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But the thought that I will have to do all this for strangers brought me into disturbing mood. Olya was more senior; it was the friendly enough personality with absolutely light completeness, with kind eyes. And still she had a voice similar to a wave: having begun to tell time, she didn't make pauses, her speech flew as though in discharge from her slender body so it was even strange to listen to her and to see at the same time. I, listening to her, I blinked so I preserved the peace; and Sasha looked directly from under the bang at her small breast, passed her explanations and did everything inattentively. Olya few times slapped him on a neck. At him eyes sparkled. At last Olya completed instructing saying: - So, Sasha and Zhenya, and are time to show now what both of you are capable of. Here to you two tables, on one on everyone, fast we cover them properly and we wait until I come. Not to sit down on chairs, to stand at a wall. Time to you quarter of hour. The corner of restaurant to which we were brought by a victory in a competition of cooks was perfectly looked through from manned tables; and in this sense tables, our with Sasha, showed to us all horror of our situation: during the work the slightest inclination meant total exposure of our bodies. It reached me still when Olya sang to us about an order of napkins, glasses and saucers, and Sasha, it seems, and now paid attention to such trifles a little as the hem which is lifted up on a bum. It unwillingly ringed ware, waddlingly walking from a dresser to a table and back. I felt how at me cheeks inflame. I developed, however, the lightning plan, having minimized the movements of the waist, trying to act at the moments when Sasha covered me from possible (or fixed) views of visitors of an institution. Having finished the lesson, I went to stand to a wall as suddenly I heard a ring behind myself. Having looked back, I saw at Sasha's legs on a floor the jagged splinters. - You what, the glass broke? - in a whisper I asked him. He carelessly nodded. Some irresponsible little fool! Maria Valentinovna, it is difficult for me to describe feelings which I had. A fright, shame from the attention drawn with a ring in the hall, gloating from inevitable and strict punishment, bewilderment from carelessness and mismanagement, and suddenly the pity and compassion which covered all other thoughts with a wave. I pulled out a brush because of a dresser and sat down to sweep up the broken glass, trying to hold knees together, and a camp directly. When Olya came and asked whose is a table where there isn't enough glass, Sasha thoughtfully looked in a ceiling. He tried to put hands in pockets, probably, on a habit, but in a pocket of an apron only tips of his fingers why instead of this their foolish independence he achieved only affectedness of the rumpled girlfriend of the birthday girl who isn't deciding to admit to the hostess desire to descend to pee found room. I acted forward and having pointed to crookedly forced Sasha's table, told: - Wash it. Olya raised eyebrows, ordered to remain to the struck dumb Sasha, and took away me along the corridor in some closet and nadavat there in silence of slaps in the face and pulled by hair. I burst into tears was, but suddenly accidentally glanced from below Ole under her dress: she was, as well as we! We were, as well as she! I was instantly made horney. Rapid change of thoughts of the girl, about the young man, about the young man who is changed clothes by the girl together with sensitive punishment raised my apron: it turned out that I was punished by the girl, but not absolutely the girl, and that that only I embodied myself the girl, remaining in effect the young man; for me as if light at the end of a closet began to dawn: a certain secret was ready to be revealed to me, the possibility of reconciliation opening for me with my boys; it turned out that I was punished by the young man kind of for my wrong behavior with boys, but I punished in the form of the girl that I had no opportunity to justify oneself the next violence of the next yokel. I wanted to make something, now and immediately, but I couldn't understand that. I had a strong feeling of gratitude. It was paradoxical, but it exceeded my forces on resistance and it surpassed self-respect. I wanted to obey to this personality to learn the mystery of my unknown happiness which pledge were gentle waves dispersing from an uneasy pussy. I began to remember convulsively the proof of Pythagorean theorem, but the apron didn't fall so quickly. Maria Valentinovna! The sun in a window shines! It is possible to lower curtains? I beg... Returning after Olay to the hall, I couldn't but note silly expression on a face at Sasha. I was satisfied with his confusion and smiled the burning cheeks. Now he had to be the spy in our kingdom. Olya got a new glass and as if proposing a toast to the science acquired by me, addressed me not without valid note: - So, Zhenya. To lay the table anew. I appoint the senior waitress Sasha. And not to rustle to me here! I reconciled and began to twist a bottom before visitors properly. It was a pity to look at Sasha. He didn't know what behavior to him to play. He was undoubtedly tormented by a riddle of my act, but he wasn't able to afford to fall before direct inquiries. It was pleasant to me to torment him with uncertainty. Indifferently I corrected his negligence, and he was deprived of any opportunity to show the valiant daring, to win, achieve, deserve, bear, - and further under the code of street honor of boys. Torture was interrupted by Olya. She praised me, having tousled my bang (I was cautiously discharged was, but, having caught her exacting eye, I understood that here submit not childly). - Well, little girls, I congratulate you. Coped with a task perfectly, corrected errors. Were tired? We silently negatively rolled up the heads as didn't know whether the local experiment extends to the verbal terminations of past tense of singular. Olya led us to do salads. And in this premises of kitchen, and with another where we were sent to help, and with the small hall where we mastered elements of our new profession, it was full of uniform girls; they scurried about as proteins from Zwergnase, and we soon began to rush also quickly. I won't tell that at us there passed seven years in service too, but obviously forgot about us in the camp because after a dinner allocated us in our new house the guest room for the night. In general we with Sasha rather were tired though we refused before Olay; but there is a lot of impressions, and all of them were new, - personally I was happy. Olya who invited us to the room with two lovely beds became us as though is closer, but at the same time she didn't give any reasons for familiarities. - Wife's bed on the left, Sashina to the right. To wash and write - a door at the end of a corridor, in the same place souls. We keep order; if something is necessary, then today on the sleeping case I am on duty. In the morning I will wake you. In a corridor I noticed that in general there is a lot of such rooms, and in them spread the girl's beds like us, in night dresses. I grabbed a towel and a toothbrush from the shelf and ran in a shower. Sasha wasn't when I returned. I quickly hung up a dress in a case, threw off the towel wound around a body and put on the combination of coral color which is spread out to beds. Also I whisked under a blanket, having extinguished light. Outside the window there was the same velvet darkness, as in the evening camp. Brightly the moon shone. The slight coniferous smell exuded. On a table in a glass water was poured; in a glass there were several stalks of Wiki with the crimson glowing flowers. I considered them with pleasure; Sasha in a light night dress opened a door. In a ray of light from a corridor he saw me and, without switching on light, made the way to the bed. We were silent. I assumed that Sasha is weighed upon absence of boys. I wanted and to remain alone to think over the latest events, and Sasha I wanted to encourage, but also there was no wish to provoke him to manhandling as it usually occurred between us before. - Don't you know someone it brought flowers to us? - I ventured at last thanks to darkness. - Olya. - It seems to me, she has a name too, as well as at us: both Olga, and Oleg. Sasha sighed. - She you what, beat up? I turned a pillow the cool party up: - Here still! By the way, she doesn't use foul language. Sasha kept silent. - How do you think, she has something with John? Again, as in the camp, I heard words and didn't understand their sense. More precisely, I could guess. More precisely, I already guessed that Sasha means. - So she is glad when she sees him. - She sees, and he ебёт. I counted in mind to ten, inhaling began to smell Wiki. Then I asked at random: - Do you in general always so quickly suntan grab? dating for healthcare professionals date today sydney site mapMain Page