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Sipping cocktail through a straw, in Vick's disco he is lazy looks after hazardously dancing Roma. He waves to her a hand, and she puts aside a glass aside as phone tinkles: SMS came. The girl impatiently opens the message: they agreed to write each other. Yes it is a MMS! That it!? He, it seems, scoffs at her! On a photo Denis embracing the wife somewhere goes on nature. He so decided to show how appreciates her!? While she can't find any peace here and is forced to humour any bastards!? Evil tears, without having restrained, scattered from eyes. Having rejected a straw, Vika took several decent sips: in a throat intercepted from bitterness, she has a fit of coughing. Phone baked again. She with hostility looked at it: to look or not? Probably, loved, having overheated in the sun, I decided to show her all family photo album. Nevertheless I looked: well, SMS this time. "Forgive darling, I was mistaken with the address MMS, it not to you. I am a donkey. Sorry, forgive, forgive! I love, I love, I love! I miss one million times!" Without having calmed down at all, the girl studied a photo: happy, smiling, in light clothes against the background of trees and flowers. That he "misses one million times", it was trusted hardly. And here she misses... Her life stopped without him, and any Roma even if not bad fucking it, be not able to bring harmony to her soul. Someone would know how to her it is bad without him! Though hang, and that will become easier not! What did you make with me, Denis? Why mine the mood, life, dreams, the future find sense only near you? Return! — You are familiar with his wife? — to Roma. Glancing at her twisting phone on a table: — I am familiar. From where such interest? — What she? Tell, please? — And what to me for it will be? It is the classified information. Let think what I want today? — Don't act up! You know that you will receive all. — You are so generous today... Means, I can count on access to a body... From what? So, about the wife. From Natashkaya he... let's remember... already... — 6 years — I prompted Vick. — It they are married, and in general years 8 — 9. Natashka?... I just don't know what to say! Woman as woman! Will descend! — You were at them at a wedding? — Of course! It was cheerful! — Why they got married? — Why also all. Met — and got married. — She has a good character? — Yes anything, not the bitch. — She is similar to me? He laughed, having not knowingly looked at her: — To you it isn't similar nothing. — Accurately tell: more better or worse? — Well, to you to her it is very far, that is... — he faltered. — Generally, another she, absolutely another... — Do you want to hint that she doesn't sleep with friends of the husband? What don't they rush to her and don't rape her? Did you want to tell it? He grinned, without having been confused at all: — At the sight of her somehow doesn't arise any... Yes, she is more senior than you, now I will consider as far as... — It isn't necessary, I know as far as. — I look, you stir about her. To you to be engaged in evenings there is nothing? So you call me more often, I will organize you... Yes, she goes to orphanages. Well, there, things, help... — What means goes? What for? — Yes I plainly don't know. I know that it irritates Denis, and she all the same goes. Money bears there or translates. Something like that... — It, probably, because of children — Vika guessed. — And why at them isn't present? — Yes they also plainly don't understand why. To him to spit, not to a spekh, and she is upset, everything is treated... I about it not really... On Wicky's face victorious expression flew: well though in something she surpassed "Saint" Natalya. — I hope, and won't be! — vindictively she wished to the competitor, having somehow forgotten that the competitor she. — What did it so raskvadratit you about Natashki? To you it what for? — glancing at her sitting near him in the car on a front seat. — At all... Just like that — without wishing to share intimate. — Be pricked! What suddenly? Wishing though with someone to share the doubts, she shows a MMS. That quickly darts a glance, without coming off the road. — Well and that? Normal picture. Vika answers that Denis was mistaken and would never upset her with a similar photo. The Roman puzzly listens to her and mistrustfully laughs: — As at you all is difficult! "Wouldn't upset... I was mistaken"... You that as children!? What for secrets? He has a wife! You are a mistress! All is simple! Being annoyed with dullness of the man, Vika indulgently explains that the wife — not forever, at them is all in a different way: seriously and for a long time. That listens carefully to her, at first hems, somehow strange looks at her and then loudly laughs. — Here I didn't know about your plans... "Seriously", you speak? And Denis is aware? Vika pushes him in a shoulder, calls the fool and doesn't answer neither his questions, nor podkalyvaniye any more. Having exhausted each other with long temperamental sex, couple fills up on the different ends of a bed, having turned away from each other. In the morning the man shows her the same ill-fated a MMS: it intended to him, her and the truth got by mistake. At least, the girl wants to be trusted in it. They spent the entire period of absence of Denis together, without allowing to miss each other at the nights. Shock Perfectly looking Denis opens the door of her office: — What about accounts department? What with taxes? Through the closed door she already from far away heard his vigorous voice while it went along the corridor and loudly greeted employees. Vika is going to play before it indifferent composure, but doubts that it at her will turn out: she already in an impatient anticipation of a meeting. Immediately the director admires the financier: the girl tried to look perfectly that he didn't have at once doubts someone him is worthy. — And I distribute gifts here. We will look that at me for the accountant? — having closed a door, he walks to it; it rises, and the missed lovers embrace. Such they are also found by the deputy director, having quietly opened a door and is also inaudible her having closed. He departs and waits at a management office. Having waited for minutes 10, having shaken the head, leaves to itself, and happy lovers, sitting on one chair in an embrace can't open embraces in any way. Having presented the girl with cheap knickknacks — expensive it was difficult to buy at the wife — the man suddenly shows inexplicable indecision in a question of an immediate appointment: — Today in any way. Well you, the babe, don't frown! Of course, we will meet! The wife invited someone, it is necessary to be at home. I will go to myself — there papers collected... You with Victor N. didn't start business, hour here!? I take at word! Well, means we will agree! Feeling deceived, Vika can't long get to work, wondering that happened. Lovers only in couple of days meet. Having leaned on hands, having thrown back the head, Denis is blissfully happy while she, having yearned, with concentration sucks his penis, sitting at him between legs. Having terminated her in a throat, suddenly he begins to gather, somehow unintelligibly justifying oneself family need. The offense smothers Vika, and unless he isn't her family, is disturbing the girl is interested. She — the closest to him the person, the lover assures, and, having softened, повинуясь to her embraces and kisses already in the doorway, returns and undresses, agreeing to be late a little more. He is lazy having stretched on a bed, he touches her hair while she a hand masturbates him, then not for long licks her missed bosom and is capricious: no, he doesn't want so, it is more best in buttocks, he missed her close hole there... Sitting on I am mute on cards, the girl is accurately strung on a dick, expecting other, more intimate caress. He readily gives hands to her revealed vagina and grasps by chubby sponges. At first slightly tapping on them, then rhythmically immersing fingers there, then massing a sharp clitoris, he skillfully brings it to the highest point of pleasure and suddenly stops stimulation. She indignantly shouts and asks him not to stop. Having burst out laughing, he continues begun and several vigorous contacts brings her to half-decay on is mute. Having painfully crumpled her elastic breasts, he regulates the last frictions and is violently thrown up in her. — My insatiable! Do you still doubt me? Don't you become angry? — patronizing the dressed Denis in the doorway asks Vika who nestled on him. — And now we will call Romka. As usual. Will you prepare something that we didn't starve to death? — It isn't necessary to Romk! He bothered me here! — almost the girl blabs out, in time having bitten a uvula. — Give only together as earlier! Why to us someone? I don't want him any more. The man becomes angry and hints that still nothing bothered him, it missed the real sex while it turned sour in the resort with the wife. — And so far you had a good time here! — it is unclear to what he ambiguously adds, undertaking the handle. Alarmed Vika doesn't dare more about anything to ask, suppressing a delicate topic. The first in her bosom Denis (she noticed that with her alone he wasn't so скорострелен) as usual streamed and, having fallen off aside and having observed as the friend saddled her who is on all fours, behind, gave to her a hand and stuck there from where just I took out the run low dick. With delight listening to sobbing of violently cuming girl, lovers slowly finished copulation, having at the same time pulled out from her. Having left iznemozhenny Vika to lie across a bed, men left to drink and have a snack, and she dozed off. The short strange dream dreamed her: all of them are swingers on one large bed, not clear fourth face... Having woken up and having luxuriated on a bed, she put on and approached to the door; men talked. Having undertaken the handle, she listened. —... generally, she is glad now as the little fool, and is afraid to remain long one. Asks to come not late. Well, at first, while she goes crazy, I will be, well that there God forbid nothing... And then we will look, you look — will calm down, and all will go as earlier. Then she will give rise, and her will be, than to be engaged; will leave me alone. Pancake, child! Even I don't know, it is good or it is bad. — You are more silent, suddenly she got up. Men listen, Vika fades behind a door. — No, sleeps as a groundhog. I will go until she got up, and that will begin again "wait, remain!". — When will you tell her? And that she imagined to herself yours "great and pure feeling" here... — Yes I know! I am guilty, didn't dissuade her. Now here suffer with her! — She convinced me here that you will be together very soon. Did you, the moron, think when he promised her it? — Yes, silly it turned out... Well where I without my Natashka! She is, reliable. And this is only to have a good time and in accounts department thinks — one joy. — Will you leave her? — Well what for? Would you throw such feature? — Even I don't know? The bitch she is good! Frightening with her, will strangle at night and won't frown. And then will also get out! Daredevil you! — Oh well! It isn't so terrible lines... Do you remain or with me? I will check — whether woke up? Having slightly opened a door, Denis sees still sleeping girl. He doesn't notice her wet person and the shivering fists. Having inclined over her, he kisses her gently and whispers that it is time for him. The dozing girl nods and waves to him a hand. She doesn't get up to see off friends to hide swelled from got down the person and not to burst into tears directly at them. Or not to fall into rage. Soon the call to a door is distributed. Having indifferently listened to it minute, goes to open: it knows someone it. — Phone forgot, I will look — the grinning Roma passes by her and begins to be undressed. — Will you let in? She shrugs shoulders and is closed in the bathroom. Having studied tragic expression of the person in a mirror, she changes him for usual and, having tried to get it together, washes the cold ode and leaves. The man waits for her in a bed, and she habitually undresses. Without prefaces sits down to him on the person and squeezes the boobies while he sucks her vagina. Dangerously smiling, nestles close to the semi-got-up dick and, tickling him a uvula, notices: — To bite slightly? Well, for sharpness? The man forcedly laughs and pulls it upward. Jumping on I am mute, suddenly closes hands on his neck and sensitively squeezes. With a smile explains: — So brighter than emotion. We will play?! All subsequent copulation he watches her hands, intuitively protecting a neck. Watching his convulsions under itself, she seriously notices: — After all swine you. At us with Denis everything is serious, and here you are stirred. When you understand and you will leave? On these words he calms down and throws off her from himself. Night Vika doesn't sleep, crying and considering an awful situation. Thoughts of loneliness mix up with some not clear plans to sweep. To her suddenly a lot of things become clear: "will you live in my apartment", "I will suit all — only wait", "I can't leave the wife then", family a MMS, "and Denis is aware?", and the last "this is only to have a good time". These signs shouted her of danger, only she was deaf in the "great mutual" love. How did he call her? Feature! He was mistaken: for 2 years of their communication he made of it the whore. Vsedostupny! And the first shared her — "entertain her!". Blind! When and as she went blind, she considering herself clever and provident!? Without having developed a little clear line of conduct on the future, Vika fell asleep before the dawn. There is no return Next morning the day off I left hairdressing salon light-haired, recoloured, with a fresh make-up of Vick and, having glanced in children's supermarket, I directed the car to the former house. It desperately was afraid of this important meeting, but convinced itself of a positive outcome. Having stopped about an entrance and having phoned to the ex-husband, it waits, without going out of the car: they walk. The shaken Vika watches the Trinity, with serene faces entering the yard. Her grown-up, already 4-year-old son cheerfully jumps between the husband and the nice girl holding him by hands. He draws in legs and hangs on their hands; all laugh. Having got it together, Vika after all goes out of the car, having forgotten a package of gifts, and bars them the way. Only the son who didn't pay attention to her continues to laugh, the others get up with the stiffened persons. — I will wait for you — the girl vaguely familiar to Vika quietly says and, having released the boy's hand, departs. Having looked at her, the child runs away behind her, and they go to the next, the new, built already without Wicky platform. The former spouses long look after couple, at last, turn to each other. Vika ran to the car behind a package, and they sat down on an old shop. — We agreed — Alexey discontentedly screws up the face. — Why you disturb him... and us? — Us... — an echo Vika responds and repeats as if to herself: — Us... And someone it? I am it seems familiar. — She lives in the neighboring house. We meet. While everything is good, it is pleasant to the boy, gets used to her. — What she? How with him? And you? — surprisingly jealously the girl is interested. Alexey thoughtfully smiles to the thoughts: — She is good. Very kind. Not really lucky, as well as I. I divorced already. Generally, at all not... — She isn't similar to me at all — I understood. Nobody in this world is similar to me, all others — are more best, kinder, poryadochny... — Wicky's sobbing turns into the squeezed sobbings, and she silently cries, having dropped the head on knees. The husband carefully lifts the fallen package and in a warning way swings the head which stepped was to him, is disturbing to the girl observing a dramatic scene. That turns to the boy, and Alexey who, apparently, isn't surprised at all sympathetically looks at former who is bitterly sobbing, looking bad. At last, he raises a hand and caresses it on the freshly painted brilliant hair. — Your hair... Long ago you aren't painted? — he asks a question, not really understanding subtleties of female tricks. The feeling of his big warm hand on the head gives to Vika forces, and, sobbing, she rises: — Yes... Isn't present... No matter. Something I became unstuck... Forgive. — All will be good. Be not upset! All will settle! You — strong and all will be able — he calms the girl, and the truth becomes easier for her. It is felt: the conversation is ended, at her isn't present even in thoughts to share with it the troubles; he to her not the assistant. — Take, please — she nods on a package, and it is a beret that in a hand. — Do you want to play with the son? We will leave, for a while — Alexey generous offers, but the tear-stained girl refuses. At her forces absolutely ended this saturated morning, and she doesn't find in herself the necessary mood for the boy. — Thank you... It is possible I still I will come somehow? I will warn in advance... — plaintively she asks, and he nods seriously looking at her. She goes to the car, he looks her following. She stops and, having stood, turns around to him: — Lyosha... will you forgive me? Sometime? — For a long time I forgave! So much time passed what to take offense! — cheerfully he answers and, having waved her a hand, goes to family. Vika quickly turns away and takes the wheel. Lying on a breast of the sleeping Denis in the evening, the girl with concentration thinks: can, she hurried with conclusions? Perhaps I understood not all truly. Having carefully stretched, takes out phone of the lover from trousers and enters the menu. Here ill-fated a MMS, sent her and a couple of friends, under her the signature "We celebrate our pregnancy". Vika holds back tears and continues search. SMS from Roma where it asks permissions about her. It is somehow vulgarly written: "V. is possible I will have supper and I will dance", as in indecent jokes. So, here answers: at first about "not to miss", then "It Is Possible if She Does Not Mind", further "as danced V.?". Tears don't follow any more; the girl persistently continues studying of SMS archive: entirely tender letters to the wife. Yes, it is clear that she doesn't have the place in his life, only here, on his dick incidentally. Like a recycle bin for an unnecessary cum. Vika tensely thinks and, having pretended to be sleeping, doesn't take the lover who is hasty running away home. Revenge of criminal syndicate Having decided, at work the girl begins simple frauds with reports for supervisory authorities. The scheme is simple and tested by tale-bearers of all colors: to underestimate indicators of activity of firm, and then, having left, to stukanut about the violator in tax. The scolding of nerves is provided to the businessman. However, it isn't quite serious and quickly remediable. But for serious crime she doesn't have enough determination: she doubts whether she will be able to kill it in a bed and it will be not so simple to push off it from a ladder, there can be questions. Therefore using absence of the ubiquitous deputy (that took a vacation for several days), Vika contrives with documents, trying to turn all confidentially. Rare meetings with the lover, and even with two, continue; the girl doesn't want to cause in anybody suspicions. (Especially for) Knowing that every time can become the last, the girl violently humours men, deriving the sharp, seasoned with danger pleasure. Having returned to work, Victor N. captiously checks reporting documents for the director and the chief accountant, and is at first mistrustful, later ironically bends lips. Then postpones them and thinks. And, at last, resolutely goes to accounts department. — How long you are engaged in it? — he throws papers on a table to Vika. What she was afraid of, occurred: to deceive the deputy director it didn't turn out. The girl drearily takes a look aside: it is a pity, it is necessary to leave right now, plainly without having revenged in any way. As it is offensive — the bastard isn't punished! She is silent, and Victor N. is interested: — You are free tonight or how? Will you keep me the company? Vika indifferently nods whether everything is equal where to hear the unpleasant message; today, as well as tomorrow, she is one. Having sat down at the table of cafe opposite to the deputy director the girl orders to drink and expects criticism. The man long studies her upset person and sympathetically asks: — What, love end? Do you have with Denis everything? Vika forcedly smiles: she guessed that for anybody a secret their love affairs. — Perhaps, at once to business? — she interrupts. — Do you want that I left? Will you tell him? He studies her resolute look and something considers: — How far you are ready to come? You were going to revenge? However, somehow small, though fairly cleverly. The girl not quite understands sense of his remark, but says nothing. Having covered her hand with the, the man suddenly says: — Give we with you we will act this way... Also develops before the shaken girl the developed plan, and not one, sophisticated extermination of both of her lovers. Some time she dizzily is silent, not in forces even to be surprised. Then deeply sighs: — And it is possible to ask a question? The man answers with the warning gesture: — I know what you want to ask about. Now I won't answer you. Perhaps, then. Yes you also will guess, even Denis recognizes your mind. Decide! Vika in embarrassment twists a straw in hands, drinks and estimates whether she wants full vital breakdown once of the beloved. She loved him. And he? Now she is sure that she isn't present. Reminiscence of future paternity of the recent beloved forces her to nod resolutely: — It agrees! What should I do! Just given rise criminal union is fastened by glasses of water and strong handshake. How long didn't shake hands with Vika, maybe, since acquaintance to the husband! — And these papers with your corrections will remain with me so far. Just in case, if you suddenly change the mind. Vika coolly nods: well, she understands, itself would also arrive. Now the accomplices who found each other carefully cooperate, observing conspiracy measures. Packages of the necessary documents prepare, some of them move for the signature to the director, generally the mistress who is skillfully distracting Denis's attention at the time of signing. She is seductive more than ever in business dresses which, thanks to vikiny simple tricks, look frank. She is obedient also a sverkhvnimatelna to the lover who is grateful to her for sudden lack of whims and small offenses. She sophisticated in a bed in their thinned meetings, readily serving on his whim or only him, or together with the friend. dating format with billing date html type site mapMain Page