Nina told something, but I badly listened. – And? You already inside? You eat. Well you look only, observe a distance – I pressured Nichole, pressed phone to a shoulder, put hands to her on the head. – What? No, I won't dump. Aha … yes … хм … Yes don't worry. Yes, very ridiculously guys. Nicole spat on a floor and got up. – I was tired. I nestled on her and she on me, I came across her button and undid it, but Nicole didn't allow to take off trousers, and delayed my hands down, touching my her. – I don't want! – That there – Nina asked. – I badly hear. – Nothing, Nicole got drunk. – So use it! – Nina joked. I managed to pull together on ten centimeter with her jeans. Nicole hit me, I nearly dropped phone. – And you want it? – Yes – Nina accompanied. – How she? – … We continue to play? – I meant, the truth and a lie which we played on a visit at Nicole. – Maybe I wanted to choose the truth? – … – Nicole, you hear me? Move apart legs! – I told. Nicole and Nina laughed. I passionately kissed, she hands took away my her and protected herself. I turned her a back to myself, plunged into her hair, again nestled on her. Bared, she was stuck on my her, but couldn't accept him. I took her hand and released down. Through time it was solved and sent it to itself, having a little moved it up-down, it dragged it inside, and, having trembled, absorbed it all. I wrapped up her a hand, and on the other hand stroke-oaring her a clitoris. I still talked to Nina. – We it seems started … We will be soon. Yes … yes … yes … stand … isn't present, anything. The elevator began to go down, turned on the light. Nicole was snatched, but I continued. On the first floor a door opened. I to the touch pressed the button stop and a door were closed in long 7 seconds. – No, I will be in time. Order shota, all I soon. I hung up, turned Nicole to myself, took her in front, holding her on hands and driving into the corner. She began to squeal. I held my hair, I scratched a back, I bit a neck. Her topic was dressed on her boobs, they were at the level of my head in spite of the fact that Nicole was high, almost from me growth, it wasn't too heavy to hold her, but in a minute, I was already tired. Nicole finished on me. Since half-minute we didn't move. I accurately lowered her. I was called. – Can you help me? Nicole smilingly nodded and took in a mouth, I picked up the phone. – Yes – I answered a call. – … Yes, we will be in time … I soon. Nicole accelerated, worked almost only a hand and a tip of language. – … Now. Nicole accepted inside and continued to jerk off. She touched by the second hand some eggs, all her face was hidden behind hair. In ten seconds I terminated, she took a sip of once, still continued to drive slowly a hand. The core remained firm – it forced her to continue. To her didn't gasp, she accepted scratching teeth and released lips, swallowed and took air. The second inflow came soon. She held knees and drove only a mouth. For the second time she spitted out. I thanked her and we put on. When left, were crossed with the girl of years of thirty who approached the elevator. We left, having left behind the despised floor, having looked at which that lady, sharply skazanut something to us following then doors of the elevator were closed and it rose up, by the eighth floor. dating game host died date spots nyc reddit site mapMain Page