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Here and me it is interesting... And, by the way, for some reason there is a wish in this sauna with these men. Very long ago I wasn't a prostitute... And in the homeland at all I wasn't. And it is interesting... - And to you five men it won't be fat? And so that disturbs him, the libertine! - And you us two was not much? Here Irka butts in: - Administratorsha told that there can be a help later. She was delighted: men of girls ask, and all her contingent, as ill-luck would have it, on departures, very much recommended... Knock at a door. I open naked, in some shoes, we have nothing to be ashamed. In the doorway that charming administratorsha. - Sorry, as about a sauna? - We are ready! The shining smile, simplification sigh. - One minute! Really in a minute she brings us sheets and slippers. We with Irka put muzzles in order, having removed the remains of the Toliny cum and having guided a fighting coloring. In a mirror I see not Ania from department of the German philology again, and to Lott from brothel. We follow administratorshy, we go down to the cozy waiting room sinking in aroma of the steamed-out pine tree. At the laid table four reddened men in sheets meet us by an applause and long shake hands the Shred, for so generous gift. Would know on how many generous! - Tolyan, you are a man! We defray your expenses! How much you, little girls? - Hour of 500 dollars, two - 1000, night - 2500, day - 4000, will arrange? - Quite, big money available, the mother, hold! Administratorsha receives a pack of green notes and recalculates. Oho, even so! This holiday! - Hey, the mother if still there are girls, bring! Or though itself come, we will pay! - I will think... Girls, then don't forget to come to me! - leaves. Judging by a situation on a table, men didn't hope any more to find ladies and properly, began. At least, among standing and a table of the battery four bottles of vodka were reduced already by half. Everything, without asking, spill vodka though there are also other drinks. It is clear, we have to be balanced in degree - Well, for long-awaited ladies! Men in a Guards way jump with glasses, at the same time sheets fall showing them to charm in different degree of an obvislost. Only at my hero doesn't hang any more. Well done! We drink! We begin to have a snack. The neighbor on the right already quietly rubs about my hip. Virgin. The neighbor checks a bottom for elasticity degree on the right. Right there a new toast (well, as always, between the first and second...) - For Tolyan and his lady! And now we jump with Irka, admire, males, kind Tolyan's gift! - Little girls, on snack not cucumbers, but eggplants! It is clear, drank, ate, it is time to work. We kneel and begin to lick, suck and podrachivat these most five eggplants. At this time men, champing, begin to investigate our delights, so to speak, taktilno. - Class, what maids! You are able, Tolyan to choose! From where such watch? - It was difficult, but we got... - Red, you as are called? - Lizkhen! - Wow! And me Fedya! Oh, here so suck, ухххх! What mouth! - Yes at her and a boob just right, look how rubber! Not that backward nipples with silicone! - Oh! - this is some enthusiastic admirer slaps me in a bum - Sorry, maid, as you...? - Lotta - I support Irka's game - Oho, one Lizen, other Lotta, not our Zadvizhopinsk, but Hamburg, Repperban is direct! And I am Semyon! An ass, cool at you, Lotta and all you are cool! Both of you - well be just hurt! All right, in a sweating room, it is also time to have a good time! We move to a sweating room. Men it is proud sit on the top step, with calm pokhmykivat, and we, kneeling continue interrupted there was a blowjob. Hot. All are thrilled, sweat, sweaty palms without hesitating of anything any more rummage on our boobs, pussies, buttocks... - Oho, at what Tolyan торчун! There is a man! And well, chamfer with it! Following advice, my blessed without a moment's hesitation sticks Irka on the treasure and begins her to have heartily. That with satisfaction shouts. At this time I realize that the bolt which I so long processed a uvula is quite suitable for work too, and I get up on knees of its owner. - Allow darling, to drive on your horse! Ah! The condom was providently hidden behind a cheek so Anfisa Chekhova's precepts are observed! Wherever there was a sex, it has to be protected! - Couple more, please! Without arranging and without reducing speed, we with Irka give out on a condom in sweaty hands, and in a moment I feel already entire women's happiness! Some kind person began to enter accurately and persistently my back gate. I see, as to Irishkin the bottom is already processed by one of our lovely gostepriimets. Great! I love when two dicks rub about the thin crossing point dividing them, I love when I am caressed by strong male hands. And though I am very intelligent, thin and sensitive person, with pleasure I listen to a salty men's dialect, being very much stuck by both holes on strong dicks! - Ah you are a whore! Ah you are a cow! Do you love when in all holes perdolit? - Yes, darling and a cat, I am a cow, I am a whore, fuck me still, fuck in my dirty ass! - And in a front a shaft you want, a kurva? - I want, I want, insert to me more deeply, tear up more rigidly... Nearby the similar polylogue is conducted by Irka, but then becomes silent. She can't speak. The poor fellow who didn't get our holes tears up her in a mouth. Acrobat! Hot, stuffy, heart jumps out of a breast, I rattle! And my males rattle too. Well now, now, please, still one moment suffer, darlings! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! We cum, and our ball breaks up, and nearby the texture around Irka also breaks up. Helping each other, we creep out of a sweating room, we flop to the pool, уфффф!!! Became drowsy we look at each other. Semyon leans the elbows aboard, emerges. Oh that it at us? I swim up and release unfortunate, shrunk in water, body from an elastic band and I don't refuse to myself pleasure to drink her contents, and then to lick the remains so to speak of In situ (on the place). - To both me, and me! At the region of the pool as seals or strange submarines wave five men's carcasses, and we with Irishka competing in speed pull down from them condoms, we swallow of their contents and we lick the seed remains on dicks. We love delicacies... - Here skanks, San, look, the friend the friend the wafer from a mouth to a mouth is transferred! Yes, we with Irka love each other and are glad to share tasty! - Well, on vodka we will also continue? We come back to the waiting room, we flop at a table. Now we are surrounded only by "nonnative" men. Fedya, Semyon, San and Borya. Shreds sits opposite to us and admires as foreign men have a good time with his beloved wife beauty. And her girlfriend, too beauty. They already quite in a familiar way touch us while we fast eat and we drink - now it is necessary to work. Precisely, after the next toast: - Little girls, to you on закусь eggplants! Went! Eggplants now the clean, steamed-out, one may say, family, our holes already got acquainted with them. This, bochenkoobrazny, it seems, shurovat at me in my chocolate factory, and this, similar to a militia staff (and too striped, for some reason) nearly drove in a uterus... Now, they will get up and we will understand precisely! There now, get up! To us tie with a scarf eyes and bend over on a bench. Our nice partners in turn enter us, and we have to guess who exactly made it. The guessed lucky can otlyubit on full. Хм, and I want any lucky? Or... So, this short, with the hammered balls, is remembered, Sanin. Will wait. To Creech: - Fedya! Behind full grunting, a slap on a buttock - Guess further, a hole! And this thick long, too to me, doctor's sausage. It isn't necessary yet. - Semyon! - Learn materiel, the maid! Nearby Irka intimately gruffishly gives out in air: - Borya! And happy rumbling: I guessed! Slaps of eggs about buttocks and a languid postanyvaniye are distributed. The girlfriend found what I wanted (for certain, the bitch, as well as I chose!). Well more likely someone is rumpled there. Aha, that size. It was acquired, smart guy, give, work, not all the wife's girlfriend to use, I want too! - Shreds! - Mgm! - and to pain the native unit begins to give me inexplicable pleasure. At last in this den I fuck as the faithful wife and virtuous mother with own spouse! Oops! Already not really true, in a mouth the fedina колбасень directs! Oho, as it plants, just about to a trachea will reach. And darling with absolutely not smaller assiduity me cleans. There will be a hokhma if they in me meet. It is interesting where there will be a sboyka? In lungs or in a stomach? The bandage slipped or removed someone, see that, as they say, in two bows Borya and Semyon have Irishka too. That I became silent, only pokhripyvat. San quietly drinks beer at a table and unostentatiously podrachivat, glancing at our happy three. Idyll! We cum. Fedya looks towards a sweating room. dating free app in india dated and related alara site mapMain Page