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I stand in a corridor of the new rental apartment and I study myself in a new image before a pier glass. The mirror is above a belt therefore that well to make out itself, I should lean a back against an opposite wall of a corridor. Black tights in very large network visually do my legs longer, but can't hide poluvstavshy a dick. The strict corset gives to a figure of femininity and creates illusion of existence of a breast. A a black wig of long direct hair completes a picture. After acquaintance to Diana passed slightly more than a month, and washing life I began to change cardinally — I as mad began to order to myself tons of women's linen through online stores and found all for time pereodivaniyu and to similar games more. To potter with a make-up of desire wasn't — the girl in reflection already sexual to neveroyatiya. Having risen on tiptoes, I am developed and I curve a back, having rested palms against a wall. Looking back through a shoulder in a mirror I understand that these buttocks it can is necessary to reduce from mind someone and deserves a good fucking. I take a hand on hips, I do the circular movement on roll and I begin to drive goosebumps to a point of my pleasure, having had a snack on a lip and groaning from the rolling excitement. The damned smartphone begins to call on a pier glass nervously, pulling out me from self-satisfaction captivity — I am developed, I pull a hand to a pier glass and having thrown off a call, I open the top box where I waited for me translucent silicone falos with a sucker. Let call — I have a deserved day off today. Having greased a sucker with saliva, I stick it to the front party of a box from which the toy also was taken. I get lubricant from that box and plentifully I cover with it a rubber dick so that several drops very symbolically drip from him on a floor. Then, having again developed and looking at the reflection through a shoulder, I lower a little behind tights a little, releasing the buttocks on freedom and that time strongly pressing the dick to a stomach. I didn't begin yet, but the high already creeps away on all body with heat and a shiver. I begin to curve a back all stronger and stronger, approaching the hole today's rubber lover, tension all increases, here I already feel his touch, as much as possible I relax and go him inside. The girl in reflection publishes a deep loud sigh, the dick enters her on five or more centimeters at once, filling buttocks and plunging into ecstasy, a somewhere on a background as as if in from other Universe the sound of the calling phone reaches. The girl in reflection does the return movement, parts with hands the rolls, releasing a phallus from captivity of buttocks and here is stuck on him even more deeply. The toy touches the lowered a little tights and on them there is a lubricant spot — in front already too is wet, the girl all flows, her dick who is densely fitted by nylon shivers and streams lubricant, ready already absolutely to fill in all with a cum around soon... Call to a door. Sharp and categorical. The look is focused. Na the smartphone two apartments which are passed from the hostess are highlighted. Phone starts over again calling, giving my location. The plan ripened itself in shares of second — having removed itself from a rubber dick, having pulled tights, I threw lubricant and a sex-toy back in a pier glass. Having slipped in a bathtub, so that it wasn't heard because of an entrance door, I threw off a wig, poured over the head water and threw with the long terry house dressing gown. Ne passed also minutes as I opened a door, representing only that the person who accepted a shower. The hostess, she is a realtor — the active enterprising woman slightly for thirty pleasant appearances, I stood behind a door with phone in hands and a little confused look. — Andrey, I apologize if I prevented, just passed by, a we with you so also didn't issue the contract, here and decided to drop in with documents, I hope you doesn't mind. I told that I of course don't mind, invited the hostess to kitchen of ee of the apartment and offered tea while she displayed documents on a table. Standing at a sink with a teapot in hands I noticed that in my plan there was rather large defect — though a dressing gown and hid my dress rather well, but here mine of a foot remained on a look, the networks decorated with a pattern. When the teapot was full and I turned away from a sink, views, our with the hostess, met also she, having nodded on my legs with a smile told: — You know, Andrey, I quite not bad understand people and at our first meeting I felt that you not such as all. I densely reddened and and turned away, putting a teapot on the place. Already closer behind a back I heard: — Andrey, you don't need to hesitate. I think that it will even play to you on a hand. And already absolutely over an ear: — can we even o to a small discount agreed. I felt that the hostess absolutely is near behind a back. Nervousness so took control of me that I even forgot her name. Hostess of the apartment. Hostess, hostess. I felt as ee the hand caresses my hip, falls below by a leg and picking up a dressing gown, begins to lift up him, the second hand gets between legs and slides on matter of tights. The dick began to strain again. Here her hand reached the town on which there was a damp trace from a lubricator. The satisfied snicker directly over an ear. And here the hostess began to break off tights on my buttocks. She pushed me, having forced to bend down and lean on a kitchen set and impudently made the way a hand to my gentle hole. Having groped fingers already greased and developed anus, the hostess without special preludes entered a big finger inside. Because of a long claw it was impossible to call penetration gentle, but and painful it wasn't. I moaned. Sticking me on the finger, the hostess hard began to breathe, the orgasm delayed earlier began to make up for me. All quicker and quicker in me the finger moved, drilling buttocks. From tension I began to stand up on tiptoes and all to lean on a finishing table more. A table on which I was undressed as the last bitch by this beautiful woman. Ne in forces to restrain more I began to cum, filling in tights with a cum, a from within my buttocks squeezed the hostess's finger in an orgasmic spasm. When I came to myself, saw how Victoria, so called my hostess... t. e. of course the hostess of the apartment, collects documents and goes to a corridor. — Excuse if I prevented you. I think I will be able to make to you a small discount monthly. I will renew papers and I will approach next Friday if you don't mind, ANDREA. As I was struck ease with which this woman is involved me in this intricate game. And this name, Andrea as if she thought up all already long ago and I invented this pseudonym too in advance. So or differently, Andrea waited for evening of the next Friday with a big anticipation. All week I thought over a dress to strike the mistress of the devchachestyyu and thus each time, trying on the next belonging, I dared to touch myself not to lose a uniform particle of this delightful anticipation because of minute weakness and overexcitation. Opening a door, I was already completely ready — black dense knee socks slightly higher than a knee, a short checkered short skirt, a white T-shirt over a brassiere with an artificial small breast, modest meykap, a wig with short devichiimi tails in the different parties and through wet white panties in which balls and expiring lubricant chlenik were practically not located. The hostess approvingly looked at me and, having asked to take her handbag, began to remove from herself easy summer plashchik. I in the next time was shocked by the hostess — under plashchikom there was in general nothing. She was only in strict black stockings which on a limit bordered on the line of the lower edge of a raincoat, boat shoes on a high heel and leather gloves. Her body impressed me too — a small breast, beautiful with small nipples, roundish, but not full hips and an equal accurate stripe of hairs over such accurate sexual sponges. Having taken a handbag from my hands, the hostess went straight to the bedroom, carrying away me for herself. In the bedroom she ordered me to get up on knees before her what I implicitly obeyed to. — with you long pleasant and not boring evening, my girl is necessary to us. Show me what your uvula is able to do. I began to cover with kisses of a hip and a perineum of my hostess, about myself noting her fine smell and that, it is how convenient to stand on knees in these thick fitting knee socks. We stood at a bed and when I began to try to get a uvula and to try the hostess on taste, she just put one leg on a bed, opening for me full access to her delights. Qualitatively vylezav and having felt her pussy that she began to flow, I made the way more deeply and began to get a uvula into her buttocks. It was met with approval and very languid sigh. Later couple of minutes of such caress the hostess slightly pushed away me and stretched a hand to the handbag. From there she took very interesting subject — the most real strap-on — black leather panties from straps and thongs with the big black rubber dick attached outside. Ne two dicks much of the smaller size on an internal part seemed to me typical. Their hostess not without pleasure if to judge by degeneration of her person, smoothly shipped in both holes, a began to clasp then various locks on lyamochkakh. And here before my person this rubber large object hangs down, a Victoria orders: — well for what you wait? Lubricant won't be, so what to process it in your interests. And again my mouth in work — for the first time in life I take a dick in a mouth, let he rubber, but the not less very realistic. At first it is unusual, but it isn't opposite, but the stronger you are stuck, the excitement from understanding of the fact of the events is more. Having rested a throat against a head, I began to act from the dick to look at the work. It of course became damp, but only slightly and only on one third, an I obviously should get acquainted today with him much closer. Ne swallowing a dick, I began to cover plentifully it with saliva from above, smearing it fingers a little. Probably satisfied with my work, the hostess took me for a chin and ordered to rise from a floor and to remove panties. I as the obedient girl, got up and having lifted up a short skirt I began to pull together promokshoye through belyishko. Then the hostess pushed on a bed, forcing to get up in a pose of a doggie. She lifted up a short skirt, having bared my buttocks and tastefully slapped me several time from what from the overstrained dick several drops of lubricant flew. Having got up behind, Victoria put the prepared rubber dick to my hole and began to rest it against densely compressed anus ringlet. I tried to relax and at once felt small pain as the strap-on began to enter sharply inside at once. The stronger I tried to relax and accept in myself voluntarily a dick, the more sharply and more deeply it forces the way, causing pains all more. For only several seconds the anticipation of huge pleasure passed into despair of pain and tears on eyes, saliva on the dick as as if didn't help at all, he all broke and broke inside, causing only sharp pain and burning. I didn't sustain and began to cry in a voice, a tears began to wash away meykap on cheeks. Having heard my sobbing, the hostess stopped a pressure, but didn't begin to pull out from me this tool of torture. No, it was not the TV and not a monologue of the person speaking by phone it there was a conversation since I heard two female voices. And still, it seems from the bathroom water noise reaches. Having thrown off a blanket, I found out that I am completely undressed, a my sexy-golfiki and other attributes of a suit are accurately put on a chair at a bed. Having got the habitual house sports body stockings and having dressed them, I went to kitchen. There I was waited by a mug of strong good coffee and two women. The hostess met me by a smile and began a conversation: — here, Andryusha, I decided to make by a to you a small surprise. Get acquainted, it... — Lidiya Petrovna, hello, I made a purring sound the old acquaintance. Water in the bathroom was switched off and from there Katenka as always in the short white dressing gown and with the tray covered with what-to fabric, in hands appeared. — Andrey, hello. Lidiya Petrovna, so I can already prepare everything in the bedroom? — da, Katenka. You can not hurry, we will drink coffee so far. — so you are familiar — Victoria exclaimed. — Andrey, you are full of surprises!. After good coffee and a pleasant conversation I went to a shower. The body was extremely gratitude for warm and pleasant streams of water, the buttocks almost ceased to hurt. I without hurrying I washed, reflecting over what in this time for me was prepared by my tormentors. Katya who came into a bathtub interrupted me. — Andrey, we wait for you — she told and as always looking in a floor, I added — you can not put on. Having passed to the bedroom, I saw, already habitual for me, medical purity and preparation. My big bed was made by white (not my) sheet without pillows and a blanket. From above on her the strange device, than-to reminding a team for riding dogs lay. Na the business it actually there was a rigid framework so a set of handcuffs in which already chained my hostess, strict, an already helpless, undressed and bending back in a pose of a doggie today still yesterday, anticipating unknown to me an execution. I was put a doggie too, but a jack to Victoria, so, that her buttocks turned out at my person, my a respectively near her that confirmed her uvula, igryavo licked me on a hip. Na hands and legs bracelets were latched and now we were rigidly recorded in this remarkable pose. I wasn't horney and my dick dangled even without trying to harden. Skoree it was interesting to me, what will be farther. Lidiya Petrovna and Katenka didn't force us with Victoria long to wait. Katenka occupied a position behind me and I could only hear ee, but the impression was created that professionals did everything synchronously. Synchronously slapped at them on hands rubber gloves, then I saw how Lidiya Petrovna brings to buttocks of Victoria the syringe without needle and devastates it inside, in that time I also felt how Katenka accurately inserted into me that-to firm, then me lubricant began to fill a. Lubricants was very much much, so, that all didn't keep inside. I felt how she follows and goes down on legs on a bed. Then with Victoria at the same time inserted inflatable plug-ins into us and slowly began to expand with them our buttocks. Each time when Lidiya Petrovna pressed on pear, my yesterday's mistress is a little vzragivala and groaned, she obviously liked all events. I began to be made horney and get gradually pleasure from how in my buttocks pushes the plug extended. Then, that finally to provoke us, ekzekutorshi began to blow off a few plugs and to try to extend them, that most strongly straining also a sphincter and causing a storm of new emotions. I watched how the buttocks of Victoria move following behind a hose of a plug, an on legs passes a shiver. The first ee buttocks was given and with the champing sound the plug took off. Lidiya Petrovna quickly pitted air from a plug, rather big on a look, and returned him on the place, having continued to pump up. So far the plug couldn't leave me, No delivered a pleasure maximum, developing a hole. Several more minutes of this warm-up later I everything released a plug outside, having experienced thus such inflow of excitement that from a head of the dick zakapala lubricant, an in balls all even zasverbilo. No against my expectation to me the plug wasn't returned, yes and from Victoria he was pulled out fast. Means there came the following stage. I saw in hands at Lydia petrovny two toys — one standard rubber toy with mixed balls from malengo less than a centimeter in the diameter up to several enough large on 7 — 8 centimeters. The second forced me nervously to swallow and begin to worry about the health. It was half-meter black "fir-tree" with large cone-shaped parts so from smaller centimeter three in the diameter to absolutely huge more than ten centimeters. To happiness for me Lidiya Petrovna stretched a smaller toy to Katenka and in several seconds I felt as the first ball, then one more enters me, then the second leaves and here two enter at once. This game quickly began to deliver pleasure a great lot, forcing me to groan and to cover eyes from pleasure. No still I wanted to continue to observe. For Victoria one more syringe so was laid up by lubricant and it isn't surprising after which use Lidiya Petrovna already undertook a toy. That entered with obvious work and very slowly with inevitable shrieks and chavkantem after introduction of each following all of a bigger cone. Groans of Victoria became louder and louder, a breath became frequent every minute. Directly before my eyes this huge toy, a plunged then into her already almost till the end I felt on the dick a hand katenki in a glove. She didn't bring out of my buttocks a toy, a tolk potrakhivala to her me inside any more, balls rubbed wall o in my hole and brought me into ecstasy, a still and frictions on the dick brought me now to a home straight. Not only the huge rubber toy in buttocks, but and a hand of Lydia petrovny up to the wrist in a vagina was that time in Victoria already. Ee of roll began to become covered by spots of the flowing blood, a shouts became already too loud. And here I saw how Lydia petrovna looks over me it seems on Katenka, smiles and winks. During the next moment I saw how from Victoria so terrible speed the dildoe takes off, ee shakes in an improbable orgasm And she falls on a side without feelings. I felt that admiration of sharp feelings in buttocks that from it pull out a toy, a from the dick shoots a cum stream. Several minutes later Victoria came to itself, and we already released from shackles without forces privalilis to a bed headboard. — yes, everything turned out even more best, than I imagined. I was so strongly made horney from your orgasms that also not away to receive the piece of happiness if you don't mind — Lidiya Petrovna standing at a bed told. As on the ee team the younger colleague quickly approached the tutor and ee accurately began to undress. We with Victoria had no forces, but such development of events became for me still a big surprise therefore I began to observe with interest. Razdev Lidiya Petrovna, Katenka helped her to get up on all fours at edge of a bed sideways to us. Then, having dressed very long, almost up to an elbow rolling black thick rubber gloves I began to process lubricant of a hole of the tutor using syringes again. Then the exact movements of both hands rolling I began to get at once both into buttocks and into a vagina ispolzhuya up to two fingers. Lidiya Petrovna here often began to breathe and began to roll up eyes from pleasure. We with Victoria enchanted continued to observe. Very quickly the number of fingers changed to three, a then and four, an of the movement katenki became surer. To that occurred further couldn't keep within at me in the head still long. Having released both holes, Rolling at first, having put one hand in a fist slowly and freely I entered it into buttocks of the tutor, an in a minute repeated it the second hand with a vagina. After it she didn't stop immersing hands inside. Judging by everything, Lidiya Petrovna writhing and groaning before us was a fan of the business and already very well developed all openings. Everything that I saw so me impressed that I was again made horney. My dick began to strain, and I understood that I want continuation. That time Katenka doing kakoye-to madness the hands in Lidiya Petrovna, it seems already I finished. The hostess of big openings already writhed before us in orgasm convulsions. When everything ended, Lidiya Petrovna got up, kissed Katenka, having thanked ee and told that that can receive now the portion of pleasure in any desired way too after what she went probably to a bathtub. Katenka having looked down a look several seconds in a floor and having reddened quietly I asked: — Andrey, you won't be minds if I ask you... This girl who fucked me chained to a bed, a then nearly broken off hands the senior colleague recently faltered and couldn't ask to be engaged me with her in sex. I was captured suddenly by what-to strange set of feelings which can be compared unless that so shame, but I got up, attracted to itself the girl and kissed ee. It was the long soft kiss, ee of a sponge were very pliable and pleasant on taste. Slowly not without my help she undressed, having removed from herself a dressing gown, a blouse and white tights. Then katenka slightly I pushed me, inviting me to lay down on a back after what I fell down and I began to lick my balls and to suck round already got up dick. Sponge Ee softly clasped a head and then were passed by a dense ringlet almost to the basis, immersing a dick in a mouth, evenly enveloping him saliva and the remains of a cum. Having felt that I am already ready, the girl acted from my dick and to my surprise began to take an anal stopper from the buttocks. To my surprise the stopper was very small only couple of centimeters in the widest place. After it katenka occupied a position over my dick and I began to fall smoothly by him, directing him the handle. The dick entered with small effort, and ee the buttocks very densely squeezed him so all the parties. Pressure is the strongest it was felt so sides of a vagina, and I understood that there at the girl balls or that-to in this sort are hidden. Very slowly immersing in itself my dick, acting from it, Katenka led up herself to her one known tops of pleasure. I enjoyed everyone santimertrom in ee to buttocks and distinctly heard percussion of vaginal balls. Several minutes of systematic slow frictions later, controlling each movement my equestrian pripodnesla one more surprise — she began to strain buttocks so that squeezed a dick so all parties, and it was literally pushed out outside, but at the most last moment she as much as possible relaxed and the dick failed back. It slowed down ee of the movement a few, but makimalno increased pleasure — it on the business began to resemble more blowjob, ee the buttocks buddto sucked round my dick, but thus in difference from blowjob on each millimeter of the dick there was almost identical very strong pressure. Understanding that I can't disappoint the mistress, I as could restrained, but inevitably approached very colourful orgasm, then as she so far didn't even moan. Suddenly she sharply stopped and stood, having put a hand to herself on a clitoris, ee the buttocks clenched even stronger usual, so, that even it became a little sore. I could count quietly to ten, before than understood that she doesn't breathe and at this moment tests an orgasm, and here is deep and with noise having sighed, Katenka all began to shake and began to relax at the same time deviating back. These movements and understanding only that the incredibly longest orgasm seen by me became a decisive point, and I began to stream in buttocks of this lovely girl. Katya lay having closed eyes. I panted, a Victoria not without pleasure removed from my dick a cum a finger and licked him smacking the lips. These days off obviously were successful naslavu and probably they will become only the beginning of remarkable tradition between me, my realtor, ours treating vrachem and ee the nurse. Lidiya Petrovna came into a door of the room and called us all to drink coffee, but having seen our idyll, threw off my dressing gown and laid down together with us on a bed. Na to kitchen in this time the teapot, an I as the only gentleman, let whistled and ottrakhany each of these zhenshin, I went to spill all wonderful drink dating for rich professionals date calculator microsoft site mapMain Page