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I recovered when on the street was already light. Morning beams of the sun made the way through a window and spots of sunlight were played on my naked body. Having languidly improved in a bed I began to remember fragments what occurred this night... Remembering touches of the strong strong man and that pleasure which he to me brought I it began to be made horney. The hand immediately fell down to my chink which already was mokrenky. The finger walked around small pea and slipped in my girl. О: as it is sweet... Thinking of the father-in-law, I caught myself on a thought that I don't think of him as about the relative and the father of my husband any more, I think as of the strong man who knows how to give to the woman pleasure and about his thick elastic dick which I didn't see, but with pleasure felt in the girl. Ah... kind of I wanted to take him in a mouth I thought having licked lips... This madness... it is 56 years old, he is a father of my husband, but I so want him... Having pulled out a finger from the girl and having carried out on a klitorka I sliznut from it the juice and having with pleasure tightened began to get up. Having thrown with a dressing gown a naked body I went to a shower. In the apartment there was a silence, the mother-in-law apparently slept after a night shift in hospital, and the father-in-law... probably itself(himself) had him at office. In the bathroom I began to gather water and started up a fragrant skin, anticipating as I will be luxuriates in a warm water whether having bent down to check not too hot water I felt as on a hip from the inside to the pussy there passed the hand. Having sharply turned I saw the father-in-law, he fixed the eyes my breasts which weren't hidden any more by the swung open dressing gown. He stood in some trainings, and it was clearly visible as the horney dick in his trousers sticks out. Without giving the report to the actions slowly I raised one leg and put it on edge of a bathtub, a hand ran over the wet pussy, a finger scooped the juice and gave him a hand. The father-in-law at once grabbed with a hand and began to lick my fingers, and the second to stroke-oar my pussy. Having licked my fingers, he falling I licked and slightly I bit a nipple, I kneeled and I began to lick my girl passionately. He pinched my plentiful juice, fingered language a horney clitoris, licked sponges and again language in the girl... About as it is sweet... Legs shiver. One hand I adhered for a wall not to fall, and I put another to him on the head and caressed him, kind of encouraging his actions. The clitoris sucks, and a middle finger inside, and feels walls of my girl, teases... I feel inevitable approach of an orgasm, I am convulsively stuck on a finger and... Oh... The father-in-law felt as stenochka of my girl began to squeeze randomly his finger, but he didn't cease to suck a clitoris, doing an orgasm is more long and brighter. Without having sustained, my legs gave away and I slipped on a wall trying to recover the breath... The father-in-law stroked me on a cheek, ran a finger over half-open lips, rose, closed water about which I already forgot and began to take off trousers. To my look the fine picture opened, the fat horney dick was shaken here and there, thick convex veins passed from the basis to a big griboobrazny head. Big massive balls and a pubis were shaved that very much surprised me. I didn't expect that the father-in-law to whom will be 60 so already soon looks after the advantage... In other I both didn't expect and couldn't think that I will be eager so for him skillful hands, language and its fat dick. The father-in-law sat down on edge of a bathtub slightly having spread legs, his dick stood having directed the powerful head up on which end the drop shone. — Go to me... look as I want you... as he wants you... — having told this is the father-in-law I ran a hand over a trunk — go to me... I already hardly restrain, the babe. I as bewitched looked at his beautiful, powerful dick. Without rising to the feet, on a lap I moved to it and got up between its of powerful hairy legs. I carried out by a uvula on all trunk and having reached a head I began to lick it as and smacking the lips tasty lollipop, savouring. A hand I massed balls, and by a mouth it was stuck on his handsome, densely clamping a trunk sponges, sucking, licking a uvula. I helped a hand, slightly podrachivy and driving on a trunk a hand with circular motions, caressed his bridle a uvula, slowly... accelerating speed... then on all dick and down to balls, at first one a mouth it was also played with him a uvula, then the second, and a hand of a podrachival... such firm, such thick and tasty dick of the father-in-law. And to him I look in the face... and he caresses on the head, and can't constrain groans. And again in a mouth... I suck... changing speed... deeply in a throat, the father-in-law shivers and I already wait when to me in a throat splashes out the cum, but the father-in-law sharply stops me, discharges... tries to recover the breath. — Minx... You will be left without the main course... Rise... I want to fuck your juicy narrow hole, sit down... sit down on him and jump, my sweet... only take your time... I want to fuck you long... I got up, turned to him a back so that his legs were between my moved apart and began to sit down to him on knees. Holding the dick with a hand he sends a head to my chink, and another caresses my buttocks. I felt as his dick moves apart stenochka of my girl. Slowly, slowly I was stuck on him. The father-in-law took me for buttocks and began to press, stick on the stake, one hand fingering my clitoris. — It is pleasant to you when I fuck you, the sun? — Yes... — through groan I uttered. — Tell more loudly, I didn't catch. Sitting at him on a lap and doing rotary motions by the basin, I loudly answered: — Yes! It is pleasant to me... it is pleasant to me when you fuck me... oh... I couldn't constrain groans, having forgotten that the mother-in-law sleeps after a night shift in hospital. Then the father-in-law embraced me for a tummy, pressed strong to himself and began to rise accurately and slowly so that his dick at the same time didn't slip out my girl. Having leaned on a sink I curved a back and even more widely parted legs. He having taken me for a waist I put on the dick, rhythmically, sharply... having bent he squeezed my breast and pulled nipples, and fucked, quickly, driving in into me the piston. After 10-minute a vigorous fucking, on groans and sharp movements I understood that the father-in-law now a tip and I moaned: — Concha to me in a mouth... I want your cum. Several pushes and the father-in-law with groans, sharply I left me, I turned, and I having kneelt his dick took in a mouth and began to suck and podrachivat vigorously as from his thick dick the hard tart stream of a cum of which I hardly managed to swallow shot at the sky. The father-in-law panted and caressed me on the head as the obedient girl, squeezing out from itself last straws. — You dement me, the baby. I want to fuck you always, and everywhere... you won't oppose to it? — No... — quietly escaped at me. 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