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It is based on real events. I opened eyes, on hours already twelve. Outside the window birds sing, there is a Saturday, wonderful, warm, summer day. Already the third day I could wake up when I want, but not on command "Rise", army everyday life behind, ahead quiet, civil life. It is strange that still nobody woke me phone call, usually by this time surely someone tried to congratulate me on return from Army and I woke up from importunate "tunes Nokia". Having got up and having washed, I gave myself some tea, being going to have breakfast, and here I was overtaken by a hated call cellular, again to someone, something is necessary. Unfamiliar number. - Hallo - Seryozha is I, hi. Wow, a call not such hated, the girlfriend of my sister – Yulya called. Her as well as the sister was 15 and to Army I didn't pay to her any attention, but when she came to meet together with the sister me to the station, I just was stupefied, her body other Yulka, her face … looked at me absolutely … her look … From her the aroma of sexuality just proceeded. Or just for a year of army life I weaned from women's society, though to wean was especially there is nothing, in twenty I remained still a virgin. Of course, to army I met girls, but further kisses business didn't come. And here Yulya … The fact remains – I on her sank down. - Yes, hi, you changed number? Heart was clogged more often. - Not, I from mother's phone, left the at home, and Olya of the house? - I thought you together. - No, I called her, she a tube not a beret. - Strange, give I her I will gather and I will call back to you. - Give. I hung up. There now, the girl who was pleasant to me called, and I couldn't connect two words, it is necessary to call back. And what to tell? I will think up on the course. I called the sister. Were distributed long beeps, the call nobody took. I dialed number from which Yulka called. - Hallo. The phone was picked up by Yulya's mother. - Hi, and Yulya it is possible? - It is possible and someone asks her? - It is Sergey, Olga's brother. To what this interrogation? Phone was taken by Yulya. - Sergey? Well? - Not the beret, I don't know, phone can somewhere left? - Olya took a notebook on mathematics from me yesterday, and she is very necessary to me. Will you be at home? I will come to take away her? - Through how many you will come? - Well, somewhere in half an hour. - Aha, I will be. Hurrah! Now that's something like it. She will come. It is chance. Chance of what? I don't know yet. I got agitated. Yulka will come … we will be some … And what? She doesn't know that I to her not exactly breathe. Time began to hang extremely heavy. Ten minutes, fifteen, half an hour, forty. At last, the call to a door was distributed. I opened, Yulya, in a light light dress overknee was on the threshold, the waist was outlined by a belt, and a part of a breast could be beheld through not a really deep decollete. Also through light fabric it was possible to make out a lacy bra. Milenko – rushed at me in the head. I froze, in a mouth dried up. - Hi, found a notebook? – immediately she told. - No, I don't know where at her what lies, come itself you will look. Yulya came, took off sandals and passed the room in Holguin. I directed behind her, with pleasure sliding a look on her fine figure. Yulya, some time, having rummaged I found in the books and notebooks lying on a table necessary to her. - Here she – with pleasure she exclaimed. - Yul – decided I. - What? - What plans for today? Perhaps we will go, we will drink a beer? Yulya tarried. I knew - she to take a steam bath because of parents, suddenly then will feel a smell, there will be a scandal. I continued: - Then chewing gum you zazhut - everything will be normal. - Well, I don't know. Doubts. It is necessary to pressurize. - Went, then we will phone to Olga. She will be brought up too. - Well, went. Perfectly. We went to a stall, and I bought four bottles of "three". But where to go? Just about parents have to come back home. And I thought up, in a pocket keys from a fatherly garage in which there was his two-year-old Nissan Ickx-Treyl lay. Yulka was doesn't mind. Having come into a garage I closed gate from within. - Not the bad car – noticed Yulya. - Yes, only the father doesn't give keys, is afraid I will scratch. I got into the car from the driver, Yulya sat down nearby. We sat, drank beer and stirred about different trifles. And here, having drunk mail up to the end two bottles, I at last grew bolder and said: - Yul, it is possible I you I will kiss. Really I told it? Yulya for a moment thought. - About it in general that isn't asked. I moved closer closer and touched with the lips her lips and almost at once felt response, Yulya greedy clung to my lips, and her uvula got to me into a mouth. "Cool kisses and where learned?", flew at me in the head. Meanwhile the kiss proceeded and having grown bolder, I slowly put a hand on her breast and began to stroke her. Yulya didn't resist. Meanwhile my dick already stuck out, bulging trousers. Continuing to kiss and without seeing objections, I moved a hand on Yulino a knee, began to caress a leg all higher and higher from the inside. Yulya spread legs – "The good sign", I thought. Meanwhile the hand under a hem of a dress reached panties and I began to stroke her perineum through a thin strip of fabric. "Really I do it" - rushed in the head. The dick was ready to escape outside. Continuing to stroke, I reached edge of panties and removed them aside, my hand laid down on Yulina the perineum covered with rigid volosika and very hot. Yulya began to breathe more often. Continuing a kiss, I stroked her pussy along lips, fingers moving apart them. And here I felt as Yulya touched my jeans around a groin and began to stroke my standing dick through trousers. It was great. At last I got a forefinger in a vagina and moved him inside, feeling damp warmth of the Yulkiny pussy. Remembering read on the Internet about female physiology, I wanted to grope a clitoris, but at me it was impossible to find a treasured knob in any way and I with circular motions stroked where that at the top of a vagina is closer to a pubis. Yulya began to moan quietly and I understood that I on the right track. The left hand I undid a fly and got the friend seeking outside, Yulya right there clasped him and began to move a hand podrachivy him. Having understood that it is time to pass to business I came off Yuliny lips and having lifted up a hem of a dress began to remove from her lacy panties, Yulya raised buttocks, helping me. Having caught her eye, I understood, Yulya continuously looks at my standing dick, continuing to move a thin skin on a head up and down. It made horney me even more. I looked the perineum which is densely covered with a black, curly hair between which the gentle-pink shchelochka of her vagina was seen at Yulkina too. Really, for the first time I look at a female pisyu and besides, I touch all this charm. I cast away up to the end at first the, and then Yulino of sitting and we appeared to lie near with each other. It wasn't really convenient, between us there was a lever of gear shifting and boxing for different small things. I undid trousers and lowered them to knees. So strongly the dick didn't stand even in the mornings. Yulya it is bewitched I looked at him. - the Kiss him is I whispered, without knowing as Yulya will react. The pause followed, Yulya looked to me in eyes. Oh, these magnificent, green eyes, nice, little children's face … On lips the smile flew. Silently Yulya bent over my dick and kissed him on the top of a head, then slightly opened sponges and took in a mouth a head entirely, then is even deeper until the dick appeared in a mouth almost entirely. Yulya began progress and I with pleasure felt how her lips slide on a trunk of my dick, and in a mouth the hot uvula slides on a head. Yulka swallowed a dick entirely, got it and strolled a uvula on all its length. Having reached balls, she in turn licked them, then took the right ball in a mouth and sucked it. Was very pleasant. Meanwhile Yulya took in a mouth and the second ball and began to touch them in a mouth, touching a uvula. Then, having played enough with balls, I returned to the dick and I began to suck delightfully. So pleasantly to me never before was, and I with horror understood that I will terminate soon. The orgasm didn't keep itself waiting long, and I with groan began to cum Yul in a mouth, I felt how the first drops of a cum got it on a uvula, but suddenly it was sharply discharged, and the further cum shot on Yulino a dress. Yulya opened a car door, spitting out the cum which got into a mouth on a garage floor. - You what! – Yulya twisted a mouth. - Excuse. - it is necessary to Warn. - Me it was very good. It wasn't pleasant to you? - Well, I don't know, just unexpectedly somehow, here look at me spots at a dress now. With these words Yulya showed the damp spots which remained on a dress. - Well, you directed there. We burst out laughing. Yulya reclined on the cast-away sitting, the hem of a dress was lifted up and I with pleasure beheld the pubis covered with curly hair. My dick didn't react to this beauty in any way and was in the usual, is quiet - a sluggish state. - I want to write. – Yulya told. Beer had an effect. - Here it is possible to come for garages – there is a secluded town. - will you show? - Went, I too, by the way, wanted. Yulya straightened out a hem, without dressing panties went out of the car. I pulled jeans and we went outside. Having come for garages we found that place covered from public eyes. And here it is unexpected for itself I said: - Yul, and it is possible to look how you pisat? - You that, I hesitate – blurted out she right there. Just I lay with me without pants and I didn't hesitate, and now … - Well, please. It was visible that Yulya hesitates. - it is good - she said. - But, there is one condition. - What? - I want to look too how you pisat. - OK – without deliberating I answered. Yulya, having a little hesitated, I lifted up a hem of a dress and I sat down on hunkers facing me, having a little spread legs. To my look her intimate shchyolochka opened, the small lips which are treated kindly by my hands were seen a little outside, being excreted in an aura of black curls. I looked forward to an interesting show - the pissing girl. But nothing occurred. - I so can't - Yulya told. - How? - Well when you look. - And you present that I am absent. I continued to stare impudently Yul between legs. - it is easy to tell you. Yulya concentrated and from her pisa the short, yellow stream escaped and right there I stopped, but already more elastic, constant stream appeared after a while. Yulya wrote, and I looked at this show and thought that else I couldn't dream to see it in the morning. The bias of the earth was in my party and a streamlet began to go to my legs, I removed from it a leg. Yulya added and, having pulled hips, brushing away last straws – got up. - I Am happy? - Is no word for it. - Now you as promised – in her eyes were genuine interest, probably same what some minutes ago was in mine. I was ready. The feeling that the girl will look at my dick - excited. I undid a fly and the dick got. Honestly, it seems there is a wish, and to write when look at you at once it was impossible though the bladder was overflowed by beer. I concentrated, and process went. Yulya looked at this action continuously, then gave a hand, the dick two fingers took, I took away the hand, and began to move it here and there, so, that the stream wrote out arc-shaped movements in air. It was visible that Yul it is pleasant. I added, but Yulya didn't hurry to take away a hand, she began to move skin, opening, closing a head. The dick began to come to combat readiness. - Went to a garage – I told. Yulya released the dick which began to get up and I removed it in trousers. We returned to the car, on cast away sitting and began to kiss. I rummaged a hand on a young body, investigating all his corners, my hand having passed on a pubis climbed a stomach up and, having removed a brassiere, I groped the left breast, rumpled her and passed to the second. Yulya stretched to my trousers and tried to undo a belt, she managed it not at once, but soon she understood and jeans together with pants were lowered. The dick stuck out as a stake. I took off Yulya's dress through the head, having unzipped a back, then helped to take off her a brassiere, Yulya remained in some sandals. I took off from myself all clothes and rolled over on Yulino sitting, from above on it, was awfully close and it isn't convenient, but on it was absolute to spit. I began to kiss her breasts, paying special attention to nipples, I sucked and polizyvat them in turn, under the influence of my irresistible caress nipples hardened, Yulya moaned, my right hand in all was active between Yulya's legs, caressing her hot pussy and getting into her the fingers. Meanwhile my dick was opposite to the Yuliny pussy. I moved apart big and a forefinger sexual sponges of Yulya and slowly the dick began to enter. It is similar Yulka not the girl any more. The vagina densely clasped my dick and I slowly moved ahead more and more deeply didn't get into Yulya up to the end yet. Remaining in such polorzheniye, I threw Yulina legs to myself on shoulders and began to move hips, driving a dick on the root. Yulya began to moan, having clasped me with hands for buttocks and with each friction pressing me to itself, and I with pleasure beheld as my athlete enters in this beautiful girl as in a step her magnificent breasts wave. Yulya tore off the right hand from my bottom and moved her on the perineum and became intensive, circular motions to caress to herself area of a clitoris, her groans became stronger and stronger. I accelerated. And here Yulya for a moment stood and published lingering groan. Terminated?! I felt that too now I will terminate and the dick got, Yulya clasped him with hands and began to jerk off him over herself. I began to cum. The first stream reached Yul a breast, the second got on a stomach, the rest poured out her on a pubis. I passionately kissed her and leaned back on driver's sitting. Really I made it – didn't go at me out of the mind. - And you nothing so – after some pause told Yulya. - we Try – I answered. Still some time having lain down stark naked, we talked about a miscellaneous, but I all was disturbed by one question and here, at last having gathered I asked: - And you already had a man? Yulya tarried. - Yes - And someone is he? - What difference? All this in the past. Really you want to speak about it now? Really, even thoughts of last boyfriends spoiled mood. - Well, just like that I asked. The awkward pause hung. We and lay bared on the next seats of the car, open for each other look. At me in the head thoughts concerning last intimate life of Yulka continued to crowd … and as she does blowjob … there is an experience in this case … - Yul and nevertheless tell me, I would like to hear. Yulya was silent. - Why to you? – at last she said, - there is Nobody any more. - Well, simply, not парься, I swear, further me won't leave. - All right, I will tell – it was visible that Yulya worried, - Only to nobody. - I told. - Well, all right. This is the father's friend. Uncle Valera. He was pleasant to me … And so it turned out. Yulya hesitated. I was in some shock. - Once they with the father noted something, mother wasn't, thumped normally, the dad was cut down at himself in the room. I sat at myself in the room, дядь Valera came and suggested me to take with him a shower … and... I agreed … Yulya became silent. It was visible that this recognition was given her hard. I was silent too, considering heard. The heap of thoughts crowded at me in the head. Yulya continued. - He undressed, and at him already stood, such big … he took my hand and put on HIM … I felt that I was brought … he asked that I kissed his dick … and I made it. The uncle Valera taught how it is correct to suck that it was pleasant to the man, and then … in the same place, in soul I became not the girl any more … And after that we several times met when parents weren't, and then he went to other city more we didn't see each other. It was visible that Yulya became sad, really she still thinks of him? And I decided to change the subject. - All right, let's not be about it, I hope at us it is not the last meeting? - Of course, I am so glad that we became closer to each other. We put on and I went to take Yulya home. Before leaving we long kissed at an entrance and I dreamed of our new meeting. dating game host chuck woolery date ideas holland mi site mapMain Page